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  1. Considering how popular the isabelle crossover became, I wouldn't be suprised if it happened. I'd love to see cacodemons with mario's hat, or mancubi with hammer bros's helmet
  2. NieMaMordy

    My Very First WAD (Five Map miniwad)

    I was using doomretro and it didn't lower for m either.
  3. NieMaMordy

    My Very First WAD (Five Map miniwad)

    It's a cool mapset, especially if it's your first. The first map lacked focus, but I liked the traps that were there during the backtracking. Second one was probably the best, as it was the most nice looking, and had some good challenge, even despite the fact that last fight was quite chaotic. The third map was simmilar to the second, altough most of it's rooms looked quite simmilar to each other. I liked the staircase that lead me to the blue door though. Fourth map was the most nice looking, although the most chaotic when it comes to enemy encouters, as it seemed that you used all the types of monsters available. Still a cool one though, even if the pits were inescapable I think. The fifth map looked like something that I'd make lol, but still a very enjoyable one. Quite chaotic too, but managable and felt much better to play. I couldn't find the exit though. Here are some tips: Let the player know which doors are possible to open and which are not by using different textures. Don't be affraid of seting traps for the player. I loved the ones that you created, but there wasn't this many of them. Let the player escape the pits. Maybe a teleport or an elevator? Overall a very fun time. I envy your brother as I can tell that a lot of effort went into creating this one. You've got the basics now, and I can tell that your maps are gonna keep getting better and better, just like here, where with each map I noticed more and more focus on a certain themes. Nice Job!
  4. NieMaMordy

    Does anyone think that DOOM 64 sucks?

    Your post looks weird. You say that you don't like it because it's different. Is there any other reason apart from that?
  5. NieMaMordy

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    In my opinion, Chainsaw is a bad weapon. It does not deal that much damage, and enemies that are being attacked can still easily damage you. I prefer berserk pack, which requires more movement, but allows for less HP loss, and more damage dealt to enemies.
  6. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v3.5.10 (updated June 7, 2020)

    Is the drawdistance for voodoo dolls limited? I noticed that I have to be like 16 units close to them, for their sprite to appear.
  7. NieMaMordy

    Doom - Diablo Crossover - Doomiablo

    Imho, diabloom would sound much better ;p
  8. And why would that be a problem?
  9. Sooo, are you going to release it on idgames archive? From my point of view, this wad is already finished.
  10. I didn't even notice that wolfenstein recreation, and thought Doom one was the first :p
  11. Here is a possible solution to this problem. When there is a small gap sector between the wall, and the sky, remember to raise it's ceiling to be the same height as in wall sector. After that, everything has started to display properly again. I also checked it on Chocolate doom and it seems to work fine there as well. https://imgur.com/NQpy316
  12. https://imgur.com/V2A2e5v Map01 outdoor area. I'm suprised no one has found it before.
  13. Map 4 secrer requires you to go through the closing linedef, before the door fully opens. This way, closing will not start.
  14. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v3.5.10 (updated June 7, 2020)

    The wad on my mind this time was Doom Zero. "SLIME05" to "SLIME08" is treated as liquid, but it is meant to be a flashing lightbulb. Will let you know if I remember other wads where I noticed that effect.
  15. I finished the wad and I liked it quite a lot. My favourite maps were in the first half, but the second one weren't half bad either! I loved the idea of non linearity with choosing one of the three keys, but I also liked how non-labyrynthy most of the maps were. I didn't like the last ones that much though, as I got lost in them quite a lot, which is something that didn't happen in the previous ones. I loved the final fight, and interesting ending though. The new monster seemed troublesome at the beginning, but I quickly got used to it, and now I think it fits to the rest of the cast. Your wad is amazing. I enjoyed it so much, that it's the first PWAD I've ever finished. Thanks a lot for creating it!