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  1. Who even reads status updates though? I play wads, I don't make them. It's not like I'm the creator of edge/eternity (Corbachu/Chu?)
  2. Only complaint I've ever received over a dozen topics...
  3. I'm watching it so you don't have to. In fact I'll make a drinking game out of it... one shot every time he says in-DUSS-tries. I thought asphalt as ass-fault was weird but then another american came on and said it the same?
  4. They stop them when they get close to danger. It's scientific compared to the rest of the series. Which has titles such as "What if aliens were real" and "Why god didn't create the universe".
  5. Not just ironic, but very scientific compared to their usual stuff, and the numerous infographics-style "fast facts" you get on youtube. They don't go easy on the pothead. He's a little grating tbh. "It's a natural 'erb given by gaaawd"
  6. Not just me, a friend too. The lack of this, whatever it is, doesn't have the full effect.
  7. invictius

    September 11th -- We Will Never Forget

    It happened around midnight here, I was on vacation and hadn't heard anything about it until the next day when I called a friend. Went back to the hotel and watched the news for the rest of the day. A lot of people here just thought it was a late-night movie. One of the national airlines folded around the same time so it was even more chaotic at the airport to go home. Unbelievably I was allowed into the cockpit one or two days after it happened. But the time stamp for the original file is messed up so nobody will believe me.
  8. invictius

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    China will assassinate Putin and use the confusion with which to invade Taiwan.
  9. invictius

    The Queen is Dead. Long Live the King.

    How much security is there during the 10 days or mourning? Like when the king is in Belfast, is there any chance of the IRA using a bomb? I don't know if they're still even a thing, but just say they all happened when they were active. I guess there would be plans for just about everything since they've had a long time to get it down to perfection.
  10. Do many people in the u.s and europe know about that stereotype though? I'm used to people finding that aspect of the culture as unrelatable.
  11. Maybe this one doesn't depict a very real thing and can be laughed at? The author just said that Darren could have done ok in school but Damo held him back. Btw the train station is extremely true to life.
  12. This isn't something to boost youtube views, it has plenty as is. I feel kind of cringey about it. Someone on another forum said "honestly made me think of Republicans’ stereotype of inner-city Black people gaming our welfare system. So I figure it’ll hold up anywhere some people are accused, rightly or wrongly, of cheating the government." We have people in Europe in this forum, what do you guys think of it?
  13. Got a cheaper logitech one and one with an axis tilt. I do know they're not good for gaming.
  14. About 30 gaming/office mice... including a couple used vertically. In another thread someone pointed out that a mmo mouse is useful for doom mapping. I have an example of every major cherry switch and a couple each of the major ones. Finding a gaming mouse that fits like a glove is difficult. I've had the sidewinder x5 for years and imported an older one that won't make the scroll wheel die (They basically melt). I don't really want to do a pic of the keyboards, I hate turning my phone on, waiting for it to start, then transferring the image to pc. I have to pick up even a crappy digital camera. But as for the mice: https://imgur.com/a/s0nsQQ1
  15. What mods adds the most keybinds? Whatever it is, I'd like to check it out.