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  1. I would like to make a map for this, can I take E4M8?
  2. Mike_C

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [ONE SLOT OPEN]

    Can I take the E2M7 slot then?
  3. Mike_C

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [ONE SLOT OPEN]

    I'm on the same boat, vanilla-compatibility strongly suits the idea of this project in my opinion, and I think a lot of people might expect it to be, given that it has '95 in the name. In any case, I'm making mine to be playable in chocolate doom.
  4. Mike_C

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [ONE SLOT OPEN]

    Thanks Kinglslayer for picking this up. I've been working on my map today, hoping to get something ready soon. Really looking forward to everyone else's maps for this.
  5. Mike_C

    PUSS X: THE SUMMER OF SLAUGHTER - [BETA Release out now!]

    Map Name: The Ultra Sector Author: Mike_C Music: "Machine" by Immorpher Sky: custom (cannot remember where I got it from) Format: GZDoom Difficulty Settings: Implemented and tested Build Time: about 12 hours Monster Count: 88/99/110 Par Time: 4 minutes Jumping Crouching: not needed/doesn't break the map as far as I can tell Slaughter_MC.zip
  6. I would love to do the porting to GZDoom if no one else is doing it already.
  7. Mike_C

    Favorite flavor of soda

    Here in the UK we have a brand called BARR which does cream soda, with 7.4g of sugars as opposed to the 35g found in Coca-Cola. It still tastes quite sweet though but you can tell it has way less sugar as it doesn't leave you with "sticky" teeth.
  8. Mike_C

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    that's fine. E1M6 alone will do thanks
  9. Mike_C

    Ultimate Doom: How we saw '95 [CANCELLED]

    can I take e1m6 and e2m8?
  10. Mike_C

    Favorite flavor of soda

    Cream soda
  11. A while back I made e1m1 in Doom 64 ex. It wasn't from memory though...
  12. Oops All Techbase (Map07) Deadtech (Couple of maps in progress) 3x3 (Map26) PUSS V: Clandestine Castle Crashing (Map 12) PUSS VI: Imperfect Hatred (Map 26) PUSS VII: Rowdy Rudy in...March of the Speeddemons (Map 13) Parallel Doomensions (Map 17 in progress)
  13. I'm happy you liked it. I had second thoughts about the ending, but I'm glad someone appreciated it.
  14. Mike_C

    D3 | GZDoom mod | TBA

    I sure hope not, it was looking great. It's been almost a year since the last update though...
  15. Mike_C

    All my maps

    It was a comunity project I participated in, I didn't come up with the name