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  1. Hello there, We will be doing our first (Public) Beta Test of "USQC: Unloaded", Monday, November 11th, at 6:30PM CST time. To be hosted on Zandronum, search "USQC Unloaded: Monday Night DM Beta Testing" or just "USQC" and you'll find it. Our discords are here: https://discord.gg/6U9RtT7 https://discord.gg/rusVESy More info on the project:
  2. This is an more evolved version of it. We had messed up on the earlier posts and our organization was messy. Thankfully, we got our shit together, I ironed out all the current bugs, and have reached a steady pace. You have to remember this is our, and my first time organizing a CP, so we already learned from our mistakes and have achieved near perfection. This is the first real topic set up on DW for it.
  3. Hello there, I've been working for an little-known Community Project that was originally meant for USQC mappers/members. Sadly, a lot of our mappers got busy, and it was clear our vision would not be complete. I started this community project way back this March. It has come a long way, but has not yet finished it's journey. At this point, we have 12-14 maps done, a unique vision, and a realization that it had amazing potential, merely just withering away. Unless; WE'D Open it to ALL! So, USQC and I invite any interested mapper to join the project, and see what they can do, whether super fancy and complex, or straightforward and simple. The limit is what you make it. Our CP is experimental, in a way you may not be familiar with... We have NO THEME. None whatsoever. You read right, (I hope). We don't care if the map is a 1 to 1 replica of hell with all its flames and fires, or a variation of your Daycare from when you were a wee-child. As long as it is within our rules, its fun, and most importantly; isn't total shit. We'll give it a home :) - (Not guaranteed). This seems like a weakness, but has been our greatest strength. Since we don't limit our mappers to a theme, but still encourage they set their own limitations, they have been free to make a DM map as whatever their heart desires. This includes absolute stand out maps that you wouldn't see in any other map pack, and some gimmicky ones that work really well as a single map, but wouldn't if they were the whole theme for a map pack itself. We still do have rules and other information, including public betas and other info. Which will be waiting for you at the bottom of this post, if any of it interests you to know more :) !!!!!! WE HAVE A DISCORD !!!!!! https://discord.gg/rusVESy Additional Details: IWAD is of course DOOM2. We are using a custom texture pack and skulltag as resources. We plan on a 33-Level-Megawad. The 33th map will be a special surprise to credit our mappers in this project! Rules for the #1 USQC DM Project: 1. Each mapper can do their own theme, design, and style. As long as it’s a fun map, and doesn’t purposefully try to be bad; it’s A-Okay! 2. The maps have to be in Zandronum (or ZDOOM): DOOM2 format; designed to be playable without jumping and crouching. 3. If using custom textures, they have to be from the custom texture pack (USQC_Textures) and (SkulltagBeta3.1). 4. If you wish to add a skybox texture or only a few more textures, contact @C.W. Orange and it will be considered. Once you submit your map submit those additional resources separately to me and I'll program it in Slade to match. 5. Has to support at least 6 players 6. If it uses a custom midi, send the midi separately and the artist's name so they can be credited properly. (OGGS are accepted, as long as they are under 3MBS). How we manage Mapslots: For now, we put in each map as they come. Once every map is submitted, we will organize it so the most similar maps are before-and-after each other. Resulting in a smooth transition between the widely different maps. Once a map is submitted, and meets the rules, as long as it's quality, I will put it in the current beta and see how well it does. If the majority of playtesters enjoy the map, it will stay. If it doesn't work out or is found to be a unfun map, it will be removed. Quality can vary as long as your map is visually pleasing, fun and fair, free from bugs, and isn't for a cheap troll. BE WARNED: Maps can be denied if they aren't up to the par with previously stated. Just put in your best into it and it'll be a blast. If you want to go and change something after you've submitted it; THAT IS FINE! Just resubmit it and let us know that this is the newer version you'd like in instead. We have currently 14 mapslots taken. More details are in the Discord Server. :) FIRST PUBLIC BETA TEST: We will be doing our first Public Beta Test of the USQC: Unloaded! Next Monday, November 11th, at 7:30PM (1930 hours) EST time. We're hosting it on USQC's doom server, it'll be an integral event for USQC and USQC mapping. After the first beta testing event though, all other Beta testing events will be hosted within USQC Mapping. It'll be a great taste for those interested. Thanks, and stay tuned in.
  4. Zillah

    How to add a Startup Message when launched

    Thanks, your examples were a good outline, but it still took me an hour and a half of fiddling around with it to fix it. Here's the code for anyone he wants to use an outline. [SCRIPT START] #include "zcommon.acs" script 923 ENTER CLIENTSIDE { int OpenGL = GetCVar("vid_renderer"); if(OpenGL == 0) { SetFont("DOOMFONT"); hudmessage(s:"\cgNOTICE!\cf: \cc THIS MOD RUNS BEST IN \cgOPENGL!\n\n", s:"\ccYou can report feedback for our Beta in our discord server at: \cghttps://discord.gg/rusVESy\n\n"; HUDMSG_FADEINOUT | HUDMSG_LOG, 0, CR_RED, 1.5, 0.5, 6.0, 2.0, 2.0); } }
  5. Zillah

    How to add a Startup Message when launched

    How may I program that?
  6. How can I add a startup message, so that when a player joins the server or plays the wad, it displays across their screen? Sorta like this: Except made for .WAD format. The WAD also requires skulltag to run, if that helps.
  7. Zillah

    USQC Mapping Discord and Community Projects

    Hello there, We now have a rough deadline and one quick announcement. Firstly, this project is still completely open to anyone interested. We have maps already finished, but we still need play-testers and mappers to complete the rest! Just because we have some maps finished doesn't at all disclose anyone who wants to get into the project today or tomorrow. Secondly, the deadline. We have a rough deadline of 2020 Q2. We will work out a more precise date as we go along having fun playtesting the maps via DoomSeeker and compilations. That's all. Have a good one.
  8. Zillah

    USQC Mapping Discord and Community Projects

    Here's some more screenshots for anyone interested in the CP :) This is a snippet of what we have completed so far. We are nearly halfway, but need new/more members to help Complete it. We've put a lot of work into this project, having been started this march, but we will gladly accept any of those who wish to do it. There is not any assigned map slots, just join, download the pinned resources, and let us know you'd like to take a hand in it. Good luck! MAP10: MAP06: MAP12: MAP09: MAP08: MAP07:
  9. I'm glad the Title was updated, but I think for people who are interested more into the project should get a little taste. To all who haven't checked in a while, Alpha-Testing is underway, all maps are complete, and it's coming along together nicely.
  10. Hello there. I'm from the USQC Staff, and we got one hell of a survival night this week. We will be playing Plutonia 2 on Ultra-Violence difficulty. Link: http://discord.usquake.world/ Server Details (On Zandronum): --------------------------------- [USQC] Friday night Survival - Plutonia 2
  11. Hello lads and lassies. I'm Ziyo from the USQC Community staff, and I will be helping post event announcements here along with @NationwideMoose This week we are doing DBAB (Don't be a bitch) DM pack, which we have not done before. It supports a hefty load of people; better be there quick. Link: http://discord.usquake.world/ Server Details (On Zandronum): ------------------------------------------- [USQC] Wednesday night DM - DBAB
  12. Zillah

    GZDoom Builder Screenshot Error

    Thanks I'm aware. For some reason all Program files had full write & read access to both Users and Admins, but only the GZBuilder Folder was exclusively Admin. I edited the (security) properties of the GZBuilder folder to include read & write for all Users and now I can take screenshots whilst running it normally. (AKA I don't have to run it as admin to take screenshots now).
  13. Zillah

    GZDoom Builder Screenshot Error

    That surprisingly worked. Thanks.
  14. Hello there. When using GZDoom Builder (bugfix R3074) and attempting to take a screenshot in 3D mode, it gives this error: How do I fix this?