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  1. Engired

    PUSS XVII: Pandemonium Speed Weeks

    I'll start trying to make something, hopefully I can complete it.
  2. I'm going to wait for a bit longer, and try pushing people. I may remove the deadline entirely for now.
  3. Here's my map: (Download) Name - Treated Sewage Vertices - 64 Music - Stealth Mode by Jimmy for Plutonia MIDI Pack Time - 2 - 3 hours (?) Tested in - Woof, and GZDoom (mostly Woof though) Screenshots - Notes - This should be the first episode to be finished. Hopefully it's good enough, it is pretty slaughter-y. I may re-texture it to be more tech base-y, but it should fit as an earth styled level. I may also change the music if I find something better. Everything is implemented though.
  4. Yes, map26 is currently the only one open.
  5. Here's a build of what we have so far: TNTTWRRI (Build 1).zip. We have a lot that we need to do still, so I'm extending the deadline to an unknown time. Under mappers, I'm waiting on: @Wavy @SilverMiner @bofu @Rycuz @ViolentBeetle @Dusty_Rhodes @Death Bear @SynDoom @Nootsy-Nootsy @shinola @RileyXY1 @Philnemba @Puncher_Sponge @Thelokk @Kloki38 @CacoXplainn @Dexiaz and MAP32 and MAP8 are still unclaimed. Under music, I'm waiting on: @NaZa @Robo_Cola and a lot of music is still missing. If anybody knows anyone that could help, or if anybody could help out themselves, then it will be very helpful. No text entries have been done yet, those need to be done by somebody. Under artists, the HELP, CREDIT, BOSSBACK, and M_DOOM need to be done. Hopefully we can get this done soon, I'll be leaving some feedback on all the levels so far later.
  6. Moved the final area in my map a bit to stop rockets from hitting the player. Also fixed a few bugs, hopefully it's a lot better now. Download: 30mc_Engired_v3.zip
  7. Engired

    [Community Project] "Gorehounds of Doom"

    @Thelokk I'm in.
  8. I missed it somehow, the post is now updated.
  9. Engired

    Doom 2: The Way We Remember It (Release v8)

    It is now on idgames, https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/d2twwri
  10. Limit removing, and I don't care if the map is in the correct slot.
  11. The second option is fine, but the first option is also fine if you want it to be more accurate.
  12. Here's my recreation of Into Sandy's City: IntoTheCity.zip