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  1. Roebloz

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    You might be asking me about if i prefer Duke Nukem or Quake, so I have a better answer. wolfenstein 3d.
  2. Roebloz

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    All the console Doom's "diet-nightmare" (Apart from the ones on GBA, as Nightmare on GBA is just Ultra-Violence) is just UV-fast.
  3. Roebloz

    Pistol start/Quicksaves/Permadeath? How do you play?

    As an avid GBA Doom 2 player, I cannot actually save in a level by traditional means. Of course I can use save states but I find it to be cheating a little bit. I usually play normally. Sometimes I do Ironman but rarely. Fun Fact for you: The SSG is actually faster in GBA Doom 2 which makes it more OP than it already is.
  4. "Horrible music" I think that guy played the 32x version to make that statement. "No co-op" I am further believing he was playing the 32x version. "Atrocious Enemy ai" Nah its a troll guys. In all seriousness for the music I guess its a matter of taste, the atrocious enemy AI I disagree (Even by today's standards its not that bad), and no coop is a joke. Unless like I was saying, he was playing the 32x version. Then I 100% agree for the horrible music.
  5. Roebloz

    Alive Wolf3D modding forums/sections?

    Personally I'm the leader of Team Fir2 (We still haven't finished any add-ons but one is coming up pretty soon) and we're doing maps, not add weapons or whatever. I think ECWolf is a good source port (Especially for limit-removing capabilities) and while using DOSBox for vanilla is good, it is way harder than modding in ECWolf (Also if you're making hard maps with a lot of enemies, vanilla Wolf3d will crash). The main problem with ECWolf I think is the fact it is like you said, ZDOOM-school which breaks some of the vanilla elements. However unlike Doom it has less things affected by it (The Fake Hitlers's fireball speed is greatly affected, however this seems to be because the speed of the attack depends on the FPS of the player) and I do prefer my games in "hd" thank you very much.
  6. Roebloz

    Best joke WADs

    Doom Explosive Edition Not really a WAD, more of a PK3, but extra trolly and explosive.
  7. Thanks for playing my map! Don't worry you're not the only one that didn't find the Rocket Launcher the first time, however I think you're the only one that found the secrets on camera (Most recordings were done before the v1.2 of the map that added it) Also thank you for finding it good (and finding the Revenant joke funny). By the way, you don't run on an SNES to activate it I think! Also you asked two questions so lemme answer them "How did he do that (The Marines)" : In GZDoom Builder you can place the Marine enemies with various weapons (If you have the Game config set to GZDoom of course). The two Marines here are a Pistol Marine and a Shotgun Marine. "How did he do custom texture": I asked Steve if I could put one as an easter egg (Also to explain the room itself).
  8. Roebloz

    Preview of my upcoming episode replacement WAD

    I think it will in fact work with vanilla Doom, I just play GZDoom for the screen resolution.
  9. I am currently making a Doom 1 PWAD so I thought I'd share some screenshots before finishing it. The WAD is going to be an Episode 1 replacement and I think I should be able to finish it this week. Now why a Doom 1 PWAD while I could do a Doom 2 PWAD with more enemies and the super shotgun? 1, because I want to challenge my creativity with making a Doom 1 WAD. 2, I think we don't see enough Doom 1 WADs these days.
  10. Roebloz

    The Doom Poll Version 1

    I added two "no" choices
  11. Roebloz

    The Doom Poll Version 1

    I think the only case where someone says 3DO is if they were forced to play Saturn for 24 hours straight.
  12. I really hate maps that put Archviles as a hot start tbh. Here's my "Approved" hotstart mob list: -Zombieman -Wolfenstein SS -Shotgunner (1 is ok) -Pinkies (As long as you are provided with at least a shotgun) -Damaging floor
  13. Roebloz

    The Doom Poll Version 1

    Decided to make a poll because why not.
  14. If I ever do it I just put like a Zombieman or two because they are really weak.
  15. Roebloz

    Doom: EXPLOSIVE Edition

    I forgot to add I might update it from time to time too!