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  1. fufu

    Your favorite "trend game"?

    Happy Wheels, i really liked it, but after every big youtuber stopped playing it the levels got progressively worse, idk about it now.
  2. fufu

    Languages thread!

    Spanish is my native language, and english is my second one (though i actually think that i'm much better with english than with spanish when it comes to writing). I'm currently learning portuguese and i plan of learning italian and french, after that i may move on to more complex or obscure languages or just stop at french.
  3. fufu

    What is Doomguy's actual goal in Episode 1?

    And the squad died, so he decided to just get the hell out of there (pun not intended). I'm amazed that they even bothered to write all of that stuff considering how most people at id didn't really care about the plot, they could've easily write something like "You're a space marine at UAC's base in Phobos, demons have overrun the installations, go kill them!"
  4. fufu

    Doomworld International thread

    I'm from Argentina, but unlike my fellows here i'm not from Buenos Aires, instead i'm from a medium sized touristic city called San Rafael in the province of Mendoza. Some cool facts about Mendoza: -It has a semi-arid climate. -One of the highest mountains in the world, the Aconcagua, it's located here. -It's the major producer of wine in the country. -It has some food recipes that are exclusive to it and can't be found anywhere else, the most popular are "Raspaditas". -It borders with Chile, so it shares many similarities with it, both culturally and geographically. -The governor of Mendoza recently said that the province has everything to be a country of his own, which i somewhat agree with, it also helps that most "Mendocinos" are not happy with the current government. I may have got some things wrong, but that's the basic stuff.
  5. fufu

    Would you pay for a classic Doom remake?

    A remake of Classic Doom seems completely pointless, you would need to change everything from the original game to make it work, which has already been done with Doom 3 and NuDoom. And, frankly, the gameplay and level design of the original games are almost impossible to recreate in a modern game without it feeling off.
  6. Because the artist who made the cover thought that black gloves looked cooler, or he simply didn't care about accuracy. Or maybe he DID colored the gloves brown but a print error somehow made them black, tainting his reputation and being forever known as the tragic artist who got the colors of a videogame character wrong.
  7. fufu

    important question about pain elementals

    Well, what comes out of the holes in your back?
  8. fufu

    What other fps do you like besides doom

    The big three build engine games, quake 1 and, unironically, postal 2. There's still a bunch i need to play.
  9. fufu

    Doom Iceburg

    Yeah i think you're right, i think "the offensive iceberg" may have been more accurate.
  10. Can Stadia just die already? I don't think there's a single person on the planet who still uses it, if there ever was.
  11. fufu

    Doom Iceburg

  12. fufu

    Doom Iceburg

    I tried I think most of these stuff is not that obscure for many people here, i also ran out of stuff in the end. I also made another one that is filled with truly controversial and disturbing stuff, but i'm not sure about posting it here.
  13. fufu

    unpopular retro opinions

    It used to be considered one of the best sonic games along with adventure 2 prior to the late 2010's, but for some reason near the end of that decade people started saying these games were trash and some of the worst sonic games, just to suddenly become great games again now.
  14. Some of these look like they are from completely different games, exactly how common were TC's at the time? Also why does the "Violence in 3D" one censored Doom and Rise of The Triad?