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  1. Honestly, the only way I can describe this issue is, well... At least it's here now, so...Go read the Console Doom Chronicles on the XBOX port!
  2. Very nicely made mapset, here is my comedic review of it, like usual. I really enjoyed this one, especially since it's not too long and neither are the maps themselves. Good job.
  3. Let's see what we have here...In Roebloz Plays Doom 22.
  4. Roebloz

    Doom 32X Resurrection [split derail]

    Well, I meant to make this spreadsheet as a useful tool and I tried to stay unbiased towards my own hack, but I am personally interested in having more content so I kinda ended up being biased in the end. And yeah, Delta is a bit pointless but it was/still is a passion project for me that I started as a joke. Now please, let's stop having drama over a small spreadsheet I made because I was bored. (Oh and as for the point of playing on emulator: Because it's neat.) Interesting. So yeah the Mordeth award kinda makes more sense now with this context. Very cool!
  5. Roebloz

    Doom 32X Resurrection [split derail]

    Yeah I know it was a bit weird for this to get the Mordeth honestly. Anyway, I just put the Cacowards section for people to know "Did this win something? Oh cool." I didn't mean to sound rude.
  6. Roebloz

    Doom 32X Resurrection [split derail]

    But...Both ARE true? (This project did win the Mordeth last year, and I did get Romero's approval for Doom 32x Delta. What I meant as a joke is the part at the bottom of the spreadsheet that says "I was totally not pissed off" and "THAT MEANS I AUTOMATICALLY WIN! HAHA". So uhhh...Yeah.
  7. Roebloz

    Doom 32X Resurrection [split derail]

    What do you mean? (I put the Cacowards and Romero thing as a joke, the rest is to legit compare the hacks for people)
  8. Oh and uh, the Cacoward and Officially Approved sections are just there for the memes, don't mind those.
  9. I've made a little spreadsheet to compare Resurrection with other hacks like my own Doom 32x Delta (As well as the original 24 Level Expansion) Just thought I might as well put it here since it's pretty useful to have for people to choose what they want to play.
  10. Roebloz

    [On Hold] Doom 32x: Delta

    So, finally something new here! First of all I've updated the thread to give Lesha credit (Well, the RHDN release credits him, but I forgot to put it in the main post...whoops.) Also, I've made a new spreadsheet comparison thingie to compare Delta with other hacks like Resurrection. You can check it out if you want.
  11. So, you want to play Doom 32x, but don't know which restoration hack to choose between the original 24 level expansion, @e-Doctor's Ultimate Doom and Doom 2 patch, my own Doom 32x Delta, or @Vic's Doom 32x Resurrection? Well, I have made a spreadsheet comparing all of those versions (And the original) in terms of features like maps, accurate textures, music, custom monsters and more to let you choose the perfect version for your 32x taste. So, you can go here to get the spreadsheet: https://www.mediafire.com/file/dy72qttrf5f9if7/doom+comparison+spreadsheet.xlsx/file Or you can just see it for yourself here...In any case, I hope this will help you pick the right Doom 32x hack that you want to play.
  12. Well, he explained it. But yeah tl;dr: Internal demos will desync because of Revenants since they don't start at tic 0.
  13. Roebloz

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    Having grown up with Doom 2 GBA, I can approve having saves between levels. As for in levels, I only really do that when I'm testing something specific or if the map is too hard for me. (So, I end up saving often.)
  14. Roebloz

    When did Doom WAD's hit their Peak?

    I don't think they've hit their peak. They definitely hit their low with 2m2g. (Actually no I take that back, 94 WADs is when they hit their absolute lowest. But hey, if you want to get to the top you have to be at the bottom to install a ladder in the first place)
  15. Roebloz

    Is there any such thing as a "Universal Demo?"

    I don't think there is a bruteforced demo, and it would hardly be possible to make in the first place. Now as for a bot that plays Doom on its own, now that's a different story.