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  1. Apprentice

    E1M1 - A different version?

    I call that one ... funny :D As for the legality of the IWAD, all of the shareware versions containing Episode 1, which E1M1 is part of, are still available on various Doom websites. They work in DOSbox and modern ports.
  2. Apprentice

    E1M1 - A different version?

    I can remember those changes to E1M1 vividly. The elevator was introduced in v1.2 and the button & door outside was introduced in v1.9. To be honest, I like the lift in v1.2 but I don't like the button & door in v1.9. That latter was clearly made for Deathmatch purposes and although it is a small map (perfect for 4 players), it was never suited for Deathmatch play on account that E1M1 still has a very linear design and that is a thing that affects the whole game and not just E1M1 itself. On another topic: I have seen a lot of "E1M1 remakes" over the years and yeah, I dare say it: a lot of them really suck! For many it was their first attempt into making maps for Doom (believe me, my first maps sucked just as much) and a lot of people simply didn't understand what E1M1 was supposed to achieve and that is a simple given. E1M1 introduces you into the world of Doom (geometry), so that you can get acquainted to the surroundings of the level. It introduces you to the basic weapons and how to use them and it introduces you to the interaction you can have within, such as doors, buttons and secret areas. That is why there are only three types of enemies and two types of weapons in the level (not counting multiplayer). I have seen countless "remake" maps that have a Baron of Hell, Cacodemon and/or even a Cyberdemon right of the bat. Turn around the corner and Wham! there you have it. It may be funny, perhaps a challenge for experienced players but under no circumstances a fine introduction in the world of Doom as John Romero has envisioned it . . .
  3. Apprentice

    CRPG conversations

    I played a lot of the games before mentioned here, although from some I wish I hadn't! While I was heavily invested in Ultima Underworld, it's sequel didn't do anything with me. To me, it felt like a cheap knock-off to cash in on the first game. With KOTOR2, I had the same feeling and also it was a complete buggy mess, which definitely ruined the experience. Oblivion and Skyrim were good games, though I liked Oblivion and its expansions more. I never really finished Shivering Isles and I stopped playing Oblivion in 2011, five years after it was released. Skyrim I did finish once and I didn't play that one as extensively as I did with Oblivion. Don't know why but probable because I had already seen it before and a war that just didn't get on . . . As for the RTS genre . . . . . time to rock and roll! :D
  4. Apprentice

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    It doesn't need to be a kid, baby Yoda anyone ?? :D
  5. Apprentice

    Discussion about the Fallout games

    I've played Fallout 3, New Vegas & 4 and to be honest, I think they are OK'ish but not great compared to other games from the time they were released. I got those games while they were already in the bargain bin. Fallout 3's main quest line was OK but the game became blend after finishing it. Broken Steel altered the ending so that the main quest could be finished without ending the game. At a certain moment, I just cheated my way through the main quest line in order to see how the story ended. The other DLC's were a nice addition but were more for the items containing rather then the story. I stopped playing Point Lookout the moment the mansion exploded. The downside of that DLC was the same downside that I had with The Pitt: your choices are limited to one side or the other, a solution in the middle is not possible. The "requirement" to select one faction over another is also why I stopped playing New Vegas (never started with its DLC's). Although richer then Fallout 3 in regards to content, I felt that for to many times, I had to choose one over another. Another reason why I stopped playing (which also partly affects Skyrim), is the notion that a war between NCR and Ceasar's Legion is brewing but couldn't progress without my little person. No skirmishes or whatever, the whole thing is on a standstill because I am not involved. Imagine that in today's world regarding a certain area (it would certainly solve *some* issues) :/ Fallout 4 still has the same flaws as the previous entries have and the game I have spend the most hours in compared to F3 and NV combined. I finished the game in one playthrough with the Minutemen but I can't be bothered to do the same with the other factions (Institute, Railroad, really can't remember which other factions are present) and again, I cheated my way through the main quest line because at a certain point, it felt so repetative with what I previously played already. I do like the addition to build settlements (although very rudimentary), which breaks the whole "find this", "kill that" or "do something" concept that all the games have. I find it regrettable that Bethesda didn't add more to that concept and notion because with cheats, I've made an impressive castle build, one that can even withstand an attack from all other factions combined . . . :D
  6. Apprentice

    What's your favorite source port?

    I began with ZDoom when it was still 19something* instead of 20whatever and since ZDoom has ceased development, I have been using GZDoom, Zandronum and other ports derived from ZDoom. I never really used any other port available and/or discontinued, not even Skulltag . . . * and hosted on zdoom.notgod.com, don't remind him ;)
  7. Apprentice

    GTA 6 Just Got Leaked

    With a cheat- and hack infested GTA Online, I really can't be bothered with *any* new instalment, since it will be just as cheat and hack infested as the previous instalment . . .
  8. Apprentice

    Most recent movie you saw

    Seen two the last few weeks: Jurassic World: Dominion Top Gun: Maverick Jurassic World was OK-ish, not as bad as YouTube claims it to be. Top Gun was a better film and I do like the fact that the IMAX version was released on home media.
  9. Apprentice

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    The end of an era . . . King Charles, that will take some getting used to not to mention having his head on the coins and his name in the passport.
  10. Apprentice

    Box office flops

    Going over the list, some contributions that I went to see in cinema: 13th warrior Tenet (the covid pandemic may have had a huge influence, wasn't a bad movie) Sahara (read some of the books years ago) A lot of other titles I either saw in streaming (Netflix) or rental, which was a thing some 15 years ago . . .
  11. Apprentice

    Star Trek discussions

    She had more substance in the series then in the movies, even Martin Luther King was a fan of here. Star Trek Continues has a nice vignette with the Uhura character, something I definitely like to have seen in the show's original run . . .
  12. Apprentice

    Most recent movie you saw

    I recently decided to upgrade my folk's TV-equipment, they can now watch films in 4K and the first film we saw (at home) in 4K was: I thought it was a good movie, can't wait for part two which I intend to see in cinema. I didn't compare it to the 1984 film or the 2000 miniseries nor did I see either before watching this version. I don't think that any version is comparable since they follow the same story. As for the technical aspect: it definitely looks good in 4K and makes good use of the possibilities of the H265 codec. What is dark, is truly dark with enough details to make the dark sections still see-able. If you compare it to the full HD (H264) version, yeah you'll notice. The only downside I experience, is that the 4K version wasn't the IMAX version (or brought down to 1.78:1) which I recommend, is the must-see version over the cinema version (2.40:1) . . .
  13. * Wishlisted * 'nuff said 8) Still have fond memories of the first game back in the early 90's . . .
  14. Apprentice

    Do you lie?

    No. I don't need to and with today's (social) media and other stuff, it can either bite me in the ass or I can get otherwise debunked. There are those who've made it into a compulsive habbit though, certain politicians from my native country (.nl) to name a few who miraculously "did not have an active memory" of events . . .