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  1. Almost done with this area.
  2. There are in total 45 maps at the moment.
  3. So a standard Clippy map then?
  4. @Obsidian How exactly do we go about implementing difficulty settings? Do I just edit my part of the map and then send it to you? Also, how much are we allowed to adjust the map?
  5. Finally got around to recording 100% playthrough of all levels. Secrets are timestamped in the video descriptions.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. As for Cacos... well there's a map where you can spend few minutes making tomato juice if you want to.
  7. I decided to make a 100% walkthrough for MAP10, in case someone is wondering about the little puzzle on that level. The puzzle solution is at around 7:58. The video has spoilers, of course.
  8. The Island of Killer Cacos iwad: Doom 2 Slots: Map01 - Map13, MAP31 and MAP32 Format: UDMF Tested with: GzDoom Redering: Hardware Acceleration is recommended There are few visual bugs on Software but the game is playable Jumping: No Difficulty levels: Supported Balanced for a pistol start on UV (ammo can at times be little bit tight) Textures: Otex 1.1 DOWNLOAD Music Also, big thanks to the people who played the early versions of some of the maps.
  9. JJBoren

    What were your very first mapping attempts like?

    My first Doom level. I used heavily upgraded version of this map in my first released Episode.
  10. I made another map for this project, this time a bit more involved combat wise. Christmas Smells Like Gunpowder Author: JJBoren Music: Jazz Jackrabbit 2: Bonus Stage Coop: Yes Difficulty levels: Implemented Build time: Around 3h 40min christmas_smells_like_gundpower.zip
  11. JJBoren

    [RC5] EVITERNITY II - RC5 Released!

    I guess we got a winner for the Cacowards 2024.
  12. JJBoren

    BlackJack Series

    If you want a guide on Doom mapping for beginners, then I recommend this series by DavidXNewton.
  13. Map Name: Hot Lead For Naughty Demons Author: JJBoren Music: Jazz Jackrabbit; Holidayhare 1995 Build Time: Around 3h 50min Co-op Starts: Y Difficulty Settings: Y Comments: My humble offering for the season. Edit: I made a tiny adjustment to the map (I moved one enemy by few map units). If this is ok, then I'd prefer if version 1.1 was used. @BluePineapple72 hot_lead_for_naughty_demons.zip hot_lead_for_naughty_demons_1_1.zip