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  1. More of a reddit question but I'm genuinely interested. Context - boomer mom lived opposite a chocolate factory where her parents worked and had unlimited access to chocolate. I know we have flouride in the water now and more advanced dentistry, but that only goes so far.
  2. invictius

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    I don't remember nuts having the centre and lighting like that? I thought it was the Kabba at first (If you look real hard)
  3. We believe that people playing pwads have already mastered the iwads, right. Yet the closest I've got is e1 and e3. I don't know if I just have zoomer attention span but "Use switch to activate something you probably won't be able to find" is tricky. I know automaps show elevators but it's still confusing as heck. Tl;dr has anyone out there played lots of pwads despite not completing the iwads.
  4. Australia is a lucky country, run mainly by second-rate people who share its luck. Poppy cutting, meritocracy discouraged, can't be an entrepreneur because of red tape. The u.s in this sense felt a lot more free. Though this youtuber says not long ago, in China you could do something like kick a dog and nobody would do anything about it.
  5. Anyone else noticed games in the last 10 years becoming adverse to letting you feel lost? Can you imagine an e3 level in a game today? There would be checkpoints on the hud every two seconds.
  6. invictius

    What is the most un-ironic use of a midi in a wad?

    Imagine doom 3 is sold like a second expansion but the music is happy birthday or star spangled banner. The gameplay is great, but that music makes it faceplant, even though you can of course turn it off. It's a "Why?" dev decision.
  7. invictius

    What is the most un-ironic use of a midi in a wad?

    Hey @Misty, come listen to this cringe. I put a level of undertale music into one of my wads.
  8. For my next project I want to deliberately put out a map that is good all around but has a ridiculous midi, like "Side to side" by Ariana Grande. I know wads that used midi for the novelty of it in the 90s. But I want other examples. Tl;dr what are some wads whose' midi selection made a disappointment of an otherwise great map?
  9. invictius

    What's in a (map) name?

    90% of the time where I see an unusual name for a map, I'll be disappointed that the map doesn't reflect the name or seem to have some sort of reason for being called that. Revilutions' "The visage of time" came up in my youtube feed and I feel drawn to play it, but not hopeful that it's anything but a random name thought up by the author. Does the map involve time travel? Some sort of huge clock featured prominently in the map? I guess I'm going to briefly scrubbing through the playthrough video but not expecting that the name will reflect the map in any way.
  10. invictius

    Wads that have good short maps

    What's the one other than underneath? Couldn't find it on your profile
  11. The exam was free with insurance, I actually had one to try and find a cause for suspected pain in the intraocular nerve (Even though it goes away with a saline iv). The first pair of glasses were aud100 and the second pair 75, both after insurance. Actually I think an eye exam is free even without insurance here.
  12. Does anyone get glare at the very top of the glasses when looking at a screen? I was told it was due to antireflective coating. Is a bit annoying.
  13. They still look fine when using them, I'm just surprised how they can get smudges etc and thought something must be wrong. I can't even see dust specks when using them.
  14. That's what the optician said he does, with clean finger of course. Toilet paper doesn't seem to do anything but doesn't seem to make it worse, either.