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  1. OMG Dragonfly! The images are fuc**** amazing. From some reason the first one caught me very hard.
  2. Easy possible to make a secret exit not in map 15 slot. The map is boom compatible.
  3. This tournament seems to be very cool to me, how do I sign up and submit a map?
  4. Amazing shot, really! The stone texture fits perfectly with the sky mountain
  5. Well, the map is pretty dark honestly, and most of it inside temples. But I accept your opinion. Thanks Dragonfly, I really appreciate it :)
  6. Some new screenshots, what do you think?
  7. Need a break from my personal project. feeling like I'm riding to hard and fast with it, so I wil make a map for this.
  8. Damn! that's impressive. I like maps that using the sky as a source for a light
  9. Nice! you should keep to the skull keys now :)
  10. What do you guys think?
  11. Its not a bug, its the way it should be. You need to have at least 300 bullets to reload or else the player will hold the weapon open.
  12. I wanted to make it as a static object so you can see where you're standing and where're the charms to compare to your spot
  13. Hello Doomworld! Comming-up with a new thread where I can share with you some sprites I made at the last Days. MediaFire: DropBox:
  14. Really Amazing Mapset. Played it in the last week, and I must say the maps felt to me very Atmosphere. I'm a big fan of "Search and destroyed" maps, and lot's of options to search, many secrets, etc. About the musics, im very disappointing. I really think a maps of scale like this should have special music each. In some maps I preferred playing with the music muted, to keep the atmosphere. About map 7, (Labortory), that was really suffering to play it with D_RUNNIN. Over all, Really damn Amazing mapset, it's something that we dont see everyday and it must be appreciated.