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  1. Starkiller

    "Caco" in "Cacodemon" is pronounced:

    I pronounce the Cacodemon by cackledemon, simply because that is what I first heard somewhere, but I forgot where. Maybe from a let's player or something. You forgot a tomato with a big green eye slapped on it. That's my first thought when looking at a Cacodemon. The Pain Elemental looks like a giant floating meatball as well.
  2. I'm thinking about making a separate profile for posting topics and responses on the EE forums, because I am tired of waiting for the moderators. Although, I know that is loophole abuse. 

    1. Misty


      Most likely they will ban your main account and additional one. I wouldn't risk that. 

    2. Starkiller


      Yeah, I shouldn't risk it. It sounds stupid indeed.  

    3. KVELLER


      Yup, bad idea. Your IP isn't a secret at all for mods.

  3. Starkiller

    Your Favorite Doom Weapon

    The Shotgun and Super Shotgun are easily my favorite Doom weapons. Powerful, plenty o' shells, and cool firing sounds and animation. Can't go wrong with berserk fist as well. It is satisfying to beat the shit out of a Baron of Hell if you're good enough.
  4. Starkiller

    Favourite thing about any Monster in doom?

    Cacodemon/Pain Elemental: Floating balls of cute. Baron of Hell/Hell Knight: Awesome and satisfying detection and death screams. Revenant: Gangly Mr. Bones with a rocket launcher shirt and bloody shorts, nuff said. Demon: GOLDEN EYES. Cyberdemon: Your feared Doom monster, awesome mechanical and cybernetic design, and hurts a lot. Spider Mastermind: Giant robot brain with a shotgun sounding chaingun. Archvile: Resurrection and fiery blasts.
  5. Starkiller

    Do You Like Doom 3?

    Doom 3 is an okay game in my eyes. Really enjoyed playing the hell out of it (pun intended), now not so much. It's good on it's own right as a horror title, but falls flat as a Doom game in the gameplay department. The intense and unnerving feeling off the great ambient sounds through the levels were the highlights of the game for me. I feel that Id overplayed on the monster closet idea and got old after a while. Doom has always been about fun gameplay for me. But Doom 3 didn't rub that for me. Guns feel pitiful and lackluster, with the only one feeling awesome to use was the plasma rifle. The PDA is an interesting idea, but gets repetitive trying to search them all. And most of the time, it's incredibly tiring to fight the same old Imp's and Zombies throughout. TL;DR: Average game with some good ideas and neat technical quirks.
  6. Starkiller


    I prefer Doom. Duke 3D may have better action, but Doom has a more grim and dark world of dread. Not to mention the simple and more varied levels. You know, this thread would've been better as a "BFG VS Shrink Ray" topic. That would be entertaining to see.
  7. Starkiller

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I always wondered when I played Doom 95, there were two playable .exe files. One for Doom's episodes, and one with only Episode 1. That was my lesson about what Shareware is.
  8. If I can have a classic Doom monster for a pet, obviously the Cacodemon. It's creepy-cute grin and one green eye, as well with it's funny noise when it dies, sounds good to me. If not, maybe the Arachnotron, because it is literally a baby Spiderdemon.
  9. Starkiller

    Maps You Used To Hate But Now Love

    More from me: Ultimate Doom - - E3M5 Unholy Cathedral: Hated it back then because of the weird layout and teleporters, now one of the most darkest and brutal maps for me. - E3M6 Mt Erebus: Hated it for huge enemie amounts and damaging floors everywhere, now probably the best map in Ultimate Doom. - E3M7 Limbo: Didn't like trudging through damaging blood to get the keys and confusing corridors, now I love the moody feel and puzzle-based level design. - E4M8 Unto The Cruel: Felt like it dragged on to get to the final boss, now my favorite boss map with it's bloodshed encounters and sinister music (What E3M8 Dis should've been). Doom 2 - Map 07: Dead Simple: Hated the Mancubi and Arachnotron ambush, now one of the best small maps. Map 08: Tricks and Traps: Didn't like the rooms having traps everywhere, now one of outright best Doom 2 maps. Map 10: Refueling Base: Thought it was too full of monsters and secrets, now one of my favorite onslaught maps. That's all for now.
  10. Starkiller

    Did anyone get stuck in the first room of Map18?

    Sandy, you tricky devil.
  11. Starkiller

    Doom 2 downtown replacement

    I like Downtown. Thought it was one of the best Sandy Peterson levels in Doom 2. But it doesn't hold a candle to Odyssey of Noises in Plutonia.
  12. Starkiller

    Which Floaty Enemy Is Cutest?

    Can't there be an option for both Caco's and Painie's? I voted for the Cacodemon. Too precious!
  13. Starkiller

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I found out that Sandy Peterson used to be a reviewer, and had some on the Commander Keen series before joining id and taking Tom Hall's place. You can practically smell Sandy on Episode 3 levels and on some of Tom Hall's unfinished levels like Refueling Base.
  14. Starkiller

    Maps You Used To Hate But Now Love

    Never liked Episode 2 levels back then. I always thought they were too complex and full of painful traps. Now it is one of my favorite Doom episodes, for having a haunting atmosphere and tight combat.