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  1. Yet another update This one has now full multiplayer support -Updated gameplay on some conflicting areas (again) -Fixed 2 cyberdemon bugs or problems: *early switch press that lowers the exit bars *added a new teleport that opens at the same time with the bars for you to backtrack -Improved some areas aesthetically (A bit) -Added some multiplayer weaponry/ammo/high tier enemies (3 cyberdemons instead of one) -added 6 DM Spawns separated from the map in 6 rooms with a teleport that sends the player into a different area of the map. DM playgrond is concentrated in the area marked below: You can still roam around freely on the rest of the map but it would make the game more slowpaced for everyone. Every spawn point has a linedef that lowers the labyrinth in the book case room for moving around that room freely from start. Every player starts with a SSG but 3 TP points are going to be blessed with big guns (RL, PR, BFG).
  2. DJVCardMaster

    Tinder: have you used it? Do you recommend it?

    I casually use it, but I only match with crazy feminist girls, even when stating I'm not into SJW by myself. It serves it's purpose of getting a sex partner kind of easy. But for a long term relationship? Not your best choice. Same with Badoo
  3. DJVCardMaster

    32in24-17 - 3-Way CTF

    Map name: King of the Congo Song used: Plutonia MIDI pack MAP01 I'd like to appear as 'DJV' or 'Diego "DJV" Villarroel' in the credits By the way this could be also called Plutonia-Styled Fidget Spinner Download
  4. Thanks for the feedback, I'm adding a little bit more of detail on the map, specially on some of the areas you pointed out -Fixed the early switch press at the Lecture hall (Cyber room) -Added a teleport for backtracking when the fight is over. And yes, music is from Memento Mori, map10. I also changed textures here, but I'm not sure about this change, what do you guys think?
  5. DJVCardMaster

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    working on 2 maps for different projects. This is for the 1k community project: The next one is for Akeldama project, you can playtest it on the Akeldama topic on the forums:
  6. I'm currently using anvil studio, but is awful, the interface is clunky, it's a hell to change the notes' volume, there is apparently no way to make notes slide. It's pretty old for my taste. I feel like I want to use something more, but I don't know if these days a modern (kindof) software that composes MIDI music exists. Any alternatives? I was thinking on FL Studio, but mine is a little bit bugged when it comes to create MIDIs, for some reason.
  7. DJVCardMaster

    I'm Also Looking to Play and Record Your Maps

    Oh, here is a final one, it's for the uncoming Community megaWAD akeldama, MAP24: Alexandria's Library, I'm shacking my head trying to balance and polish it, but I'm running out of ideas. Don't know how to fix the gameplay on this one. (By the way is a big one) Really appreciate your feedback on Trial To Hell, specially on MAP03 and MAP06, I'm already fixing some issues
  8. Strange, it was always impassible, I gonna check that out.
  9. DJVCardMaster

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    That's good to know. Well, I'll may try to do something else when the project comes up again in the future :)
  10. As it is common, specially on countries like mine, to find bootleg games (or even well known hacks) from Sega/nes/snes on retail stores. Have you ever encountered some weird case of a retailer wanting to sell a bootleg megaWAD? And I'm not talking about compilations such as maxium Doom or commercial PWADs For example, let's say that some game store sold back in the day Memento Mori as an expansion for Doom2, or something like that.
  11. TIL that can happen on Vanilla, well, that can change my opinion on it
  12. DJVCardMaster

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Yes, I realized that when I did it, I was going for something like in MAP03 where the Arachnotrons sniped you. Also trying to render some of the levels which ended kindof on a circular room.
  13. Another Update! (Still no need to change the link at the OC post, autoupdated) Finally I can upload something. Still has some issues, I'm really awaiting for the FDA someone mentioned before on this topic. I did a combination of ideas for the cyberfight, so it gets more dynamic, but it may change. I removed lots of unfair enemies and replaced some other to not to create patterns on them. Also removed most of the "block monster" linedefs so they flow more on the map. Added more ammo on some other parts, and removed most of the unnecessary stimpacks. Be sure to check it out
  14. DJVCardMaster

    Final Doom The Way id Did

    Well, I have this, not sure if anyone is going to check it out at the moment, but I felt like sharing it. Map name is Foe, runs on MAP19 (Milo Casali). I think the problem would be that the starting area and the name aswell may be too similar to NME. I tried to combine the most prominent E2 maps from Milo Casali here, overall. The starting area by the way is ripped of from DTWID E2M1 (More NME ripping of aswell). But actually combined different things from that map. First E2M1 starting area, then, the eastmost part of that map that had a star ceiling with an invisibility. conecting with the other area inside. And finally, the switch part at the end with those windows and a view outside. Those thinks are pretty NME by the way, so I'm not sure if it breaks the no-homage rule or not. The rest of the map is fine anyways, it was really something different. Some "The Omen" fell here and there. I did an UV-Speed of the map, 1:32 was my time, I actually discovered the trick to do it (Any clever mapper can notice it right from the get-go). And a no-monster speed in 1:03. If anyone can check this out without breaking any keyboards, that's fine by me. I made some classic Plutonia bullshit traps so the most difficult part of making this map was testing it. At least I'm happy since is not a slaughtermap. Also I got surprissed on how lacking of enemies the maps on Plutonia were, most of the difficulty coming from ambushes or snipping, so I tried to replicate that. What or who is the "foe" you may ask? Foe actually stands for Field Of Enemies. But actually it could mean that the Foe is the Cyberdemon in the courtyard... ...Or maybe the mickey mouse room incarnation at the end. (Yes, Milo actually rips-off Disney in this one) I did this for fun, by the way, so you can take it or leave it in the future ...And here is the layout: