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  1. My favourite wad this year. I'd add some ending map though
  2. I'd like to give an update on this issue. When you turn off the vibrations off in the console's system menu, both of these issues appear not to occur anymore. However, a main menu can still get displayed, but it is a different case. Opening options menu in this case, allows to select cheats menu. Selecting a harmless cheat, like the computer area map allows to resolve this issue easily. In conclusion, it appears that vibrations are causing most of the issues with the switch port.
  3. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.1.2 (updated June 18, 2021)

    I was playing Suckerpunch 2, and I noticed that when there are two sectors with the same ceiling's height, and both of them use sky texture, a difference in their lighting can be easly observed.
  4. NieMaMordy

    Using Limit Removing EXES to Run Boom Compatible Mods in DosBOX

    First version of boom was made for dos though, so you can still try your luck with running the wads you mentioned on dosbox
  5. Due to lack of ideas, I am leaving this project. Sorry guys. E1M5 is free to take again.
  6. NieMaMordy

    How do you pronounce the word "Cacoward?"

    cock award
  7. I think the port is in a good spot now, but it would be so great to see it become even better! It's good that people try to help devs find the bugs ;D
  8. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.1.2 (updated June 18, 2021)

    That is not the antivirus problem. What I mean is, that discord does not detect Doom retro's app when it is minimized in fullscreen mode. This makes it impossible to stream it.
  9. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.1.2 (updated June 18, 2021)

    I noticed that it is not possible to capture doom retro on discord when it is running in fullscreen. Is there a solution to this problem?
  10. NieMaMordy

    How do you test your fights?

    The skill level I always play on is hurt me plenty, so if I am barely able to beat my map on UV, without saves or secrets, then I consider my map to be balanced and considerably difficult.
  11. Here are two issues that keep occurring to me with switch version Issue 1: Weapons rumble issue upon changing a map When you load into the map, either by loading a save file, or completing a level, if the first rumble of the controller is caused by a weapon shot, it lasts a lot longer than it should. It occurs with each weapon, but it is the most problematic with Super Shotgun, as it has the strongest vibrations. It appears to occur only in downloadable expansions. In the video I captured, the vibration lasts for about 3 seconds, but it can be up to 7 seconds if you are unlucky. Reproduction steps: 1. Start Doom 1 or Doom 2 from switch menu 2. Activate any add-on 3. Start any level and obtain Super Shotgun or any other weapon with strong HD rumble effect 4. Save your game 5. Exit to the main menu 6. Load the previously created save file 7. Instantly shoot your weapon upon loading the save file 8. Observe the rumble being far longer than it should be Here is a video showing the issue: Issue 2: Sleep mode wake up issues Making the console go into the sleep mode and then waking it up often results in the Main Menu getting displayed instead of the pause menu, which makes it impossible to continue playing without loading the save file. If you are unlucky, your game gets frozen instead of displaying the inappropriate menu, which requires a full restart of the game. Reproduction steps: 1. Start Doom 1 or Doom 2 from switch menu 2. Load any add-on 3. Start any level 4. Pause the game 5. Make the console go into the sleep mode 6. Wake the console up from sleep mode 7. Enter the suspended Doom app from switch menu 8. Repeat steps 5-7 several times 9. Observe the Main Menu getting displayed instead of pause menu OR the game being frozen, requiring a restart Here is a video showing both issues:
  12. NieMaMordy

    The map you thought would never end

    Eviternity's MAP19 - Dehydration. This map feels like it's ending 20 times, before it does really end abruptly.
  13. I noticed that muzzle flash frame in SSG is misaligned with the rest of the gun. Do you guys see it too?
  14. There is, in gameplay options, if I recall correctly