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  1. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try to fix those by replacing with gen line actions. I can run prboom so I have no way to test them properly. I sure miss PUSS being in udmf, so much more freedom to try ideas and so much easier to make special effects ( 3d bridges, portals, spawning etc..).
  2. So after killing some monsters more should teleport and then after that a cyberdemon who, after being killed reveals the exit. Boom format is not my speciality I must admit. I test in GZDoom as I can't get boom to work on my mac. So yeah, this map might be broken and only work in GZ...
  3. YE OL' MAP NAME: Castlemnia II SCRIBE: Mike_C HYMN: Hyrule Castle - Koji Kondo SKY: sky4 THY HATH HIDDEN 10 PIECES OF PLUNDER UPON THINE CASTLE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS! HUZZAH!: Loosely YE TIME OF CONSTRUCTING!: Aeons YE MANUSCRIPT: My second attempt at making something close to my favourite Quake map, "Forgotten Sepulcher". HUZZAH! A HIDDEN PASSAGE REVEALED! THINE SHOTS OF YE SCREEN: YE OL' MAP NAME: Amazing Maze SCRIBE: Mike_C HYMN: Mysterious Forest - Koji Kondo, remix by Dr. Fruitcake SKY: sky4 THY HATH HIDDEN 5 PIECES OF PLUNDER UPON THINE CASTLE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS! HUZZAH!: yes YE TIME OF CONSTRUCTING!: 1 Hour YE MANUSCRIPT: I'ts a maze, what else can I say? THOUST DECLAREST THINE MAP CLANDESTINE! THINE SHOTS OF YE SCREEN: YE OL' MAP NAME: Tower of Doom SCRIBE: Mike_C HYMN: Gerudo Pirate Cove - Koji Kondo SKY: skygreen THY HATH HIDDEN 7 PIECES OF PLUNDER UPON THINE CASTLE DIFFICULTY SETTINGS! HUZZAH!: yes YE TIME OF CONSTRUCTING!: 7 Hours roughly YE MANUSCRIPT: Quick little map, climb up the tower and defeat enemies. Balanced for pistol start. THINE SHOTS OF YE SCREEN: File: CCC2_MIKE_C.wad.zip
  4. Updated my maps as per @Caleb13's suggestions. Also built the nodes. Cratemap.wad.zip
  5. Couple screens from my map for Parallel Doomensions (the project isn't dead but progress has been slow). I need to get the map tested on PRBoom+ if anyone is up for it, hit me up through PM.
  6. Some WIP for Clandestine Castle Crashing 2:
  7. Mike_C

    All my maps

    UPDATE: I will be adding standalone compiled versions of my maps from community projects I participated in. For now I've added "Hazardous Zone" from "Ooops All Techbase". You can find it in the second post to this topic.
  8. Ok, I added a track and fixed a few texture misalignments. Title: Crates and more Format: MBF21 UMAPINFO included: Yes Build time: Countless hours Editors used: SLADE 3 Tested with: GZDOOM Music used: "Port of Adia" - Turok 2: seeds of evil Download link: Cratemap.wad.zip
  9. Ok, here's my latest version. Probably still needs some tweaking, as well as choosing a custom track. Oh well, ran out of time in the end. I'll make a more detailed post when I've got the time, but I just want it to hand it in for now. Cratemap.wad 2.zip
  10. Alright folks, here's a beta of my map as promised. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I've only tested it with gzdoom. Cratemap.wad.zip
  11. Mine is pretty much done, I just have to finish the much dreaded part of balancing combat for different skills and place Coop/Deathmatch start points. With any luck I'll finde the time to post a beta within the next couple of days.
  12. Map is coming along quite nicely. Here's some screenies:
  13. might be a silly question but, is jumping allowed? I'm thinking to add a bit of platforming to my map...
  14. What a cool project. Count me in! Already started working on something, I'll post some screenies soon!
  15. Here's a small update to my map: TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.4.wad.zip -Fixed a couple texture misalignments -Added scrolling and glowing to the portals Also, I noticed the map name on the dehacked file is one character too long, So I thought of changing the name to "Panopticon Ruins", so it should work fine.