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  1. deepthaw

    The Ancient Gods - Impressions and Story Spoilers

    Turns out the other marine on the OG cover art is not just canon, but he’s now the dark lord? or maybe it’s a cheeky way of making deathmatch canon. I’ve always hoped the conclusion would involve the slayer getting his gifts revoked but remaining just as totally bad ass while every God like entity around him complains that doesn’t make any sense.
  2. The hyperbole was in reference to Gman’s claims that ultra violence is the true way to play and other nonsense he spouts to sound edgy. I’m not trying to bat for a frankly not very good YouTube. I did watch the entire thing (doom kid talks about how unity doom uses Roland sc-55 samples while gzdoom uses weirdly bass boosted Windows samples, he talks about friends who play on controllers, he talked about how Gman seemed unaware of Odamax, etc) I think gman’s review was poor and riddled with inaccuracies and that doomkid’s critique was a weirdly unnecessary overreaction that complained about irrelevant stuff in between the actual issues. People seem unable to grasp that I can like neither of the videos and find the whole situation perplexing. My entire reaction can be summed up as: does it really take a fifteen minute YouTube video to say Gman’s wrong about something? I think I’ve spent more time talking about these videos than it took to watch both of them. That’s my cue to be done.
  3. It wasn’t just the Beatles joke. It was going to the effort of putting up an onscreen counter because he didn’t like they flesh consumed or some shit? Getting mad because he finds gzdoom’s options confusing? Calling him wrong for saying hi-res and widescreen feel vanilla? Going off on gatekeeping because of hyperbolic comments on uv and kB/m? Gman’s review was inaccurate and frankly, not particularly good. But a fifteen minute critique that feels like it fills half its runtime looking for things to complain about rather than focusing on the provably false claims manages to feel like an overreaction. I guess I’m just perplexed why people care so much what Gman has to say? I’ve never been too keen on his stuff, I noticed the inaccuracies in his review almost immediately and ... forgot about it within thirty minutes.
  4. Quick everyone, somebody is wrong on the Internet! Sure, he should have known better. But a fifteen minute critique video (with WRONG in all caps) that wastes time complaining about a Beatles joke seems like a weird overreaction.
  5. deepthaw

    Dedicated server?

    I got it up and running on my Debian box. Just for fun, it's running a loop of Sigil on DM.
  6. deepthaw

    Dedicated server?

    I’ve got an old pc I’ve repurposed into a Linux server. I’d like to run a dedicated doom server on it, probably death match. Which server/source port is the most widely used? Are any of them cross compatible? I’m already familiar with all the port forwarding and stuff that has to be done (I host Minecraft and terraria servers for my friends.)
  7. 42. Started and finished at UV.
  8. deepthaw

    thoughts on the Kahn Maykr?

    It felt off as a battle, since headshots hadn't really been important up until then and suddenly: Welcome to Urdak, hope you leveled up the sniper rifle in a Doom game! Made it feel a lot less organic than pretty well every other battle.
  9. deepthaw

    Plot holes

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  10. deepthaw

    Anatomy of a DOOM Eternal Fight - GMTK

    Nah, just tap Q to switch between them.
  11. deepthaw

    Anatomy of a DOOM Eternal Fight - GMTK

    The "sticky bomb to kill a Caco" thing isn't quite as bad as the game progresses. A ballista will handle them pretty effectively from a safe distance, so the sticky bomb is more if you want to guarantee a glory kill. I see lots of people using the chaingun on Barons but I'm not sure why. I'm playing on UV, and it feels like it has degenerated back into the SSG/Ballista dance of 2016 for me (with the occasional rocket lock-ons.) I'm probably missing something.
  12. deepthaw

    What do you want for DLC?

    I dunno, the promo images of him leading ARC with a crucible blade tells just enough about how he ended up like that.
  13. deepthaw

    Doom Eternal Confession Session

    I’m fighting my way through Urdak on ultraviolence right now, and I’m still having trouble not trying to use the classic doom key binds. “I hit 3! Where is my super shotgun?” And I keep bringing up the ballista when I’m really meaning to get the plasma rifle. Which isn’t that often, to be honest. I also think I’ve only killed a single heavy demon with a chainsaw, and that was on accident. I don’t know how people even save up enough gas to do that.
  14. deepthaw

    BAFTA Games Awards 2020 - What a fing joke!

    That win for Luigi’s Mansion 3 for animation was so deserved. Doubly so when you realize it was on Switch.
  15. This game is a solid 9 for me. It's not a ten because it doesn't predicate a complete sea change in the gaming landscape in addition to having near flawless gameplay. The original Doom ('93) was a 10. Tetris was a 10. Street Fighter II was a 10. To me, a ten says "The gaming history books will use this game to divide the eras of gaming."