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  1. Low effort and low quality are a common aspect of jokewads. And I feel it's good in a way that no one expects any particular qualities from jokewads, not even basic enjoyability. So basically people who don't avoid jokewads altogether approach them with open mind. So if you're making jokewads, you can forget about any standards and just do whatever you want. But if you come with something clever or complex in the process, you should totally go for it. As long as it's just for the sake of implementing a fun/original idea you like instead of conforming to whatever standards. That's what jokewads are to me, just pure freestyle, and if it ends up more elaborate than your average shitty wad as a result, that's all the better.
  2. There's a lot of fun and notable music in Mock 2. The Fortress of Mooo's D_BESTDO is suitably epic for a map with excessive powerups, big bosses and high ceilings. D_BESTES is an intense yet trollish E1M1 remix appropriate for the intense-feeling final map (not counting credits) that also happens to be the easiest. There's of course D_DANGER for MAP10 Little Grasshopper, which is always the first thing I think about when I think about Mock 2. The intermission music, a masterpiece of minimalism. The title music that encapsulates the Mock 2 experience quite well. D_HIPPOB matching the tediousness of Tapeworms. The battle music on the orange-clouded STEPTOP arena level. The perfect musical equivalent of helplessly seeing all your relatives blown up by rockets. The lovely D_E2M2 remix... too many to list.
  3. Mock 2 has some fun moments and plenty of meh moments, but I think the custom-tailored soundtrack is a huge part of the appeal. MAP08: Right In The Crotch would've been pretty boring and forgettable if it used D_RUNNIN (and maybe less moody lightning, too). But instead, it's an experience. Or MAP06: Speaking Of Stupid is pretty much the most basic map possible, but it's paired with a fittingly minimalistic track that sounds like it wants you to calmly ponder about the logical extreme of simplistic jokewads.
  4. The exit door on MAP06 is not the correctly-sized SPCDOOR2, instead it's an unfitting left half of BIGDOOR2. But my brain always perceives it as SPCDOOR2 anyway, so it doesn't matter.
  5. You could also make the dropped machineguns spawn at the bottom wolf-style instead of the fancy zdoom-style dropping... or find some other way to work around that weird flying opaque shadow visual. I see you removed the sprite-based floor light instead of having both that and the fancy dynamic lights, that's nice.
  6. I feel there's something exceptionally meh about the design of E3M1. It has some relatively interesting stuff, like the starting room, the collapsing thing, the doors that go down instead of up... but it's just a bunch of rooms, with almost no sidepaths or secrets, let alone something as elaborate as interconnectedness or secrets. And today I found out you can't even open the last few doors from behind, so that's as linear as it can get.
  7. I just learned that the -turbo parameter was implemented to help Shawn Green defeat John Romero in deathmatch.
  8. Maybe it would be good to change the player's view height to 32, like it normally is in wolf3d? I've seen some ECWolf mods raise the view height too, but it always just ends up looking weird. Just like when you fight the SS guys in Doom and despite being the tallest guards in wolf3d they all look like midgets.
  9. Apparently it applies to barrels too. I tried to make a barrel-propelled teleporting exploding barrel trap in vanilla, and ended up with the off-level barrels just turning into blood puddles after getting crushed.
  10. All the texture patches in Freedoom have been given automatic offsets along with sprites, and nobody noticed because of course it has no effect whatsoever. I also noticed recently that the dark gray ceiling (one that has a variant with red circular lights) and the light gray flat (one with a big rectangular light variant) are based on the same noise texture, the the dark gray one just has less shades.
  11. Downtown still looks pretty neat. I think textures in general may be a very significant but ultimately optional aspect of levels.
  12. I made a promise, and I delivered! Probably cause it didn't involve a deadline. I'm releasing a new version for you to check out, and now it has 3 levels + a secret one! You can already see there's plenty of homages in here. But also plenty of new stuff! I think the first map already gave a good idea what to expect. I think the new E1L3 (based on Halls of the Damned) may be the best one so far. I feel it does a nice job of retaining the vanillatastic Doom 1 horror vibe, plus it houses a secret exit! And while all three other maps just happened to have three secrets each, this one has ten! Can't wait for your feedback...
  13. You could probably look for inspiration in the Undertale fandom.
  14. I made a sprite.
  15. Did you know that, if dolphins laid eggs, they would be pyramid-shaped? Ashley Pomeroy is a goldmine of insight.