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  1. raddicted

    Favorite Doom YouTuber?

    brendondle and mtpain27 are basically the only doomtubers i even watch (cuz they're good)
  2. raddicted

    Knaht [cl21]

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you like turkey. IWAD: Doom2 Runs on: MBF21-Supporting ports. Levels supported: UV Multiplayer: Yes Music: Map01 - vcxz, by Ribbiks Map02 - 11h044, from 11th Hour Title - All we are is Stardust, by cptazad Intermission - The Coming Storm, by cptazad New graphics: Yes Play time: ~40 Minutes Map format: MBF21 Maps: Map01, including an anti-Underhalls map. Bugs: None currently known https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NhTUVBNXsIQn05nkx2UeZhfD3dIYCBbL/view?usp=sharing
  3. raddicted

    who're your favorite mappers

    a few of my fav mappers, some of whom influence my own work Inferno Lunchlunch Ribbiks Dobu Gabu Maru BPRD Akolai Dashlet
  4. raddicted

    my thanksgiving map

    dw, im gonna make something better for this year :)
  5. ill make something up for this
  6. raddicted

    [Community Project] VANITY

    ill take map31
  7. Map Name: Urnacefay Map Number: 29 Song Used: Custom Song - Alexwow Custom Textures: None used. Download: here Author: raddicted screenshots:
  8. raddicted

    UNFINISHED.wad [RC1]

    Map Name: RevHoarder Author: raddicted Resources: stock Format: DOOM2 Comments: detailing on the floor obviously unfinished, lol. was planning to have a platforming section outside but just didn't do it. Screenshots: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mt36YbIV-_q42-3CXW28mVMmeLgtObzd/view?usp=sharing
  9. raddicted

    1x1 [MBF21] (Final Release)

    what a garbage and pain in the ass wad... all the wad can be summarized like this: poor programming and no texture variety with too many monsters and no actual combat design. i wonder what group of builders came up with this torture for the player... 12/10, has a little something for everyone.
  10. MAP TITLE: Unkempt Mucus Depot MAP NUMBER: 25 MIDI: "Run for your life," by Paul D. DESCRIPTION: This map may bust the balls of doomworlders, but that's how you get good. DOWNLOAD: here