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  1. must be a model/game oversight. although I can make a guess that maybe he uses the gloves when he has guns and uses his actual fists without gloves to punch the demons
  2. Oldschoolgeek32

    RWLTEX: A PS1 and Goldsrc inspired texture pack

    looks amazing :D
  3. Oldschoolgeek32

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..? This is quite a tricky question so I'll try my best to summarize my thoughts: In some form or another, Classic Doom won't get forgotten or disappear anytime soon, classic Doom is still fairly well known among the Doom community, it still has a very passionate and solid community and player-base, and even some younger and new players still do play classic doom. However, like everything in life, all great thing come to an end, nothing lasts forever. It wouldn't truly be "forgotten", it just wouldn't have the same strength as much as now. We are quite lucky to live in an era where Classic Doom is still positively relevant, being remembered, played, and preserved and as much as possible, I hope that even in the future, despite the years that pass, Doom will still be remembered Doom will never be forgotten, Doom is eternal XD
  4. if community content had never existed, I'd probably still play DOOM 1 and 2 since the base games are pretty neat and it's fun to go back too as part of the history and legacy of FPS games, but I would probably not play it as much as I do today. That's why I really appreciate and I am really thankful that we live in a world full of passionate players, modders, and mappers creating custom content, mods, and other cool stuff :)
  5. Oldschoolgeek32

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    because he has a good gaming chair
  6. Oldschoolgeek32

    Which game configuration should I use (Ultimate Doom Builder)

    Ah alright, I'll check it out :)))
  7. Hi there! Normally back when I used DB2 as my main builder, I'd set Zdoom (Doom Format) or GZDoom (Doom Format) for my wads, but then I switched to using the much more recent Ultimate Doom Builder, there isn't a Zdoom (Doom format or even GZDoom (Doom Format) option anymore This are the only options available, I am unsure which one I should use? if anyone could give me any advice on this, I would gladly appreciate it!
  8. Oldschoolgeek32

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Penguin :)
  9. Oldschoolgeek32

    Where can I find the latest version of the GZDoom Builder?

    ah thank you very much! :D
  10. Hello there! So recently, I decided to give mapping another shot and I would just like to ask, where can I find the latest version, I've looked up "GZDoom Builder" and I found these results: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/doombuilder2-gzdb/ - DATED 2017 Builds https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/gzdbbf/ - DATED 2019 BUILDS The problem is that I am not sure which builds out there are the latest ones, so any advice and recommendations would be highly appreciated! thanks :)
  11. Oldschoolgeek32

    What is your most hated demon in Doom?

    Revenants...skeletons with infinite homing missile technology. one of them = okay, 5 of them = run XD
  12. Oldschoolgeek32

    After 2+ months of no doomworld, I'm back...What should I do first

    alright. I'll check it out! :)
  13. Oldschoolgeek32

    What is Doom doing better than Duke Nukem 3D?

    I agree
  14. Oldschoolgeek32

    Hi Doomworld

    Hi! @Doominick Welcome to Doomworld! :D