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  1. DJVCardMaster

    What is a 'Terry WAD'?

    Does anyone know who is the original author of UACMN? I thought Terry was one person.
  2. Never finished one map, as it is a tough process, even to making a layout is pretty easy, like mapping for something as old as Quake, detailing maps for CS:Go can be quite a pain. One of the problems I find is that maps get pretty detailed as time passes through and they increment the use of "props" even more, forcing you to learn how to make 3d-models in another software. It's fun to make a map for it to be played "competitively" with good spawn points, and timing for each team to reach the bombistes.
  3. DJVCardMaster

    Which game currently destroys you?

    League of Legends severely damaged my sanity
  4. DJVCardMaster

    Diego Maradona Dead

    "I made a mistake, and I paid, but the foot ball should not be stained"
  5. DJVCardMaster

    Diego Maradona Dead

    When I could not think about a worse moment for Argentina, this happens. Yet, people started to hate him because of his attitude and some past errors of his personal life. This is sad. I was named after him, and even thought I'm not feeling bad, I can already feel an Strange sensation and a strongly dark climate all from the sudden, people, TV, social media. Everything feels off place. We knew this was going to happen some day but we were not prepared. This feeling is something else, pretty eeire. Pretty undescribable. I can only recall the death of the last pope for the catholic world in terms of collective emotion.
  6. Young people listens to Latin American music, urban music to be more specific. Lyrics are often disgusting, music is low quality and repetitive, and I think it sums up everything wrong with latin-american society, most of the time. That's why often people tend to find this kind of music offensive. Music here nowadays is Reggaeton, Cumbia Villera (for those who like to brag about being low class), Cumbia Cheta (for those who like to brag about being high class), Trap, several songs of Argentine Trap which rules the latin-american industry, and latin-pop, which is often a mixture of Reggaeton and pop music, the kind you hear when listening to Despacito or things like that. Of course Argentine Trap is for me, even more disgusting and repetitive than American Trap. Example of Argentine Trap: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0yp3rSfx3I Heck, even rock here is kind of disgusting, we have our own "Nickelbacks" of Argentine Rock, not because they make bad post-grunge. They make their own style of cheesy Rock music. "Rock Stone" or "Rollinga Rock". The name implies their want to rip off the Rolling Stones, but they end ripping themselves every single time. Example:
  7. The worst has to be the lyrics tho', thankfully you guys can't understand Spanish. "I found the solution for the hang-over (resaca) problem, I'll stay in the party soon until 6am" Obviously on a "low-class" Argentine Spanish, which is already a pretty broken kind of Spanish if you ask me. It feels bad on purpose in every sense.
  8. DJVCardMaster

    The story behind your custom avatar

    It's just a stolen logo some friends used for their League of Legends team for tournaments in my city, I liked it, but I might change it in the photo. Their name was "Mapaches Góticos" (Gothic Racoons) and they had a pretty cold chest as we say here in Argentina.
  9. DJVCardMaster

    What are you listening to?

    Grunge, as always Paw - Dragline
  10. Everyday thing in the Twitch community, nothing new. Anyways xQc is relatively big on Twitch.
  11. DJVCardMaster

    Favorite Pickup Sounds in Video Games?

    For me it has to be the Crystal/Gem pickup from Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped, the original one. It's just orgasmic.
  12. DJVCardMaster

    Your choice for GOTY

    Reviving this thread again to rant about The Last of Us 2. Aparently at the top of the charts, wtf? Also no Half Life: Alyx Press wins again?
  13. There is an entire world outside Pearl Jam, Nirvana and cheesy Post-grunge bands, I got triggered
  14. Possibly the entire catalog of Argentine Urban music. Specially Cumbia Villera, I can even smell feces when looking at the album covers of those bands. Have a hear at this. This will make any pop/radio-friendly song nowadays look like something made by academics in music. This genre of music feels like made by the enemy itself, the final boss of bad taste in music. Yes, people listens to this a lot, you may have rap music on streets coming from those big car stereos (which is not bad at all and I often enjoy) bit here, we have this on our streets.