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  1. Peter Heinemann

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Hello Bloodshedder, I have just taken notice of the problems the site is affected with and now see that my difficulties with logging in are shared by other members. I assume that my account (luckily) has not been deactivated due to long time sleep. As I can write this, at least the log in problem looks to have bettered. Thank you again and please excuse any extra work that was caused by my calling for help I have sent you by mail. Best wishes and nice holidays to you and all other Doomers. Peter
  2. Peter Heinemann

    Who do you miss?

    That is good news for me and thank you for the hint/link! I will look for my irc client (a neglected thing during the last years) and maybe join this weekend. :o)
  3. Peter Heinemann

    Who do you miss?

    Deathbringer, you are right about stupidity spreading on game sites, but Kat had been such a superb liar, that no one who believed him being a girl had a reason to feel like someone who discovered he got cheated easily. This was something different and I believed Zak when he told us that he did not lie to cheat people, for a cruel joke, own amusement. What he suffered from was a double personality (male/female); something that can also bring up wonderful talents, like being a skilled writer, but is also painful, since you always have to hide your true personality. Personally, I never hated him for the stories felt ridiculous to have believed him. Despite I felt disapointed at the end, it was great time for me I really love to think of. I remember how down I was for weeks after Kat kick-banned me from #doom. I hope he is fine. Yes, internet gaming sites are dominated by guys and therefore the typical schemes apply here: Guys compliment girls for being "cute" when they behave sensible, but would never give such compliments to their male friends when they present their sensible side, mostly because they are anxious they could take it either as an insulation or as an homosexual offer. You have given the only way out of the dilemma for such shy boys: to set up an own fake personality as a female, from which the compliment "cute" to a guy is aceptable. Girls can hope to be called "cool" when they are successful in presenting skills that are honoured by the male community, like being good at IT or surprising with hobbies that are not expected for girls, like being good in martial arts and weapons. This I think is absolutely normal and should not make us thinking there is something grossly wrong with the internet, however male people should dare to show their sensible side, which can mean a love for poetry, painting, music, etc. I am positive only a very few would laugh. We should try not to say "your Doom fan art is cool", when we want to say that it expresses what is in our hearts, only because we are to shy to say this to a male (please imagine a peaceful Doom fan-art here, not a super-gory one).
  4. Peter Heinemann

    Who do you miss?

    I do hope he is at good health and still around. Lüt always was one of the pillars of the forum (I remember I said this to him whilst chatting and he agreed, so this is officially verified). Could someone please come back to this question and contradict that he is dead? Correctly misspelled it is "Katarhyne", also called "Kat", who turned out to be her own brother. From seing that his last post is only a few weeks back, I am positive he is not gone forever. Zak is a decent writer, his foes would call him a story teller, but good and good told stories are hard to come by. His fan fiction "Denial" seemed to me to be the best I have ever read and he had a profound knowledge about old games, weapons and DOS. Personally, I would miss every other of the former regulars, like King Elvis, Doomboy, Vegeta... what was the name of the guy who offended a lot of members with his ghetto talk (it was sometimes really hard to read) and got suspended for that? I remember that he was very knowlegable in ripping ROMs from the N64-Doom. PeterH ^_^ edit: after my 3 years holiday from the forum, I should also go back to irc. Could anyone please tell me if the old channel #zdoom is still running? In other words: what are the channels to visit now? Thankies :o)
  5. Peter Heinemann

    Doom < doom 1.2

    I remember that day I had to pick up my 1.1 box from the german customs office. The clerk looked like he had the intention to rip the box apart to get hold of the contents. Really, my hands became wet. :-P
  6. Peter Heinemann

    Doom Is A Game For The Ages

    Especially the mention of Doom along with the outstanding "Zork" games (outstanding by means of deep atmosphere and originality) sets a high mark for all the shooters that were published thereafter, a mark the most will never reach. Even though I do not want to convert this thread in a hotlist for beloved games, I would like to say that they should have mentioned "Rise of the Triad" on one of the first places, oh well. :-P
  7. Peter Heinemann

    Not Dead, Just Sleeping

    Being back after almost two years, I am happy to find so many of the old members here... and so many I don´t know yet. I just took a look through the sections... :-) There will always be people who are attracted to the game. Almost anything lives on the internet and survives the trends that come and go... as long as it has quality and people who honour it. ^_^
  8. Peter Heinemann

    Top 5 songs

    I like the music work of Tolwyn and especially the tracks he wrote for "Memento Mori 2". Ok, it is not original music from one of the games of the masters, but excellent fan work, though. Just risk an ear or two: http://www.doomworld.com/tolwyn/midi.shtml
  9. Peter Heinemann

    Our new poop. Benedict XVI

    Our "Bild Zeitung" (a stupid boulevard newspaper for morons, sold in big numbers here) felt able to title "Wir sind Papst" = "We are pope", but they did not texted it in the meaning of the "pluralis majestatis", they did it like they do when they write: "We a soccer kings" (that´s a long time ago); "We are speedway champions" (when only Michael Schuhmacher really is), etc. Beside from the bad feeling I have with this cheap, childish patriotism, I am curious, what they burn to get the smoke, with which they signal that the old pope has died and the new one is elected. What do they smoke? By the way, the dictionary says: poop \'pu_:p\ n : a raised deck above the open deck and at the rear of a ship :D
  10. Peter Heinemann

    No need to point fingers

    Hm, anyone remembers that scene in the movie "The Hitcher" (starring Rudger Hauer) in which the poor soul who was about to bring a customers car to another state, found a human finger in his french fries?
  11. Peter Heinemann

    Portable Doom

    My old "Escom Paradigma" 486 DX4 100 notebook runs vanilla Doom just peachy ^_^
  12. Peter Heinemann

    That DOOM Feeling

    Because of its quality, Doom can still defend its throne against any other game. Maybe it is because of the awesome textures and sprites. Doom looks like a "painting in motion", where other games look disturbingly "edgy", because they are made of polygons and either there are too less of them or the textures do not look too good on these 3D-structures. Personally, I like sprite based games like Doom more than those that employ polygons. I cannot explain why, but even though all today´s games engines are far more developed than what powers our game, Dooms engine simply makes the game looking great. People would think, it is a technically simple game, since it is from 1993, but I am sure, that when it comes to coding, Doom is not that simple made. It set standards when it came out... The music, the sounds - simply awesome. Maybe the atmosphere of the game is that good, because all the arts that make the game (painting, music, sounds and level design were controlled and been put together in the right way. An impression of the spirit that powered the team at id can still be optained by playing Doom.
  13. Peter Heinemann

    Favorite Weapon

    My favourite is the single barrelled shotgun. When I tried zdaemon when I was on my 56k modem, it turned out that my ping was that bad (around 400), that both the single barrelled and the double barrelled shotguns behaved like ancient muzzle loaders, the delay between hitting the trigger button and the release of the shot counted in seconds. So I found the chainsaw and the machinegun to be clever weapons for me, since they are running or shooting continuously. Well, now I finally have dsl... Death comes quickly.
  14. Peter Heinemann

    Any MacDoom Wad Authors out there?

    Aww, Use3D, you remember me? Wow! Well, I was away from Doom and Doomworld for over one year, but today is the bloddy day of my return. Of course, I am still riding the Mac. Playing Doom/Doom2 on the Mac is like a pizza! (This sentence deserves a carriage return) Playing it on the PC might also be fun, since there are so many good ports out... but the real thrill is to play a source port like SMMU or stuff in PC emulation on a Mac. Speaking about irc, are #zdoom and #doom still there? ^_^
  15. Peter Heinemann

    Saddam Hussein has been captured!

    Are you serious about this or was this sarcasm? Sorry if you were kidding ^_^ Heh, the hunger situation in Africa is mainly caused by the USA, ever noticed these overweigthy people in your neighbourhood? Nah, seriously: The USA decides who in the world has food available and who has to starve. By deciding who gets a credit and who not, by not allowing independence from US imports and by applying political pressure they keep on ruin the African continent. USA has their teeth in almost every countries veins. This is also a kind of terrorism.