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  1. Higo Doragon

    Is this real?

    you forgot the step of circling the star statue 256 times
  2. @Yop hey, sorry for the late response, map 31 uses miko-portals a quirk of how the original executable uses it's values to store the player position on the code. it's a integer overflow, it should work on demo accurate ports. it works on DSDA if you use complevel 2, works well with crispy and chocolate. but on gzdoom miko-portals wont work and never will be officially supported because they really hate this kind of stuff. -w- it can be patched in with zscript at least. without miko-portals it's impossible to replicate the doors opening on the right timing, but the the invisible walls can be replicated with lowering floors. the teleporting monsters is easy to replicate too. i feel i could try to remake the map to avoid using the quirk, but if you don't wanna use the bug on the wad, it's better to leave it alone and cut it. i can try to make other map or just leave to somebody interested on the slot.
  3. @ABearInThaWoods hey, i got some problems and couldn't watch the rest of the stream. thank you for playtesting our maps! i worried that my map31 may be a little rng heavy, with the berserk damage and with monster infighting, and a little too lunatic too. with the 2 cybers and teleporting archviles. also im thinking in changing the final battle to give the plasma rifle or bfg. killing cybers with rockets is always a little too slow. your map looks very very cool! and the secret dispensers are a awesome idea. and i like how you are designing it to make use of all the space and still doing a progression though it.
  4. don't worry, we have a lot of time still for the project. i wish things get better in your side buddy, sorry for your dog.
  5. here is the MAP31!!! a japanese dojo owned by a cyberdemon and his brother! get punching! like my previous map, it has custom textures. it's all packed together inside the wad. important thing: this won't work on gzdoom, but it's possible to patch the trick in using this mod. it works in any other demo-compatible ports though, even on DOS. it uses vanilla conveyor belts, and that's not naturally supported by gzdoom. slot: MAP31 name: " Dai Akuma no Dojo " big demon's dojo in japonese lol song : "TWANGO" by "msx2plus" texture credits: "sgt_mark_IV" "jimmy" "doomer board projects" "mechadon" / "box o skies" some texture rips from "shadow warrior" Screenshots: Download: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/9mdn27zv72cenohlmicrn/1k1k_map31_v3c.wad?rlkey=kzm1e7okvzpkbkr8r6yo6njt0&dl=0
  6. yeah, also unique final levels are quite better for this kinda of project!~
  7. i mean, do we reallyy need the icon of sin?
  8. just played, gameplay is better then the previous version! good improvements, i also love the final ambush, the only thing i would personally do is make the pain elemental + cacodemon encounter start when you press that switch to lower the wall, or just make that wall lower faster, i usually kill all enemies before pressing that switch. and make this door start opened, or add a switch texture to the openable side. it can be very slightly confusing to make this door openable with the similar and previous one having to be open with a shoutable switch even with that you did a good job!
  9. Higo Doragon

    DBP61: Tempest Enterprise

    congratulations on the release guys! very cool and inspiring to see you all so excited and passionate for mapping! i the DBPs are a big part of my dooming these days, i love them very much. the maps and themes only get better and better! i wish everyone behind these the best.
  10. such a wonderful mapset, the maps are very fun and smooth to blast though. and the difficulty is a good challenge! i had alot of fun playing it. the map names are on point too heh~ x3c the music is great! i will definity get them to hear on my midi playlists. you all did a really good job!
  11. i really like the final part where the walls rise up and a lot of enemies come in. my only criticisms of this map is that it gives the RL too early, and it kinda feels useless on the start and also RL ammo is a little rare, making the only good place to use it on the end of the map. and also, the archville can wake up way early then it should. i checked that on the editor, and got confused when i saw the ambush flag there, after some messing around, it's possible to fix it by just removing that archville and replacing it with other one. weird bug. aside from these things, that's a good improvement over the first version! cool short map! i agree with tangra666, it's a easy map but that's more then fine! i just found 2 issues:
  12. Higo Doragon

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    @wallabra kang kang kangaroo~
  13. lesser ports huh? each sourceport has a objective. something like chocolate wants to make the DOS experience more easy to manage, crispy wants to enhance and remove it's limits, prboom+/dsda-doom wants to make a good platform to play traditional pwads well, with high performance and high demo compatibility, woof is a mix between prboom and crispy and gzdoom is a extremely powerful modding port. i don't think any of these ports are lesser then one or another. also, i like how doom doesn't follow "modern expectations", i like not having mouse look, not jumping, the infinite height limit, how the software render looks, the blockmap bugs, and feeling like a 90's game, i love doom very much not only for it's good, but also for it's bad and ugly. i respect a lot people wanting a more modern and accessible experience though, not everybody likes these ugly things after all, play without them, nobody can or should stop you. but also, respect that some other people indid, also loves the 1993 roots, and as long as people do maps for vanilla/limit-removing/boom/MBF, these things wont go away any time soon. and yes, this includes obscure tricks like mikoportals ( useful ), or intercepts overflow ( not that useful but cool ) and others. i dont mind gzdoom not suporting these, its even for the best of the port... i just dont like how we have to care about gzdoom that much because of it's popularity and place. the (KDIKFIZD) devs reroute all the dehacked into zscript. and that is the problem that i mean, we have to care about gzdoom's back when we just want to do make cool dehacked hacks.
  14. that is very true, but i mean in more about modding and playing community mapsets outside of the add-ons listings. i still see alot of people going with gzdoom as their main choice, which by it self is ok, especially if they feel comfy there. i just wish that at least, we had a option that supported and respected traditional modding better and kept the modern feel that people enjoy gzdoom for.