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  1. Steveb1000

    Playing Doom as opposed to watching Doom yt vids

    I remember being in in arcades in the 1980s and 1990s, when people would happily stand by the side of machines watching other play. I also used to enjoy watching my older brother playing Command Conquer-style games in the 90s and 2000s (he was much better than me!) and enjoyed watching early TV shows (like Gamesmaster) where you saw other people play. My experience is that watching other play has always been part of my gaming experience (I'm 43) and I regard watching YT and Twitch is just another version of those days spent stood at the side of an arcade machine.
  2. Looking forward to a map with a confusing, inescapable hell-pit, perhaps it called be called 'New Street Station?'
  3. Steveb1000

    What was the vibe of Doom community in late 90s / early 2000s?

    Doomkids comments seem to help put the important of Alien Vendetta and then Scythe in context. Would it be fair to say they modernised and to an extent saved Doom and its community?
  4. Steveb1000

    An Evening with Nirvana [Ep 22 - Dario Casali]

    This was great- the best episode yet.
  5. Steveb1000

    Longest Doom break

    Played as a casual in 1994-1995, and restarted as a casual player in 2020.
  6. I've noticed most people got into Doom because: (a) They played it in the 90s, when it was released/popular (I fall into this category). (b) When they were a child, their older relatives played it. I'd be really interested to hear from young people who got into it another way. What was your first experience with the game? Why did you enjoy it? What keeps you playing it?
  7. Steveb1000

    Looking for short WADs for YouTube projects.

  8. Map 28 of Epic 2. It's difficult, labyrinthine, and I didn't understand what I had to do to progress.
  9. Steveb1000

    DSDA and stopping mouse doing player movement

    Sorted, thank you.
  10. Can anyone help with something simple? Sorry for being a bit slow! How do I turn off mouse movement forwards and backwards etc? I just want to use WSDA to move forwards, backwards and strafe. I can't seem to change the settings so that it turns off forwards and backwards movement via the mouse. Thank you!
  11. Steveb1000

    Outpost 31 - A Tribute to John Carpenters The Thing

    It was a fun five minutes, thanks for sharing! I also love The Thing, so great to try it. However it did leave me a bit frustrated that it was not a proper map. The monsters were cool and I like the theme. If you have the time, it'd be good to see this as a proper level.
  12. Steveb1000

    What are you playing now?

    Just finished Scythe 2 yesterday. I was a bit skeptical beforehand, thinking it may be overrated. And most of the early maps feel fairly standard. But the final two episodes are incredible, as good as anything I've played before. I now understood the legend of Erik Alm. Not sure what to try next - suggestions welcome. If there are any styles of WADs different to the one here, which I have played, be good to hear; Alien Vendetta, Going Down, Struggle, Epic 2, Auger;Zenith, Scythe 2, Fractured Worlds, Miasma, Sunlust, Eviternity, Valiant, Arrival, The Eye, ALT.
  13. Steveb1000

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    ranking things is fun; get thee to a saltmine.
  14. Steveb1000

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I'd rather MtPain gave his actual views than alter them so they are more acceptable to one community or another. I see him as a critic - like an art critic, music critic or film critic. As a 'consumer', you want that critic's genuine, independent views, not views heavily influenced by anxieties about how they will be perceived by the creative community. Ref: his point about his reviews having an element of a conversation with the map author, I feel it's the same thing as with other critics. Imagine reading an author's books, or a director's films, and not having any thoughts about what they intended with certain choices or having any questions about why they made certain decisions.