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  1. LouigiVerona

    A great Oblige map playthough. Watch till the end!

    Thank you, thank you. Already trying the new Oblige. I did leave a comment there that it gave me an error, but I tried it again and this time it worked. I will try the new music randomizer. By the way, how easy it is to add your own prefabs to Oblige? I mean, theoretically, people can add and add and add. And the editor will become more and more versatile.
  2. LouigiVerona

    Roguelike Doom episode 2

    Okay, guys, this is a second video. The rules are these - I am playing a level I haven't seen before and it's permadeath - if I am killed, the session is over. Stay tuned for the next video, which will use a set of Oblige generated maps.
  3. LouigiVerona

    Cannot build nodes for a Slige map

    Thank you! Will try it out!
  4. LouigiVerona

    Cannot build nodes for a Slige map

    Anyone? :)
  5. LouigiVerona

    Pizza Steve

    So far loving this wad. It is very difficult for me. But I stuck with level 2 and trying to beat it now. I have already figured out the procedure up to the last room. Enjoying the level very much. You can see that a lot of thought was put into this. I also love the level design. Really sleek and imaginative, and also very functional. Everything has a purpose. Exquisite megawad!
  6. LouigiVerona

    Blind Doom episode 1

    Blind Doom has two rules. I play a level/megawad I have not played before If I die once, the session is over, to up the stakes This is my first try, I am playing a Slige generated megawad.
  7. LouigiVerona


    The maze part is killing me. With Doom's 3D capabilities building a maze is something one might try to show to friends or try out for oneself, but not release as a map for the public! Because the maze does not work. And it is not AS difficult, just very tedious. And it is a pity, because there are several very cool areas in the map. The area with white platforms is very nice, although it definitely needs more lighting. Everything is way too dark. Anyway, a very uneven map, with a lot of corridors and several cool rooms. All in all, a fail as a map, a worthy specimen to look at for some design inspiration.
  8. LouigiVerona

    Cannot build nodes for a Slige map

    Hey guys! Playing around with Slige. Decided to try to build a map with it. Tried then building nodes with ZenNode, but nothing happens. The program says it starts building nodes and then this is it. No errors, no anything. The wad cannot be played. If I load the nodeless Slige map into Doom Builder 2, it looks fine, I can see it in 3D view, but if I resave the map with Doom Builder, it does not create a blockmap either. Am I doing something wrong? How can I build nodes for a map?
  9. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Well, this way one can rationalize everything away. Take any badly drawn game and say that it is great that the monsters don't look stereotypical, and the physics of the game suck, but it's a great backstory, since everyone as some party is always drunk, etc. At the end of the day nobody cares about some party's backstory, which is also not very original (yes, people get drunk at parties). People would care whether a game is good or not. Doom is a classic FPS. Freedoom is obviously part of that tradition. It is Doom with free content. So, stay true to the concept, me thinks.
  10. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I want to redraw it. But I am not an artist. If I could do it, I would not refuse to help. And I do find your version actually an improvement. So, I would definitely change the current Doomguy to the version you've shown us here.
  11. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I would redraw the Freedoom Doomguy completely. This face is just not badass at all. Looks like a hipster. And if you change the chin - looks like a hipster who overeats. That's it.