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  1. Can we all just know that a unreal tournament sequel was canned for Fortnite. Yeah.......
  2. Theperson

    The 12 Days of DOOMMAS! December Speedmapping Event

    Oh dam only ten sectors? hmm this can work. I also really like the textures. Im thinkin of a snow temple that collapses in a snow cave. I dont know when I can get started mapping.
  3. Oh dam its out! Im so glad I could work on this. I will be there more the 12 days of doommas.
  4. Theperson

    Favorite Doom Wad Soundtrack?

    Im also adding QCDE's Music, even though its a Mod and not a Wad, its genually some of the best stuff I have heard. I wish the modern Doom and Quake games had that level of metal.
  5. Theperson

    Favorite Doom Wad Soundtrack?

    Everyone focuses at the maps of a wad but lets take a Look at the music. So what is your favorite Doom Wad Soundtrack and why? My personal favorite is Ancient Alien's music, its so unique and ethereal like the maps, they all work together to make a great experience. Also "Roof" is unironically one of my favorite pieces of music of all time.
  6. Theperson


    OoOOOoOoOoOhHh SPoOOoky!!
  7. Theperson

    What controller do you use to play DOOM on PC?

    When on Pc KB&M all the way. When I play on mobile i use my controller because my hands arent used to mobile games.
  8. Theperson

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Dear God
  9. Theperson

    Obviously very true Doom facts thread

    Bj Blaz, Doomguy ,and Ranger are brothers. Doomguy is also Master Chief's Dad.
  10. Doom Eternal is the same idea of Doom of combat puzzles,knowing levels,and knowing what strategies and times that by 10.
  11. Theperson


    @Clippy The Blue ones that "Slow down your computer" arent doing that, they are Time Imps, they slow down time.
  12. Theperson


    More Archviles = More Fun
  13. Theperson


    Oh what a coincidence!
  14. Theperson


    I knew some bugs would come through. I may make a v2 if the bugs are too much.