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  1. It's been a month since the last update. Any new info?
  2. NieMaMordy


    You've got to mix demons you place at the scene more cleverly, where one compliments the other e.g. where pinkies make you run away from them, add some chaingunners that require you to run close to them. Also, showing everything a map has to offer from the start makes them quite boring. You might say that you put some teleports that put you in other rooms that couldn't be seen before, but these rooms are made in a completely different way, making them not feel like a part of the same level. When it comes to monsters, there are no traps here at all, which is often a big part of what makes an encounter feel good to play. What is also lacking here is some decoration, where every think looks like the most basic shape, without any aditional columns, floor level changes or other stuff that just looks nice. All new mappers struggle at first, so it's fine. Just keep on improving.
  3. NieMaMordy


    Very nice looking titlepic and other custom graphics, but the maps are awful. Monster placement appears random, and there is no cover or decorations anywhere.
  4. NieMaMordy

    UAC Deimos Facility

    I am unable to download your map from dropbox. Could you mirror it?
  5. Here's the first version of my revamped map 240kilo.zip. It requires a resources wad from the first post to run. I am unable to post new screenshots for some reason, but you can check the old ones here:
  6. Here are some screenshots from a map that I originally designed for TWANGO, but I left the project. I am adding a new outer wall area, and I want to revamp the item placement to make it fit this project more. What do you think about the geometry so far?
  7. A week has passed. Mind if I take one of the slots?
  8. I noticed that some people left the project. Are their slots free to take, maybe?
  9. I think slot is free for you now. Check out messages above.
  10. add me to the extra slot please. I have one DM map ready, which was made for a similar project, which I left before it released.
  11. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    It says it's using Microsoft MIDI Mapper, but I am positive that Virtual Midi Synth is used, since its soundfont and volume options are applied. Sorry for late response btw
  12. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    VirtualMidiSynth works fine on my end with doom retro, as it always did.
  13. Having to use mouselook is something I dont like
  14. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    When streaming doom retro on discord, I noticed that my game is not recognised as 'doom' in general, but rather as the wad that I am currently playing (e.g. wow.wad). This results in having to register a new game in discord each time I want to stream a new wad. Would it be possible to change it so discord always recognises Doom Retro as just 'Doom Retro', no matter what wad is played?
  15. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v5.2.1 (updated January 12, 2024)

    64-bit download link doesn't work for me either