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  1. NeoWorm

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Yeah, I already have the gizmos in my decoration pack on Zdoom forums. They were simple recolors so I didn't bother posting them. I also made keydefs for them and even some alternate gizmos.
  2. NeoWorm

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    @Not Jabba Would you happen to have all those textures in a zip? I can go through all of them and right-click & save them, but it's a bit tedious.
  3. NeoWorm

    DBP50: Emerald City [idgames]

    I would kill for a version ballanced for Ashes weapon and monsters. It's playable with the replacer mods but not really ballanced and the slaughtery parts don't really work. But it fits together so well otherwise.
  4. NeoWorm

    [Suggestions] If Final Doom had new enemies...

    DooM roster is well ballanced but I think it could use some tough and dangerous flying monster. Something akin to a flying cyberdemon, maybe with more interesting firing pattern like Mancubus. I think Afrits that quite a few mods add kinda fits this role but are boring as mud. Other interesting design the vanilla DooM lacks is a granade launcher type monster. Granade that bounces, can get in places where other projectiles can't and can stay on the ground for a while to effectively create a enviromental hazard. As alternative it can be monster that just spawns some kind of enviromental hazard. Diabolist from Supercharge is good example.
  5. NeoWorm

    Monsters decorate walk forward without strafing.

    Look at what Kinsie did in his Deathmatch simulator. He used combination of A_facetarget and A_recoil with negative numbers. But be prepared that the monsters will fall into pits.
  6. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Hurray, all vanilla hands have gloves now! Only 13 more for my extended staff animation.
  7. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    First version of gloves for Corvus inspired by the cover art. Since making another character wear very specific gloves would make his sprites very versatile and compatible with all the other mods around :-).
  8. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

  9. NeoWorm

    How would i make the jump not suck?

    I think it's other way around - it buffers your jump input for a little while so you can jump immediately after touching down.
  10. NeoWorm

    How would i make the jump not suck?

    Adventures of Square's jumping grace is a godsent. It let's you jump even few frames after you run over an edge thus making timing of jumps much more forgiving. Otherwise one of the main problem of jumping in Zdoom is not jumping but landing. It's too slippery. I am trying to implement more friction for player if he is either crouching or walking. Maybe even ledge fall prevention like in minecraft.
  11. There were adventure games that used live action actors as sprites without redrawing them. See for example games like Harvester. They generally look horrible.
  12. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    I am working on the SSG again and I want to know your opinion about the grip. Which version?
  13. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Expanded Shotgun sprite with better hand gripping the handle. I still don't know what the original should be. EDIT: And Double barrel shotgun too. I had to modify this one more to be more chunky and I added lever to open the shotgun.
  14. NeoWorm

    Will a non-Eternity Engine version of Heartlands exist?

    Somebody made a pagoda out of stacked portals and 3D floors in GZDooM for a Hexen mapset. It was choking on framerate hard, but it worked. If that is handled in Eternity better more power to it. Yet I would like to have it in GZDooM too. If for nothing else than the HeXen support. I also had some problems with Eternity when playing Hearthland. Mainly with mouselook, it just didn't feel right even after tweaking it for an hour. I usually can get used to a slight difference in handling in other games, but here I never get over the weird feeling something is off. Maybe it's because I am so used to playing DooM on GZDooM I could't dissacociate.
  15. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Original face nicely fits withing the beta resources with the more clumsy Lost soul and imps. DooM's visuals kinda evolved between beta, DooM 1 and DooM 2. In DooM one quite a few enemies were kinda cartoony - Imps the most, than Pinkies and Cacodemons. But in DooM 2, whose enemy roster is used more than DooM 1, most enemies kinda lost it's cartoon visuals - Revenants, Archviles, Arachnotrons and Mancubi are much less funny looking. I wanted something to fit that more than DooM 1 / Beta style.