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The Unclassy German

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  1. The Unclassy German

    Which fast-food establishment do you think has the best fries?

    Chick-fil-A... (A+ topic btw)
  2. The Unclassy German

    Video Game missions that make you angry/or ragequit

    Thy Flesh Consumed
  3. The Unclassy German

    What do the different like / reaction buttons mean?

    i dont mind it, i like variety
  4. The Unclassy German

    Your Favorite Game of All Time

    Tekken, to be more specific Tekken Tag 2
  5. The Unclassy German

    What is your favourite fighting game stage?

    i love that game mine would be from Tekken Tag 2 as well..."Fireworks over Barcelona" the music is really good too
  6. The Unclassy German

    'The most overrated videogames you've played' thread

    Fornite, COD, and Overwatch
  7. The Unclassy German

    Is this an alarmist thread title? (yes)

    mate i think you're taking this way too seriously
  8. The Unclassy German

    Yanny or Laurel, what do you hear?

    Yanny, but after listening to it for a second time i heard Laurel
  9. The Unclassy German

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    i think game companies in general are just losing the "pizazz" they used to have...probably because there has been so many games that have been made over the past 3 decades that people are starting to lose ideas
  10. The Unclassy German

    Specific Things in Doom that Amuse You Greatly

    the sound of 20 cybies dying (it sounds like a dog)
  11. The Unclassy German

    First/Second/Third gen Doomer?

    Started playing Doom in early 2017... so third gen
  12. Yes, watching people rage out always gives me a good laugh, no matter what the reason...
  13. The Unclassy German

    What's your Opinion on Linux?

    I, unfortunately, dont have a computer atm...but ill share my opinions... I do like Linux, a lot actually, but wouldnt say its my favourite...my favourite OS by far is macOS, i love the simplicity and absolute gorgeousness of it...BUT i dont have a fucking pile of cash laying around to buy one of those overpriced metal slabs, so my dreams are pretty much crushed there lol... Linux is awesome in its own special way...like the freedom, safety, and a LOT of customization. its pretty fucking sweet imo, but it lacks user-friendliness that both Windows and macOS have... I could never really use Linux for daily life (as much as i wanted to) becuase i just had to have Windows for its usability and programs...i actually kept using Windows XP until finally in early 2017 i had to let it go for Windows 10...(so sad) seriously tho Windows XP is the fucking king of anything Microsoft... EDIT: LOL im the only one who voted for Mac...