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  1. Clementine has a windows build :) http://www.clementine-player.org/
  2. 3 Head ATI Eyefinity desktop, Mageia 2 linux :) (GNOME3 3.4.2 with a boat load of extensions) http://www.imagebam.com/image/e7b186224828476
  3. Could this be made compatible with Doom/UltDoom? at the moment it errors out in prboom with "VILE missing frame"
  4. what is making this zdoom only? or can it be run in boom/prboom? Loved Manic Miner on speccy :), tho played it first on the Amstrad CPC
  5. Updating to a cheap 128G SSD was the best upgrade I ever did, boot linux in 18s and everything is near instant loading (or maybe 2-5s max for things like LibreOffice)
  6. Looking good :) cant wait, been playing the beta and loving it :D
  7. Seems PrBoom+ is getting lots of love :)
  8. B, sometimes C if i'm in a funny mood
  9. Just been playing this with a SpeedLink Shock 2 (PSX Style pad) and it was very smooth once I was used to to :)
  10. Chocolate-Doom and PrBoom-Plus :D
  11. I throw mine in /usr/share/games/doom
  12. Chocolate doom with pass through opl, or prboom-plus with opl emulator :D