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  1. Another improvement to my requiem map 5 nightmare run rn05-752.zip
  2. xit-vono

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Oh, I just mentioned it because it's something I would have suggested if I won this challenge, although since I have only one point, my suggestion doesn't mean much.
  3. xit-vono

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    I'm curious if you think Requiem map08 pacifist would be within reason. I had a look at it a while ago and thought that the hardest part was a pig at the top of a lift. I figure it's possible to either sneak around it or to get it to go down and have a caco or some monster shoot at it, then get it back up the lift. For the ending of course you would simply allow pressing the switch to activate the crusher to kill romero's head, which technically isn't a monster.
  4. xit-vono

    Beat Your Own Demos Month [July 4 - Aug 4]

    Well I think I have plenty of records that I can try to go for on this challenge. rn05-844.zip
  5. requiem level 5 nightmare speed rn05-844.zip
  6. Requiem level 10 nightmare speed and nightmare secrets rn10-103.zip rs10-138.zip
  7. xit-vono

    Nomonster speedrunning

    requiem levels 3 and 10 no monsters. The one on map03 is not a record. rq10o039.zip rq03o032.zip
  8. requiem map05 nightmare secrets rs051150.zip
  9. requiem 4 level nightmare speed run in 11:56, also completes 3 levels with 100% secrets in 7:02 04rn1156.zip
  10. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    I have a quick question that probably could be answered by experimenting. Is it necessary to be close to the wall like in map14 or is it good enough to just push up against it and find the right horizontal position+right angle+instant strafe50?
  11. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    Thanks, I think I have a setup that works the majority of the time now. I will have to modify it to avoid unnecessary turning because I used your tip to point the pistol at the starting platform.
  12. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    By the elevator, do you mean the teleport pad? I think I have some Idea what you mean, but I don't have my system set up to do SL50.
  13. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    Ok, seems to be working for me. The next one I would like help with is map24
  14. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    Thanks for you help. The trick I was missing is that it is necessary to come to a stop to get closer to the corner. I think the next trick I need help with is the map22 bars glide.
  15. xit-vono

    doom2 30nm tricks

    Hmm I think this is what I was trying, but I just haven't managed to find the right angle yet. I can usually get some kind of wallrun, but it leaves me just short. Also, I use novert so maybe I have to approach the wall with sideways movement. So it is just as simple as get close to wall and use SR50 at the right angle? And I assume that you have to be close enough as if you are doing a glide.