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  1. Maser

    Share a random fact about yourself

    When I play the original Silent Hill game, I genuinely get sad when I kill the larvae boss because of the noise it makes and then curls up in a ball. Granted it's not dead, but still it does make me sad. Harry Mason is such a bastard at times!
  2. Maser

    What are some things that keep you going?

    I became a dad when I was only 16. When my first son was born he was born over a month premature and couldn't breathe on his own. I was on house arrest at the time and I couldn't leave the house to watch my son be born or be with my wife (girlfriend at the time) because my ankle monitor would go off. I spent the entire day working things out with my PO so I could leave the next day. During that time I was sensing that this was God's way of punishing me for all the crap I done and losing faith. I prayed more than I ever did in my life that day for my son to live and that I would be faithful again. The next day I was able to leave my house and go to the hospital right in time for my son to be taken off life support and let nature take it's course. My wife and I both held our son thinking he was dying in our arms when the miracle happened and he coughed and started breathing on his own. So yeah, my wife and two sons keep me going.
  3. I hope the school shooter episode made SJWs melt away into a puddle of piss and tears! In a time where EVERYONE finds a reason to be offended, it's nice we still have a show that remains offensive for us folks with common sense who know what comedy is suppose to be about.
  4. Maser

    Post a picture of yourself!

    I bit into Linguica's stash while dressed as Ness! ^_^
  5. Maser

    What's your favourite band?

    Led Zeppelin
  6. My wife is Italian and very passionate about cooking Italian food. Once while we were making lasagna, I screwed up the layering and I came very close to death there!
  7. Maser

    420 blaze it [weed][marihuana][thc][legalized it]

    Sorry can't resist!
  8. Maser

    How do you feel the vanilla game has aged?

    Doom 2 is my main go-to game in the Doom series. I'm really not a fan of the original Doom game, but there is one positive thing I can say about it. The first episode is the only Doom game I managed to complete on Nightmare difficulty.
  9. Maser

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    Not sure if I'm remembering this right because Doom 2 is my main game, but that room used to annoy the shit outta me and it wasn't until much later in my Doom playing career that I learned that all you had to do was hug the wall after entering that room and you get the night vision goggles and the room is no longer a problem.
  10. Maser

    Funny Jump Scares In Doom

    I just had one so share your's! I am playing Doom 2: No Rest For The Living and playing the infamous "Vivisection" map and just had a funny jump scare. I was dealing with the enemies after hitting the final switch to lower the Red Skull Key and I was dealing with a Cacodemon far away with the Chaingun and as I was dealing with him, two Hell Knights casually walked past me not attacking me, but rather going after the Cacodemon I was dealing with because I guess it's fireballs hit the Hell Knights off screen. It made me jump because I normally don't have Hell Knights that close to me and not be attacked.
  11. Maser

    Hobbies to fend off stir-craziness

    Well, my outdoor activities mainly involve dirt biking, shooting guns, hunting, and fishing.
  12. Maser

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Earlier today I got my few two pairs of skinny pants.
  13. Maser

    Unknown or Underrated First Person Shooters?

    I really liked Alien Trilogy for the PS1 and Area 51 for the PS2.
  14. Maser

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Not as cool as wearing a hoodie indoors right? ;)