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  1. I just finished designing all the weapons for my advanced DeHacked mod! Look and admire. Pure vanilla.
  2. I just noticed the unreasonably impassable lines on my map, thanks @lirui1001. Since @StormCatcher.77 said we can still send map updates after the final release, here's a fix:
  3. I'm making a pretty complex DeHacked mod and just figured out that one of the bugs I couldn't fix was caused by the player's own projectile trying to bite him. I figured it out now though, and it's gonna work just fine!
  4. I once made a stupid jokewad where the first map was just a huge slope made of lots of tiny stairs and the accompanying midi was Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. But I guess normally inappropriate music choices can become appropriate in jokewads?
  5. Here's my update, maybe it's not too big. Now the level doesn't end on its own, and can be 300%ed. You also get to actually fight the archviles.
  6. So, by now I'm experienced enough to do pretty much whatever I want in DeHacked. Not turning the states table into a total mess though, that's another question entirely. Now I just have a few work habits to make it bearable: Of course, I try to have the frames proceed to the frames immediately below them as often as possible. I may make them jump back and forth to use some action/non-action frames at the right moment, but I still keep it as consecutive as I can without sacrificing any functionality. More notably, I write everything down. It would be possible to reverse-engineer a dehacked patch without any annotations, but it's much easier to just read a text file instead of following next frame pointers back and forth. I write stuff like, "Frame 123 is gonna have its duration changed to 4, its action to BSpiAttack, and will proceed to Frame 715." and same with every single other thing I do, only making shorter notes if they still describe everything unambiguously. It makes workflow real smooth. Also, before writing down very specific stuff like that, I write down more general plans necessary for deciding what to do, like "this enemy will have 3 attack frames, and need 2 action frames for PosAttack and CPosRefire". Then I can dive into the state table and decide what exactly to replace. Do you have any tips for advanced DeHacked work?
  7. That's some simple yet brilliant stuff. I love things like those.
  8. Apparently that wooden ceiling used to be nicely aligned, but then they shifted it for some reason? Great.
  9. I've updated my map, Don't Touch! (download link) Now it features many other monsters, ranging from imps to revenants! Most of them are slower, giving you time to react, but can attack you in other ways besides triggering the instakill deathtrap! Also notably, ammo refilling has been made less annoying. Enjoy!
  10. This just made me check, and selecting an option by pressing the first letter works in all menus. This is also present in wolf3d. I wonder how many people actually used it? Maybe it feels intuitive for someone used to typing commands?
  11. I think I have a good explanation: real difficulty is playing a megawad on Ultra Violence or Nightmare. fake difficulty is playing a megawad on I'm Too Young To Die, but if you take any damage, you must start the whole megawad from the beginning. In custom map terms, good difficulty would be having to react quickly, think and adapt to the situation, and so on... fake difficulty would be no health whatsoever, completely unpredictable or unavoidable dangers, instakilling dangers in general.
  12. That sounds like two solutions to a problem with different advantages depending on circumstances.
  13. Without constantly exploiting flaws, there would be no sapient life on earth. I don't expect to ever use this possibility, since I don't even use vanilla all that much, but I still like to think about the potential. Like I said, we're all gross hacks, let's respect our ancestry.
  14. Cool find! It could be used in a custom map to force the player to complete a level without saving and reloading, by putting a keycard in a deep narrow hole and using some ceiling-changing action on the sector. It would only work in ports that don't save the Z position of actors in the savegames, though.
  15. Low effort and low quality are a common aspect of jokewads. And I feel it's good in a way that no one expects any particular qualities from jokewads, not even basic enjoyability. So basically people who don't avoid jokewads altogether approach them with open mind. So if you're making jokewads, you can forget about any standards and just do whatever you want. But if you come with something clever or complex in the process, you should totally go for it. As long as it's just for the sake of implementing a fun/original idea you like instead of conforming to whatever standards. That's what jokewads are to me, just pure freestyle, and if it ends up more elaborate than your average shitty wad as a result, that's all the better.