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  1. TheDarkArchon

    Performance on netbook (Steam version)

    The GMA is the bottleneck as Intel's GMA series is beyond terrible; The article you link to states that it's barely able to play Quake 3 smoothly at 800x600. The reason the Dell would have been able to keep up on lowest setting was because it had a Radeon Mobility which, despite being older, is still better than a GMA.
  2. TheDarkArchon

    Custom weapon questions

    Yes. You need to have the projectile inherit from FastProjectile to get fast projectiles (~60+) to work properly.
  3. TheDarkArchon

    Rome Total War GOLD is only 1$ on steam!

    'twas a daily deal, so it ended around 20 minutes ago.
  4. TheDarkArchon

    Microsoft unveils the new Xbox machine

    HTC called, they want their stupid naming scheme back.
  5. TheDarkArchon

    "The North Korean Nuclear Crisis What You Aren't being Told"

    Yeah, those slashes weren't exactly included for shits and giggles.
  6. TheDarkArchon

    What issue did that infamous "PROTIP" come from?

    Indeed. http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&postid=638978#post638978
  7. TheDarkArchon

    Mozilla Firefox, what's up with this shit?

    You're implying that it's only being made for shits and giggles, which is not the case. Malware makes money for a variety of reasons, non of them are good. Also, Protip: Do at least one malware scan on everything you download.
  8. TheDarkArchon

    What is video games scapegoated for now?

    People still read the Daily Star while the internet exists?
  9. TheDarkArchon

    Painkiller Hell and Damnation, thoughts?

    That brings up another point of contention I have with the game. The game feels like it's railroading your weapon choices by limiting the available ammo to one or two types at a time, which means the weapons charm wear off quicker than they should.
  10. TheDarkArchon

    Post-Apocalypse Fishie Thread!

    I'll fix that
  11. TheDarkArchon

    Brutal Hexen and Zandronum.

    Brutal Hexen works with Zandronum 1.0, anyway.
  12. TheDarkArchon

    Official Warhammer games from Creative Assembly

    Bear in mind THQ still hold the 40k game rights so it's probably going to be Warhammer Fantasy rather than 40k, as awesome as 40k: Total Warhammer would be.
  13. TheDarkArchon

    Cacowards 2012 nomination thread

    Really enjoyed Reelism this year, because nothing says "joy" like setting Bronies on fire. Repeatedly. Also CoDo II: Green Ops for the Mockaward, should it exist this year.
  14. TheDarkArchon

    New version of psx emulator is available.

    I've tried a handful of games on 1.0 and had (mostly rendering, though one refuses to load) issues with every single one. EDIT: Scratch that, I've had good luck with one of them (Maximo).
  15. TheDarkArchon

    Fellow xbox players now can use internet explorer

    Congratulations to Microsoft for including an internet browser several years after the other sixth gen consoles. Including the Wii.