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  1. m201 nightmare speed and nightmare secrets m201n042.zip m201s116.zip
  2. xit-vono

    The DooMed Speed Demos Archive returns!

    For doom2 map01 max I have a 39 second compet-n demo, as well as a 41.28 demo which I probably uploaded to PublicDANG. The other one listed as c-n is probably a reupload of Adam's demo as he used a different route(I think his demo was 41.68). So you should probably delete it.
  3. xit-vono

    DSDA on YouTube

    The video you did for m227 by Kimo Xvirus is nm speed, not nm100s
  4. m206 speed, one second faster than cyberdemon531 m206-210.zip
  5. xit-vono

    DSDA on YouTube

    Good work. Don't forget that SAV88 just did a nightmare run on mm2 map25. It's not in DSDA yet.
  6. UV max, -fast, and -respawn for m207 m207r410.zip m207f734.zip m207-509.zip
  7. xit-vono

    DSDA on YouTube

    please add SAV88's mm28 nightmare, as well as make a mm2 nightmare table
  8. OK Bob, I'll keep making demos. Here's a UV-speed for m207. m207-223.zip
  9. A tyson and a pacifist on mm2 map07. I wonder why anyone thought it was a good idea to have a door that randomly doesn't open all the way. m2071101.zip m207p443.zip
  10. Now a pacifist on the same map. I'm pretty satisfied with the time. p1m3s340.zip
  11. Thanks for uploading vdgg. I just made a demo for e1m3 nightmare secrets in 1:41, 8 seconds faster than stx-vile. n1s3-141.zip
  12. Doom2 map10 Nm100s and TNT map05 -fast SAV88's Demo was already quite good for ns10 so this took some time to beat. The other demo was quite easy to get. Also, I still can't upload demos to doom.com.hr ns10-143.zip ef05-413.zip
  13. My first demo in a while. I wasn't able to upload this into doom.com.hr. rs04-309.zip