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  1. BoxY


    Horribly glitchy and impossible to see or do anything in the game. Literally every single texture is glitched out, only thing that works normally is the shooting sounds. 5/5
  2. BoxY

    UDB draw grid mode hotkeys

    Thanks so much, seems like I unbound it by accident a while ago.
  3. This is a stupidly trivial question, but when in Draw Grid Mode, what's the default shortcut for increasing and decreasing horizontal segment count? shift + scroll up/down works for vertical segments, but I can't find the horizontal segments binding and it doesn't seem to be in the hotkey options.
  4. Cat 1, survived in 1:00:28 Wasted a ton of time trying to figure out how map06 works so I tried to play the second half of the wad a bit faster to compensate. dwim-bx-intime.zip
  5. Cat 1, UV, dead on map04 with 32/223 Yeah definitely some gameplay type stuff going on here. ie-bx-rspnhell.zip
  6. BoxY

    The DWIronman League dies to: Vigor!

    Cat 1, dead on map05 with 115/210 at 26:10, just like everyone else apparently. Probably a very rough looking demo, I didn't really play Doom this month and this is also the first time in a long while that I played without mouse accel so everything felt a bit weird. dwim-bx-vigor.zip
  7. Awesome work dude, I think this is probably my new favourite sc-55-alike soundfont. Clean, well balanced, super high quality.
  8. I guess the main things I've really been into playing lately are something like a) scrappy, unrefined speedmap type projects and b) eccentric personal art project maps, and I might be wrong but I feel like both of those genres tend to suffer badly when translated into more advanced ports, but I'm open to suggestions.
  9. I'd be open to playing zdoom wads crammed with modern features and fancy graphics if any of the guys doing that stuff were using them to produce the kind of maps I find creative and interesting, but as far as I can tell they aren't, so I'm probably stuck in Boom world until current mapping tastes evolve into something else.
  10. BoxY


    It's just a fond tribute to two of my favourite wads of all time. zambaroni.wad
  11. Looked for a couple minutes on DSDA but couldn't find any so here's a run, obviously of the best category on the best map of all time...enjoy. p1m1-mouseonly-1180.lmp
  12. BoxY

    Your Keybinds?

    Here's the ones I can remember, there's probably some other stuff I changed a long time ago and forgot about: Movement: WASD Strafe on: right click Strafe left: left shift Strafe right: space Walk (I don't use the toggle any more, not necessary): left ctrl Use: E Vert mouse: Z Restart map/demo: K (far away on purpose ofc) Weapons 1-7: Q234RTF Next map: end iddqd: insert idclip: delete idkfa: pg up notarget: pg down Speed up: > Speed down: < Reset speed: / Screenshot: # Strict mode: pause
  13. BoxY

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    dal02 01 max in 1:02 19 max in 1:21 dal201-102.zip dal219-121.zip
  14. BoxY

    Beat .00/:00 Demos Month

    dbp37 map08 max in 4:49 dbp3708-449.zip
  15. BoxY

    Failed demo attempts

    Holy shit, after witnessing that kind of heartbreak I almost regret making the map...almost. Really an amazing demo anyway, gg.