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  1. MAP NAME: Sludgeworks Showdown, Part 1 AUTHOR: Death Bear MUSIC: MIDI Cover of Angry Again by Megadeth. Sequenced by Mark (archvile@nownuri.net). Modified slightly by me. SKY: OSKY08 from OTEX by Ukiro FORMAT: Doom 2 Limit Removing (Tested only in GZDOOM). DIFFICULTY SETTINGS: None. BUILD TIME: 7 Hours. COMMENTS: Sludgy base with ~250 monsters. I would keep moving if I were you. DOWNLOAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/8d2y9209uor2dt2/DB.SSP1v1.wad/file
  2. As a new mapper getting his maps tested and recorded, I (and my son) have very much appreciated the criticism and feedback as I continue to build my skills and enjoy being in this community. I really appreciate your work, and hope the best for your future endeavors!
  3. Death Bear

    Show me your custom doomguy mugshot replacements

    It's like...simple chainmail. It's a castle-themed wad. Think Monty Python-ish.
  4. Death Bear

    Show me your custom doomguy mugshot replacements

    Here's the edit I did for @BluePineapple72's "Clandestine Castle Crashing" Speedmapping wad in January. Probably will update it at some point.
  5. Map: I Hate Thee, Perfectly Author: Death Bear Music: E5M8 (from Sigil) by Jimmy Sky: Default Format: DOOM 2 (Limit Removing) (Tested in GZDoom) Difficulty Settings: No Build Time: A very difficult but fun 6 Hours Gimmicks Used: A Cyberdemon Turret guarding a secret BFG, Circular Rooms with Barons on Perimeter, Central Platforming Area with access to multiple areas, damaging floor with only escape as back access to start, Pinky cave...(I included most of the gimmicks in some way). Comments: My Speed-tribute to John Romero, including inspiration from Perfect Hatred, Against Thee Wickedly, and Sigil. Super Shotgun is available but not on main path. Uses full spectrum of Doom 2 Monsters. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/43wafo3a28p6xn3/DB.IHTPv1.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/njxnv7v8urqcq5u/DB.IHTPv2.wad/file v2 Updates: Texture fixes, realigned gunfire switch, removed incorrect damaging floor tag
  6. Death Bear

    Clandestine Castle Crashing [ January Speedmapping Event]

    @Biodegradable, thank you so much for playing through my map! This is my third speedmap, and I was actually really proud of this one (and did the first half while having a fever); so I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate the feedback, and definitely noticed some texture issues I need to go and fix now. I also appreciate the deal with the yellow key. I really had a hard time thinking of how to work around "press this for the yellow key!". I guess ultimately, you'd hope players would press a button if its available so I'll remove the little skulls. Thanks again!
  7. Death Bear

    Clandestine Castle Crashing [ January Speedmapping Event]

    Map Name: Violence Inherent Author: Death Bear Music: MUS_E1M1 (from Heretic) Sky: OSKY18 (from OTEX by Ukiro) Format: UDMF Tested in: GZDOOM Difficulty Settings: Yes (Though built for UV. Probably needs better balancing for others) Build Time: 8 hours Comments: Castle halls and courtyards with secret pathways. Monster-heavy but tried not to make it slaughtery. (Beware of crushers). https://www.mediafire.com/file/6bz8zvrldu9x41c/DB.VI_v1.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/jtbvbfnby72seow/DB.VI_v2.wad/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/dr1dowafw376ekr/DB.VI_v3.wad/file V.2 Update with some sector/ texture/ linedef/ vertex fixes. v.3 With even more texture fixes. Screenshot:
  8. My second speedmap. That was fun! Lemme know what you think. Title: Rocket Tears Author: Death Bear Enemies: Shotgunners, Revenants, Cacodemons Textures: BFALL1, BRICK5, MIDGRATE (EXITSIGN, DOORBLU2, DOORRED2, DOORYEL2) Flats: RROCK10, FLAT1_1, BLOOD1, (F_SKY1) Sky: HELLSKY9 (Mek’s Boxo’ skies) Music: D_SHAWN Difficulty Settings: UV MP: None Description: Plutonia-esque Bloody Hell Castle. Originally made with Chaingunners, but I couldn't finish it. There's a "chasm" (please don't hate me). I got around switch textures using a Sigil-esque mechanic. https://www.mediafire.com/file/0zmgfecoe42gxyf/Rockettears_v.1.wad/file
  9. Map Name: "Deck the Underhalls" Author: Death Bear (of Death) Music: "Deck The Halls" (MIDI from resource pack) Sky: none Format: Boom (DOOM 2) Difficulty Settings: UV-Only Comments: Christmas Slaughtery goodness in Underhalls-inspired speedmap. DB.DTUH.zip