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  1. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.5.1 (updated May 29, 2022)

    While playing on this new version I noticed a strange bug with mouse movement, which turns out to be present in Doom Retro versions for quite a while. It appears that your mouse movement gets slowed down when running into a wall that is taller than you. This issue does not occur when Player is not facing the wall or is running into a wall that is lower than the Player. I am unable to provide any video, since this issue is quite subtle.
  2. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.5.1 (updated May 29, 2022)

    The world starts to look floaty when I move the camera after disabling fps cap. It's a nice effect, but I am not sure whether it is supposed to look like that.
  3. NieMaMordy

    Why was there nothing new in doom 2?

    They added more new stuff in doom 3. Give it a try
  4. Witajcie fani Quake'a z całego świata! 
    W tym miesiącu spotkanie klubu Quake 3 będzie wyjątkowe. 14 maja, w ramach nocy muzeów, zaczynamy późno, bo o 19:00, za to tym razem edycja będzie dużo przyjaźniejsza początkującym. Edycja ta nie będzie opierać się o turniej, lecz o luźne granie w tryby drużynowe. Oznacza to, że nareszcie dostaniecie okazję by razem z ekipą kumpli przyjść do nas i pokazać kto tu rządzi w trybach takich jak Team Deathmatch, czy Clan Arena. Znajdzie się też czas na instagib, co z pewnością ucieszy początkujących snajperów! W skład dodatkowych atrakcji wchodzą możliwość zagrania w Quake 3 na googlach wirtualnej rzeczywistości Quest 2, oraz nauka podstaw edytora GTK Radiant, dzięki któremu będziecie mogli stworzyć swoją własną mapę i rozegrać na niej szybki mecz z obecną na miejscu ekipą. To wszystko za uczciwą cenę, czyli gratis, ponieważ na tej wyjątkowej edycji spotkania naszego klubu wstęp będzie wolny dla każdego.  Już nie możemy się doczekać! Czekamy na was 14 maja od 19:00 w Warszawskim Muzeum Komputerów i Gier, na przystanku Główny Urząd Statystyczny. Do zobaczenia!

  5. 14 stands for a crash and softlock fixing update.
  6. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.5.1 (updated May 29, 2022)

    Hi!, I found a bug in Doom Retro this evening. Here are reproduction steps I managed to pinpoint: 1. Start Doom Retro either in fullscreen or in windowed mode 2. Start the game 3. Press escape to open the menu (this issue does not occur when the game is in paused state, or when it is not paused at all) 4. Alt+tab from the game 5. Focus on the Doom Retro's window again 6. Observe being unable to do anything in the menu, making the app softlocked
  7. Hi! I would like to ask for my map to be removed from this wad (currently taking e2m9 slot). I am not satisfied with the direction this community project took. Most of the feedback me and others gave you either goes ignored, or is considered a toxic behavior. Some of you really did improve upon reading it, and your maps are great (especially @Redead-ITA, @Walter confetti and @Pistoolkip. Great job you guys!), but the fact that maps such as E1M3 or E3M8 either look or are generated by computer really bothers me, especially since they are accepted by everyone else. OP of this project seems not to care about what others made at all, changes essential stuff without asking others for permission, adds Slade map to the roster as if there were not enough people wanting to participate in the project, does not give any feedback regarding the maps (saying a map is good/bad is not a valid feedback), disappears for weeks and is generally very distant person. Sorry guys. This project is not my cup of tea.
  8. Sadly, I won't be able to play with you guys this time. Can one of you capture the video of this deathmatch session? I'd like to see if my map feels better to play, same with some of those that got greatly improved since the last session.
  9. NieMaMordy

    DOOM Retro v4.5.1 (updated May 29, 2022)

    I had the same problem so I used the r_bloodsplats_max 0 cvar, but you can use a higher number. Since I use 0, I never checked if bloodsplats stop to appear upon reaching this number, or if the oldest ones start to get replaced with new ones. Either way, give it a try
  10. I liked the previous map placement, but I guess it really does make more sense to place my map in secret slot, since it feels more like episode 3 or 4, rather than 2. I will check the new beta as soon as I can. Most likely next week. I will post reviews of all the maps again when I do. Btw, I know my reviews may sound toxic sometimes, but I write them with best intentions, hoping they will allow you to improve your maps in the future.
  11. How is it going guys? Is someone still working on improving their map? Are there any playtest sessions planned to happen soon?
  12. This is why it never ocurred on your end. Crashes and softlocks occur either instantly or a few minutes after waking the console up from sleep mode. Softlocks are revolving around the fact that the main menu appears on the screen during gameplay, which still allows for moving the character, but it prevents the User from opening a proper in-game menu. While it is still technically possible to continue the game in this state, User is unable to save and load, making it impossible to save your progress. I have shown these issues in greater detail in this old video, but unfortunately I never got any response from anyone in regards to whether the issue is known or reproducible on other devices.
  13. Oh it is amazing. It supports 16:9, offers some mods to play, adds stuff such as optional crosshair or optional sound pitch. It also runs very well. Its biggest drawbacks are lack of customizable controls, and very common crashes and softlocks on switch, which is something that I would kill for it to be fixed.
  14. I have no idea what's going on, but yet another update has been deployed today. It adds everything that the one from yesterday did, and anwsering @ChopBlock223 's question, both of these updates do absolutely nothing.