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  1. Mike_C

    Deadtech (A Doom 2 community project - WIP)

    Couple more rooms for this project
  2. Mike_C

    Deadtech (A Doom 2 community project - WIP)

    Some work in progress...
  3. Mike_C

    Slade On Mac for Beginner - Can't Delete

    Have you tried fn + delete ?
  4. Mike_C

    Map Template Idea

    Nice map Ronnie, I had a blast playing it! that boss room at the end was cool as F. I liked the videos too, hopefully more people will give this a go; it would be awesome to see what others come up with. Maybe it would be a good idea to move this or start a new topic in the wads section as a community project.
  5. Mike_C

    Map Template Idea

    Glad you liked it, yeah sure! it'll be cool to see someone else playing it.
  6. Mike_C

    Map Template Idea

    I made this earlier using your template, hope it helps give you some ideas. It was quite entertaining making a map with a predefined layout. Hunger.zip
  7. Thanks for checking it out @Magicana ! There's one hidding soon after the beginning, but maybe it's not that easy to find. I want to know what others think too. Thanks for pointing it out, I think I've found them all now, they should be fixed in the update i've just edited at the post above. The idea behind it was to discourage crossing over and circle strafing so you have to carefully dodge the rockets and not waste ammo as it keeps teleporting whenever its not firing. Basically there's this secret passage that lets you skip the yellow key and leads you there. Good luck finding it :)
  8. Congratulations on finishing this project, 15 is still a fair amount of maps and I applaud the effort of finishing it in spite of being burned out. I have so far played through the 4 first maps in UV and found them quite enjoyable, with difficulty ramping up with level progression, which is good. There's a few minor bugs that I found (using GZDoom v4.2.0):
  9. Amazing work! I just played it last night and really enjoyed it. can't wait to see more maps from you. Keep it up!
  10. Hi folks! Here's another update and hopefully the last major one for map 07. Iv'e tested it with chocolate doom and gzdoom and found no bugs so I'm calling it finished. Feel free to give it a go and please point out anything that I might of not noticed. Cheers! Updated Again. Changed a couple textures, fixed some alignments and added a bit more balance to the last fight. Hazardous Zone.wad.zip
  11. Nice Map! starts easy but ammo gets scarce towards the end. Still, really fun to play! Here's my second 30min map: 30m2.wad.zip Map name: dungeon. build time: 30 min (apart from mapinfo and script writing). Music: d_dead. UDMF so Z/GZDoom. I'm keen on having any or both my maps on the compilation if it's still hapening. If that's the case I might want to change the names for the maps though.. and I'm thinking the music too as to not have repeated tracks on the megawad.
  12. Mike_C

    (MAPPERS NEEDED)The New Horizons 2

    Hi, this project looks interesting so I quickly put together a small map last night to try the concept of the flying city. Let me know what you think of it, as its stands its kind of a e1m1/map01 map, but more of a proof of concept in reality. Terminal.wad.zip