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  1. Roebloz

    what FPS has the prettiest weapons

    Classic Doom's weapons are pretty cool, but I got to give it to TF2.
  2. Let's fucking go. Well, I think you can guess what RPD 19 will be about!
  3. Roebloz

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

    Is that Id Anthology I'm seeing? Hooooooly hell (Revealed) that must have cost you a fortune.
  4. Roebloz

    Show me your physical copy of DOOM

    I don't have much in terms of physical Doom, I have Doom 2 GBA somewhere and I am getting Doom SNES for my collection, but otherwise the King of my collection and pretty much the only physical release of Doom that I have is my SIGIL Beast Box. Aside from being the SIGIL Beast Box and being huge, the Beast Box is the crowned jewel simply because I got it for free from John himself since he was impressed with Doom 32x Delta's SIGIL port. Yeah I know I flex thisnat every opportunity I get but hey, this time you kinda asked, and it's metal as fuck.
  5. Roebloz

    Comparison of Source Port Compatibility

    Are they used when you use the vanilla renderer? (Not that it really matters aside from the case where you modify them for whatever reason) Also yeah, I'll 100% agree, "irregular REJECT" probably doesn't matter to anyone, whatever the hell that means. But aside from DeHackEd and Irregular Blockmap, I don't see the point of anything else here unless you are making something to voluntarily exploit the most obscure bugs ever. This is still a great idea though, and you might as well include the fairly useless information. It would be cool to add other information on actually useful stuff (Archvile resurrection bugs and the other useful bugs that might not work by default on certain ports so modders can know in advance if they want to make ghost monsters and the like, since I'm pretty sure in most source ports it's disabled by default but in others it might not be) Other than that though, good job!
  6. Roebloz

    Spectrum: A Doom SNES Slaughtermap

    Alright, let's go!!! Prepare for actual slaughter this time.
  7. Roebloz

    sigil - found the solution

    It's perhaps a problem with the eye switches? (As far as I know, they can be bugged out to where they will close but not open the door they're supposed to open) Otherwise, I don't know. Now the real question is why you're playing on I'm Too Young to Die. (Not judging you by any means, it is a legitimate question)
  8. Roebloz

    Spectrum: A Doom SNES Slaughtermap

    So, would you guys like a sequel to this? I honestly got ideas for a trilogy of Spectrum, so just tell me.
  9. This is an awesome idea. Go for it. If you want, I could make some fake OEM stickers for the case you'll do or something.
  10. I'll do the Final Fantasy Opening theme with my mouth and the gibbing sound as the sole instrument.
  11. Double feature, and Dark Roebloz and Lesha are here in the scenario too! Wow! Amazing I know. Anyway, I review @Egg Boy's Pagodia and a bit of @slayer's Focus UAC maps, but like usual its more short comedy and jokes than actual WAD review. I did leave a bit more gameplay though, so enjoy.
  12. Roebloz

    Pagodia | Final Version Released

    Alright, here is my review/funny humor video while showing a minute of footage. I liked this a lot, (Especially when it comes to visuals) but I didn't have much patience for it and the other maps. Although, someone is gonna have to explain why the Cacos drank too much Monster.
  13. As the creator of 32x Delta...For saying that you are now on my hitlist. (Well, technically it's true, nothing beats the hell me and @TheLesha had to go through to port that map. Harder than all of SIGIL to port. Whew.) Seriously though, I kinda agree that E1 is pretty good, but I can't say if it's the best. E2 has some really good levels as well though, and I absolutely love the shit out of House of Pain. E4 also has good levels, albeit it is much harder so I don't consider it my favorite episode. (Although, E4M9 is pretty sweet...) If we are throwing SIGIL into the mix though, that's pretty fun as well so I can't really say what's my favorite. Probably either E1 or E2 to be honest, or even SIGIL if we include that.
  14. Roebloz

    focus UAC my new map finish

    This was a pretty good map! I enjoyed it a lot honestly, it kinda reminds me of TNT's level design a bit. (I never finished TNT, but I do enjoy it a bit) Good work!
  15. Roebloz

    Doom Rtx is insane!

    I 100% agree. Doom 64 with RTX, now that could be potentially cool, but if I wanted to have Doom look good, then PSX Doom with 64 textures would do the job honestly.