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  1. Rellik

    R.I.P. Jason "Amaster" Masihdas

    Shit, I just PM'd Ralphis, after I sent it the list of old PMs popped up. I clicked one randomly without thinking about it, looked over and it was from Amaster. Jesus, such a nice guy too. What a terrible thing to happen.
  2. Rellik

    Assmaster confirmed deceased

    Condolences to everyone, especially to his family and the UD Radio crew. Not sure what else to say except I'm really sorry guys.
  3. Rellik

    Doom legacy problems 2: the next conniption

    The bots don't go any slower, just pick an easier difficulty level and they get lots dumber. ;)
  4. Rellik

    Why ZDaemon?

    If you're playing via LAN just install Legacy (http://legacy.newdoom.com). You can launch and join servers from inside the game. No messing around required. If you computers can see each other, Legacy will too. :)
  5. Rellik

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Bah, the simple plot was a huge blessing, or would have been for writers who weren't incompetent. They weren't written into a corner by anything, they were free to do a lot. Instead they got rid of what little DOOM did specify and took a giant shit on a great concept. My bet is the candy-ass studio execs decided that the "hell" theme would be too reactionary and wimped out for the mutant premise. Funny how doing something that is greatly offensive usually increases returns.
  6. Rellik

    Doom's #1

    The game DOOM is literally--almost entirely--about HELL, so if there is no HELL then it isn't DOOM. I think that pretty much sums it up. ;-) I think a very important thing you and several others aren't getting is that it was a *good* thing the game had a very simple plot, all it had was hell and demons. The movie has neither. All the studio had to do was make a movie about opening a portal and fighting the demons that came out. That's all. Everything else could have spooled up from there. The fact that they couldn't even get that small basic premise right is flat out pathetic. I'm making a movie based on the bible. It's about space pirates who are looking for an asteriod made of crack-cocain while running from a super-intelligent race of chocolate filled 6 foot tall salamanders. Get it? Sarge? Reaper? DESTROYER?!?! What kind of mental midget comes up with that shit outside of fanfics written by 12 year olds? Just sad. The fact is DOOM could have been great. All the groundwork was there for something really amazing. Instead what did we get? Resident Evil 3. Oh, and anyone who liked RE1 or 2 should be sterilized for the good of all mankind. :-p
  7. Rellik

    Doom's #1

    Must be a nice life where you can get bored of collecting Ferrari's and switch to collecting space ships.
  8. Rellik

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    So lets get this straight, the only thing this movie has in common with the game is: 1. Takes place on Mars. 2. Is in the future. 3. Has a BFG... kind of. No Hell, no demons, no evil unleashed by teleportation experiments... how can they even call this DOOM? Not that I'm really surprised that Hollywood ass-fucked the game but I am dissapointed in id for letting it happen. Jesus even the HALO people held out for creative control. Aside from the name I'm not sure how this even qualifies as the DOOM movie. The only upside is that this opens the door for someone else to do a film on the actual storyline as at it's base it's too generic to fully protect. Maybe there's still hope?
  9. Rellik

    Doom: The Movie: The Review

    Kind of sad though, waiting all these years only to get a mediocre (at best) film...
  10. Rellik

    The /newstuff Chronicles #250

    You can't win if you don't even try. If you can't be bothered to honestly review the releases then why bother doing it at all? You aren't doing anyone any favors that way. Yeah I know that writing reviews on stuff can be a lot of work and pretty thankless. On the other hand no one put a gun to your head and made you do it. That said I think you *should* do another newstuff. While yes this batch was kind of half-assed, half is still better than nothing. Next time will be better because now you know what people expect and that you will get called on any bullshit. :) Oh, and Submarine Deathmatch is zdoom/skulltag only. :)
  11. Rellik

    Map01: Good or bad

    MAP01 is great for many reasons, some of which you don't see unless watching skilled players blasting away on it. - The first room - Yes it's odd to have BFG/RL/SSG up top, but that's like a bonus for being lucky enough to spawn up there. :-) Down below is a second BFG for those not lucky enough to have landed up top. Projectile battling in here can be tricky because of the pillars, especially so with the BFG. The room is sunken which makes it impossible--without mouselook--to spam from the hallway but you can spam onto the ledge hopefully catching that lucky spawner by surprise as they emerge. - The Hallway - Looking back into the First Room fire the BFG at the far side, now strafe to look down into the Plasma Room (switching weaps if you so desire). Now when you get there the BFG will hit the other room and you will waste anyone who happens to be in that hallway and you'll have switched to another weap as well incase they aren't quite finished off. This also works the other way, firing into the Plasma Room and strafing back to look into the First Room. For the *perfect* illustration of what I'm yammering about download this (Right Click Save As). It's a 15 second video (DivX 5.2.1) of a match between Anders and Mutator. For newbies it should be required viewing for a basic but kick ass move. - The SSG room - Not a lot of action usually takes place in here but it does hold the levels only armor so it does get some traffic. Unfortunately this is also a very popular place to camp. Meh, what are you gonna do? Practice getting a rocket around the corner the instant you strafe in so even if you get SSG'd you can hurt them real bad in trade. Tricky with an accomplished camper. - The rocketroom - As it's in a double room both with sunken walls you can hide to one side and avoid BFG / Plasma fire quite easily until they get right on you at which time you fire rockets at nearby walls hitting them with splash damage. You at least have a chance. - The plasmaroom - Gotta practice getting the PG fast, no time to waste. The far side has the Exit room containing 75% health so this can be a huge boost if you've taken a beating. Beware of campers tucked in around the window pillars. A string of plasma as you run up the corridor can do major damage to anyone unlucky enough to come running towards you. - The courtyard - lonely home of the shotty. Unless you're out of SSG ammo there's not much point in going out here but you get some crazy kills on either side of that little doorway. I'm sure there's loads more but that's all I can think of off the top of my head. Map01 is a great map really inspite of itself. Some how it just... works.
  12. Rellik

    Teaser Trailer For Some Movie

    Looks too much like Aliens to me, even down to the rat scene version of the hamster cage scene. Meh, you never know I guess.
  13. Rellik

    First Picture From Doom Movie!!!!!!

    But if they fuck it up, and you KNOW they will, that's it, DOOM is done. Once you go down that road you can't go back, at least not for about 10 years. You can't unfuck something. Once Hollywood ruins a story, it's basically ruined forever.
  14. Rellik

    DMN Redone

    iFrames are what lazy people use instead of learning to code proper pages. Good on ya, Deathz0r. Now the real fun of making endless loops through the community scavenging for news begins. :)
  15. Rellik

    Doom Movie Progression

    When I watched the RE2 special feature on how hard they worked on getting their zombies to look and act the way they did, and that they paid "choreographers" to make them act that way, shit man I laughed so hard I got a cramp in my side. I'm glad I dubbed it. It's hilarious.