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  1. NeoWorm

    Is Hexen criticized too harshly?

    Hexen thrives with mods. It's the game that got the most out of advanced ports. Playing it long time ago with keyboard only was miserable and frustrating experience even for my teenage me that had no standarts. But the game has the best atmosphere from all idtech1 games. The classes, monster design, raven artstyle all that makes it really memorable. Main problem I see is that the levels are not that distinctive which adds a lot of confusion for the puzzles and switch hunts. The switch hunts are not that hard, the game is not big and if you are used to exploring you will have no problem, but if you have problem in visualizing spaces and reading maps, you will have miserable experience.
  2. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    On ZDooM forums there is thread with most of the sprites ripped.
  3. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    So some time ago we were talking about some kind of sprites repository where all the sprite sheets and edits can be collected, browsed, downloaded and updated if necessary. Instead of makind a website just for that, I tried to throw something together just on Google drive as a kind of proof of concept. Just folders and file names, but with a structure that would maybe be enough for what we need: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qSF8cOhjLb6Fh9xc7fN4CaBj70Lx7mL6?usp=sharing It is for DooM style only for now and only monsters. Basic categories are: Default - for all additions to default DooM monsters, currently there is bunch of alternative attacks, death animations etc. But sprite fix sprites and base sprite sheets could live here too. Derivate - are new monster designs based on another design, this includes recolors, currently there are no derivates based on non default monsters Original - all designs that are made from scratch, that means all of newer Amuscaria and NMN works would go there Than you have a folder for each monster, if it is in category of Derivate it should have it's basis in parenthesis and for both Derivate and Original there should be author in the folder name - for example "Cyberimp (Imp) by Tsran908" And lastly name of the sprite sheet should be name of the monster, followed by description and credit either in the sprite sheet or in the name. This would be the biggest challenge since I have stock of hundreds of sheets but hardly any is credited. Next step would be another folder inside with all the cut .png sprites with offsets set up ready to be loaded into wad. As I said this is test for now, there are empty folders monstly, but some are filled with bunch of sprite sheets as examples. I would like a feedback if you think this could be useful. As far as I know I can give others access to this so other people could contribute, fill in credits, update sprite sheets, discuss etc. Drive should keep all the files as they are without converting them to jpgs or any other degradation and if we use pngs, the sizes should be small enough to not cause any problems.
  4. NeoWorm

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    Thing is, people generally don't play on GZDooM to have a vanilla experience. They use it to enhance vanilla DooM to modern experience, either through mods or through options. Argumenting that we removed all options that are not vanilla is going against everything GZDooM build it's repution on. In similar vein I loathe the fact that I can't flat out override mouselook setting to be always on on new versions on GZDooM (well thanks to this controversy I can now). No matter what purist say full mouselook straight up makes DooM a better game.
  5. NeoWorm

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    I found about this change yesterday and I think nobody can call this change for the better: Left is old DooM/Dark legacy mode, right one is Software. That glow around player just looks horrible in the current implementation and it's the reason why I never played ANYTHING on it. Now I have to switch it through Autoexec, since I am not writing stuff into console every time I start GZDooM. As a bonus as far as I know this method overrides the MAPINFO settings. This is one step forward and three steps back.
  6. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    It is a gameplay issue, clarity is the term here. Reason why modern games have blinking or otherwise highlighted interactive items is that they don't stand as much as old school game pickups did.
  7. NeoWorm

    Doom Pictures Thread 2024

    Come on, Serious Sam is not Build engine. None of the Serious Sam games was.
  8. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Looks like I posted just somewhere on discord. Anyway, here it is now:heretic_staff.zip
  9. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    Well, I already done that long time ago. It was even released I think. I also done vertical extension for most weapons.
  10. There is probably reason why it was reworked, it's way to busy for enemy this small. I kinda like the idea of Revenant that instead of melee attack uses a shotgun to blast player away. It would change the way you fight them a lot.
  11. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    You may find Amuscaria's Wight enemy useful: I made some experiments with recoloring ot to match the Hexen zombie and it can be done. It has a comparable proportions and all rotations and animations.
  12. NeoWorm

    On the GZDoom Load Order/Data Shadowing

    It is probably overwritten by VOXELDEF/MODELDEF which replaces certain sprites by 3D models/voxels. Load order has nothing to do with it. Even if the replacement sprite is loaded after Voxeldoom, it is ignored because instead of sprite the frame uses voxel model. You can inspect the Voxeldoom data for those lumps and remove any defs for conflicting sprites. Generally none of the model/voxel replacement mods are safe to use with mods that use Dehacked since those reuse existing sprites/frames for different purpose.
  13. NeoWorm

    Search on DooMworld is kinda unreliable

    So the search button here is currently for stress relief to click on and for how nice it looks but it just doesn't work... good to hear the problem is not on my side.
  14. I tried searching for Somnambulism map thread today and search found nothing related to it. Even searching for the exact thread title gives no results. And the thread is right there: I did check even the advanced options that I am searching for threads and in thread titles. I tried some other titles of threads and it just gives nothing as results. Am I doing something wrong?
  15. NeoWorm

    What to do if a mod disables jump and/or crouch?

    There are levels that disable jumping and crouching without it actually breaking anything. But as people said, just override it in GZDooM's options. You just have to do it for each mod again.