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  1. Promises are promises
  2. Finally, i uploaded my track to Youtube, hope you enjoy it!
  3. Thanks to cammy for inviting me to this project, i hope i can upload the MAP14 track on youtube pretty soon
  4. Finally, here is my submission. I took parts of the original composition and mixed them with a lot of sad dark/progressions, compared to the original i say its a more dramatic/orchestral approach. Condemned Souls (06:09) I hope you enjoy it. Pd: i recommend listening particularly to the bridge section (03:47)
  5. Sego

    what resolution do you play doom on

    1600x900 windowed mode on a 27" inch 1440p screen, super comfortable.
  6. @bLOCKbOYgAMES i use Ableton Live as the sequencer and for the "doom sounds" i use Virtualmidisynth as an external instrument with a sc-55 soundfont.
  7. I have been playing thy flesh consumed part of the midi pack and it has been awesome so far, congratulations. I will wait until the official release to get the full experience.
  8. linux enthusiast, one more for the open source army
  9. I'd like to claim E4M2: Perfect Hatred if it's available.
  10. Nice job everyone, i really liked the result.
  11. i hope all the songs turn out good at the end of this, i personally put a lot of effort.