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  1. I'm unfortunately going to have to leave this project, I just can't do the map to my liking.
  2. The list is up to date, and here's a new version: PLEXRM.zip The midis are a bit messed up - I think it's due to some people bundling midis with their maps? I'm not entirely sure what I've done. Regardless, I have missed or do not have submissions from: @SilverMiner, @spineapple tea, @Lord_Future, @ThatWeNGuy, @noob_killer012345678, @Bagellio, @SuperPecanMan, @Large Cat, @Skronkidonk, @Ludi (uncompleted midi submissions not currently mentioned, these are all mappers.) Many midis and text lumps are still free, so feel free to take them if you want. I'll be busy again for most of this month, but I'll try to update fortnightly (depending on activity). Soft deadline is around end of this month, early next month, hard deadline should be around late next month.
  3. I've been a bit busy lately, but I'll try to get it all updated soon. I'll put a new deadline up when I make that update post.
  4. I'm in, it's not like I'm doing much anyway.
  5. It will be started after Plutonia if possible. It'll be a midi project though, and I doubt I'll update the files here before it ends. It is definitely still planned though, although honestly it's not going to be out for a while.
  6. It might've been a walk over trigger. I don't exactly remember what does it, but I know something does it.
  7. It's intentional, although I'm not sure if the original did it? Pressing a switch lowers a voodoo doll onto a red key, thus collecting it. I don't think there's any other way to collect it.
  8. I've redone the list, I was using excel before and it just became a pain to update. There were a number of duplicate midi submissions, if you want to submit a midi (or already have), please check the list. The list should be accurate to the first person who asked to do the midi. Sorry if you claimed a midi that was actually already claimed! It's all my fault! Finally, here's a download of the first beta build: PLEXRM.zip I'll again try to go through them and see if they all work properly. I won't be mentioning the people who still have maps to be completed, however the next time I update I probably will, so this is a soft reminder for those following the thread. The deadline is mid-next month, but I can already tell that I'll need to extend it. I don't want for this to take too much longer than that though, as I really want it to be done before December! Also, if I missed your text submission in the thread, please tell me because it looks like I've completely missed all of them.
  9. Map03 has already been taken, but map20 is free.
  10. Map Slot: 09 Map Name: Ignited Irony Mapper Name: Engired Screenshots: Midi: Necrofantasy Notes: Download: 9IEngired
  11. I wonder if the unity version is the only version that works, because I can see the text in GZDoom. I'll try and get a fix out relatively soon.
  12. You can make approximations of the map, it doesn't have to be even close to a 1:1 recreation. Feel free to look at it again if you have no idea what to do.
  13. It is meant to be played with TNT.wad. DOOM2 shouldn't have any unique textures, I suspect map31's are just normal HOMs. Though I'm not sure why the text doesn't work on DSDA, because the lumps should be set up the same. It might be a source port thing.
  14. MAP20 was fixed a couple updates ago, it should be working as of now.