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  1. What's the one where they were remaking plutonia/tnt? They wanted people not to remake the levels but the overall themes/match them to the original level designers. Used to be at the top of wads/mods, maybe the project tanked.
  3. Which map numbers are these?
  4. Wolf 3d ones feel much bigger but that's probably more from being lost and repetition than anything else. Opinions?
  5. It looks like something someone made just for laughs, but if it is an actual wad, what is it?
  6. Who came up with the overall theme? I'm guessing people just looked at the textures and ran with it? Very rare to have a single map, letalone an entire megawad, made up of a bright/"happy" theme. Like a cross between hanging gardens and doom vacation.
  7. Too bad the chaingun isn't as good as the Risen one though.
  8. mod.pk3?dl=0 Had to replace nbsp spaces with "real" ones in visual studio, under advice from DpJudas and Graf Zahl over at the zdoom forums.
  9. I might commission a MIDI at some stage, how many of your midis for this project are in your jukebox wad?
  10. What's the audio name for e4m3? It's not really referenced in MAPINFO. An amazing mapset. The locations look like the description in the title, not a typical doom palette (Almost Ribbiks-like) and not infuriatingly hard/switch-hunty/"where do I go next".
  11. You're right, MBF's performance drop is about a quarter compared to vanilla: Too bad that there's no way to have a live fps counter in vanilla. Maybe one day I'll look at combining the wad into one part so it can be run on doom95.
  12. What does everyone figure to be the slowest system that will run this without frame drops on vanilla? I used a p200 with mbf (only decent port with frame counter) and it would dip to 20 on itytd map 4. Pulled out my p2-350, got down to about the low 20's on uv on the same map where you get the blue key. If there's enough demand I'll do a vid of me playing the game on the hardware that could theoretically run it if the wad was somehow sent 20 years in the past!