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  1. I just found I have a couple of unused projectiles in I'm Game, which means I could add the usable stationary turret from another dehacked mod. This is cool because it'll make I'm Game even more densely packed with features, and because I really wanted to use that gun either way, but I'm feeling saturated with Dehacked already and I'd rather make one Dehacked mod instead of two.

  2. Scypek2

    Favorite bits of [REDACTED] Doom History?

    Interesting, I didn't know that! I just knew he named all the levels, so that's consistent. The monsters being named later also fits with a lot of them having different names internally. I guess without Sandy we'd just end up with a bunch of Skulls, Heads, Fatsos and Babies.
  3. Scypek2

    Are Secrets Really Necessary

    It's an interesting point with Wolf3D secrets. Most of them aren't clever at all, but it's not that hard to find them because you always know exactly what to do. The ones visible from outside got stuck in my head for a long time, and were so tantalizing precisely because I knew exactly how to reach them, with only one crucial detail missing - which wall to push. And Wolf3D had no teleporters or remote triggers either, so I knew the entrance had to make some spatial sense. Maybe the key to fun secrets is a clear and limited set of ways to access them. Rise of the Wool Ball has fun secrets, since you just have to look for cracks in walls, and there's no teleports there either. That's a pretty simplistic way to go about it, but you could make more puzzley secrets that still follow consistent rules.
  4. Scypek2

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I guess I could've used some kinda map image exporting tool, then floodfill select the relevant sectors in paint.net and have it tell me the amount of pixels in the entire area, and calculate the amount of tiles from there. But doing it manually seemed like it fit the spirit of the challenge, plus there's no rounding errors with the non-orthagonal stuff. When I counted it manually I could just mentally cut every triangle into two pieces to create a rectangle. Or put two identical triangles together, more commonly. Learning maths in school paid off at last. If you have no reasonable prize to give me, feel free to give me an unreasonable one. Like a quirky map or something, that E3M2 remake was pretty good.
  5. Scypek2

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    FLOOR0_7 tiles: 2048 per pixels each, 2 per each 64x64 square. (19x64^2 - 64x16) All the little doorways, one of which is slightly smaller than all the others for SOME reason Left soulsphere area: Leftmost bit is 3*96^2 + 2x64*2. That adds up to 8.75 64x64 squares. Upper and lower protrusions of it total 6.5 64x64 squares. Diagonal protrusions are 2.5 of a 64x64 square each, totaling 10 64x64 square. The central part remaining is a square, adding up to 36 64x64 squares. The only part left is the entrance, with the antechamber itself totaling 11 64x64 squares, one of the doors 2 64x64 squares in size... and the other door being 8 units narrower for no reason, meaning it's 120x64 in size. So the entrance is 14,875 64x64 squares in size. So in total, the left soulsphere area equals 76,125 64x64 squares! Besides the doorways and the soulsphere area, it's just the bottom area! The starting door is 64x16, so I could add that up to that one missing doorway bit nicely to get a whole 64x64 tile total. The starting nook is 15 64x64 tiles. The rest of the starting area is mostly 56x4 + 3x4 64x64 tiles, totaling 236 64x64 tiles, but the two hanging bodies above the rightmost door also have those tiles above them! And they're a weird diagonal shape, but I can tell you they contain 10 16x16 squares each, so 20 16x16 squares, and one 64x64 square contains 16 16x16 squares so that means 1.25 squares. That concludes the starting room, but I'll add the 4 starting room doors to get it over with. No weirdness there fortunately, nice 8 64x64 squares. So in total, the starting room is 259.5 squares! The rest should be pretty simple. The room with the lite amp secret... 13 non-secret squares, then 9+26.5, 22.5 total. The square imp-filled room is 12 64x64 tiles. The curved corridor is problematic, but it's also symmetrical, so that helps! It really is symmetrical, I double-checked. The part of it that's not annoying is 46 64x64 squares. The part that is... equals 5 64x64 squares... and also 5 48x48 squares, and one 128x48 square, minus one 16x16 square. Whatever. The annoying part adds up to 5 64x64 squares + 11520 pixels + 6144 pixels - 256 pixels. So 5 64x64 squares plus 17408 pixels, so 9.25 squares total. And that concludes the corridor, totaling 55.25 squares! All that together... 18.75 (small doors) + 76,125 (soulsphere area) + 259.5 (starting rom) + 22.5 (lite amp area) + 55.25 (curved corridor). All that adds up to... 454,625 64x64 squares! And with two FLOOR0_7 tiles per square, the final number is... 909,25 FLOOR0_7 tiles. If this post gets 1500 likes I'll count all the other tile textures too.
  6. Here's a real unpopular opinion, which I'm probably going to get a lot of hate for but here it goes: I hate pineapple on pizza, raisin cookies and Justing Bieber. Seriously though, my actual unpopular opinion is that we need more jumping and crouching and not less. Even in fancy zdoom-based mods it's not utilized much. It's better than utilizing it badly, and those mechanics aren't well suited for typical platforming challenges, but there's still plenty of what seems like untapped potential to me. I'd love to watch a speedrun that involves vaulting over tall fences with the 32 unit jump + 24 unit climb, crouching underneath closing gates, and crouching in midair to jump in and out of small windows, all in a map optimized with that stuff in mind.
  7. Scypek2

    What demon annoys you the most?

    I'm cool with Barons, they have their own interesting niche. But hell knights having half the health just gives mappers an excuse to put them everywhere.
  8. Scypek2

    Selected Thoughts on SSG Placement

    I feel that SSG is balanced enough in itself to be a suboptimal weapon for many scenarios, and the main problems is just the maps commonly having lots of shotgun shells, less bullets, and even less rockets. An arrangement like this can turn SSG-ing singular zombiemen in the distance into a rational choice. But unbalancing ammo like that happens really easily, with the big rocket pickup giving you just 5 rockets and every shotgun guy (a very fun and versatile enemy for sure) giving you four extra SSG blasts upon being killed. You gotta be conscious of it all the time... or maybe do some dehacked/decorate tweaks to ammo pickup amounts.
  9. Scypek2

    Doomworld Mega Project 2020 (Y2K edition)

    I can't believe I forgot to add the square gray room with two lamps to my level. It was ugly anyway, but still sad to see the pointless tradition die.

  10. The third doom map I ever made, and what feels to me like the establishing moment of my mapping career.

  11. Scypek2

    Most visually appealing wad?

    The first thing that comes to my mind is @dobu gabu maru's The Given. It consists of nothing but vanilla textures, and yet playing it feels nothing like Doom at all. You begin by harmlessly wading through the soothing shallows of the emerald river, and then it just continues to be otherworldly. Also, if you're tired of all the pretty mapsets being slaughtermaps, this one's as far from it as it gets!
  12. Scypek2

    Doomworld Mega Project 2020 (Y2K edition)

    Alright, I've done it! It's not the entirety of what I planned, but then again, the entirety of what I planned would only really be "one map" by technicality. The completed part is self-contained enough. Name: Revolthater Credits: Most graphics from TV's Revolution!, edited by me. Also featuring Freighthoppers by Jimmy (TVR Midi project), plasma shotgun from Realm 667 (edited by me) and a breaking glass texture based on Hacx sprites. revolthater2020.zip
  13. Well, I started working on a map and it's over half done, but unless I'm allowed to abuse the locked door textures I don't think it's gonna be a part of this project! I don't think I can compromise on that. I'm not gonna use any special exit textures at all though, there's no point in using them and they'd outright clash with the theme.
  14. Scypek2

    Farm animals sprite

    I also recall a Doom screenshot with a bunch of sheep, but I don't remember where those were from.
  15. Scypek2

    Farm animals sprite

    Redneck Rampage has a bunch of farm animals.