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  1. Death Bear

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Beta out now!

    7 Maps, so far! WOO! Here's a little bump. Not much time left! Get ya PAC on! Crashing Clyde’s Castle @Death Bear Test Chamber @Peccatum Mihzamiz The Arcade is a Lie (Secret) @Peccatum Mihzamiz Doolhof @Peccatum Mihzamiz Mope @myolden A Pac to Far @Steve88 Coppers and Kobolds @horselessheadsman
  2. Death Bear

    DBP47: Dreamcatcher Apparatus

    Made it to Map06 already! Wow!!!
  3. So, it WAS a joke, I guess? And yet without that context, not sure who would’ve caught that. I’ve seen enough people act like this in earnest. Thanks @Biodegradable.
  4. Dude. That’s super uncool and uncalled for. Like…wtf. Idk if that’s a joke or not, but seriously.
  5. Cool. Glad it was fun. Don't know what else to say here. Was I supposed to be treating it as the hardest map of the wad? Can't teleport anything in with current layout and flooding it with more enemies would seem unnecessary. Plus, I still struggled with it for a minute, and I don't tend to make things I can't beat myself.
  6. Death Bear

    Heretic: Dungeons and monsters

    Made it through the first dungeon. Had a lot of fun! I’ll be back for more.
  7. Slot: 29 Name: "Blood Triangle" by Death Bear Vertices: 64 Enemies: 56 on UV Par: ~4 minutes Format: Vanilla Doom 2 Midi: Darkness Unfolds by Bloo Build Time: ~2 Hours Co-op: Starts + 1 extra monster DM: Added a few starts and weapon placements. Tested in: Chocolate Doom, Crispy Doom, PRBOOM+2.6, DSDA, GZDOOM Editors: UDB, SLAD3
  8. If 29 is still open. I’ll take it.
  9. Name: "Still Whimpering" by Death Bear Tested in: GZDoom 4.7.1, PrBoom+2.6 Build time: 1 hour, 30 seconds. MIDI: "Dread Factory" by MFG38 Sky: None Difficulties: Yes, but mainly just less enemies. Co-op: Starts. Notes: Something you'd typically see me do. With less damaging liquids and platforming this time. Download Screenshots
  10. Death Bear

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @Thelokk it’s still the 15th here, and it appears you have a vacant spot. I’m in, if you’re good with it.
  11. Death Bear

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Beta out now!

    Looks like I'll need one more update, at least! haha. Mad thanks for the awesomeness @noob_killer012345678
  12. Death Bear

    PUSS XVI: Pac-Man Doom - Beta out now!

    Thanks, @Peccatum Mihzamiz! That was fun. Definitely not meant to be a “hard” map overall. Gonna think through some of those potential revisions.
  13. Seriously cool. Thanks for taking that on @Dusty_Rhodes. Lmk if you have a potential series name, and maybe if you want an M_DOOM, @jacnowak. I may know some dudes. I think this is a cool idea and plan to contribute more.
  14. Death Bear

    PUSS XV: Mysterious Mayan Madness [March Speedmapping Event]

    I will say, it stands alone in how it performs the gimmicks and presents its atmosphere. I really loved it, overall.