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  1. MemeMind

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    I brought this up in another thread but I would love to see something like a Enemy Territory Doom Wars heres my statement in the thread im talking about.
  2. I dont think I will be able to finish mine. Can you please take me off this project?
  3. MemeMind

    doom eternal positivity tread

    I know there is a thread for this but the post above reminded me of this idea. I would really love to see a Enemy Territory Doom Wars. Wolf ET and ETQW are seriously underrated gems that deserve some sort of recognition. Something like the ARC vs the UAC Cultists at the beginning of the Earth Invasion would be interesting. We have some ideas of how cultist troops would look from Doom 2016's MP. From a lore perspective It would give more information on the Cultists, the ARC and the invasion, personally that's what I care about more than anything in the lore. I also think seeing more vehicles would be awesome (I know hugo loves his cars and mechs). Finally I just think its prime time for a Doom Spinoff after the success of Doom Eternal. This would also be a major W.
  4. MemeMind

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    The game Doom Infinite came out late last year with an early multiplayer beta and the campaign releasing on December 8th.
  5. Its very dark! Let There be light!!!
  6. Sounds Very Interesting, count me in.
  7. I just love how the lighting looks in software.
  8. MemeMind

    School is For Fools

    I may make second part to this over the next semester.
  9. MemeMind

    School is For Fools

    I wonder why....
  10. MemeMind

    School is For Fools

    The first semester of school ends, exams start, and winter break draws near. So Instead of studying and preparing, lets play some Doom. School is For Fools is a small set of ten maps made in school, yes all maps were made in class. These are small and quick maps to be completed all before your teacher catches you. All maps are made for vanilla use, and if you really want to use this wad for is purpose, it works with wad commander. So why not give it a try and fail school! SCREENSHOTS DOWNLOAD SCHOOLFOOLS.zip
  11. MemeMind

    What's your Doom mapping bucket list?

    Two main things 1. Continue working on a project I have been putting off since September. 2. Make a wad that is the whole album of The Downwards Spiral. I just think that would be cool.
  12. MemeMind

    The 2021 Cacowards

    Cool Cacoawards
  13. Im a very recent mapper but this thread gives me flash backs to when i was first starting out. I actually think my maps were some pretty good ideas and I go back to them after a while. I think the fact that a wad that someone uploaded 25 years ago is still around shows that the Doom community is great with archival.
  14. MemeMind

    Quake Remastered

    I was watching the trailer they made for this update and something caught me off guard. What is this music? I dont think i have ever heard it before, at least not from quake. Is this new offical music or is it just some stuff they made up for the vid.