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  1. Zillah

    Super shotgun too op

    sorry, can't read. super shotgun op get gud ez gg
  2. Zillah

    I need inspiration for a .WAD

    Anytime :)
  3. Zillah

    Looking to disable my account

    Hasn't worked for me yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Zillah

    Abandoned Community Projects

    that's strange. i was expecting my recycling bin to be here
  5. Zillah

    I need inspiration for a .WAD

    @Retro DinoHere, have a look at these two threads. They should be a mindpool of interest. Random Doom Map Screenshots (up to page 590 at this point) Random image thread's usually have some horrifically beautiful art just ready to implant themselves in the gumdrops of your mind!
  6. You make good points. I never understood why so many people get so stiff over doom's resources when you need them in the first place to play, but my issue isn't with that. It's with the wad itself. I think it was a funny concept, but it really is just for a quick laugh then it gets old. Of course that's what it's meant to be, so it's nothing to fret over. HOWEVER, I think if you wanna try something, "special" or especially goofy, with DOOM 1's style, DOOD might be of interest. We need more relaxed, but humorous content. Expand your horizons! Plus, as you've seen, try your best to stay away from barely unaltering the base resources, at least on doomworld :)
  7. Both Final Doom wads are already 32 map-packs. If you mean stitch the better kind together, then I don't believe anyone's publicly released that. Then again, the stiffs would call it piracy, since you have to pay for final doom. But there's nothing stopping you from creating one yourself for personal use.
  8. Zillah

    Can someone explain this occurrence to me>

    I once had a shotgunner on E1M2 "crawl" through the windows out by the chaingun secret. He just walked up and all of a sudden he was at the ledge, than inside. Then when I shot him he disappeared into the wall. Idk why or what, but it happens.
  9. Zillah

    Looking to disable my account

    Post p0rn and Warez constantly until you get banned. But try to post only enough to get account banned, not IP banned. Go out like a champ!
  10. I, a proud ga(y)mer, am frightened to admit, I have yet to complete a playthrough of Pajama Sam. The closest monsters scare me...
  11. Zillah

    Need Texture Information

  12. Zillah

    Cancelled DOOM Wads

    my offbrand h-doom mod (it replaces every texture with joe biden x bernie sanders) was cancelled due to a flood that wiped my entire hard drive containing my baby photos and unreleased bobby prince demos. sadly, all I have left now is the zdoom coding that i cant read.