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  1. EvelisH

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Command & Conquer remastered. Gotta love revisiting ones childhood!
  2. EvelisH

    Worst movies you've ever seen

    Birdemic: Shock and Terror, it was so bad and extremely boring. Yeah there were some moments that made me laugh like the bad sfx and the terrible acting, but after a while it becomes torture.
  3. EvelisH

    The poll of the century

    Black Tea is my go to. I love coffee as well, but the caffeine in coffee gives me palpitations. Although Tea also can have caffeine I feel like it's less concentrated.
  4. When theres a forum with no specified rules what do you expect? Forum posts will get closed because theres no guidance as to how people must behave. And before someone comes to me with ''Just use common sense'' remember some people may not be able to interperet common sense as well as others. They need things written down for them to understand it better. And also yes before anyone else asks me because I know they will I did talk to a moderator. My opinion still stands, a place runs better when theres a groundwork of specific rules made to keep order. I dont want to learn the rules by trial and error, recieving a bunch of warns,and post closures, it is not good for morale. I've said my peace and will not say anything else. Have a good night all!
  5. Okay I just watched about 30 seconds of someone playing that wad. It is a literal eyesore, now I have lost more of my sight. Thanks @starfruit :)
  6. Hehe at this rate my title will become Karen. xD I wouldnt mind it I like to complain.
  7. Yeah I did. I just wanted to take some time so I could write everything I felt was important to mention. Sometimes I type like an idiot with a million ideas that come out like rubbish so I had to collect my thoughts first.
  8. EvelisH

    Duke Nukem 3D or Quake?

    At this point the Doom 2 pistol is basically a bb gun. I wish they had brought it back in Doom Eternal. (I know that it can be accessed through the console settings)
  9. I mean I like reading the rules of whatever place I join, I had alot of trouble finding it on this website until someone linked it to me. It would be nice if it was located somewhere people can easily see. Heck I even read the privacy policy xD
  10. So ill just answer everyone with this one post after reading everything I see. Yes my original reason I came here was to defend my husbands point, but that doesnt mean after the fact I dont want to get to know the community better. I do believe in free speech, but I can also accept if a place has a foundation of rules that can limit what I say to avoid hostility. I just dont want to be put under the impression that I can say whatever I can and then be punished for it. Last thing I want to get into is politics at this point and seeing as im being attacked at all sides from various people because I have an opinion that people have issue with. I dont feel very welcomed here at this point, but perhaps I came in with the wrong mindset so ill take some blame on that. Ive visited this website for a long time without becoming a member and since I am a member now, I ought as well take advantage of it and start talking. In the future I will just keep more to myself and about the rules here I will be messaging a moderator about it. At the end of the day I just dont want to break rules and it seems ive already given people a bad taste because I just want more transparency. I dont think theres anything wrong with having a post with specific rules. We can all agree to dissagree at this point. I do hope I can get to know all of you better and that perhaps we can get along in the future. I am not my husband I am my own person with my own thoughts and differing opinions.
  11. But you pointed out the the warning system means nothing and then contradict it by saying it does mean something is confusing me. Yes it should mean something, but many warnings might not happen in the first place if people knew the rules better. Im just stating that the rules are vague which can mean more rule breaks. Also about that first post I was involved with why was my opinion deleted to begin with? If it didnt break any rules it shouldnt have been deleted to begin with. Yes the conversation was going way off topic from the original post, but perhaps it should have just been locked right then and there. Instead comments that the mods thought were ''unfavorable'' had been deleted and the ones that fit their narrative remained before being locked. Also what is suspicious about me joining a forum for a specific topic I felt strongly about? Do you think im actually my husband posing as his wife? I mean I can prove who I am I have no shame in self advertising myself if need be. Trust me if you see the type of crap my husband posts and see what I post, its obvious we are two different people.
  12. Thing is I dont want to get to the point of even receiving a warning in the first place. Perhaps it might not mean anything to you but it might mean more to others. How am I supposed to know how to act accordingly if the rules are too vague to begin with? I certainly dont want a blemish on my record whether it means something or not. Of course not being too sure of the rules here because of how non-specific they are do make me feel like im walking on egg shells especially since the first comment I ever made got shut down very quickly. Also whats the point of even having a warning system if it means next to nothing? It should have to mean something.
  13. I think another point I would like mention here is that ''Dont be a dick'' may be interpreted differently depending on where you live. In some cultures things that might not be considered so offensive in one place can be very offensive in other cultures. I dont think it is fair for someone to get warned for something they might not understand because it may seem to be a norm from where they come from. Im American, but I moved to Germany several years ago and I noticed that Germans can be very straight forward about things and at times I have found that offensive. It is normal for Germans to be that way and they dont see it as offensive themselves, but for others it can be. It took me a while to get used to that fact. Im just using that as an example but there are many others. I do agree with your points completely.
  14. EvelisH

    What's your opinion on Reddit?

    I avoid Reddit like the plague, but I love watching youtube videos about Reddit posts. I might have spent hours watching those youtube vidoes. xD
  15. EvelisH

    How old are you ?

    34 going on 80. Seems like my body is breaking apart as we speak.