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  1. BoxY

    Has the Skill Floor Raised?

    If you look at just mainstream releases, particularly megawads, then I don't think so. Styles have changed and certain kinds of hardness have become more or less popular, but there's no clear trend in either peak or average difficulty increasing that much. Scythe 2 is 2 decades old and the hardest maps in it are tougher than the hardest maps in most modern megawads. Sunlust is nearly a decade old and still has the exact same reputation as it did on release. If I load up any new megawad I feel like I know in advance what the hardest episode's difficulty is going to be like, and I'm not falling behind in expected skill by not playing the game very actively. When it comes to challenge mapping things did go to the moon but that's because there's a critical mass of skilled players and mappers who have a supply and demand economy running for pushing gameplay boundaries right now. If half of them went inactive then I think things would calm down and there wouldn't be many notable new challenge wads for a while.
  2. BoxY

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

    100 line xmas map03 max in 34.06 100lnxm03m34.zip
  3. BoxY

    Winter/Xmas Demos Month II

    Sorry if any of these aren't records, I lost track of the table. 100 line xmas 03 max in 0:35 05 max in 0:59 06 max in 1:12 10 max in 1:09 12 max in 1:01 15 max in 0:57 18 max in 1:37 22 max in 1:12 24 max in 1:43 100lnxm03m35.zip 100lnxm05m59.zip 100lnxm06m112.zip 100lnxm10m109.zip 100lnxm12m101.zip 100lnxm15m57.zip 100lnxm18m137.zip 100lnxm22m112.zip 100lnxm24m143.zip
  4. BoxY

    Times you've talked to the police

    most recent ones: -time when my old housemate was reported for domestic abuse when he had some stupid argument with his gf in public, two cops showed up when he wasn't around and questioned me and acted like pricks, I sorta understand if they thought they were dealing with some guy who hits girls but I still wanted to tell them to fuck off -time when we got robbed and a cop came to do interviews, nice chill guy and we got most of the stuff back -time when I was asleep and a female cop just tried my door and walked into my living room, asked if I saw some disturbance near my house, apparently they can just do that if they feel like it? On the whole my personal interactions with cops have been about 50/50 good/bad but I still prefer having plenty of cops around in my area rather than not enough.
  5. BoxY

    Bingo Competition 2023

    vigor map11 uv-speed in 1:01.20 vig11-101.zip
  6. donating index 01 max in 1:37 01 nomo in 0:15.63 02 max in 1:10 02 nomo in 0:17.94 bth01m137.zip bth01o1563.zip bth02m110.zip bth02o1794.zip
  7. Congrats on the release, I remember playing map05 and 06 a while back and liking them so it's nice to see them in a larger wad. On map04 it's pretty easy to skip the line that reveals the cyber when running down the stairs into the central area. It's still possible to trigger it later so it doesn't break the map but it definitely creates an unintended variant of the fight. Still it's a really fun map.
  8. BoxY

    What's your opinion on TikTok?

    I'm immensely glad that I'm old enough to not have to care about it but young enough to not have to worry about my kids using it.
  9. I'm wired the wrong way around so that I find lowkey relaxed music irritating and distracting when it's in the background but don't mind harsh and dissonant sounds, so if I need to focus on something for a while I usually pick something like extreme metal or noise with a lot of distortion and no dynamics and play it a moderate volume so it covers up all other background noises with a nice consistent wall of sound.
  10. BoxY

    Name some artistic mappers

  11. Getting basic scales correct, I hate drawing the first room and feeling that it's fine in size and attaching stuff to it then realizing everything in the map is actually too small or big.
  12. BoxY

    you feel like you're not a good mapper?

    Quality wise my maps are always extremely ugly and poorly designed at a technical level but I almost always enjoy actually playing them and that's what it's all about.
  13. BoxY

    how do you start out making a map?

    Draw some boxes, season liberally with weapons, rockets, cells, cyberdemons, revenants and archviles, add an exit line somewhere and ship.
  14. cat 1, dead on map03 with 6/237, entered map03 at 18:03. goofy aah dehacked dwim-bx-malevolence.zip
  15. Grove of course, except for that fucking part in the trees.