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  1. Replaying Duke 3D recently and how well it holds up just makes me all the angrier about the fiasco that was DNF.

    1. beast


      Duke 3D is legendary, the only other FPS game I played as much as Doom (Quake I is third)

  2. deepthaw

    Hey a beta for Black Mesa Xen is out

    I'm in the tiny minority that really liked Xen. The alien feel of the levels was great, and the jumping didn't bother me. It felt truly bizarre and appropriate for an endgame location.
  3. deepthaw

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I always wondered... Given shamblers are quite furry and shoot lightning... Are they canonically shuffling their feet to build up a static charge?
  4. deepthaw

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    I dislike lost souls because they have too much health for their role in the game. They all too quickly become clutter, and one of the only weapons that can one-shot them (rocket launcher) is a liability because of their tendency to rush your face. They always become a priority in a mix of monsters because they get in the way of your movement and attacks, and that gets old fast. Pinkies already fill that role, and in a more manageable form that doesn't feel like an arbitrary slog. I think their Doom 2016 incarnation played much better. I'm all for a challenge, but lost souls aren't an enjoyable challenge.
  5. deepthaw

    Same monsters, different blood

    I dunno, they already bleed hatred when they die.
  6. deepthaw

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    It'd be hilarious if adorable kid Keen up there would have occasional eye twitches and show a simmering violence right below the surface of his happy face. "Great brother! We cleared another level!" "Yeah, rip and tear sis!" "What...?"
  7. deepthaw

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    I'd like to see a level or two of Doom Eternal take place in some Quake settings, just to gauge interest in a full return, and have any Quake sequel ignore the larger multiverse. Don't go out of their way to tie them together, in other words.
  8. deepthaw

    Eternal takes place in id multiverse?

    If there is an id multiverse, I just hope it means we get a real successor to Quake 1, strange purple castles and lovecraftian crap and all.
  9. deepthaw

    Cyberdemon is back!

    He looks so much like the classic Cyberdemon, and so against the aesthetic of the rest of the demons (no carapace, etc.) that I'm wondering if he's literally the OG Cyberdemon.
  10. deepthaw

    What about the parkour parts?

    I loved the mobility of Doom 2016. Me and enemies were constantly moving about both vertically and horizontally. The more movement the better, IMHO.
  11. deepthaw

    Level creation workflow

    Glad to hear fixes/changes are easy. I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for a long time, and what I posted is my general workflow for creating dungeons for my players. A lot of the same principles carry over I bet.
  12. deepthaw

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Proably contrast/resolution issues. When they downscaled it and were touching it up, it was probably hard to tell the undershirt wasn't part of the armor so they changed the color. The original tear pattern probably didn't translate well to lower resolution either.
  13. deepthaw

    Doom Poetry

    There once was a guy named Doom. He liked to make demons go boom. But the level director Messed up a sector And our hero clipped out of the room
  14. deepthaw

    Doom Poetry

    Haikus: Doom guy fell in sludge "Now I'm radioactive." Huh. That can't be good. That demon is huge! That means he must have huge guts. Rip and tear his guts.
  15. deepthaw

    GeForce Now shilling thread

    Bumping this to say: Finally bought Doom 2016 because I got into the GeForce Now beta. No way I could play this on my potato, but I'm getting surprisingly good performance. I don't even notice the input lag - the video is noticably softer/blurrier due to compression artifacts, but it's 1000% better than I'd get running it locally.