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  1. MemeMind

    Quake Remastered

    I was watching the trailer they made for this update and something caught me off guard. What is this music? I dont think i have ever heard it before, at least not from quake. Is this new offical music or is it just some stuff they made up for the vid.
  2. MemeMind

    Earliest Doom memories and impressions?

    Earliest moment with doom was watching a review of Doom 2016 because I was bored. Lets just say if I had watched something else I wouldn't be here.
  3. MemeMind

    Doom64 25th Anniversary COMMUNITY Map Jam

    Sounds interesting, never really mapped with D64 before so ill think about it.
  4. I have been seeing all the cool stuff being done with MBF21. I would love to start messing with it but I dont know where to start. Like is there a specific editor for it? I havent done some hand written dehacked before so do I have to learn that? I alwayed used Whacked for dehacked. And really any other things I should know.
  5. MemeMind

    Down In It [preview november 2021]

    Im trying not to make a Nine Inch Nails reference here.
  6. There's this interesting enemy that I have seen on the zdoom forums that is a lost soul that can resurrect monsters, but when it resurrects something it kills itself. It seems like an interesting monster with the utility of a archvile without the combat of an archvile. https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=73551
  7. MemeMind

    What Kind Of Music Do You Hear When Seeing This Image?

    I think thats an amazing way to practice mapping. I should do that sometime.
  8. MemeMind

    Your doom head-canons?

    I do believe in a minor id connected universe. Nothing too major other than Quake 3 and Champions brings together warriors from different dimensions and universes. I think the Arena Eternal is a sort of weird timeless eldritch "thing." This is why in Quake Champions we see characters like Slash and Anarki being normal and Quake 3 having them as a corrupted form in their future. Because of this, this is why we see the classic Doomguy in Quake 3 but Doom Slayer in Champions. I think theres some other minor details in the newer games but I hope theirs no real major canonical crossover moments in the future.
  9. MemeMind


    Map Name: Truth, Mercy, And Regret Author : MemeMind Sky:N/A Format: Boom Music: E3M3 From Doom the Way Id did Diff setttings: more monsters and less stuff on hard Build time: 1 1/2 hour Gimmicks: 3 Prophets (Barons) 3 Crushers 13 lost souls Comments: The Baron of Truth, Mercy, and Regret make this place their home, too bad they live under crushers. The Lost souls are their Drones. (edited) Download: v1.zip Screenshots
  10. MemeMind

    AI Generated Title Screens

    My head hurts
  11. MemeMind

    [UDMF] WMC04: Heresy (A Heretic project!)

    Heres a little WIP vid its a bit old to the current version but its still good.
  12. MemeMind

    What do you think is the worst Enemy in Doom II?

    Not a fan of pain elementals and their use. As for the best enemy, look at my flair.
  13. As a NIN Freak, I can hear the intro bass in SLBC ( the bass is ingrained into my head, which is also a hole) Its amazing reading this, I need to relisten to SLBC but just by memory its kinda uncanny. This is awesome that there has been a rise of OG 90's legends making contact with our modern day community.
  14. MemeMind

    PUSS XII: Trick & Tear 2 (DOWNLOAD NOW!)

    Trick and dooming!
  15. MemeMind

    Doomworld's Two Sentence horror stories thread

    The base on Enceladus went quiet months ago, last reports showed they dug up something. There is something below, its dark, hungry, and aware.