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  1. One option of InkWorks (an ancient but usable palette/colormap modifying utility) is to modify the PLAYPAL in such a way that instead of tinting the screen, being hurt just shifts the palette into a gradient from white to black with red in the middle. It's still very noticeable but much less disorienting. I would like something like that with a modern port.
  2. I just rewatched the MAP26 demo from Doom 2. I remembered more or less how it went, but I forgot just how long it was compared to the other two. It just keeps going. It felt like half of the time the player hoped to cut the demo short by getting himself killed, but couldn't pull it off because he wanted it to look natural, and the other half of the time he wanted to see how long he can survive with almost no HP. And there's a lot of luck in there. He takes out all the cacos and chaingunners, survives with one HP, then gets it up to 5 HP with some health potions and that lets him survive an imp fireball to the face. With 5 HP. Then the demo was so going to end after the first teleporter, but still didn't. *player glances at the closed monster closet for a moment* "Okay, time to wrap it up. I'm gonna walk over this line and you're gonna kill me, alright? *player moves on, monster closet sound is heard* "Lalala, I'm perfectly safe, let me grab those goodies over there... come on, what the hell?" *chaingunner wanders around with no interest in shooting at all* "Oh, come on! Now I have to shoot you to stay in character!" I love MAP26, and I love its demo.
  3. I had to check the last one out at least. (I tried It Burns too, but I'm not gonna win that one...) My first time recording a FDA of someone's map, hope it works alright.
  4. I recently had a dream about an UDMF sector effect "Spawn Diet Item" which had one parameter and was implemented for compatibility with some doom-engine Commander Keen sequel. Normally it would spawn some yellow diet soda collectible in the center of the sector, and I mean it would just be there right away like all the other things, so your guess why not just place the thing directly is as good as mine. In UDMF, it was directly parametrized, so you could spawn other items that way too, but I think they had to be inherited from the diet soda, or else it wouldn't work. The diet soda pedestal was only compatible with diet actors. Fascinating.
  5. I just made a quadruple secret involving five switches and four walkover triggers, five of them timed. Now I'm just wondering if I stopped too soon. I also have another unfinished map with a triple secret involving 4 switches, an archvile jump and... some other stuff too but it's hard to explain. Maybe I should make a megawad with that theme.
  6. Fairly simple indeed, but still nice! And they're matching the maps on the screenshots really well.
  7. The intermission story screens are separate from maps, you you can't change them with Doom Builder. If you want it to be vanilla-compatible, you can make a DeHackEd patch (WhackEd is the Windows utility for that) to replace the text (open the "strings" section, and then scroll down to the story text strings near the bottom), and then have the players load the resulting .deh file along with your .wad.
  8. So I had this ambitious mod idea, and it would star some reptilian alien protagonist. I thought it would be totally cool to have a mugshot, and I wanted it all original, but I wasn't sure where to start, so I started looking for the mugshot of the red dragon from that old FPS about a guy who can shapeshift, but not remembering any names made it rather tricky. So instead I just tried to find any images of front-facing reptiles, found the most suitable gecko-face, put it next to my canvas, ignored it entirely, and ended up making this. What do you think? Here's an enlarged version. The whole mod is supposed to be in something of a cartoon style, flat colors and all, but I seem to be having problems with that. At one moment I'm just making a simple texture, I turn away for a second and the next thing I know, it's full of gradients and noise. It's mostly just a habit. But this snout for instance, it felt like it was too small to be flat shaded? Flat-shading can still look smooth if it's not made of big blocks, in pixel art antialiasing is a much bigger deal... I dunno. And while we're at it, here's one sidewalk texture. There should be dirt underneath, but I don't really have an idea how to draw pixel art dirt. Especially cartoony pixel art dirt, whatever that means. Dirt is basically just a bunch of grains, how do I flat-shade that? I'm having the same dilemma with plain concrete or other things without much any major features besides the literal texture of its surface. Would plain color be okay? Would sprinkling a bunch of dots (or dashes if it's wood or grass) be okay? Am I overthinking it too much? Maybe I just need to look at more examples, I don't know. And finally, here's a bunch of sprites I feel more confident about. They were made for an ECWolf mod, but I guess I gave up on it. I think they would fit well with my latest project... Actually, maybe I should reuse some textures too? They could fit nicely too.
  9. I just learned about the existence of the NOTIMEFREEZE flag in ZDoom, and it reminded me how a few years ago I had a nightmare about the Freeze console cheat malfunctioning. It still feels creepy to me that someone can be immune to the Freeze cheat, considerably more creepy than a monster capable of killing an invincible player or something like that. No one feels entitled to permanent invincibility in a videogame, but the Freeze just feels kind of like a total pause. What's next, pressing the aptly-named escape key and having some monster come from the back, maneuver between all the immobile enemies, and tear the menu options right off your face? Having a monster kill me while I'm still editing the level in 3d mode? You may never know! And if the timefreeze comes from a powerup, it even stops the music. That just begs for some horror game application.
  10. I remember someone using the exit door's valve thingy as a car's wheel. It looked pretty good.
  11. Reading this made a Doom-unfitting classical music midi play in my head.
  12. I love it! I guess my avatar is pretty interesting... It's a sprite of the Hangar Gun, a gun that shoots miniature clones of E1M1! The #1 weapon against gimmicky mappers like me. The Hangar Gun is featured in my Doomworld Mega Project 2014 submission. It's not a very great map, but it's rather interesting for sure! Also the new forum engine is making my avatar look squashed. It should look like this:
  13. Thank you for the quote, I was wondering how many years old is that reference by now. My mom thinks John Romero sounds like a very good name for a goat, by the way.
  14. It's the anagram of Nightmare!, so of course it had to use that font. And now, there's still something we're missing... I actually made a string-replacing wad to make this.
  15. It's been a while since I had any dreams about Doom, but today I dreamed that I had a goat called John Romero.