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  1. LouigiVerona

    Improving player front walk animation

    Big improvement! I like it
  2. LouigiVerona

    Getting Lost in Doom

    Interesting question. Maybe this is due to your sense of space, maybe to bad map design or maybe to the way you play. I wonder if you have any videos of you playing a map you've never seen before.
  3. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom video reviews

    Completely agree! Totally. I thought I'd quickly do a couple of fun videos, but when I started working on part 2, I realized I have something more constructive to say, rather than go into a rant.
  4. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom video reviews

    Many-many fair points. Will address them. I agree that I have made errors in part 1. Although that I did not know that I do not have the latest version is also important, since other people might have made such a mistake as well. I will talk about positioning, etc.
  5. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom video reviews

    I feel you've been steeped too much in the game. I have no idea who Raymoohawk is and I don't know anything about his or her drawing ability, but I can infer from what I see. Zombie men and the funny spider and the lost souls look like a child's drawing. Even if someone with poor drawing ability (like me) would not be able to draw even that, I am sharing the impression it leaves with me, an outsider. That the child's drawing had been improved is great, but I wish an actual professional artist would contribute to the project. And this is my main constructive suggestion which I voiced in the video. I disagree that it is impossible. Granted, I did not know about what Carmack had said, copyright law is also extremely complicated and one must know precedents in order to understand what works and what doesn't, so I definitely take my suggestion back in form, but not in spirit. It's not that one could not imagine and draw an orb throwing hellish looking monster. My main point was hellish vs insect. Doom is a game about fighting monsters from hell, not large insects. If the idea is to create a 3D game not related to Doom, then why call it FreeDoom? Call it something else, please. Otherwise, get used to criticism like mine. Will address this in part 3. I also said that these reviews throw in a bit of FreeDoom bashing an humour. I think it is clear from the videos that I am going over the top with some criticisms ;) Fair point, however, I feel a little formalistic. If I draw something, and the drawing looks poor, I think it is alright to say that the author probably cannot draw. This is not an insult, it is a statement of fact. I agree that had I not said that, it would be difficult to point to me and say "Ha, Louigi has personal attacks in his review!", but I also think there is value in saying what I really feel. As an artist myself (not in a drawing sense, though), I value honest criticism. I care about FreeDoom and I am telling everyone what an outsider like myself feels and thinks when he sees the game. Also, if we are fomalistic, I did not say that the author of the monsters cannot draw. I said it looks like something that someone who cannot draw would come up with. Did I imply that the author of the drawing is probably not a professional artist? You bet! But then if I say that the drawings look amateurish to me, I am implying that anyway. No criticism would be possible if one has to look into every word and calculate what that really comes down to. The project is public, with the goal of making something that is worth sharing, and I publicly state what I think about it. -------------------------------------------------------- But either way, guys, the important bit I'd like to leave you with is that I am not an asshole and I know what it is like to care about the project, and try to improve it in any way you can, and compare current version to previous ones, etc. So, I will definitely try to tie things together and say more positive things about the project in part 3, since it does deserve it, definitely. But I want to make sure that my empathy with the Freedoom community does not stand in the way of honest criticism. And I am quite happy that part 1 turned out to be this kind of subjective rant about monsters and drawing quality. I think it is useful feedback. Imagine how many people felt the same and just stopped playing? Rants and emotions are part of our perception of a game.
  6. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom video reviews

    Hey guys! Thanks for the feedback, I have carefully read it and will make note of it in the final part of the review. Also, I did not mean to offend anyone with my phrase about a child who cannot draw. These videos are my subjective opinion, and I don't see how the video implies in any way that it is objective. I really dislike how zombies look and I do feel that they are poorly drawn, so I stand by my opinion. Nevertheless, I will definitely address this point in part 3. As for Carmack's point, thank you for bringing it up, I was not aware of it. I will address it as well.
  7. Warcraft II. Then Starcraft, which has quite sophisticated scripting capabilities. Then Warcraft III. Then for a short time I tried making Quake 1 levels, but didn't get far. Years later I discovered Doom editing.
  8. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom video reviews

    I initially posted this in Creative Works, but then realized that almost nobody seems to read that section of the forums, so here it goes: Freedoom reviews. Now, mind you, the reviews are not positive. And there is a bit of humor thrown in from time to time. However, I hope that at the end of the day it is constructive criticism, and not just Freedoom bashing. My ultimate goal is for the project to become genuinely better. Freedoom review, part 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YENd0Rcj-mY Freedoom review, part 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGVUu2M2SmI
  9. LouigiVerona

    The Lurid Anomaly [Oblige map]

    Decided to bump this one up, since the day I posted this it was instantly hidden from view by other posts. Just wondering whether anyone gave this Oblige map a try!
  10. LouigiVerona

    The Lurid Anomaly [Oblige map]

    Ever since I laid my hands on that excellent piece of software, Oblige, my Doom experience has changed dramatically. This became the best Doom I've ever played. What makes it work for me? It's both the novelty, the understanding that nobody designed a given level in any direct way, and, honestly, the great prefabs out of which Oblige levels are built. I am still mesmerized by the "shape grammar" that the authors of Oblige came up with, the levels are fluid and intricate in the best sense possible. I would like to share with you one of the most epic maps I've played in my life, "The Lurid Anomaly". It is a huge, fascinating level that features all sorts of zones, a boss fight and incredible architecture. Modifications The level is slightly modified. It did not have a pistol start, although most of the weapons lying around where there to begin with. I added the plasma gun and the BFG to the player immediately, since I found the pistol start here to be a little too challenging. I have also turned 4-5 enemies around, so that when you just start, you have a chance to collect the weapons and the ammo relatively uninterrupted. The original Oblige level had a number of Revenants and Hell Knights facing the opening area, making it very challenging to even collect the weapons. But those were the only changes. Gameplay Settings The level's generated name is "Lurid Anomaly". It is a Doom 2 map. I have played it through PrBoom default compatibility setting and "Hurt Me Plenty" difficulty setting. The bug At some point in time the level has a strange bug, an anomaly (maybe it explains the name of the map? :) ). I looked at it with the Doom Builder 2 editor, but I don't understand how to fix the issue. It seems okay, but maybe there is a limitation which should be tackled by a limit removing Doom 2 version. Would be good to fix it for Vanilla Doom 2 as well. ENJOY! lurid_anomaly.wad.zip
  11. LouigiVerona

    A great Oblige map playthough. Watch till the end!

    Thank you, thank you. Already trying the new Oblige. I did leave a comment there that it gave me an error, but I tried it again and this time it worked. I will try the new music randomizer. By the way, how easy it is to add your own prefabs to Oblige? I mean, theoretically, people can add and add and add. And the editor will become more and more versatile.