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  1. DJVCardMaster

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    Some natural landscapes for my 11th map in Trial To Hell (Within Vanilla limits)
  2. DJVCardMaster

    More Memorable Maps

    Anagnorisis from Eviternity Slipgate Ex Nihilo & Dr. Jones Abby's Malediction from Interception II MAP15 from Skulltiverse The Devil's Capital from Akeldama... I did not play that much new wads though, but I could recover some memorable maps while playing with the DWMWC over the months.
  3. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: 1000 Lines 3

    I'll take some time from the club as I finish my finals. See you guys next year, and happy Dooming!
  4. Vanilla is often considered for everything that could run on doom2.exe, if you can load dehacked patchs on your doom2.exe (Guess you can since it has been done since the mid 90's). Then, it is. Limit-removing goes beyond Vanilla in the sense that every map does not count the static limits of doom2.exe, you know, visplanes, drawsegs or things that could make it crash or break on a normal playthrough. There are quite a few sub-categories in Vanilla, as the visplane limits are higher on "Vanilla-ports" like Doom 96. Everything that runs on doom2.exe also runs in Chocolate Doom, but CD can also remove said limits. There are several interesting things in DeHacked that may run in the original .exe, those for me are considered Vanilla. Like this one: This may be one of the most advanced things you can find in terms of Vanilla DeHacked.
  5. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    Interception II - Moustachio, DFF & The Interceptors: This is a solid mapset made by community members, where half of its development was at the same time than Akeldama, both wads share similar traits because their share similar mappers (Moustachio & DFF, along with Valkiriforce, Pegleg and even myself). The difference between Akeldama and Interception II may be the Boom compatibility of the latter. Akeldama made really good maps within its Vanilla restriction, but I feel Interception II did not get the same approach within its bigger limits. Don't get me wrong, most maps are really cool looking, and fun to play, but you can kinda notice some amateurish traits here and there, typical of the people that was novice at mapping, and decided to contribute with a map. You will notice some things like many pickups at random places (specially health/armor bonuses), unbalance of ammunition at some maps, overloads of different types of textures in the same level, creating a somewhat convoluted color pallete (More noticeable at Episodes 2 and 3). And maps that may be pretty long for the sake of it. Talking about maps, this experience will take you some time to complete, and it's good to play just like if it was a modern Eternal Doom, many of its maps are long, sometimes puzzly, and complicated. This megawad is more about the journey, and some bits of story-telling present in the bones of every map's aesthetic. The strongest point though, may not be a particular map or episode (MAP28 or the first episode), but rather its Soundtrack. It's safe to say I feel we kind off underrated how strong the music tracks for this wad are, I feel most tracks are taken from other wads like Ancient Aliens, but some of them are totally original, and they really help making the maps feel even more unique, and this is important, it is important to know how much powerful a song can be for a map, level or even a game itself, a trait most games nowadays have, a characteristic soundtrack (they just make random 'Opera/EPIC' songs or ambiental noise theese days, which are boring). Maps are long, may not look as professional as other Boom mapsets for the era, but it is still a unique experience, and it has a nice soundtrack, and of course, it does not end with an IOS. There is not a single bad map (Except the secret map), most of the maps remain consistent for the most part, in a narrow between average-good line. Totally worth a play. Best maps: MAP28 - An amazing adventure, a solid 1-hour map with fight, secret challenges and a powerful layout, the aesthetics themselves make the map overall, you won't forget this one for good. MAP11 - Same as MAP28, but it may feel a little less polished than MAP28, what it lacks is just a little bit more challenge, and interconnection between previously visited areas. MAP27 - Not as memorable as MAP11, but with a pretty refreshing gameplay after some slower paced maps, another really good journey to play, it may feel quite oldschool at the ship area itself. Worst maps: MAP20 - Not the best way to end an episode, this map felt a little bit empty, and its fights not as enjoyable. The layout itself felt simple, and outdated. MAP14 - Too much overload of things with little cohesion, I did not feel this map at any point, not a bad one for sure, but not something that gave me the joy of replaying it. MAP31 - There is only one secret map, and this is it, a narrow puzzle arena with two cyberdemons, nothing much else, sadly, our extra journey in MAP15 was all for this little map, not worthy enough. Score: 75/100 (Good)
  6. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP30 - Interception II - DFF & Moustachio (98%K/99%I/100%S): It's difficult not to fall in the Icon of Sin limbo, luckly, DFF and Moustachio managed to create a really interesting monster (ala Eviternity), the Baphomet, to be the host of our final map, said monster may not be a ground-breaking boss-fight, but he can pull some interesting tricks to make your fight interesting. First of all, the build-up of the fight is gorgeous, a really good looking castle, with nothing more than goodies you'll need to get before the final fight. When entering the elevator room, you will be trapped here, forced to watch the really cool looking sequence of the Baphomet introduction. After this point, you'll be freed to proceed and kill it, but beware, as you'll have many monsters spawning from the teleporters, trying to make your task difficult. I think the problem with this fight was the cyberdemons, they are way too strong, and they can infight with the baphomet easily, aswell as tanking his arch-vile attack easily. This could end up in killing the baphomet without even touching it. Good thing is that I killed every enemy (via circle-strafing) before facing the boss, and you can completely ignore it. His attacks are easily avoidable and his AV attack only triggers seconds after you attack him directly. The fight itself is hard, as you'll need to wait for the pillars to raise until you have a nice way of hiding from his 'feedback' attack. Shoot him and quickly get behind a pillar, you'll have like a second, as his feedback AV attack is instantaneous. Yes, I do think the cyberdemons should not be there. Really enjoyable fight though. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference:
  7. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    I'll choose +++Fragport, I hope it gets into a tiebreak.
  8. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP29 - All Fall Down - Valkiriforce (100%K/56%I/100%S): This is what you would expect for the MAP29 slot, maybe I expected a little bit more of that sunlusty gameplay found while you where at the inner part of the castle itself. The map keeps you quite stocked up on ammo, but there are not so many big hordes of enemies apart of the ones found at the aforementioned sector of the map. And this is what lowered the score for me. I was really in the mood for some grindy gameplay, but the map became quite open and most of the enemies came in a classic way. Don't get me wrong, gameplay was still grindy, but not at slaughter levels. Layout itself is as interesting as it can get. I think finding the secrets, or the invulnerability behind the first portal, nullifies challenge a little bit. Not a hard map, but it serves as a good closer before our final map. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference:
  9. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP28 - Doctor Jones Abby's Malediction - galileo31dos01 (70%K/56%I/0%S): Here is a magnum opus by fellow Argentine doomer Galileo, the one that makes nice status bars for other projects. I can't believe this map, and I can't believe this is one of the first, if not the first major contribution to mapping from him, as the author suddenly drops this beast of a map, that makes MAP11 of this very megawad, fall short and not as good in comparison, an excelent adventure, similar to maps like Anagnorisis in Eviternity, or the Mucus Flow. Although it may be one of the first maps made by Galileo, he is a somewhat old member of the community, and it's safe to say he knows how to make good maps by playing and experiencing other megawads. This map takes traits from other megawads like Sunlust, Stardate, Eviternity and others. I could not find any secret, and I feel bad, because most secrets reveal secret fights (Challenges taken from other wads), and I could not increase the kill counter, missing grand part of the map itself. What an adventure, a pretty open map where you'll have to find three keys, and do some small switch hunting to progress. This big canyons has many secrets to uncover, the green teleporter room was a big pain, but I loved it, trying to escape from who knows how many Arch-viles there are at the "Green Room". Everything is well detailed, challenges and fights are really hard, but still engaging, and there is an interesting thing, as the map teases you not once, but twice, the exit room. First "exit" room, teleports you to a really interesting platforming section, with no monsters, only you and those damned pillars that will trick you. The other exit sign, is the actual exit, but first you'll have to commit for a final fight. Said fight traps you in a cage with 4 megaspheres, and a mob of ever-spawning monsters, Hell Revealed style (you know what I'm talking about). The worst part of this fight inside the cage, is that there are two (at least in HMP) spider demons shooting you from behind, and there is always a chance for them to squeeze bullets inside. What a pain. Pain calms a little when you get to escape the cage and fight in a more open space, but beware, as the map turns into an authentic slaughter, I'm not a fan of slaughter maps, but after all this journey, it's actually refreshing to deal with all those pests. Once you deal with all of them, hit a switch to reveal an exit pad, hiding behind a wall of scary arch-viles, you are safe to exit this level. Amazing map by Galileo, and I'm actually looking forward for more maps of him, as a nationalist, this fills me with irrational Argentine pride. As for the map itself, amazing, I don't think the next two maps could top this one, it already got better than MAP11, so that's a thing. Totally replayable map, even as a stand-alone, sadly, a map so big comes with some errors, and it needed an after-release patch, but still it is one of the best maps of the "post-Top 100 Most Memorable Maps" era, a hidden gem of Interception II. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference:
  10. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP27 - Cargo Cult - DFF (99%K/83%I/54%S): Well, another really big map, just as MAP11, but with many Doomcute traits, and this time, our journey takes place in some kind of bay, a great city map we are having here. This map divides itself into two sections, firts, the bay itself, with many buildings and a city-like structure, the other section, is the cargo ship, this one, when you get inside, will give you a TNT throwback in terms of gameplay, maybe some Icarus throwback aswell. As DFF likes to do, there is several secrets to find, and there are many weapons to reload ammo here and there. This one is nearly as good as MAP11, but not as long, although it took me 40 minutes to beat, counting deaths and such. I always liked the idea of a map inside a cargo ship, you don't see this theme getting used that much, it's an interesting take, that GTA San Andreas mission or that CS:GO map comes into my mind when looking into this map. The gameplay here and the fights are pretty grindy, and you are receiving fire from every angle, as the map is pretty open at the streets, the interiors are just your average Interception II experience. DFF comes with his, always-grindy, gameplay here and gives us yet another blast to play through. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference:
  11. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP26 - Sinister Teachings - General Rainbow Bacon (100%K/74%I/33%S): Ok, this one is a really interesting setpiece, it is a short map in comparison to most of this mapset, but there are some interesting things here that will make the gameplay engaging. There are several traps that look scarier than they actually are, you will find this map quite difficult at times, but mostly because you are fighting several enemies inside narrow corridors. The bookcase labyrinth that later reveals that it's actually a cage, a nice setpiece, and also the different parts of the map connecting with each other. I enjoyed this one for sure, a redemption from MAP14 by the same author, for sure, this one acomplished more by doing less. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference: i think the next two maps are pretty long, so save yourself some time before you play those.
  12. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP25 - The Sad Kingdom - JadingTsunami (99%K/71%I/41%S): Well, the Sad Kingdom itself is not Argentina, so I feel pretty disappointed about the map's name, but luckily, I'm not disappointed about the map itself, what an esoteric map we are having here, again, it makes me remember some things found in Requiem, like that room at the middle of nothingness, where the room is floating down and enemies are appearing from the void itself. This map has some fun fights and fun progression. It also has some interesting gimmicks, like that "maze" that goes up and down, and if you happen to be cheating when the walls of the maze lower, you'll be greeted by annoying hellspawn that will kill you quite easily. I enjoyed this map for the most part, not the best, by any means, but it has some nice things here and there. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference:
  13. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    I don't want something large for december, plus, it's a month for chilling, so my vote for Community Chest Will be swapped for January, I2 exhausted me with those long maps. +++Claustrophobia 1024
  14. DJVCardMaster

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Interception II

    MAP24 - Terracotta - Moustachio (99%K/89%I/40%S): This map was similar in style to MAP22 at times, but still, it left me without taste at the end. The start was punishing, and the end claustrophobic. The spotlight of the map was mid-game, as the fights in open-ground were a little bit more interesting. I did not find a way to kill the cyberdemon nor get the invulnerability sphere. I suspect you can telefrag the monster via-secret, but I don't know. Nothing to point out from this one, it's an average one. Layout-wise it's OK. It's highest point may be the depressive (in an artistic manner) music, I really dig it. (HMP Playthrough - PrBoom+) Order of preference: Some of the maps at this episode feel like I'm playing through Requiem again, am I the only one?
  15. DJVCardMaster

    GTA The Trilogy/Definitive Edition

    I knew this would be an awful launch, a thing so big such as remastering 3 magnum games so quick... ...it got announced in August, and I don't expect for it to have a bigger dev-backgroung than 1 year in the making. What a disaster it was, no QoL whatsoever. Those cheesy RTX mods made by some random guy even look better than this, models should have been updated at least to look like a GTA 4 model. Still, there is no one that could beat the Crash Bandicoot/Spyro the Dragon trilogies remaster to this point, not even Rockstar...