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  1. Things like these are exactly why I had trouble taking Diablo III seriously.
  2. amackert

    Final Doom from Steam looks like crap

    Games on steam like DOOM come bundled with DOSbox and the default resolution doesn't look good on modern displays. You can tweak the backend settings in the DOSBox config, but the best way to go about it is use a source port like has been suggested.
  3. amackert

    doom episode 2 :(

    All of Ultimate DOOM is awesome. /endofthreadandanyotherthreadlikethis
  4. Quake 1 heavily revolves around the rocket launcher in deathmatch. Get used to it. Splash damage is king. Knowing rocket jumping and shortcuts around maps as a result of it can be a big help as well, but be careful. Keep the high ground if you're on maps that support it (DM6 for instance). Know where all the spawns are and know where the items are. Use sound to your advantage. For instance, if you hear your opponent pick up two health packs back to back on DM6, you know exactly where he is. Sound is crucial in the original Quake, probably more so than other Quakes due to how far it travels. Quake is very heavy on "aim" like any other good competitive shooter is. Don't let others lead you to believe otherwise, and don't get sloppy.
  5. amackert

    Can you play Doom 2 on Nightmare?

    Read this to get a better idea of what people are talking about. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Parameter Shortcut to the -fast part (but read the top of the page of the previous link first): https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Parameter#-fast
  6. I'd mess around with it more, but it absolutely kills game performance on a lot of wads I play.
  7. amackert

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Ran through all of Whispers of Satan on stream yesterday. A bit of a slog to get through honestly, but some of the secret maps were entertaining.
  8. amackert

    Doom Streams

    Streaming Whispers of Satan in its entirety on YouTube right now. Link: https://www.youtube.com/c/AustinMackertGT/live
  9. amackert

    Whispers of Satan

    Note: Played continually on UV. This wad definitely gives a great first impression: The architecture is excellent, the music is fantastic and the maps are complex. The issue for me is that it just wasn't all that exciting. The biggest reason for this is frequent predictability in the map design. For instance, you'll walk across the exit halfway through the map, only to realize it's locked. This normally wouldn't be a problem, except that it's used time and time again over the course of the wad. The same goes for the use of symmetry. I don't think it's as bad as others have made it out to be, as one door might lead you to a room that's carved out differently than the one on the other side, but it is something you learn to spot a mile away and it adds to the overall repetitive feeling. Lastly, enemy layouts are supremely predictable and pose little challenge (here are a few shotgunners; OK, now here are a few imps; OK, now here's one mancubus; OK, now here are two hell knights; OK, here's a single revenant; All right, back to a few shotgunners, etc). Very rarely do you face groups of enemies, nor do you typically face larger groups of same types of enemies (imps and pinkies aside). Also, while there was a clear attempt to vary the enemy variety in each map, the way enemies are mixed into each map becomes predictable in and of itself. It doesn't help that rocket and plasma ammo is quite limited overall, leaving you to the SSG for much of the playthrough, and all this does is compound on an already tedious experience. I do feel that for those that like a more traditional "vanilla" experience that's on the easier end of things, this is surely a four or five star wad. However, for people that need some semblance of a challenge, not to mention some kind of progression in this area over the course of the wad, this one will not do it for you. I'd personally rate this two-stars from a gameplay standpoint, but am leaving my rating at three overall due to it being clear a lot of care and effort was put into this. It's just not for me--I need something that is going to make me work a little bit more than this does (tedium is not the solution to that).
  10. amackert

    Disparate Realities - A 9 Map Slaughter wad (-cl9)

    I should probably try it on HMP just for kicks.. Having spent a lot of time with it, I'd love to hear experienced/high skilled players thoughts on the WAD. Some of the fights for me on UV were truly nasty and still are.
  11. amackert

    Doom - Crysis of it's time?

    I don't know if I'd go so far to call it the "Crysis of its time". That would imply that a decade later, it would still run like hot garbage no matter the machine you tested it on.
  12. amackert

    What would you consider a "good" megawad?

    In any sort of game I play, I enjoy a well balanced progression in terms of difficulty. I always expect the later parts of the game to be more intense and demanding than the earlier parts, and this goes for megawads as well. The visuals, audio and level theming are secondary for me, but they are important as well assuming the gameplay is on point. Ancient Aliens is an example for me of a megawad that gets it right--it's a fairly smooth ramp-up of difficulty over the course of the game, culminating in what's effectively a massive slaughter fight at the end, which I enjoy. The distinct visual style and the tunes complement the level progression nicely and add positively to the overall feel. On the flip side, there are wads I've played that look and sound fantastic, but don't scratch my challenge itch and the maps feel much too similar from start to finish. One wad I finished last week was Whispers of Satan. It was clearly well made as it looks and sounds great, but there was little challenge for me and what I was doing at the end of it felt like what I was doing at the beginning of it--the sense of gameplay and difficulty progression was non-existent. It's not to say it's a bad wad or that I wouldn't recommend it to certain players, but it definitely was not for me. Some wads like Alien Vendetta are better efforts at a smooth difficulty progression for me, but fall off the rails here and there. For instance, Map 20 is a pretty noticeable bump in the road for me, but the difficulty progression gets back on track with the next few maps (culminating in notable ones like Dark Dome), only to stumble again with a pretty easy (not to mention tedious) map right before the end of the game. I could just be picky, but what I do know is that wads that check all the gameplay progression boxes are the ones that end up being the most memorable to me. And don't get me wrong, I don't mind "easy" at certain points in a wad, particularly on the early side of things. I just expect it to at least try to test me as it progresses (more so the farther in I get). My favorites do, whereas the others do not.
  13. amackert

    How would you rework the Arch-Vile?

    I wouldn't change it. The vile creates an interesting dynamic in what is a relatively projectile-heavy based enemy set.
  14. amackert

    Doom Streams

    Going live now with a variety of wads. https://www.twitch.tv/amackert/