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  1. Here's a small update to my map: TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.4.wad.zip -Fixed a couple texture misalignments -Added scrolling and glowing to the portals Also, I noticed the map name on the dehacked file is one character too long, So I thought of changing the name to "Panopticon Ruins", so it should work fine.
  2. The issue was caused by the map info file, no music track was defined, hence why it only affects ZDoom ports. The reason for having a map info was to save me time disabling jump and freelook in the settings every time I tested it in zandronum. I'm not too fussed about it so it can be deleted and it will solve the issue.
  3. Latest version of E4M5. Fixed DM starts as per PISTOOLKIP's feedback, and removed the BFG as well. TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.3.wad.zip
  4. Thanks! I spent quite a bit of time working on detailing, glad it payed off. I guess you can call it an oversight, I wasn't aware of any conventions. What's the usual approach to DM starts? At this stage I'm out of ideas for what to do with the BFG; I realise it's not the best solution but I'm quite set on the layout now. I'm open to suggestions, but I really don't want to change the layout as it was already a pain to keep it within vanilla limits. Glad to hear that! I think most of the changes were aesthetic, but I might have tweaked some other things as well.
  5. Mike_C

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    @magicsofa I'm still working on E1M6, but I don't think I'll have the time to also finish E2M7; so I'm giving up that slot.
  6. I picked the name "Noctifer's Panopticon". I also made some small aesthetic changes to my map: TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.2.wad.zip
  7. I haven't got anything planned for E4M5 midi-wise, so you can contribute a track for that map too if you like.
  8. Oh yeah! I forgot to credit them, they are from Quake Arcane Dimensions.
  9. You make a really good point, I wasn't sure about that either. Didn't know what's "standard procedure" in deathmatch regarding secret exits. Here's the latest version with the secret exit removed (no other changes): TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.1.wad.zip
  10. Mike_C

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    Would you like to take my E2M7 slot?
  11. Alright folks! i'm calling this one done for now, unless anyone finds any issues. The only doubt I have about it is the placement of the cell weapons (hidden behind secrets) so feedback on that would be great. Currently I haven't chosen a MIDI for it but I might do or if someone has a suggestion feel free.Otherwise, enjoy! TWANGO_DME4M5_v1.wad.zip Screenshots:
  12. Yeah, I'll have to mess with pnames patching and all that fun stuff
  13. Thanks! I've been having a blast making it. Originally it was going to be more interconnected but had to simplify it to get it to run in chocolate.
  14. Ah shoot! I still have it as E4M5 as I thought I was getting that slot