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  1. JDR

    I want some short levels for chilling.

    Echelon by @Soundblock had mostly short levels iirc.
  2. JDR

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    This looks sick! The way the damaged building holds up in the third shot is pretty gnarly. Brown/Black bricks and metal combo looks very nice, also unironically prefer this Fanta-looking lava to vanilla one.
  3. Had enjoyed two previous episodes, been exited for this. Currently up to e3m5, maps as pushy as ever. The style is more and more defined with the hellish stuff. Found a bug (?):
  4. I'm happy to see another solo author compilation wad and gameplay changes are wonderful in this! Though, something about trying to refire an SSG on a faster metronome ASAP feels stressful with the animation falling behind a couple of frames. Didn't even knew some maps of yours existed, until this compilation.
  5. That's a pretty interesting theme, i've noticed some unusual SCIBRIK variants in the wad, any chance to see those? I wondered if the bone valley at the end of currently released beta would be a map, but it's something quite opposite of grim dark in those recent screenshots.
  6. After the second mission in the first episode i've talked with a briefing dude and ran to talk to a truck driver as the briefing was still going. I think that broke briefing guy after i finished second mission.
  7. JDR

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    An entire page worth of fantastic shots. @TwinBeast That's outworldish af, some great color combos on first couple of shots. @Deadwing I am hype. @Jimmy You have one of the best looking carpet textures. Hype aswell.
  8. Wanted to check this out, cause no matter the texture set - i can't miss on city themes. Some somewhat harsh criticisms: Nice opening shot, confined streets is exactly what i wanted to see more of in this map, but then dynamic abruptly shifts to the big marble keep with those jagged platforms and on to more wide areas. Even though the last area's megastucture looked awesome, i can't say the same about symmetrically placed combat around it. I feel it could've been better if you divided the confined streets and big open areas in those separate distinct maps; level is too bulky for a opening map for a megawad. Played on UV, having no problem maxing all items, secrets and kills. Pretty neat secrets aside from the push walls in the marble keep, secret with rocket launcher opening up to a starting area is what the map needed more of in it's normal routing - the bulk of areas didn't have any connectivity between them (even if you wanted to backtrack to first area for health - it would be a massive route to take back). Given how many hitscanners there are spanning throughout the map i feel like you probably should've been more generous with armor, maybe to have it in the midst of blue key section. A couple of problems: All in all, i've liked the grimy city theme, hope to see something less bulky for another map.
  9. JDR

    Akeldama - Now on Idgames!

    This sounds like it could be on the same album with Kaguya. Enjoying this downtempo, ethereal style.
  10. JDR

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    @Deadwing Can't say scenes look better or worse. Map03 shots definetely have some interesting new detail in the non-gameplay area in the 7th shot, pillars might be overdetailed though - just two textures would be fine (?), 9th shot's scene had definetely become more interesting with that rock detail. Upper/lower texture meshing in 5th shot is something that isn't done very often. I see there are roofs in most shots now, sure they make one more texture, but i feel the way to avoid monotexturing might be horizontal: architecture accomodating texture variation, making various parts of a building distinctive, inlets or something like this. I can't claim i'm experienced in this to give proper (or any) advice though 😛.
  11. JDR

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    I figure those have to be from a second hub? But there's also rain which is in 3rd hub. Either way i'm excited for this for some time already, if you need testing and balance suggestions, i'd be happy to help.
  12. Very good set, very pretty though minimalist. I liked the new stuff, however new enemies didn't bring all that much, except flying serpents that could've been used more. Breakable stuff although pretty pointless is satisfying to crush. Visually set is superb though. Secret map aside, there were many instances of running in a quiver with 99 arrows, or picking up a greater rune with almost full ammo. It feels like the maps across the set had been balanced solely around getting in that secret portal with full ammunition, which is unfortunate because it takes away the fun of searching for ammo most of the time on regular maps. Not a fan of heretic, but great stuff.
  13. Thanks for pointing that out in the txt file; i find it frustrating when gzdoom authors don't specify these features anywhere at all. Very nice style, appreciate the music choice - the gameplay is quite relaxing. Enjoyed bits of platforming for secret stuff, however the need to turn on freelook in map 2 threw me off abit, wish that the crouch button would allow swimming down - glad you don't need it in next level. I love how the windows in blue carpet room slightly cloud the vista, making you believe for a second that it's not a gameplay area. Played with pistol starts on UV in gzdoom's software mode - no problems, 100% maxable. If anything i'd suggest to lower ammo counts slightly, moreso on the first map.
  14. Broken in GZDoom because of the skullkeys.