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  1. MAP01 - MANOR.WAD - "Titan Manor" - Jim Flynn (96%K/84%I/28%S) I loved the verticality of the manor itself, I'm sure back in the day it looked imponent. This is a quite enjoyable map, but I'm not going to lie here, it has minus points for its quirky progression based mostly on mandatory secrets to move on, sometimes with arrows pointing at them, sometimes you have to hump walls or run inside tight windows you can barely see, so it hurts this map kind of a lot. Seriously I did not know what was part of the map's progress or just a random secret itself, so yeah, I could not stand this one that much. Don't bother trying to fight or go outside until you have some rockets, and the outside lights are turned on. Most of your deaths are probably going to be monsters trying to snipe you from the windows, so try not to look at them from the inside, or you'll get surprised. MAP07 - MEPHISTO.WAD - "Mephisto's Maosoleum" - Sverre André Kvernmo (68%K/93%I/20%S) Another gimmicky map by mister Cranium, with an interesting take on tag 666 from MAP07 and an icon of sin fight. This is the only interesting thing on this map since the map feels empty on the outside, with tons of random revenants trying to annoy you. This map was annoying to play, if you like "invasion" type arenas, this map is for you, but for me? nah, I don't think this is a well made arena by the way. Trying to fight the IOS requires you to save rockets and plasma (You'll probably waste all of it on Barons) to kill an unnecesary meatwall of spectres while enemies teleport behind your back. Totally gimmicky and time wasting I think. I don't want to ever again play this map. Deaths: 35 Maps in order of preference: On the other hand, I'm starting to get tired of D_RUNNIN, so I'm going to load this with plutmidi.wad tomorrow before I get brainwashed.
  2. Well, I'm stuck, not even looking into DB I get an idea of how to progress on Titan Manor, not a single key.
  3. DJVCardMaster

    The worst DOOM levels ever?

    Playing through the Master Levels with the DWMegawad Club, I've just found TEETH.WAD's "Bad Dream" is the worst thing that could have ever been oficiallized by ID. In regular Doom 2, probably Nirvana or The Chasm, The Courtyard and Citadel are also really low entries.
  4. MAP08 - GERYON.WAD - "Geryon: 6th Canto of INFERNO" - John Anderson (Dr. Sleep) (100%K/97%I/0%S) Ahh, Dr. Sleep, probably the best early 90's mapper. He was one of the best to replicate Inferno-styled maps, and had really great ideas at that moment for his maps. Today, some of them will look ugly sometimes, just as Sandy Petersen's maps, but they are still fun, challenging and memorable to this day. This map is maybe pretty straight forward, nothing too weird that stands out, it is just a good map to play, as I mentioned, it may look ugly, but it's fun, it looks like an Ultimate Doom outtake more than a DooM II one. The only thing I did not like is the crusher at the western part of the passageway, since there is no need to press that switch, the only thing it does is turning on the light of an arrow-shaped sector that points out to a secret door that can be opened by monsters inside of it. Pretty weird. Not too much more to say, I liked the last fight. I think it was not that hard with a BFG in hand. Deaths: 20 Maps in order of preference:
  5. MAP01 - GARRISON.WAD - "The Garrison" - Christen Klie (100%K/I/S) Another of those Klie's compressed-in-a-rectangle maps, this one looks and plays below average most of the time. Tons of big open areas with quirky progression that relies mostly on secrets. Well, I actually don't know, since I'm in Chocolate Doom without even noticing when did I get a secret, and I was humping walls most of the time finding clues on how to get the yellow key (by precisely running from the stairs). There is a secret room that makes the map easy and rather pointles, 5 BFG's at the same spot? just to kill some imps? For some things, I think this was intended to be a DM map, that was converted into an actual single-player map by brute force. Specially because of the ugly texturing that reminds me of old Dwango5 maps (e.g. Old Dario Casali DM maps looked like this aswell). Tons of DM mappers loved that awful STONE texture in their maps for some reason. This map features some ugly catwalks here and there specially the one at the end, interesting to know, since every single Klie's map features a catwalk of some sort (CATWALK.WAD the obvious biggest example) and it makes me think that either Christen was the only person to like The Chasm, or he was a fashion model. Not to mention, if you fall from the catwalk, you'll have to get into a teleporter that takes you BACK AT THE BEGINNING OF THE MAP! Ugly, quirky, not that fun at all, starts really hard, in fact I died mostly at the start, but the BFG secret negates all the challenge. A let down from the previous Klie maps, and I think that was one of the reasons this was not featured on PSX's Final Doom. Deaths: 18 Maps in order of preference: Tomorrow we'll check a map from one of the better authors of that era.
  6. MAP01 - FISTULA.WAD - "The Fistula" - Christen Klie (95%K/97%I/0%S) That name is funny, it sounds like "Count Fistula" or something like that. I actually thought this had some "fist" action with a Berserk pack, due to its name but I was wrong. Finally we got a non-compressed layout by Christen Klie, we are not having a rectangular map such as the rest of Klie's levels, and I actually liked it a lot. Amazing quirky design at the entrance, weird that you can pull that out on vanilla. What is also weird it's again, the level itself. Why are those doors lifts? Why the inverted stairs in that room? why the fake walls with a computer texture? Progression here stays true to the rest of the maps, with so much interconection in-between rooms, and strange key-to-key progress. It presents some quirky '95 designs here and there, like the 4-way lift, those are annoying things from the past, pretty common on Maximum doom. It was a really fun map, noneless, it was not hard, it lacks any trap whatsoever, the AV at the end, more than a trap, is just a cliché that was old even on 1995. It actually works more as a Megawad's first map, than Attack. This is the best so far. Deaths: 12 Maps in order of preference: Oh nevermind, I just found what a fistula is...
  7. MAP01 - COMBINE.WAD - "The Combine" - Christen Klie (100%K/I/S) Another compressed map from Christen Klie, who likes to design maps on a rectangular space and leave little to no space in between rooms to maximize space as much as possible, You can notice this on the RK-room, which is annoyingly narrow and it's just there. The starry skybox gives this map a cool look, reminiscent of TNT E2, and actually, if you ask me, this map just looks like a TNT outtake, and that's why I liked this mostly, as I felt kinda nostalgic. Again, progression being weird on Master Levels had just become a staple at this point, since you have multiple doors leading to the same room and multiple ways to tackle this map. It's short, not that difficult apart from some chaingunners here and there. The amount of low tier hitscanners get denied since you have a green armor and a blue one pretty early on this map. Also, there is a tricky Plasma Rifle on a crusher, which, if you can grab, the map is going to become piece of cake. I hated the little catwalk on the RK Door, aswell as that weird staircase to press the switch. On the catwalk, you have aswell some random imps that block your path on vanilla, since they are infinitely tall and can "melee" attack you, without you even noticing them. Annoying section, and some annoying narrow unescapable pits are present here too. The shoot-only switch is also unnecesary, I think, it adds nothing to the gameplay. Deaths: 12 Maps in order of preference: You kinda start noticing similarities in between maps of the same author at this point. Also I wouldn't think this map would've looked the same without the night sky.
  8. 10-Scythe 2 9-Plutonia 2 8-Memento Mori 7-Alien Vendetta 6-Claustrophobia 1024 5-Scythe 4-Memento Mori 2 3-Requiem 2-Plutmidi 1-Deus Vult
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    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    League of Legends
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    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am a local League of Legends shoutcaster
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    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    That's a Poro, hate them
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    Currently working on a new map, what would you want in it?

    Mustard and without pickles, please
  13. DJVCardMaster

    wads for potatos?

    Well it's hard to think nowadays people is playing doom on a pentium III, but, as far as I can tell, you can run Boom on a two core CPU Notebook, as long as you run it on Software, without VSync, anything "Boom-compatible" would run fine, but be careful of wads which present many monsters or bigger maps. Technically NUTS.WAD is a Vanilla map, but it won't work on a bad computer anyways. If you are not sure, just download Crispy Doom or Chocolate Doom and play only Vanilla or Limit Removing maps. Not that we can give you more help anyways, since you didn't specify your system information.
  14. DJVCardMaster

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    +++ Mass Extinction +++ Lunar Catastrophe +++ Eviternity +++ Ozonia +++ Lost Civilization +++ Sargazzo If I had not done a map for 1K Lines, I would certainly vote for it, but I feel I would be selfish doing it, don't know what you guys think. I still think it was a little bit underlooked. So I leave a possible vote suggestion for the rest.