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  1. Yeah sure, no probs
  2. Special Pack of Space Only. 10 different skybox of space :) Link: Enjoy !
  3. Heh, sinäkin olet sitten ilmeisesti Suomesta?

    1. Eradrop


      No no haha, im not from Finland, im from Israel.

    2. Jaska

      Oh, sorry. For some reason one of your sky pack showed like "uploaded from Finland".

  4. Sure, sure man, any use that comes to your mind :)
  5. Depends your map, I think I tested the animated skies with 5 tic rate
  6. Very unique map honetly, at the beggining I used the cyberdemon to kill all the monthers so I got lot's of munition... but dont take my method in count
  7. Enjoy fellas ! I promise I'll keep uploading more and more skies :)
  8. I found the those skies I've spoke about them,
  9. Well i had a version of grey sky and red city but it was ugly on my opinion. So i think the whole parts of the sky should be in the same color
  10. Hello Doomworld ! Here I'm sharing with you another SkyBox Pack after long time. Link:
  11. Amazing map, I'm looking forward about you in the mapping way :)
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I dont really have time for this at the close time, some personal life shits and other project I'm working on. But as soon as I get some time I will read again all your feedback and Updating.
  13. Of course Both ! Just wanna ask what is cooler...
  14. I can do some, no probs with that