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  1. There is some thread to post memes?

    1. Gothic


      reddit is the other way

  2. Ahora que Doom Dark Ages se anuncio, deberan de hacer doomworld un topico de Doom Dark Ages 

  3. Vosolokoviteh

    maps that broke you, for better or for worse!

    Sunlust map 15 with the hell knight, barons and chaingunners horde I was stuck in that part of the map for a long time, trying after death attempt, loading the game too much and suffering because I was dying all the time, and because I had to dodge the projectiles and hitscanners better, I remember that I was satisfied when I got through that part , and the rest seemed like a piece of cake to me, I feel like it was more than anything because I had bad armor and health at that time, and that's why I went days without passing that level lol
  4. Vosolokoviteh

    Favorite Doom Pyramids?

    Nobody is going to talk about the pyramids in which you can play deathmatch?
  5. Vosolokoviteh

    What are you listening to?

  6. Vosolokoviteh

    A very simple question

    Good question, it depends on the number of enemies on the map, if the map is full of meaningless enemies (slaughtermap) it is normal to give the player a lot of ammunition. If it is a map with few enemies like Hell Keep, it would be normal to make them take advantage of the berserk, it is even possible to make maps that do not require any ammunition and are pure berserk.
  7. Speaking of that, the other time a friend of mine did a little checking, and compared the 3 launchers on 2 different pages (ZDL and Doomlauncher) and curiously, in addition to that, not much was detected in ZDL and Doomlauncher. It was mentioned to me that Hakros Doom Launcher weighs more than the others Any explanation would be helpful
  8. Vosolokoviteh

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    my fucking god i founded this old images from my first map i made in DB2, i consider it my lost media How i lost the .wad from my first map? It was bad use of Save into
  9. Vosolokoviteh


    This is nice
  10. Vosolokoviteh


    Thanks for playing Analtalthelmera 2
  11. Vosolokoviteh

    Your own "Lost Media"

    i lost the first map i have done
  12. Vosolokoviteh

    What are you playing now?

  13. this thread is gold
  14. Vosolokoviteh

    Favorite Doom YouTuber?

    hunted11, cyberdemon revenant97, chrisandres93, decino, etc.