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  1. Steveb1000

    I choose the impossible. I choose: Hurt me plenty.

    I think its fine to mix it up. I am not a good player but I played through sunlust in UV - with many, many saves - because I wanted to experience what people talk about. Next I'm playing Valiant on HMP because I want a more casual play through. Mix it up, I say, depending on what you feel you want at that time from that wad.
  2. Steveb1000

    How do you personally play doom?

    GZ Doom HMP or UV Mouse Pistol start Saves No mods 10-60 mins at a time
  3. Steveb1000

    What makes a good player good?

    Mastery of the rocket launcher, especially combined with crowd control.
  4. Steveb1000

    Im looking for megawads recommendations

    Struggle is based on a demonic invasion of tech bases. It goes on to have more spacey levels, and the combat is more frantic than Doom1, but may be worth a look. I really like it.
  5. Steveb1000

    City Megawads?

    Auger:Zenith is pretty city-e. Lots of corporate hqs, rainy streets, and death discos.
  6. Steveb1000

    Tips for New Doomers

    I'd say the most important skill that I see excellent players demonstrate is: use of the rocket launcher To use it well, it looks like you need a great understanding of the splash damage distance, how auto-aim works, which enemies are high risk for making you face rocket, confidence in moving into the space which is created when rockets take out groups of fodder enemies, combining rocket fire with wall hugging to manage herds of mid-tier enemies such as barons to create space you can move into or through, remaining calm enough so you can quickly stop your fire when moving around in areas with pillars/walls, how many rockets it takes to kill each enemy, understanding rocket travel time versus the timing for archivile attacks and incoming projectiles, when you can use rockets for enemies to save cells for BFG shots etc etc. I say all the above in the full knowledge that (a) I can't do all that! I just see other people do it (b) i am sure there is lots more to it that what I have listed. I think from watching highly skilled players in action, it's evident that mastering the rocket launcher is the most important skill you can learn for playing most modern maps.
  7. Holy Mackerel is my favourite, someone (maybe named Casali?) Needs to make a very epic secret level with that title.
  8. Steveb1000

    What are you playing now?

    I've just got through Sunlust. First time playing a magewad on UV instead of HMP, and you can imagine what a step up that was. Only got through it thanks to hours of desperate running while praying for infighting, and more saves than Gordon Banks. It was amazing, incredible depth of thought and effort in the design. But for my skill level, I would like to take step down and would appreciate recommendations on something next to give me a nice change: - something on the fun, action side (such as Struggle or Auger:Zenith) - Less than the full 32 levels, ideally 5-15 or so. - Moderate difficulty - a few different monsters (such as Eviternity) - A sense of narrative or journey ( such as Epic 2 or Going Down) - Not classic style map design - Little if any much switch hunting or platforming Thanks!
  9. Just finished Sunlust. Amazing work. The depth of thinking that has gone into the design is incredible. Thank you both for making it.


    PS - people associate it with Archviles, but for me it's the megawad of Pain Elementals!

  10. @Rudolph People have asked that on his YouTube channel comments - he replied with variations of 'I'll have a play around and see what happens/how I feel'.
  11. Steveb1000

    Any recommended Halloween maps or mods?

    Dean of Doom's new video has good suggestions, particularly focusing on Tangerine Nightmare.
  12. Steveb1000

    Sunder - Map20 Appears, finally.

    time for a youtube comeback @Arbys550 :)
  13. My mind is blown, as are my nerves. I get it now, I get it. The madness they spoke of, the genius. Feel free to share you own pictures that tell a story.
  14. Steveb1000

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    Eviternity Map 26 comes close?
  15. Steveb1000

    Excellent Visual Themes You’ve Never Seen In Doom

    I have this dream of one day creating a map where the theme is bases/airships floating in the sky of Jupiter, though I'll need to learn how to build a functioning door first... :(