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  1. Just a straight up troll enemy would be good. A Lost Soul type of enemy that has an insane amount of HP, but does absolutely 0 damage to the player. Just exists to get in the player's way and block their shots.
  2. I want it to be like All In The Family where an Arch-Vile plays the role of Archie Bunker.
  3. Maser

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    It's so funny watching people fight them for the very first time and trying figure out how their attack works.
  4. Maser

    What's the deal with Archviles?

    Anyone older than 2,000 would be dust not a boomer.
  5. There's plenty of modern FPS games out there with all the bells and whistles. Leave modern crap out of classic Doom games!
  6. Maser

    The pistol. Love it or hate it?

    The pistol is awesome in the PSX version with a certain Game Shark code activated to make it shoot fast as fuck!
  7. Maser

    Why are chaingunners so fragile?

    I blame the heavy chaingun. It's so heavy that when he dies, the weight alone pulls off his entire arm!
  8. Too lazy to make a list of easiest-hardest, but I will say the one that has annoyed me the most was Doom 2: Master Levels. I don't like puzzle based maps. I'm a full on action oriented guy. On a side note, I'm kinda surprised so many players here have listed Plutonia as their hardest Doom game because I remember so many players here talking about how Plutonia isn't as hard as people made it out to be. Maybe some folks just really love unfairly placed chaingunners that spam the whole map. :D
  9. Maser

    doom learning curve

    I only brought up Wolfenstein because you brought up CoD and how you kill Nazis just like how you do in Wolfenstein. Although there are 2 secret levels in Doom 2 where you kill Nazis.
  10. Maser

    doom learning curve

    If that's the example you're gonna use, why have them play classic Doom? It would make more sense to have them play classic Wolfenstein. Most of the people I have tried to get into classic Doom really don't bitch at the difficulty, but rather bitch about how ugly the graphics look.
  11. Maser

    Which classic Doom monster is your favorite

    Pain Elemental
  12. Maser

    What level made you quit the session?

    Icon Of Sin in Doom 2.
  13. Maser

    Pinkies not being fast on Nightmare?

    I have the PS3 port and everything seems sped up in Nightmare mode.