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  1. LouigiVerona

    Blind Doom episode 1

    Blind Doom has two rules. I play a level/megawad I have not played before If I die once, the session is over, to up the stakes This is my first try, I am playing a Slige generated megawad.
  2. LouigiVerona


    The maze part is killing me. With Doom's 3D capabilities building a maze is something one might try to show to friends or try out for oneself, but not release as a map for the public! Because the maze does not work. And it is not AS difficult, just very tedious. And it is a pity, because there are several very cool areas in the map. The area with white platforms is very nice, although it definitely needs more lighting. Everything is way too dark. Anyway, a very uneven map, with a lot of corridors and several cool rooms. All in all, a fail as a map, a worthy specimen to look at for some design inspiration.
  3. LouigiVerona

    Cannot build nodes for a Slige map

    Hey guys! Playing around with Slige. Decided to try to build a map with it. Tried then building nodes with ZenNode, but nothing happens. The program says it starts building nodes and then this is it. No errors, no anything. The wad cannot be played. If I load the nodeless Slige map into Doom Builder 2, it looks fine, I can see it in 3D view, but if I resave the map with Doom Builder, it does not create a blockmap either. Am I doing something wrong? How can I build nodes for a map?
  4. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Well, this way one can rationalize everything away. Take any badly drawn game and say that it is great that the monsters don't look stereotypical, and the physics of the game suck, but it's a great backstory, since everyone as some party is always drunk, etc. At the end of the day nobody cares about some party's backstory, which is also not very original (yes, people get drunk at parties). People would care whether a game is good or not. Doom is a classic FPS. Freedoom is obviously part of that tradition. It is Doom with free content. So, stay true to the concept, me thinks.
  5. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I want to redraw it. But I am not an artist. If I could do it, I would not refuse to help. And I do find your version actually an improvement. So, I would definitely change the current Doomguy to the version you've shown us here.
  6. LouigiVerona

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    I would redraw the Freedoom Doomguy completely. This face is just not badass at all. Looks like a hipster. And if you change the chin - looks like a hipster who overeats. That's it.
  7. LouigiVerona

    Freedoom review series

  8. LouigiVerona

    Suspended in Dusk

    The detail in this wad is just amazing. It is very realistic. If there would be a base in real life, that's how it'd look. That realism does make things a wee bit boring, because in reality breathtaking locations are not common. I also liked the choice of soundtrack. The music creates a nice atmosphere. Having said that, this is not the most atmospheric map out there. It feels more like a maze, rather than an atmospheric location. Perhaps, more lighting contrast is required, maybe more texture variety, difficult to say. As for the gameplay, it is mostly weak. Design wins over gameplay many times over. This episode is about showing off detailed maps rather than delivering a fun gaming experience. In many cases it's just plain boring. The final boss is probably one of the worst designed bosses of all time - a Cyberdemon stuck in a small room, shooting at you and constantly hiding behind walls. Nevertheless, I do sometimes load this wad up, with a -nomonsters flag, and wonder about... R.I.P. Espi!
  9. LouigiVerona

    5 Rooms megawad, Level 11 - What are the strategies to win?

    Thanks for all the demos, guys. Actually managed to beat the level yesterday. Basically running into a Revenant room and grabbing the key and the plasma gun. And then it was relatively easy, actually. But gorgeous map.
  10. LouigiVerona

    5 Rooms megawad, Level 11 - What are the strategies to win?

    Thank you very much for taking the time! Watched both videos, very nice. I mean, I am playing at the default difficulty, so I didn't have that many archvilles to begin with, lol. Okay, will keep working on that level. But I really like those kind of non-linear levels where the player must themselves decide how to proceed. I would say that this level is a tad too hard. The amount of cacos is just ridiculous. And they are more of a nuisance here than a threat. Although they play a more important role when they enter the buildings.
  11. LouigiVerona


    This is one of the best Doom experiences I had. Valiant plays like Doom 3 as it should've been done in the 90s. The map design is breathtaking, and I just cannot stress this enough. These maps are some of the finest maps I've seen in my life. And the talent of the author is such that not only maps look beautiful, they are also very fun to play. And this combination is very rare in gaming in general. The mix of new enemies and new weapons is as close to perfection as it gets. It begins to make so much sense, you think that you need more Valiant maps. I would rather welcome, in fact, a whole custom mod community around Valiant. Because I want to see more. The whole experience has brought me to a state of absolute gaming satisfaction more than once. This was a megawad that made me rush from work to play new maps. Valiant also rewards playing a map over and over again. Many maps are non-linear and you wonder what is the best way to beat them. The music selection is superb and adds so much thrill. Of course, the megawad is immensely difficult and I could only master it at difficulty levels 1 and 2. But even if you are not a hardcore player, it is well worth it. Just set it to the easiest level and set yourself on a magnificent journey. Definitely, a gem. Valiant, in my personal opinion, is a separate game built on the Doom engine. It is a milestone of the Doom community, and something that deserves to be considered legendary.
  12. I have been exploring the 5 Rooms megawad, which has some incredible maps. However, some of them are just dead difficult. I really love MAP 11, it is beautifully done, the scale and the architecture is breathtaking. Just one small problem - I have no idea how can anyone be expected to beat this level without cheats. I have spent several hours yesterday trying to figure out a strategy, starting from one building or another, trying to see if I've missed something, some clever device that gives you an advantage.... Nothing. The problem with the map is that all doors are open-able by the monsters, so no matter where you start fighting - they all convene on your location. And then you die. There is a building which holds the yellow key - the only key you need on the map - which has a couple of dozens of revenants and an archville. My first idea was to get in, grab the key, get out and run to the building with the exit. The problem is that you also need to push two buttons in two separate buildings. I really love the map, and I do want to beat it without cheats. But at the moment I am just at a loss. I have no idea how this can be done.
  13. LouigiVerona

    Pi Retro gaming?

    I also built my own RetroPie. It's actually much easier than it seems. The instructions online are very clear. You go to the RetroPie website and follow simple instructions. I did it twice - and each time it took me less than an hour to do everything. In fact, less than 30 minutes.
  14. I would say many NES games, Commander Keen (ID Software!), Starcraft. Last 2 years I became an avid TF2 player as well. Actually, thanks to TF2 I became a better Doom player, since before TF2 I never played Doom with a mouse. Now I am much faster and maneuverable.