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  1. Scypek2

    Your favorite track throughout classic doom?

    I like Donna to the Rescue. I feel like it automatically makes a level cooler and edgier (especially if it's a non-techbase). The Healer Stalks is always my go-to music when I'm alpha-testing some new gameplay mechanic. It's a lot more pleasant to the ear than D_RUNNIN blasting while I'm staring at a newly-spawned custom enemy wondering why it doesn't work correctly. Besides that, my real favorite Doom 2 music would be The Demon's Dead. It's got that memorable, slow and intense melody... I mean, I guess a lot of Bobby's doom songs are like that, with one or two melodies playing on repeat for a bit, and then again with a different tone. But I feel like there's something special about this one. Also, back when I had Windows XP I think? And it could actually run the original doom exe, the midis would sometimes glitch at the beginning, but that would merely cause D_DEAD to gain a totally cool intro melody. A bunch of notes getting silenced halfway through at just the right moments to create something unique and not at all annoying to listen to, somehow.
  2. Scypek2

    Why game makers like EA are nowadays evil?

    Creating good products would be beneficial in the long term, but the long term doesn't matter. As long as you make more money in the short term, you can outcompete and crush anyone who doesn't. And then all those evil corporations are the only ones at the top. Same thing with business in general. If employees were paid more money, they'd spend more and help the economy, but starving them is what makes instant profit. And if your business won't do it, the other ones will, and will dominate you.
  3. Scypek2

    Random Image Thread

    Compatibility level: limit-removing vanilla.
  4. Scypek2

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    I came up with with a whole bunch of clever quirky ideas, but it looks like the real thing is coming around pretty slowly...
  5. Scypek2

    [GZDoom] Doom: But It's Completely Fucking Unplayable

    The lens of the human eye turns the image upside down before it reaches the receptors. According to kids' anatomy textbooks, "the brain flips the image right side up again", but it probably doesn't and we're none the wiser. So really, this is probably how the world really looks like. Or at least, how birds see it with their more straightforward eye anatomy.
  6. Scypek2

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    How about tweaking the stats of the stealth monsters? Like making the stealth hellknight extra fast, and give the stealth pain elemental significantly lower pain chance... wait, did I already say it before? Anyway, if you lowered lost soul HP that could give mappers and excuse to put more lost souls and pain elementals everywhere... just a thought. Well, aside from thoughts, I don't have a map update to show but I made four more small and totally disconnected rooms, and more notably, I came up with a whole bunch of cool map ideas. Ones that I may actually implement, unlike a whole adventure game of talking with sector-based creatures and rescuing 3d worms that will help you move around nukage, implemented with a whole bunch of voodoo conveyor belts and floor writing, which I envisioned earlier. I might still try a bit of that but I'll keep it low key. I hope the maps won't have to be too architecturetastic if they're quirky enough in other aspects?
  7. Scypek2

    Is there any rules or FAQ for this forum?

    in some contexts it really makes text looks worse in others it's a valid stylistic choice almost like free verse poetry
  8. Scypek2

    Worst Doom music track

    Does anyone hate D_RUNNI2 at all? To me, it fits so well with the map that I don't even notice it's there.
  9. Scypek2

    MAYhem 2018 - Orange Version!

    It's really been a while since I made a map for this! I'm gonna give it a try. I already got a map idea all sketched out!
  10. Scypek2

    Twitter locking accounts for thanking others

    Is it? What if you spend two hours everyday hating every single person on Earth (with the same intensity, since you hate humanity and they're all equally human). But people are different. Maybe person A is only being hated for one hour everyday on average (not counting you), but person B spends half of their life being hated. You end up decreasing the amount of A's hate-free hours by 9%, but the amount of B's hate-free hours by 17%! So much for equality, noble misanthrope!
  11. Scypek2

    Female Protagonist in the new Doom movie?

    Only if you stop at mildly progressive.
  12. Scypek2

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    I'm done with another weapon for my imp mod. It uses two mana types, it's quirky yet powerful! Press fire five times to charge up the pentagram, then once more to fire a burst of energy! But you can also switch to another weapon whenever. I think it turned out real slick, and the picture doesn't do it justice... (making videos is kind of a hassle on the other hand) And that concludes all the main weapons of my mod! Now I'll just add some extra stuff, like goomba-stomping and barrel-throwing!
  13. Scypek2

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    In between two unrelated dreams, I dreamed that my post in the picture thread got a four-digit number of likes.
  14. Scypek2

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Remember the good old days when wikia links were automatically replaced with doomwiki links? Oh well, at least we can say "XD" and "irregardless" now...
  15. Scypek2

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    More graphics from my imp mod! I've been planning something like this for years, but now I feel competent enough to pull it off.