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  1. NeoWorm

    Share Your Sprites!

    I created VZ-61 Škorpion for DooM. I will imrpove some details and create reload animation a little later.
  2. NeoWorm

    Hexen Neural Upscale [08.01.2018]

    I meant the stretching. I get that the outlines are byproduct of the upscale.
  3. NeoWorm

    Hexen Neural Upscale [08.01.2018]

    Isn't it because DooMsday doesn't use the 1x1.2 pixel aspect ratio of original DooM engine?
  4. NeoWorm

    Hexen Neural Upscale [08.01.2018]

    Textures are awesome, but I really don't like the shadows behind sprites. They look too much like cardboard cutouts with it. But, I would like to use the upscaled Korax as base for bigger Korax version, he always looked too tiny to me. Also, if you go high res, why not to go also widescreen - I will do a self plug for my widescreen friendly HeXen mod. No new graphics, just extensions. Except Quietus sword which have remade hand, because the original really didn't worked in widescreen.
  5. NeoWorm

    Religion in DOOM Universe...

    Kinda, I wont deny I didnt get inspiration there. But NGE lacks the hell aspect and instead have huge mindfuck about earth genesis and whole role of angels in it. Of course none of that is ever explained in the series. I still think Anno is just a huge troll.
  6. NeoWorm

    Religion in DOOM Universe...

    The good vs evil dichotomy is overrated. This concept pretty much ruins every setting where its introduced because it converts everything into ugly black and white image where all of potencial diversity is reduced to simple "You are not with us, you are against us.". But if you would introduce "heaven" is some more interesting way, it may work. I was toying with idea of religiously based setting for DooM where something akin to angels would appear - they were meant to be pretty much mindless warmachines of unknown origin with preprogrammed "seek & destroy" beahviour toward anything demon related. Plus there was religious cult that helped mankind to somewhat survive by making them believe and not lose hope.
  7. NeoWorm

    Videogames and nausea.

    Its good to be immune to such problems. I never had problems with any FPS games including quite extreme rotations in Descent or Terminal Velocity. Games with incorect (consolish) FOV makes me just feel that something is not right. And even Portal crazy rotations are fine with me. I also retain quite good spatial orientation in these extreme cases. Only thing that almost made me sick was http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JpksyojwqzE in fullscreen late at night.
  8. NeoWorm

    Why the hate on Steam?

    Because its annoying and forced. Lets look at GOG.com - it does not bother me even slightly with any client and instead offers to send you mail with actual offers. Which I read and use. Advertising is OK, but everything have its limits. Isnt there a word for programs that forcefully downloads and displays add on your PC? I think its called Adware.
  9. NeoWorm

    Why the hate on Steam?

    Someone mentioned that piracy is main reason why steam is still forced upon every user. Its not anymore. Main reason is to force their distribution channel upon everybody and shove advertisments down your throat. Piracy is mere excuse for it.
  10. NeoWorm

    Why the hate on Steam?

    Forced feature bloated client. As was said before - even its not that bad as, lets say, origin, it doesnt make it good. I would like steam as a production platform. But for that you dont need a fat client installed on customers PC.
  11. NeoWorm

    [B0S] Presents... Sacrament

    I get Access denied on download link.
  12. NeoWorm

    Cursed Update: Help Needed

    I would really like to participate and help you. But since my main imput is usually very slowly delivered graphics (and since you are quite self-sufficient in that way) I probably woudnt be much help. But I am willing to spend time with testing and share my ideas. Especially on a project like that.
  13. NeoWorm

    Heretic Mace

    Its just another weapon with another set of ammo. I quite like it. And when I modified it to bounce of walls and dont disapear in water it instantly become the most useful weapon in set.
  14. NeoWorm

    Doom Miniatures

    Mage knight? That ugly stupid game with prepainted miniatures with stupid stands with statistics? Thanks but no. I want clear, plain Warhammer scale minis so I can do whatever I want with them.
  15. NeoWorm

    How do you captialise Doom?

    DooM. Why? The same reason I write deviantArt, id Software or why I draw various icons in my notes instead of writing the same thing in words. I just have more graphical approach to text. Funny is that I hardly ever use emoticons.