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  1. BoxY

    The new GUI...

    It definitely could use cleaning up and simplifying to make it less obtrusive (why random glowing lines in different thicknesses breaking up the outline of the boxes? Why the thick coloured gradients?) but functionally it seems to do a good job of representing all the player's various abilities and resources. I like the new colour scheme, it matches the suit and it's unlikely to overlap much with environments or enemies.
  2. As sweet as it would be, a feeling in my gut tells me that Doomguy likely won't be in Smash any time soon, as Nintendo remains quite picky about managing the company's brand and image to its target markets and Doom never fit neatly into the Nintendo vision despite popular games appearing on multiple platforms. Snake and Bayonetta (after some sanitisation) were definitely edgy picks by Nintendo's standards but Doom firmly lives inside a universe of 90's tastelessness, gore showers and questionable religious imagery that doesn't have any clear intersection with the Nintendoverse. And if the Waluigi debacle tells us anything, it's that being a highly popular fan pick for addition is the worst way to actually get in the game. On the other hand Doomguy for MK makes instant and intuitive sense, everything about the core Doom tone and philosophy being totally compatible with MK. Despite the different genre those games were really cut from the same cloth.
  3. BoxY

    Let's talk about the Glory Kill mechanic

    Generally I find the best way to play is to at first ignore glory kills for the most part and only start using them when I need something. The way the glory kill system is scaled is to give larger bonuses the less you have of the two critical resources in the game, health and ammo (ignoring the chainsaw's special ammo kill). So if you're at 95 health you might get 5 health from a standard glory kill, so who cares. if you're at 5 hp you get plenty and get a lifeline back into the game. This is the really smart part about the glory kill balance and is what the devs originally billed as "push forward" combat. In most FPSes when you get critically low on health, shields and so on you're forced to play in a slow, campy and conservative way to survive, choking the pace of the game. In Doom 16 the closer you get to dying the more the game actually rewards you for being aggressive and reckless, keeping the pace intense and which is why it feels fine to play on a high difficulty and yo-yo wildly between stacking up and nearly dying, just focusing on killing efficiently. Unlike classic Doom things like health and armor spawns on the map are handy but not a big deal because every enemy is a walking dispenser when you need it most. Then later in the game when you start getting runes glory kills get more interesting for gameplay because a good amount of them modify glory kills and synergise in interesting ways. For example I like Seek and Destroy + Blood Fuelled because you can line up glory kills, launch into them from a long range and pretty much teleport+haste around the map far faster than your enemies can move. Or maybe you want to squeeze extra ammo and armour out of enemies instead, etc. It's flexible. Glory killing all the time can be really monotonous so the best thing to do is just remember that whilst playing they're completely optional until you need them.
  4. BoxY

    Cyberdemon is back!

    I see where you're coming from and i like the art, but i think you went a little too far in adding gracile features to the cyber. he really has a sprinter's physique which i don't think is in keeping with the way a cyber moves and fights, which is generally as a huge lumbering piece of armoured artillery. i wouldn't feel quite satisfied pumping dozens of rockets into this thing when when he looks like he might snap at the shins after a few solid hits. I think for a cyber design to work it really has to have a densely packed and meaty frame, in a word...thicc.
  5. BoxY

    Age of Empires 2 DE gameplay

    Feels so uncanny to see age look like this. i played probably a thousand plus hours of aoe2 and watched another couple thousand hours of streams, and the classic graphics are so burned into my brain that seeing them morphed into this feels like when you haven't seen someone since you were both kids and now they're like 25 with their own children and it bends your mind. i can't say i like it or dislike it yet, i'll probably have to play the finished version for a while to confirm that i'm actually playing real aoe2 with all gameplay and feel i remember, and then slowly i'll begin to accept the appearance as normal.
  6. BoxY

    Cyberdemon is back!

    For me the 16 cyber wasn't all that bad, but the eternal design feels very faithful to the classic design and I like it a lot, except maybe for the weird doughy elephant legs with flat nails instead of hooves. It's much better for the cyber to have two eyes that you can look into as you blast its shit to pieces. However he appears to have an all-metal pelvis now so the player can no longer take a moment to admire those juicy glutes, which is a major downgrade. More angles needed to confirm.
  7. BoxY

    Use of other people's textures?

    Many wads contain a permissions section in the txt detailing the author preferences about the reuse of any custom resources in the wads, and a lot of them are lenient, so check your favourite wads for those. Often a credit is enough. Other wads e.g. community chest series have resource packs associated with them that were freely released along with the wad and should be easy to track down.
  8. BoxY

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I have never successfully 2-shotted a cyberdemon with the BFG and probably never will. I think freelook is a superior control style to classic and tend to use it regardless of whether the wad was designed for it.
  9. BoxY

    Things about Doom you just found out

    It works with the chaingun too.
  10. What you're experiencing is normal, in some wads the co-op balance is set to spawn harder monsters to account for the fact that more players are fighting them.
  11. BoxY

    I found Doomguy art and I saved it

    Literally ripped and torn, feels apropos.
  12. It's an interesting and cool-looking map design, but I found the lack of visible and accessible weapon pickups really frustrating. I had to run around forever in random directions, usually with no usable ammo, until i finally managed to get lucky and snag some. Most are covered in enemies so you can't get them, it would be much nicer if there were just a couple more in the open that you can run over when you really need them. Skill 3 I didn't bother much with, it seems like the only way to survive more than 30 seconds is to either know exactly what spots to run to immediately, or get insanely lucky, or probably both. Jumping down with only the rocket launcher and only 7 rockets on top of shotgunners was too deadly because there's no way to defend yourself at such close range except with the pistol (useless). I think it would be better for gameplay to start in the tower with the SSG and some shells so the player has a chance to kill the hitscanners, and move the rocket launcher and rockets to the small plinth just outside. The revenant turrets in the centre seem a bit OP for this style of map because it's so hard to shake the homers in the open and you can be targeted from a long range. Often I would be trying to fight arachnotrons or barons and the only warning I got that I was being attacked by a revenant was when random rockets hit me in the back. Adding a few strategic columns in the open or any other feature you can cover behind temporarily would make the fighting a lot more fun. After that the map tends to get really easy as 2/3 or more of the monsters quickly infight to death. In a couple of minutes the map turns from a chaotic 600 monster map to a 200 monster map that feels very empty. You could maybe rearrange some of the monster spawns so that the same kinds of monsters are grouped and less likely to fight the guys right next to them, or partition some groups off with a few barriers so they're less likely to hit each other. I did get a bit of lag as you mentioned at the start, but only when my line of sight was looking right over the open map. It probably has to do with a combination of looking over dozens or hundreds of sectors at once and all the enemies, projectiles and obstacles being drawn, so it might be best to put a few partitioning cliffs or something down to cut the player's line of sight into segments. Speaking of obstacles, I felt like there were way too many in the way, especially in the open. Most of the times I got hit were because of getting stuck on random trees and barrels scattered everywhere. In the end I couldn't beat the map without cheating because I got lost. I got the yellow and blue keys quite easily (those arrows were very useful, a great addition), but the red key eluded me. I used automap hax and it turns out it was hiding completely behind a baron corpse and some metal posts, which is partly me being unlucky but it's also a flaw that the map doesn't make the red key more elevated and visible. Balance-wise I think skill 3 is silly just because of the start and easy otherwise, and skill 2 is far too easy because the map has megas scattered around like candy all over the map to the point where it's almost impossible to die by accident. I think the skills could be split by moving 3 to 4, and the new skill 3 should have the skill 2 start but only as many megaspheres as skill 3. Overall it's still a very cool map, I'm not trying being overly critical.
  13. Electric Virgin it is then.
  14. BoxY

    I feel like a freak for liking this game

    for my money the worst mistake that id made with doom 3 and its legacy is simply calling it doom 3. it's just like the "quake 2" (and 3) gaffe but in reverse, with quake 2 completely ignoring quake's setting, story and theme but keeping most of the core gameplay (albeit slower and more boring) and wearing the quake name like a stolen skin, and doom 3 ripping off the concept, environments, weapons and enemies of doom and doom II but throwing out all of those games' carefully honed gameplay and balance philosophy like old bathwater. with a little bit of find-and-replace writing both games could have and should have been original IPs but id was never able to curate either brand and ended up using them as a byword for Big New Id Shooter. if i just replace the name Doom 3 in my mind with Demons in Space or something else suitably generic, it immediately becomes a perfectly decent 7/10 horror shooter. but i can never call it a doom game.
  15. BoxY

    How do you have your controls set up?

    I have mostly standard bindings, but after getting tired of being railed by traps i finally put BFG on F, rockets on R (Q if i'm on a mod with reloading) and plasma on T because i'm always a bit slower and less accurate at hitting 5-7, especially 7 when it counts. so many archviles got blasted because of that BFG rebind, the extra half second really makes a difference. i also have use item on G for mods that use it because most of the best items are grenades anyway. now that i'm used to it i tend to map the most powerful weapons to similar keys on whatever FPS i'm playing.