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  1. tsocheff


    cool to see someone using my midis.
  2. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    forgot to upload this. a simple minimal midi inspired by scythe map 4 Pothole.zip
  3. being apart of this project was pretty cool and the people were pretty cool too.
  4. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    i've been thinking about turning every guitar track from the horror game "cry of fear" into midi. if i do that, here's the first one Lonely.zip
  5. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    you can do whatever you want as long as you credit me.
  6. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    tired to go for a simple 80's/90's rock sound with this. willtofight.zip
  7. i have progress on my map, i've just been working on it slowly so an extension would be cool
  8. tsocheff

    What comedians do you dig on?

    for me its fluffy, john pinette, shane gillis, george carlin and chappelle.
  9. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    nothing much to say apart from it was inspired by the btsx2 soundtrack and that i think its my best work yet. unknown.zip
  10. tsocheff

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    good, but i've been focusing on irl stuff so its been slow
  11. tsocheff

    Tsocheff Midi Palace

    longest one i've made yet, was making it for a somewhat halloween themed thing, but obviously missed that. https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/vw1ozt755elewmwp62iph/Shadowed-Alleyways.mid?rlkey=nckjec6bamlebqz73rs92e9qf&dl=0
  12. tsocheff

    AMALGOOM (OST) needs Composers

    didn't think about this until now but, pantera and groove metal in general have influenced me a lot with how i do midis.