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  1. I'm back on the Path of Exile horse for the new league, I'm not sure if I'm going to go full grind mode on it this time or just play occasionally. Either way I'll still be poor as usual :)
  2. BoxY

    Rate this rig I'm thinking of buying

    I personally don't see much point in buying a 2000 series GPU now when you could wait a relatively short time for the 3000 series to be properly available.
  3. BoxY

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    I had a really stupid one a few weeks ago: for some reason I got an invitation from Ribbiks to help playtest one of his "maps", but rather than being just a Doom map it was an actual structure being built in the real world. It was like a huge maze made of polished blue metal with piping and other complex details set into the walls, vaguely like a ship's interior. I started having a look around and immediately got totally lost since it felt like the layout was always changing or looping endlessly into itself like it was in some kind of fractal pattern. After some indeterminate amount of time I was invited to meet Ribbiks and discuss the map, who showed up in the form of a woman (who looked sort of like a mid-30s Kim Deal if I'm remembering right?) giving off a vague aura of peace and happiness, accompanied by an old man who I didn't recognise and who never got to introduce himself because I woke up. Yeah, I dunno either.
  4. BoxY

    64 KB Challenge Demos [-complevel 2]

    Will do, I was checking the demo table but was too lazy to actually sign up for discord, I'll hop on in a bit.
  5. BoxY

    64 KB Challenge Demos [-complevel 2]

    First speed demo post, hopefully I'm doing this right. MAP01 Vanilla UV-Max in 1:08 64v01-108.zip Great map :) Easily improvable (sub 1:00), but I'm not a speedrunner and hit my skill cap. I'm also working on a max of MAP08 because that map rules, but my route is spaghetti, we'll see what happens. Edit: MAP02 Vanilla UV-Max in 0:50 64v02-050.zip fug this map :DD bad movement, good imp RNG with the rockets.
  6. For the unsolved mystery boys on the Magnolia UV wads: they do exist, and are uniquely personalised with small tweaks in monster placement, platforming etc. As far as I've heard only 5 people submitted a complete demo pack to get one, but I already forgot who they were. Zzul also played through a copy of one on stream, but it wasn't his and he couldn't remember who he got it from. That's all I know, but I'm sure someone in the demo scene will be able to tell you the full story if you ask around.
  7. I actually just tried this with iddt*2 enabled in glboom+, with the classic style thing drawing because I forgot how to enable the detailed ones, and surprisingly it's actually quite playable and fun (at least, I was able to beat doom2 map01 and also E1M2 on UV so far). With everything shown as little triangles it kind of feels like playing a very complicated game of asteroids. The hardest part is that you can't tell what any of the enemies or resources are except by memory or sound cues, and it's also difficult to tell if doors and lifts are up or down except by bumping into them and humping until you get some kind of feedback. But it is playable.
  8. BoxY

    Your favorite Map Authors/Mappers?

    It's impossible to name everyone who made at least one thing I thought was amazing, but here are the people I could think of who affected me the most personally: -Ribbiks: his style is so filled with his unique intelligence and personality that I feel in an uncanny way like I'm seeing inside a part of his mind when I play one his maps. There's almost no Ribbiks map that's "just a map" and fades from my memory. As far as innovation and pushing the limit of map scripting and gameplay design goes, I don't think anyone else is coming close. Although his more recent works like Magnolia and FCFF are so dense and inaccessible that my chronic medical condition known as Smooth Brain Syndrome prevents me from grinding too far into them, I still look at them as monuments pointing the way towards finding the outer limits of Doom mechanics. Also an amazing musician, 20X7 map09 is my favourite doom midi of all time, and as everyone knows good music doubles the quality of any map. -B.P.R.D.: another mapper whose work overflows with personality, and again who made punishing and inaccessible maps rewarding patience, thinking and occasionally a bit of cheating in the map editor. CC2 map24 and Grove, as frustratingly unbalanced and cryptic as they are, have such a unique and personal yet alien atmosphere that it's hard to imagine that anyone except a visionary could have put them together, and Equinox also has a grandeur and epic feeling that's hard not to be affected by. A big shout out to his midis which are on regular repeat for me. It's just a shame he only made a small number of amazing maps and moved on, at one point I was so desperate for more that I went on a big google expedition to see if he ever published any other creative work outside of Doom, but I turned up nothing. :( -Skillsaw: on the other end of the gameplay spectrum, someone I consider to be the master of accessible balance and natural progression, without sacrificing challenge or curiosity. Each map flows like water, guiding you smoothly to a satisfying finish, every time. His wads also always have consistently great settings and aesthetics, Ancient Aliens of course being the best demonstration that not every map has to be a slog through grey concrete sewers or worn out techbases. Bonus points for being one of the few titans of work ethic who brought not one but two classic megawads to completion, on top of many other projects. -dannebubinga: has to be on here because he's probably the mapper that hooked me on Doom to begin with, and since he's half of Sunlust, the greatest megawad of All Timeā„¢ as voted by a panel of me. I can't fully explain why I love his work so much, except that he's excellent at every aspect of mapping, and can push it to huge scale without losing focus on the fundamentals. Honourable mentions that could deserve their own paragraph but would turn this post into even more of a book: Benjogami, Zzul, Xaser, Erik Alm, Mechadon, Antares, plenty others.
  9. BoxY

    Game over????

    You do have to add a player start or the player won't spawn in and the game will crash (that's one way to end the game, but not very pretty :P). All you have to do is not include an exit linedef, and the player will be stuck until they idclev or quit the game.
  10. BoxY

    Game over????

    The standard way to force-stop progression at the end of a vanilla or boom wad is just to add a small non-gameplay level at the end with no exit trigger (in the map03 slot in the case of your wad). You can use it to add stuff like credits, a message from the author, an easter egg, or anything else you want, have some fun with it.
  11. BoxY

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Finally got around to playing this! Looong 13 minute UV FDA (for v2 at least) here: download (-complevel 9) I had a blast, I'd say that pretty much every detail of progression and combat has been significantly improved, particularly I think the weapon, armour and berserk placement are much less punishing for a first-time player, and the backpack also comes in super handy. I agree that combat maybe feels a bit tame in some areas now, some of the fights could be buffed where the spaces feel empty, but the core combat feels really good with nothing too annoying cropping up. I went for the optional early rocket launcher this time since I knew where it was, and it helped with cleaning up the barons in the RK area, but I don't think it would be a deal breaker if someone missed it now, which is great. Skipping the secret plasma is also totally okay in this version since you get it at the perfect time on the main progression. As for ammo, I agree there could still be some tweaks, in a few spots I had 300+ bullets and 80+ shells, so you might be able to use that as a guideline for where to cut a bit of ammo here and there. I used berserk in a few spots to speed things up and save ammo which probably helped slightly, but it wasn't necessary to survive. Plasma and rocket supply felt perfect, though.
  12. BoxY

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    You forgot to load the sprite data from warimp.wad :). Try -iwad DOOM.WAD -file nh_128kbmapV2.wad warimp.wad -deh warimp.deh -playdemo nh128_bx_fda.lmp -complevel 9
  13. BoxY

    The 128 kb mapping extragavanza "challenge"*

    Nice map, here's a cautious and pretty boring UV FDA with an exit (somehow managed to ignore the YK switch despite seeing it twice): download (-complevel 9, uses the war imp patch) The yellow key fight seems okay, it's pretty dangerous without being too overwhelming, but maybe too easy to cheese by just teleporting out (I found this out by accident when I started running out of space :P). You could probably put some timer bars in to avoid this if needed. I don't think I have any serious complaints, the war imp addition was fun and nicely used, and health and ammo supply felt comfortable. UV could maybe be a bit harder but I think it plays well as it is, so there's no reason to push for even more difficulty just for its own sake. When I saw that first green projectile flying at me I was like ah shit, barons already? But thankfully, no. :) Texturing and general feeling reminded me a lot of E3 (but better), so it might be good for a slot there.
  14. That would be a graphics offset problem, in the iwads the status bar faces tend to have a negative offset in both axes, usually something like -5, -2, but it varies for each one. Try copying those offsets for your replacement graphics, you can find them in the bar at the bottom of the slade graphics editor window. If your custom graphics are significantly different in shape then it might take some tweaking to get the exact correct looking ones.
  15. BoxY

    custom map compatibility preference

    This is the hard way to learn that you should religiously test your maps in the port and compatibility level they're targeted for :P As to whether to fix the maps in order to get compatibility, I guess that depends on how much work it would take and how much you really care. If each map has like 200 actions in complex sequences and you have to test them all to confirm compatibility, then I guess you should skip it, but if it's like a few doors and basic floor and ceiling actions that are broken, it shouldn't take very long to achieve compatibility. As for port preferences, I personally gravitate towards vanilla/limit removing and boom compat wads because I'm a grouch who's had his time wasted by corny UDMF maps that abuse advanced features a few too many times lately, unless the maps just look too good to pass up (gzdoom movement still sux though). I'm guessing though that people who regularly play gzdoom content are probably a majority in the player base, so no matter what port you target, at least some people will always play it. As for sharing, you could probably create a WIP thread and just dump the maps there and see if anyone will playtest them, but I think it would catch more eyes if the maps were already merged and resembling an actual beta release, and certainly it's way more convenient to play through maps if you don't have to load multiple wads to see them.