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  1. JDR

    DVII Second Edition underway. It's time!

    I was wondering how many un-E1 elements would be there in your rendition, and this delivers.
  2. Square tiles have extra color detail, looks nicer. Very nice looking screens, is it all OTEX?
  3. JDR

    Wormwood [2 halloween maps]

    For the intensity of combat setups in map2 there were actually a good amount of exploration, very nicely paced. Shouldn't have started on UV though. Map1 had a pretty midi. Finished on UV regardless, pretty gratifying difficulty, if you save before engaging in each arena. Very much enjoyed the atmosphere of each level.
  4. Gonna play episodes 2 and 3 soon, episode 1 was quite good.
  5. I'm not very well versed in original TNT (played it awhile ago), but am enthusiastic about providing feedback about any other aspects: skill settings, supply balance, secrets, etc; without referencing the base TNT stuff.
  6. JDR

    Toxic Containment ready for testing

    Fantastic level! Managed to UV-max it, i think i found everything, including blue armor without much trouble, very nice map to explore. I dig the dehacked stuff: there's a choice to snipe low-tiers with a rifle or go in doing less damage, but stunning monsters with a chaingun. Later in the map the choice sets in towards the latter though, but the rifle is good. Rocket guys are almost mid-tier monsters, died one time to double rocket attack in a narrow corridor. I like this semi oldschool style with heavily different gameplay. The only suggestion would be to tone down some shell supply and a bit less bullets, there were lots and lots of that, didn't even got to use plasma.
  7. JDR

    Mayhem17: The Lost Levels

    Would be a shocker if this has Alfonzo's map.
  8. It is highly unreccomended to use together wads that both change core mechanics through dehacked, unless they're specifically designed to be cross-compatible. Eviternity happens to have such changes, so the other mod breaks it.
  9. JDR

    Drought [D4V // 3 maps // RC 2 10/6]

    Beat it on Nightmare (D4V's UV) with pistol starts and got all the secrets; even regardless of D4V alterations this plays like Scythe 2. This was also my first time using D4V, which i honestly don't know what to think about: pinkies and revenants are erraticly fast, arch-vile actually plays some other crazy game rather than doom, and baron of hell is a #1 monster to cheese if possible. On that note i think the mod wouldn't work as well with exploration style maps, so i think it's gameplay mechanics utilised rather good in the set. Visually i dig that there are a few nods to darkening2 style bases, but moreover that map03 huge mass of foliage got me thinking of organic visuals in forests of Tomb Raider 3. Very atmospheric and spectacular map, but a tad easier than two previous ones.
  10. JDR

    6 new maps special "25 Years of Doom 2"

    This is pretty great! Familiar places wrapping themselves out in unexpected ways. Can't tell nothing much past that - this set has it all except more maps. Especially maps like fifth one, the stealth route was pretty inventive. Regarding UV-max in a certain map.
  11. Played through the rest of it, map05 was quite a cross between some parts of Scythe and DV combat-wise and map15 totally delivered some interesting visuals. A couple of bugs: I do like the strict challenge in the set, hopeful to see more interesting themes.
  12. On map05 atm. Very much enjoyed how tight the gameplay in general and how tight the ammo management is, although at times it feels quite grindy without SSG; by the end of map02 it feels like you should've already got it. Playing on UV with pistol starts. Given that you've mentioned ksutra as an influence - i was expecting to see some garish detailing or something visually outlandish, but up to map 5 there were only little embellishments, map04's color pallete was quite good. Yet to see what's in map15, i've got high hopes, since the screenshot looks awesome. Regardless of how visual side of things goes, would be excited to see more for this project. Here's a little visual bug on map04:
  13. Finished this one within an hour with 8 secrets. Avactor comparison is pretty fair, it's quite simmilar in terms of pacing, sprawling layouts and detailing. Hilltops/trees detailing at times felt like it had been setup very specifically to make it feel cozy (as though hiking-wise). Very much great texturework and architecture. The only complaint i could have is that i don't really like when liquid textures mesh. Also map probably shouldn't have ended after a final boss (which should've been the afrits instead :p), but that's a minor issue. Other than that - amazing map. Loved that there is always a new path to go, plenty of cool secrets.
  14. Pretty good little set, weren't entranced by the style (vanilla tex are somewhat tiresome for me), gameplay was fine, but what i did like the most is that layouts had various pathways throughout and lots of optionality with certain switches and etc. Props for high contrast lighting, that's what sold this set from screenshots.
  15. JDR

    Back to Saturn X Episode 2

    I'm not sure if there would be more than one new map in the final release, but the one that's definetely in now, is absolutely fantastic from what i've seen.