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  1. Laguna

    How was the original Doom sold?

    I thought the lost episodes were pretty cool. I had the Book+Sleeve for it, it was a Cybex book. They were pretty tight back in the day and I had the Ultimate Doom SG, Doom 2 SG and the Lost Episodes. It was so ghetto how they just hacked the sprites for the episode titles but it looked good, but glitched with Ultimate Doom. I remember picking that up in a bookstore in Omaha, Nebraska when I was in like 3rd grade. Good times.
  2. Laguna

    DooM Map Idea

    This sounds like an undertaking that can only be accomplished if you're REoL TOUGH (TM).
  3. Laguna

    Outdoor lighting

    I've tried using the projected shadow option, but I don't know which options to tweak to make it actually illuminate the entire area. Apparently, you will get more light with textures that have specular highlights. What a bummer. In any case, the Danzig port is almost 3/4 of the way done. I've thrown in a few extras and all, but actually refining and tweaking the map so it doesn't look like shit will be a different story altogether.
  4. Laguna

    Outdoor lighting

    I'm not too familiar with the specifics of the lighting features in Doom 3 as far as the syntax goes. Here's the problem: I'm probably 1/2 the way through my new DM map, but I am having a problem getting the outdoor lighting to work. I have a skybox that works and all, but even if I tweak the fall-off, and radius of the light (making it huge at that), it won't light up my outdoor scene. Does anyone know how to make it illuminate large areas with a single light?
  5. Listen from roughly 2:13. Anyone know where this scream originally came from? I know I've heard it a million and a half times, and that scream (minus the really crackly one after 2:13) was also the death scream for the PSX version of Ultimate Doom. Anyone know where it comes from?
  6. Laguna

    Help me mod a Mossberg 835 (gun-savvy)

    I was just testing the hipshots because you can't really shoot from the shoulder with a pistol grip. Quast - could you tell me what shape the socket is on the inset of the stock where it connects to the frame of the shotgun itself?
  7. Probably an odd question, but... I have a question regarding the 835 model by Mossberg. It's a WONDERFUL shotgun, so there's no doubt about that. I've had this gun for about 2 3/4 years and I love it. It also is becoming increasingly popular for home defense because it can handle heavy loads (3 1/2" magnum shells and 00 buck) and still perform admirably. I'm not the world's best physics expert but I'm assuming the barrel length with the weight (28" barrel and roughly weighing about 9 pounds) help keep the gun steady if you can handle it. Here's where the hard part comes in. I am thinking about adding a tactical folding stock + pistol grip kit (a la Franchi SPAS-12) to change it into a home defense/sporter combination shotgun. The problem comes in with the ungodly barrel length. Now, honestly, not many pistol-gripped shotguns that I have seen have a massive 28" barrel on the body itself. The barrel isn't inherently a problem as I have already practiced a few times "shooting from the hip" and it is perfectly comfortable and controllable for me (muzzle never jumping more than 12 degrees), but I am not sure if Mossberg made the stock in a way that it would only be compatible with a sporting stock as opposed to a tactical stock. Does anyone know whether it can be done without any extra modifications to the gun? And before anyone else suggests it, I'm not getting one of those M1-style Pistol grip/Sporting tactical stock setups because they just look plain gay. Can ya throw me a bone here?
  8. Laguna

    This guy is a hero

    http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1198179&perpage=40&pagenumber=1 Seriously. We need more people like this in the world. [EDIT]: Okay, a SA forums account would help now that I think about it. I think you can still get into General Bullshit without an account by going to forums.somethingawful.com and clicking General Bullshit Otherwise, maybe if you're nice you could ask another SA forum member (maybe Ling even) to save and rar it for you and host it.
  9. Laguna

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    The good lord made pointfiles for a reason, I guess.
  10. Laguna

    Modelled Rocks

    Well, when it asks for "height and width" it is basically asking how many columns and rows you want initially. So, if you want to be able to bend it around 5 different points independent of other CPs (control points) to make a more realistic shape. I WOULD do a tutorial on terrain, but you can get better, smoother results with something like GenSurf. If the demand is high enough I can start a thread for patch-mesh based terrain, but I usually use GenSurf. It SHOULD work in Doom 3 Radiant, since it exports to a .map format that Q3Radiant and GTKRadiant uses.
  11. Laguna

    Classic colors mod

    The pinky has always looked like an uncircumsized penis, but this time it's actually a PINK pinky demon that resembles an uncircumsized penis.
  12. Laguna

    Classic colors mod

    Dear God, no. Spare me from the stereotypical green-skinned zombie, please. :( (P.S: SKINS LOOK GREAT! :D )
  13. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    Thanks! :D I was having trouble getting the object to turn to physics. Could someone delete this thread?
  14. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    I don't see it.
  15. Laguna

    Swinging lights

    I did a little research on admin.map to take a look at what makes the swinging lights work. I copied the values and to the best of my ability described what they could do, and I wrote it down in Notepad. So, please excuse formatting errors. classname light name <name> origin <world coords> \ Set through 'j' light_origin <light coords> / rotation <direction> model <model path> target <target> broken <model path for broken model> bind <this is bound to a physical object> bindToJoint <bone name> s_shader <specify shader> health <when health is 0, light is destroyed> s_volume <unsure> target/1 <when "triggered" active target> color_demonic <more shader crap that isn't necessary ATM> s_mindistance <unsure> s_maxdistance <unsure> s_omni <unsure> s_occlusion <unsure> s_waitfortrigger<unsure> s_leadthrough <unsure> s_plain <unsure> s_justVolume <unsure> noshadows <boolean - 0 casts shadow volumes, 1 doesn't> nospecular <boolean - 0 casts specular highlights, 1 doesn't> nodiffuse <boolean - 0 means cast diffuse, 1 doesn't> texture <set through light menu [specifies type of light and special effects]> _color <set through light menu or 'k'> light_radius <set through light menu> light_center <set through light menu> cinematic <boolean - unsure> I'm still working on that tutorial, it should be up within the next few days. In the meantime, you can look at the above chart and perhaps ascertain the meanings yourself.