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  1. Apprentice

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    Tried it today, died 10 times in the first area of the first level in UV. This wad is not for me . . . Will play it later this week with cheats and nomonsters to see the levels architecture but more then that, no.
  2. Apprentice

    What are you?

    Reminds me of . . .
  3. Apprentice

    What are you?

    On some days a divine being, on others just a steamtrain * Tuut tuut *
  4. Apprentice

    What keeps Doom modding alive?

    You're forgetting availability. It's still fairly easy to obtain the game for a few bucks and that for a game released in the early nineties. A lot of games released between then and now have disappeared into obscurity, even with today's distribution platforms . . .
  5. Apprentice

    Can't wait for Sigil 2!!

    I'm looking forward to it and although I shouldn't, I have been watching some of his Youtube videos where he makes some of the maps (E6M4 and E6M6) and some aspects of it makes me fearfull (the use of custom textures and another Cyberdemon maze :/) . . .
  6. Apprentice

    How often do you take a break from Doom

    Often enough, depends on other things that I have to do . . .
  7. Apprentice

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    DOOM Retro Woof! PRBoom+ Just finished up the compatible version of my map Variations 1-21. With the exception of Chocolate Doom, this version works for the majority of non-Zdoom ports. This version can be downloaded from Nexusmods.
  8. Apprentice

    How heavy is your WAD folder?

    Less then 2 GB and that is including all the base IWAD's, several editors (Doombuilder, WinZeth, Slade, Eureka) and some source ports. There are other locations available where I have stored DOOM related things . . .
  9. Apprentice

    Who's your favorite villain?

    The only Star Trek's villain that was fully fleshed out, even more then Khan wa. Waltz still remains one of the best Dukat episodes ever . . . My master is not evil, he is just misunderstood 8) :P
  10. The games that I would like to see a remaster of (in general and not limited to FPS): Return to Castle Wolfenstein F.E.A.R Reah Dune II Syndicate (1993 version) Ultima Underworld (though one somewhat exists, it was poorly recieved) Ultima 7 (both parts) X-wing & TIE Fighter As an addition, I would like to see a fully re-done of the original version of Half-Life 2, the darker and grittier version then what was ultimately shipped and released to the public.
  11. Most of the games I play from the 90's all still have an active modding community (Doom, Command & Conquer, Half-Life) but the game that I don't think has any active modding scene anymore, is Dune II (and Dune 2000). As with games from the zeroes, there is one that used to have a very active modding community but has dwindled complete stand still which the game really didn't deserve: Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force. One of the best "Trek game" that transcended the usual Star Trek bubble and appealed to non-Trekkies alike. Remove the Trek stuff and you still end up with (for the time) a good shooter . . .
  12. Apprentice

    Star Trek discussions

    Haven't seen all episodes yet but I say it's still pretty solid. I liked episode 3, which propably comes back in a later season.
  13. Apprentice

    The worst level I ever made

    Yep ... this was shit . . . :P Your first map ??
  14. Apprentice

    Places to upload WADs

    Nexusmods hosts both Doom and Doom II WADS. An account is required, even for downloading though you are supporting the developer(s) of the WAD/mod/map . . .