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  1. MemeMind

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    BF1 is a top tier game.
  2. MemeMind

    The Quake Confessional Booth

    I really wish Quake Champions came out after Eternal instead of 2016, I feel like it would have been a bit more successful. That was when the "retro shooter revival" was at its highest. I havent finished any of the expansions. IDK why, I just never had the thought to. I will probably never play Quake 4, I know it gets better halfway through. I dont want to play the first half of the game. I wish Quake Wars will get a revival.
  3. MemeMind

    How to Develop a Winning Mobile App Strategy

    This is secret marketing for the Doom Clash of Clans ripoff mobile game.
  4. MemeMind

    how old is your computer?

    2 Years old. I cant remember the exact specs but I can run modern games decently well. I recently got a 2nd hard drive so now I have like 5 tb of space.
  5. MemeMind

    Share Your Sprites!

    This is prefect thank you!
  6. MemeMind

    Share Your Sprites!

    I need something a bit specific. I need a impaled baron like this impaled zombie.
  7. Nope, its made by the games creator. I think the most recent song made is made by Keygen but its just gonna be for the upcoming secret level.
  8. I have ADHD so a bit of editing makes anything more engaging with me. Other times I would put it on in the background just for the audio so it really doesn't matter.
  9. MemeMind

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Something something England
  10. MemeMind

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I recently got into a Warhammer phase, so I have been playing a shit out of Total War: Warhammer 3 and Dawn of War 1 and its Expansions. Also built and painted some Ad Mech minis.
  11. top 10 doom moments


    10. Doomguy in doom??

    9. Baron of Hell goes to the store.

    8. Mancubus gets his VR headset.

    7. Arachnotron in a frozen vegetable bag. 

    6. Revenant

    5. Five Archviles

    4.IMP IN BAKED BEANS????!!!

    3.im in english class bored as fuck rn


    1. Doom Eternal Marauder in gmod???????


  12. MemeMind

    Should I get steam?

    This is it, we have reached peak Doomworld shitposting, it cant get better than this.
  13. MemeMind

    The Growth of the Doom Wiki

    The UESP is one of my favorite wikis to click random page on. I am addicted to TES and so having a wiki with the same amount of addiction is awesome.
  14. MemeMind

    Should I get steam?

  15. MemeMind

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    In 2024, Doom 7: The Return of the Father Demon will release. Doom 7 is a sequel to the 2010 game Doom 5: Dimensional Crash. Along with its release comes the long awated Doom Remake! Updated graphics, gameplay, enemies, and sounds! It even comes with a brand new battle royale mode!