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  1. UncleTito

    All Sekaiju Instruments are Grand Piano

    Hey, sorry for the necro, but if you're having the issue where after rewinding the instruments reset to Grand Piano for a moment, make sure that all of the definitions of tracks, control change etc. is done before any note inputs. You can modify that in the event list pretty easily.
  2. Dead at Map09, Cat 01, UV, 40:00ish minutes in Wow, some of these maps are stinky dinky. Not really getting into the Christmas spirit with these lmao TitoChillin.zip
  3. UncleTito

    IronEagle Competition 49: Foursite

    In hindsight, please don't take too much of what I wrote to heart. I had played the whole wad after dying in an afternoon, and some emotions were a bit intense after getting rekt by the PElevator.
  4. UncleTito

    Common wad mistakes

    This. Making a mistake, then taking good criticism overtly negatively, and taking bad criticism way too seriously is what I see crop up a lot of times just from casual browsing. One could get into how stuff on the internet can get in your head pretty easily, and how much of this is affected by various issues of the user themselves (ego, self-image).. But I'm afraid I'd then be jumping into armchair psychology too much.
  5. UncleTito

    IronEagle Competition 49: Foursite

    Cat 1 UV Recorded with dsda-doom 0.24.3 ToD: cca. 26ish minutes in You know. The fucking lift. Fuck that lift. Edit: was too upset with how the map killed me to even write something nice about the wad. Having the reputation for a lengthy gestation time of 300ish hours over the course of 12 years surely may have resulted in something grandiose and worth playing, right? Well.. I do like this from a "pretty cool first map, dude" kind of perspective. Clearly a lot of love and effort put into this, with plenty of references to the wads and maps in particular that directly inspired it, even though they are very much on the nose. However, a lot of the set pieces bring the map to a goddamn crawl. Even in only playing this for 20 minutes and dying in the 2nd of the four "maps", this suffers heavily from "I wanna be the next Deus Vult", down to the fucking music choice. Well, DV hands you the proper ordnance in the first few minutes. 2 boxes of rockets that I never had the opportunity to even use, on the other hand..? TitoFoursite.rar
  6. UncleTito

    SSG Addicts Anonymous.

  7. UncleTito

    The DWIronman league dies to: Doom E1

    Cat 2, UV Survived +1 @ 42 minutes. Didn't go for UV MAX's for the most part. This run made me really appreciate E1 a little bit more, and reminded me how many fucking monster closets the base game has. Turbo Pinkies are no fun; also I never enjoyed E1M7 up until, well, now. I might just have more patience nowadays. titoE1GottaGoFast.zip
  8. That album cover had always striked me as goofy as all hell; mirrored image of some random Bay Area desert combined with the weird palette, and the silly 90's 3D art pentagram... Not to mention it's the most boring of the 90s MA albums. Shit, even Trey hates it more than IDI.
  9. UncleTito

    Worst Maps in Your Favourite Megawads?

    ED: I'll update this post as I remember more maps Alien Vendetta - MAP11 What a giant fucking turd that map is. Too much effort for something that plays like a chore and finishes on a fart. I think my first time playing it I accidentally exited the map without picking up a single key. Hell Revealed - The entire first episode While some of the maps here have a cutesy and quirky nature to them, it's very obvious that Yonatan made the mapset linearly, in order. As such, the early maps' definition of "hard difficulty" often ends up with having a slog of pinkies to punch through.
  10. Hey, good to see you're working hard on your first project. Just make sure you mention which ports you tested in the post itself as well. Wish you plenty luck with the rest.
  11. UncleTito

    The DWIronman League dies to: Sharp Things

    Survived @ 33:07, 98% kills (3 missing) Category 2, UV Took me a while with the platforming heh. Some really exciting stuff like eating a rocket book-ended by wandering around the map a bit, forgetting I hadn't pressed the blue switch. TitoIron_Sharp_cat2.zip
  12. UncleTito

    IronEagle Competition 48: Eternally Yours

    Took me a while to figure out the Map11 gimmick, and by the time I did, I had wasted all of the given resources. Oh well, better luck next time I suppose. I'm done with this set for now, mentally and literally. Cat 2, UV, died on Map11, around 140ish minutes in. I used DSDA doom. This was a very fun vanilla mapset. I really enjoyed the frankly ridiculous plasma ordnance compared to other vanilla wads; I can recall maybe one or two barons that I SSG'd, which is a good thing. Edit: the reason you see me TitoEagle_etrnyour.zip
  13. UncleTito

    Green Gothic [Resources and maps]

    Very lovely texture work, I absolutely love the architecture. The tree textures gave me flashbacks to a BRPD map; I enjoyed this far more though. Died once, then reloaded and maxed it. Last two minutes of the demo I spend appreciating the map a little and looking for the red skull door, if there even is one to begin with. I punch the air in the end where I saw a HOM effect on the church benches, which disappear when entering the church. I understand this is some texture trickery that you still have to get the hang of; I wouldn't know how to fix it myself either. By the way, where is the MIDI from? TitoFDA_GGoth.rar
  14. UncleTito

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Hello, I'd also like to playtest some wads or maps since I'm itching for new stuff to play, and I'm mostly curious to learn what goes into mapping and giving feedback as well. I'm just going to rip the template from the main thread for my preferences: Active/Partial Playtester: Active Preferred difficulty: HMP-UV / "Moderate"-ish challenge maps. Nothing heaps tougher than Scythe 2's final ep or Stardate series, please. I'm only human after all. Number of maps in a set (Max/Min): Depends total length wise. I'm willing to put up with up to 10-15 maps in a set, no longer than 8 hours in total Genres don't like: Puzzle, "Moon" logic, (very) obscure exploration. (heavy) Ammo starvation/Tyson gameplay. Don't mind platforming as long as it's not death pits an hour into the map. Preferred souce ports: Dsda, prboom+, Crispy, ZDoom in fringe cases Refused source ports: GZDoom, Eternity Demos or written comments: Demos, live screen sharing via Discord Contact: PM either here or on Discord; UncleTito#8372 Note: Not a huge fan of massive gameplay overhaul mods. If I can't record a deathless demo without bashing my head against the wall a lot, I'll save before every major fight or point.