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  1. Apprentice

    did doomworld modernize or something?

    1) Try refreshing the page by <SHIFT> + <F5> 2) See if you can select a different theme. Under in the page, there is a button where you can select a different theme (left of the Privacy Policy and above the Powered by Invision Community)
  2. Apprentice

    The nightmare before Christmas

    ... or support for the eastern bunny . . . 8)
  3. Apprentice

    did doomworld modernize or something?

    Look like what ?? :/
  4. :O My most played multiplayer maps, together with my mother. Several good hours were wasted on both . . .
  5. Apprentice

    Windows Vista

    Wetter it was an upgrade or a fresh install, neither mattered for the stability of Windows ME especially compared with Windows 2000 which was released around the same time as Windows ME. I had upgraded some rigs in order to test it but went either straight back to Windows 98 SE or went to Windows 2000. In my opinion, Windows 2000 was the best OS that came out of Redmond. It performed better with 64MB RAM then what Windows XP could do with 256 MB RAM. Vista was something I never used, I went from XP (XP64) straight to Windows 7. Don't get me started on Windows 8, which I also skipped . . .
  6. Apprentice

    Windows Vista

    Windows Vista the wordt OS ever ?? Nahhh, not by a long shot !! Try Windows Millennium Edition and then come back here . . . 8)
  7. Apprentice

    Favorite website?

    http://www.apprentice.be <-- Shameless plug 8) Other most used sites: - Google - YouTube - The company's digital work order management system - The company's webmail service - Family & friends related sites - etc, etc Yeah, I use quite a lot of websites on a daily basis . . .
  8. Apprentice

    What is your most used editor?

    I still do, since I'm not using DB2 or any variant of it. DEU/Deth/Zeth all the way, baby . . . 8)
  9. Apprentice

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My thoughts exactly. THAT does not look like idtech1 at all . . .
  10. Apprentice

    TC reccomendations?

    - Aliens TC To date, the only TC I ever played for Doom, so I can only make that recommendation. It is the TC that got me start making maps . . .
  11. Apprentice

    the most important poll in human history

    Coming from a country known for its tulips and wooden shoes, I have absolutely no idea what this is all about . . . 🤣
  12. Apprentice

    Abit's Deathmatch Map

    I recommend that you add some in-game screenshots. An overlay of the map with all the secrets its nice but it's not saying anything about the tone and theme of your map . . .
  13. Maybe you got hacked by an entity from hell. I dunno what those cyberdemons and spider masterminds are capable of . . . :D :P
  14. Apprentice

    Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3

    It seems to work now :D To be honest, I didn't think this would be posted. The moment I hit the 'Submit Topic', I got a 500 error so I thought that it would've been lost to the internet . . .
  15. Apprentice

    Testing ... 1 ... 2 ... 3

    I get a lot of 500 errors the past hour when opening various threads, anyone else getting them too ?? (Test to see if I can create a new thread and see it)