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  1. Link is temporarily disabled anyone have another link to the mod after watching Icarus's video I really want to play it
  2. doomedwarrior1981

    Toxic Computing

    in the wrong category this belongs in the Doom2 section
  3. doomedwarrior1981

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Temple of the Lizard Men 4 by Alando1 (Alan) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/lmtmple4
  4. Community Chest 4 is just a variety of levels with no real theme to start with though if I remember correctly so a snowy level in a community based project isn't going to have a coherent theme to tie the levels together unless the moderator of the project has some kind of strict guideline about the theme
  5. A good example is level 20 of Alien Vendetta known as Misri (something) when all of a sudden you are investigating a huge Egyptian structure it is the only level in that megawad that has an Egyptian theme or the secret levels of the original Doom2 where all of a sudden you are fighting Nazis anyone know of any other good examples like that.
  6. doomedwarrior1981

    Wad where you go through time

    Osiris isn't that based loosely off of Stargate which is supposed to represent dimensional travel not time travel of course I'm just splitting hairs the Ancient Egypt levels in Osiris were awesome looking.
  7. doomedwarrior1981

    Wad where you go through time

    Not necessarily the story but I do love a bit of a theme sometimes. Eternal Doom I loved it to an extent but it needed more variety in the levels a few in medieval times was fine but got kind of sick of the medieval theme. Maybe it could have some levels in dinosaur times, some in Ancient Egypt, etc.
  8. doomedwarrior1981

    Wad where you go through time

    This kinda goes with Impie's thread anyone created a Megawad where you go through different time periods to stop the Hellspawn from screwing up history. I would love to play this if someone has
  9. doomedwarrior1981

    Cacowards 2017 Mentionation Thread

    Is Xaser dead I saw him posting on Zdoom forums a few days ago
  10. doomedwarrior1981

    The abandoned mines II

    Pretty good level great monster placement missed a few secrets though I found 2 out of 5
  11. doomedwarrior1981

    Altier 6 & Insanity

    Really good level only played the first level as the second has a co-op exit. The first level is a really good designed city level for 1997 and it is very challenging especially at the beginning with all the imps teleporting in and you with only a pistol very highly recommended.
  12. doomedwarrior1981

    ALLEYS.WAD (v1.1)

    Not bad it actually does to an extent also look like Victorian London really good especially with no custom textures
  13. doomedwarrior1981

    Alley Cat

    Really good level RIP Espi
  14. doomedwarrior1981

    Ancient Hatred

    add two stars if you like slaughter maps I don't so this gets a two from me. I only gave it two stars for the cool music. otherwise this would get a one I'm not a fan of wads like HR which is probably why I don't like this level.
  15. doomedwarrior1981

    a day to die

    Not bad hate the cyberdemon though the rest of the level was really good