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  1. Death Bear

    PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice (Dev Thread)

    Alright. Submissions are closed! Thanks for everyone who participated. I'm working on getting this out pretty quick. See you in a little while.
  2. Death Bear

    PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice (Dev Thread)

    Because I'm a generous bear, and I need to finish up my stuff for this event, I'm going to give people an additional 3 hours until submissions close...so 12pm, CST. If you have anything you're trying to finish, lmk now, if you can. I've already been compiling and working on the umapinfo and such.
  3. I need some sweet Egyptian maps to surround my glorious "City of the Dying Sun"! Let's get some fresh meat in here! Maps for the Map God!
  4. PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice Merry Doommas, you filthy animals! Here we go again, ONE LAST TIME before our long winter’s nap. With Mappin’ Round the Doommas Tree, we knocked out a 45-map wad in just a few days. We’re back to do that again with Doommas #4. I've been at this mapping thing now since December of 2020 when I submitted the lovely Deck the Underhalls to PUSS IV...and MY, how many snowflakes have fallen since then. Now here I am, spreading the Doommas cheer of mapping really fast and making some fun stuff to play. Come join me! Now, Santa Bear needs you to ask yourself…which list are on? iWAD: Doom 2 Format: MBF21 [MBF21: Doom 2 (Doom format)] Target Port: DSDA Build Time: 2 Hours (just quick and dirty!) (No infinite detailing timer) Multiplayer: (4) Co-op starts implemented Difficulties: Not required but stick to the List gimmick. Custom MIDIs and Skies Required! (There are skies and MIDIs in the resource that you can use). MIDIs should be Festive...or icy/ snowy-feeling. Resource: PUSS34RES.ZIP (Google Drive) We've upgraded! If you haven't checked out the WONDERFUL enhanced work @Arsinikk and company have developed, check here! I also added a few additional textures, mostly some snowy stuff, some red marble, and a few odds and ends, including a gingerbread texture/ flat I made for [redacted]. We gonna get festive up in here! The ZIP also includes the music files from the Enhanced Pack. Also, while I'll have you here, I don't usually spend time in these posts advertising other people's projects, but 200 Line Christmas is still running through Christmas Eve! Also, they have some really cool custom weapons and clever uses for the pack! Go make a map! There's still time! Secrets: Include at least one. It’s your time to decide which list you’re on! (I will be splitting these up into different episodes). Any given map submission needs to be one or the other. You can make more than one map, and they can be on different lists, if you so desire. Tell me what list you're submitting for, but if you made me a naughty map and put it under "nice", I will move it over...you rascal. Naughty List mappers ain’t worried about getting coal in their stockings…they’ll just use it to fuel the fires of their rage as they watch you fall victim to their sadism. Harder maps, challenging combat puzzles, slaughter…these all apply here. You like making difficult maps with the time you have? Go for it, here. If I can’t beat it in testing, I’ll find someone who can prove it’s beatable. Also, pick at least (1) of these 4 gimmicks: A Bone Closet in a Trick Door! (Hide some revenants in a monster closet and scare us!) Five Archviles! (No More, No Less) Four Cyberdemons! (No More, No Less) Seven Brainy Spiders! (No More, No Less) Nice List mappers make chill maps for Doommas. They keep the numbers low, the combat casual, the resources plentiful, and the playtime on the shorter side. No monster maps and walking simulators are acceptable here, as well as up to maybe a medium level of combat. Also, pick at least (1) of these 4 gimmicks: Some Doommas Doomcute! 11 Mall Santas! A Snowy Cave or Canyon Use the bunnies from the pack! They don’t block and are pacifist. They just chase you around and are so cute! Maps are due in the Discord Channel or on this thread by December 24th when I wake up to compile, which will be about 9:00 am CST. I want to have the compilation out ON December 24th. Make sure you have a name for your map and your music choice before submitting. For submissions, please post in this format: Map Name: [ X ] Author: [ X ] Music: [ Song + Author ] Format: [ X ] Build Time: [ X ] Co-op Starts: [Y/N] Difficulty Settings: [Y/N] Which List Are You On? [ Naughty / Nice ] Gimmicks: [ x ] Comments: [Insert all your Santa Bear lore here. Canon only.] Screenshots: [x] We only need the .wad file of your map. Compiling your submission with the resources is unnecessary for this event. Your mapping time can be nonconsecutive. You may collaborate with another mapper. The time limit is the same for your team as it is for everyone else, split between you however you like. Your timer will only go down when you are mapping or playtesting. Speedmaps will be under the honor rule. Neither you nor I can prove if a map went over the time limit or not, but trained eyes can see what is and is not a speedmap. If you cheat, people will notice. Any time in Slade used to give a midi is outside of your mapping time. I would recommend spending some time looking over the texture pack before you begin mapping, so that you don’t waste time scrolling. Map Submission Limit: There is no cap to how many maps you can submit to this event. Once your time is up, if you haven’t beaten your map, please spend time to verify that your level is beatable, and to make sure co-op starts are included. AFTER YOUR TIME LIMIT IS UP: As a general rule, I'm comfortable with you going back into your wad and picking at its bones to make sure everything is neat and tidy. Minor texture changes, bug fixing, and thing placement overhaul are fine by me. Excluding special cases, I do not want you building new rooms/sectors after you've already submitted a map to me. The time limit isn't to challenge you to make a map quickly, it's to light a fire under your ass to create something truly cool with a deadline. PUSS is still a speedmapping series, so maps won't be perfect cacoward level masterpieces, but I would still like for mappers to spend the time polishing maps they have sent to me. Fixes: Any bug fixing/map changes are due to me 1 week after I upload the final playthrough video of the last submission. I will not fix or edit your map without permission, but if you ghost us after submitting a map, I reserve the right to make necessary functional fixes ONLY (soft locks, missing starts, broken tags, etc.) so the map can be played and completed, or to reject the map. By submitting, you're agreeing to this. Of course, we'd prefer you take responsibility for your own work, and I will make multiple attempts to contact you first and give a reasonable amount of wait time. If your map is broken and you refuse to make any NECESSARY fixes so it is compatible with the target port and is beatable, then it is subject to rejection. Just remember, we're here to HELP YOU, so don't be discouraged.
  5. Wonderful fun, Snowy! Merry Doommas to you!
  6. Thanks for a Christmas map, Clippy!
  7. Happy Dirty Thirty, Doom! As promised, here's...well, something. This is beta 2. After we had some more playtesting (big thanks to @Scionox), there are definitely some more stuff that needs to be addressed, but here is a public beta for D-30. This is a SPLIT VERSION made for the target port of Crispy. So, it's split into three wads, and does not have an accompanying UMAPINFO or MAPINFO. Secret Exits are forced. THERE WILL BE A FULL VERSION containing 8 episodes (All 7 featured here, plus 4 more maps in a "Prologue" episode) that will utilize UMAPINFO and MAPINFO for more advanced ports so you can play it in one sitting, or if you'd rather play in DSDA or GZ. I will have this available soon. DOWNLOAD BETA 2 ZIP (Google Drive) THIS IS BETA! If you play this, know that this version is not 100% final. The map order is most likely final. Be sure to let me know as you play it and if you have any bug reports so I can not only address them, but credit you. MAPLIST (63 + 4 Total Maps!): Known Issues: There are some maps with some issues. Feel free to share anything you find, though. You never know if it's a previously unnoticed thing. I also know that two of the text screens need to be fixed. That's my bad. I know there are a few mappers here on the forum that aren't in the discord, so I will be sharing feedback from testers this week so you can attend. I'm sorry I haven't gotten it sooner, but it's been a crazy two weeks. I'll do right by y'all, so please everyone be patient while we try and finish this up the best that we can. I'm hopefully shooting in the next week or so to have RC1 ready to go, so if you can add fixes for your maps, please do so. If it's something minor and you'd rather me just do a quick fix, please let me know ASAP.
  8. Here we go, baby! I thought 100 seconds was something...somehow I pulled this off in 30. Didn't take me as many tries either. Hell yeah! Also, my very first original midi. It's...cacophonous...so it fits the map. Enjoy! Legendary wad.
  9. Death Bear

    2023 Cacowards

    What another great year to be in this community! Fantastic picks and write-ups! It's been an honor to contribute to projects for these last three years with all of these talented people, and man, it felt really special this year. I had literal tears running down my furry face when I saw Pina Colada and Quoth the Raven among some amazing releases this year, and seeing so many names of people I've worked alongside is just amazing! There's so much to play this year! We loved making Pina Colada, but I don't think many of us thought we'd be getting a gold! That's awesome! Thank you not only to all of the wonderful contributors who made this possible, but to all of you who played it! More on Pina Colada: And also THANK YOU for the wonderful mention of Quoth the Raven! This means the world to me, and I'm so excited to make more Heretic maps next year! More on Quoth the Raven: I'm REALLY looking forward to 2024. In terms of stuff to play, who KNOWS what will surprise us this next year!? I know I'm looking forward to the team projects we're currently working on, as well as finally getting some personal work out there. I'm also excited to finally get this PUSS backlog finished (ESPECIALLY PUSS XXII) and start fresh with some awesome new stuff we've got planned! Happy Dirty Thirty, Doom! Cheers, friends!
  10. Death Bear

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    I believe it was, yes.
  11. Death Bear

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Black Lake Run (MAP08) is "Runaway Imp" by Paul Corfiatis (Pcorf) Death Blossom (MAP11) is "Neon Glitter" by Dial Up for Murder Belphegor's Chasm Of Blood (MAP14) is "BloodHouse" by Steve88 Putrid Excellence (MAP19) is "vol_1" by Ribbiks IDK about text screen @myolden?
  12. Death Bear

    SIGIL 2 !!!

  13. Death Bear

    SIGIL 2 !!!

  14. Death Bear

    SIGIL 2 !!!

    They made it sound like in about 3 mins from now. So very soon. 12am GMT, I guess?
  15. Here's the rest! I enjoyed this mapset! Fair warning to anyone watching, this is not one of those "chill" holiday mapsets. That shouldn't put you off to it. There are difficulty settings, and it was a lot of fun!!! Here we go! (I did timestamp MAP04, because I spent over half the video on the last major fight lol) Merry Doommas from the dumb urban legend who lives a cage in the old abandoned park zoo!