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  1. Skill issue. There's so much you can do with just locked doors and sound propagation. I've made hundreds of Wolf levels and I'm still coming up with new stuff, without even having to do any serious code changes.
  2. Scypek2

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    Taking physical dimensions of the level into account would probably be the one thing that would improve it the most. More monsters in a room usually means more difficulty, even if ammo increases proportionally.
  3. Scypek2

    crazy source port features that will never get added

    I've thought about the "ZDoom for new games specifically" idea a lot. I like ZDoom features, but I'm also drawn to vanilla dehacked, because that's where every function has been created with exactly one purpose, so I can easily understand its exact workings and also keep my expectations low. In ZDoom, you can do a lot of things very easily, but also every aspect of the game is torn between emulating classic doom, working the way the modern player wants it to, working the way the modern modder wants it to, and being backwards-compatible with 10 different 10 year old zdoom mods made when half of the current features haven't been implemented yet. All in all, "ZDoom for new games" could certainly be a huge undertaking, depending on the scope... but the obvious first step for such a project seems to be "add nothing, remove a lot".
  4. Scypek2

    Share Your Sprites!

    GIMP should make it pretty easy to recolor sprites too. I don't personally use it, but I'm sure it has some hue-adjusting tools that would get it done really quickly. Unless you just want to practice making sprites from scratch? In that case, your second example looks much better than the first (the first would've been fine if everything was equally flat), but it's still hard to see where one body part ends an another begins. Look at the original sprite to see how the shapes are defined with lighter and darker colors.
  5. Kinda, yeah! I've got some good gameplay features working and even more ideas, but I'm not sure if I have the time and willpower to actually implement them. Maybe someone else could adopt the project if they find the concept and features fun enough. I'd be glad to help.
  6. Scypek2

    Idea: NMWS Challenge Mode

    That sounds like fun! On levels with particularly inconvenient weapon setups, it could just play out like a novel variation of a pacifist run.
  7. Yep! I did it at my own pace, getting about 90% everything and the secret level, and it took me 58 minutes.
  8. Scypek2

    Unpopular Doom Opinions

    I knew John Carmack didn't want the pushwalls in wolf3d because there was something inelegant about their implementation that made the engine slightly less efficient. But I don't recall them not wanting secrets in Doom! That's wild, what about the iconic secret courtyards in Romero's E1 maps?
  9. Scypek2

    Share Your Sprites!

    Wow, okay. You really never disappoint. I'd love to play a megawad with all of your custom monsters. Hopefully with suitably badass behavior to match the sprites.
  10. Scypek2

    Vanilla/limit-removing WADs with immersive settings

    Three Is A Crowd certainly has its fair share of immersion and realism, though just as often its maps are as abstract as any other. I kept things deliberately simple in many of its aspects, which is no doubt why I actually got it released, while Dawn of the Arrow remains unfinished do this day. I always liked realistic settings though, and the most realistic thing I did finish and release was MAP12 of DMP2018 (Boom format, no custom resources). It's the biggest stand-alone map I've created and with plenty of immersion to be had, as you explore different sections of a grand human-made building. Built by very messed up humans, but still. Self-promotion aside, I believe Doom 2 Reloaded definitely deserves a mention. While its story is pretty much the same as Doom 2's the aesthetic of it is very different, getting closer to Half Life at times. Very immersive, although I'd really recommend loading it up alongside a custom music pack, as the default Doom 2 midis don't really fit it well at all. A perfect megawad for trying out gameplay mods, too. It's not perfect in every way, but the architecture is great.
  11. Scypek2

    Doomcute thread

    Zdoom features and custom graphics, that's some proper doomhandsome right here!
  12. Scypek2

    Three Is A Crowd demos [-complevel 2]

    The new MAP31 is now being playtested - once that's done, I believe the new version is good to go. The reworked version is gonna be the most nonlinear map of 3IAC, I'd love to see someone find the most efficient way to route it! The only problem is, it might need a whole new category... since one of the exits is available almost immediately.
  13. Scypek2

    Weapon change animation instead of raise/lower

    You could also use the offset() keyword to make it not be below the screen. That might be simpler than making sure everything returns to a custom Ready1 state.
  14. Scypek2

    Three Is A Crowd demos [-complevel 2]

    I might still make a few changes to 1.2. I should upload it to idgames soon enough, you can feel free to make demos for it once I do!
  15. Scypek2

    Weapon change animation instead of raise/lower

    Can't you just put a bunch action-less frames first? Like... Select: WEAP ABCD 2 WEAP E 1 A_Raise(100) Wait //only loops the last frame instead of the whole sequence Ready: WEAP E 1 A_WeaponReady Loop Deselect: WEAP DCBA 2 WEAP A 1 A_Lower(100) Wait