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  1. Rare Hatchiama

    Share a random fact about yourself

    And my favorite way to cook a steak is to season it with cinnamon, salt, pan sear it in butter, and grill it for two minutes on each side over an incredibly high flame. Try it. You will not regret it.
  2. Rare Hatchiama

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Quite a few unnamed people here actually know me.
  3. Rare Hatchiama

    How would you change the Doom's difficulties if you could?

    "Gun Free Zone" Easier than ITYTD! Fist start, all weapons pickups disabled. You walk in a room and the enemies go, "Oh, I see you are unarmed. Nevermind, bro." And just leave you alone! Everyone's a winner!
  4. Leave the bodies as they lie until you leave the area.
  5. I noticed this a lot with Brutal Doom and Sgt Mark IV. As soon as he made a distasteful comment... Not that that couldn't be a legitimate opinion, but I myself have encountered blatant flip flops regarding that particular piece of work.
  6. Rare Hatchiama

    What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

    And you are free to feel however you want. Life sucks. More for some than others at different junctures. Life is balance. Some must be suffering for some to be reveling. The pendelum swings and tides turn, todays victims are tomorrows victors and the leaders of today will be asking for change tomorrow. There cannot ever be 100% satisfaction or happiness.
  7. Rare Hatchiama

    What Is Your Opinion On Free Speech?

    I love free speech. All free speech. I think that all speech, spoken or unspoken, loving or hateful, should never be infringed upon in a public setting. However, we must remember that every action has a consequence. Sure, you can preach hateful rhetoric all day. I don't think the government should be allowed to dictate what's okay for you to say or not. Even if some people get "offended." Fuck feelings. But on the other side of that coin, if you go out and say some shit that people disagree with, expect them to use their free speech to say whatever they want to or about you, or worse. Just because it isn't legal to beat the shit out of you for saying anti-what/whomever things doesn't mean some folks aren't going to ignore the law for the satisfaction they aim to gain from harming you. This all changes in a private setting. For the sake of relateability, let's consider our own Doomworld. This place is not a public forum. Membership is required to post here, amd there are moderators here. The moderators job is to look out for the best interests of the members of the site. So while you can speak with no fear of legal persecution (sans certain extreme examples), the owners of this private area reserve the right to let in or force out whoever they want, as is their right to free speech or expression.
  8. I was displeased with Doomguys spoken parts both in the game and this video. One of the coolest things about Doomguy, to me, has always been his unspoken rage. A silent force for good whose actions spoke much louder than words.
  9. Rare Hatchiama

    recommend me some old games

    Zelda Majoras Mask is great
  10. Rare Hatchiama

    Make A Story Out Of The Profile Pic Above You

    ...Doctor Howie Feltersnatch, a physicist from New Hampshire. He attained his PhD in astrophysics at MIT, summa cum laude. He had dabbled in time travel studies, so his knowledge would be a great help. But in a freak accident while making funny faces to his nephew BJ, his face horrifically stuck in the very shape he made to his nephew. Despite all of this, he knew he had to help Doomguy in whatever way possible. So when he met up with Our Hero...
  11. I trust that most of you guys are much more computer savvy than I am. So I ask you all what laptops you're using? I want the absolute smoothest and most beautiful Doom experience I can get without spending much over $1,500. I do not have the room for a desktop.
  12. My name is a puzzle.

  13. Rare Hatchiama

    How will DOOM 6 work?

    I would love to see some Doom 3 elements brought into a new Doom game. More horror themes would be great.
  14. Rare Hatchiama

    Are you metal?

    I like a wide array of metal. Old school Black Sabbath from 1968 to the weirdo new stuff like Mushroomhead. My playlist is full of stuff to bang your head to. I'll try to describe my playlist if it went on shuffle: Black Sabbath - Sleeping Village White Zombie - Feed The Gods Metallica - To Live is to Die Slayer - Dead Skin Mask Om - Thebes Electric Wizard - Funeralapolis Black Label Society - Demise of Sanity Megadeth - 44 Minutes Sheavy - Electric Sleep Alice in Chains - Would? Black Sabbath - Buried Alive Mushroomhead - Inevitable Metallica - Until it Sleeps Rammstein - Rein, Raus Ozzy Osbourne - Walk On Water Bongripper - Worship Marduk - Dream of Blood and Iron Witchery - Shallow Grave Judas Priest - Metal Meltdown Judas Priest - Jugulator King Diamond - Abigail Shrüm - Tears of a Merrianette Acid Bath - Diab Soule Judas Priest - Loch Ness Funeral Tears - For You Amon Amarth - Live Without Regret Slipknot - Prosthetics Slipknot - I Am Hated Pantera - Throes of Rejection Sanctuary - Battle Angels Nevermore - Medicated Nation ...just to name a few. But there's a bit of everything as far as mood goes here. Got the somber tunes, the headbangers, the lay in your bed staring at the ceiling wondering why you're even still alive, the pure anger, the zone out and long for something you can't put a name to, the groovy mind trips...there's a little something for everyone. I usually end up editing my posts for typographical errors I see after hitting submit. But I don't feel like it now. So enjoy.
  15. Rare Hatchiama

    Do you own a firearm?

    .40 Glock 23 Gen 1 9mm 1974 S&W Model 59, fired twice 12 Gauge Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun