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  1. Hi, please try my special TC, a mod based on my childrens ideas :)



  2. Oldschoolgeek32

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I believe pineapple don't belong of Pizza But I like pineapples on their own though
  3. Oldschoolgeek32

    First off (Single Map, DOOM II)

    Been a while since I've done this! There's no commentary in the video (I do the playtests with no commentary to give the sense of gameplay first) Here are some comments: Overall it's an okay map, quite impressive if you just began mapping I might add, even as simple as making a door in Doom Builder was tricky to me at first (when I used to map_. The overall layout is a bit too symmetrical, maybe I'd add some height and space in the Spider Demon portion, make it more arena-like. The use of different textures may also benefit from this level because the same green color with the brownish tones can make a map look somewhat dated (This was usually the case old beginner maps from the 90s-00s)! Here are some suggestions! -Next time, add secrets that could make the level a bit more interesting!, I recommend thinking of a secret on the pit-side of the level, like a secret passage, take inspiration from the earlier maps of Doom 1 (Knee Deep in the Dead) -I feel like small health packs need to be evenly distributed , maybe balance it out by adding/reducing enemies. -Definitely up the challenge in getting the keycards, Its a bit too easy to acquire them, definitely also take inspiration from Episode 1 of Doom 1 where you can set booby traps (like a door of imps open if you get the red key) or something similar, to pace the game properly Overall, its a good beginner map and let these comments encourage you to revise this map and make more!
  4. Oldschoolgeek32

    How to get back at it at Doom? | I Have not played doom in a year

    Seems interesting! and I do agree, The recent cacowards will give me a general idea on what to play! Thanks a lot!
  5. Oldschoolgeek32

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I like photography 📸
  6. Hi there people of the world!, Greetings to all of you! So a year and a half ago, I decided to take a break from Doom and gaming in general. It was a tough and difficult decision (In fact, I know I received messages for playtests from some of our fellow mappers and I completely sincerely apologize if I wasn't able to play your maps!) but I really needed time off to pursue my education and my other hobbies for a while! Well now that I pretty much have my summer to do more doomy things and moving forward, I want to Doom balanced in my life! Now on to the point of discussion, I pretty much hilariously deleted all of my source ports, doom mods, wads, and anything related to doom a year ago, pretty much only keeping the steam copies of most of the games (except doom 64 which I am actually yet to play). How do I get started again? Anything new with doomworld lately? What are some of the new things like new mods or interesting to know and follow? and most importantly, how are you guys?
  7. Oldschoolgeek32

    How to get back at doom again?

    Thanks! Really helpful stuff!
  8. Oldschoolgeek32

    What do you plan to get for Christmas?

    classic fps games I still dont own!
  9. Oldschoolgeek32

    How to get back at doom again?

    Hi there. It has indeed been a long time. So basically I took a break from Doomy stuff back in early 2021 up until now in pursuit of trying/playing out newer games and other franchises (Battlefield, Call Of Duty, etc). Well, it hasn't really worked that well, with the horrible releases many games that I anticipated alongside I just didnt find these other newer/modern franchises comparing them to classics such as doom and others, I decided I wanted to go back and do doomy things, however, the crazy thing is... I honestly don't quite know how to start over again (I basically forgot everything and which programs to install) so here are some things I would like to know and recall: -What are the best source ports I could install? (I already recall GZDoom) -Where could I find the latest version of doom builder? -What are the best WADS, Mods for my journey into doom? -Other helpful tips and tricks? I'm really sorry if I'm asking these types of questions, I don't really have a good memory skills and I cleared a lot of hard drive that contained all my doom files, I would really highly appreciate to anyone who could recommend and help me with this, any form of help would be amazing, whether its advice, or youtube videos, or absolutely anything. I just really wanna come back to the doom community, and do doomy things again. thanks guys and gals.
  10. must be a model/game oversight. although I can make a guess that maybe he uses the gloves when he has guns and uses his actual fists without gloves to punch the demons
  11. Oldschoolgeek32

    RWLTEX: A PS1 and Goldsrc inspired texture pack

    looks amazing :D
  12. Oldschoolgeek32

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..?

    What if Classic DOOM gets forgotten..? This is quite a tricky question so I'll try my best to summarize my thoughts: In some form or another, Classic Doom won't get forgotten or disappear anytime soon, classic Doom is still fairly well known among the Doom community, it still has a very passionate and solid community and player-base, and even some younger and new players still do play classic doom. However, like everything in life, all great thing come to an end, nothing lasts forever. It wouldn't truly be "forgotten", it just wouldn't have the same strength as much as now. We are quite lucky to live in an era where Classic Doom is still positively relevant, being remembered, played, and preserved and as much as possible, I hope that even in the future, despite the years that pass, Doom will still be remembered Doom will never be forgotten, Doom is eternal XD
  13. if community content had never existed, I'd probably still play DOOM 1 and 2 since the base games are pretty neat and it's fun to go back too as part of the history and legacy of FPS games, but I would probably not play it as much as I do today. That's why I really appreciate and I am really thankful that we live in a world full of passionate players, modders, and mappers creating custom content, mods, and other cool stuff :)
  14. Oldschoolgeek32

    Why is Doomguy super hyper fast?

    because he has a good gaming chair
  15. Oldschoolgeek32

    Which game configuration should I use (Ultimate Doom Builder)

    Ah alright, I'll check it out :)))