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  1. Mithral_Demon

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    I play more jRPG section then I do of regular (but have both none the same). A series that I love is the Disgaea series. While playing similar to FF Tactics, it makes it's own with it's gameplay and (further and bettering of mechanics) funny stories. The characters follow cliche/trope types but to varying degrees, "always have that one seductress type female party member" or "Deep dark story" "Ditzzy clumsy female" and make fun of the tropes (and other games/media) all the same. Most of the games have a "super boss" who is nearly the same except in 3 of the games where 1 he's nearly impossible, or have to play really smart.
  2. Mithral_Demon

    Your favorite anime?

    Other then the head honchos of the anime worlds (DBZ, Bleach, and Sailor Moon), I've come to liking quite a few. I watch dubs only, takes out too much effort to read and miss the great action (if any). Elfen Lied Food Wars! (only to Season 2) Blue Exorcist HighSchool DxD Fate/Series including Prisma Illya spin off. My Hero Academia Little Witch Acadamia Strike Witches Trigun Big-O Baka and Test Just to name a few.
  3. Situation 1: He'll be goddamn king with no work. Situation 2: Shit luck dwindles your charisma, so he's still a zero.
  4. S - 7-8 , 50 lbs of glass in a tub? No problem. Why am I lifting 50lbs of glass? Because retail. P - 8 : If I dont keep aware, then beware I will probably die, retail and growing up with an asshat brother (tolerable now) E - 6 : While my stamina aint great, I take a few good punches and I haven't gotten sick this year. C - 4 : I stay kind despite.. that I don't say the right shit alot of the times. I - 7 : I research stuff, even if I dont want to or just mindlessly do so, and I love computers, and a walking dictionary (well I haven't been called that in a while) A - 4 : Dodging stuff, fine, running on the other hand, thats why it's a 4. L - 3 : Normal and inadvertently dull, no super goods no super bads, just dull dull normie bull.
  5. Mithral_Demon

    Lefty Doomers?

    Lefty hand here. I'm an odd sort. I cook best left handed, throw better with right, use mouse for right, and write left.
  6. Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past -- If I'm allowed to have Emulator use and Randomizer, then I get endless amount of runs that won't be the same. Minecraft : Well, I gotta let my building wander a bit, so tis be that. Mods are a must inclusion. Classic Doom : ^ Same reason honestly.
  7. Mithral_Demon

    New Forum Themes

    I agree on the Purple, simple stable Purple. Purple is god. But a theme I'd probably like to see though would be Too Much Brown, where every brown texture (even if from another game implemented) is used. Brown nukage, brown walls, brown brown brown.
  8. Mithral_Demon

    Have you modded outside of Doom? Let's talk about it.

    Modding via tools given: Heroes of Might and Magic series (1-3, anything above don't exist) StarCraft and WarCraft 3 (honestly suck on the latter end) JetPack like an old dos scrub I am Not a whole lot really.
  9. Mithral_Demon

    Games you play with special rules

    Much similar to Pokemons Nuzlocke challenge, Disgaea (atleast disgaea 5 for this) can be challenged in the similar manner, called Netherlocke. Or is it Nuzlord? You can only: Create a set few of characters, preferably to make a whole Dispatchable Team. --If done in the beginning of the game with fewest characters unlocked, you can make a new character after a chapter. So grind away to obtain the classes. --If at end game type file, you can go back to the past and remake your characters to fit the challenge. Any Story Characters cannot be used due to the next requirement. If your created character dies, EVERYTHING on it and the character are DELETED, as in all that hard work gone. Poof. no Hospital use to revive. You CAN use the hospital to heal what characters you have alive. You cannot capture Enemy characters to put on your team, but you CAN interrogate them to turn them into Stat Potions and "set them loose". Optional Challenge Addition: You cannot Transmigrate/Reincarnate before beating the Story Boss. Optional addition: You cannot use the Sage characters unique skill Land Decimator. Seriously, be preferred if you didn't anyway. Optional addition: You can Create a Leader type character (IE, think of it as you on the field), and it has to survive. If it dies, then game over.
  10. My few current games playing are: Modded Minecraft :: Running a Server, if people join, so be it. Disgaea 1 PC: I..technically have this for DS, but thing is.. I like the PsP port (that it's based on) and love it has the DS unlockable characters. >_> Disgaea 2 PC: I didn't own PS2 or PsP version, so I got the PsP port via Steam. NIS is doing great for this. Cant wait for 3 PC to come out. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth : No description except unlocked Cain and Azazel. Not very far. Soon and Maybes: Terraria : Doing a Coop playthrough with my cousin, I will do a Summon run. Or Modded Terraria, playing with cousin, but not Style locked. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: --Maybe-- Buying it, a Switch and Pro Controller. Joycons are ... Not for Mario Kart, unless your fingers are needle thin.
  11. General lurking of forums back to normal.
    Been playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Since getting it, it's been a fun but painful experience. Even with the stuff I have included at max level Ancient Armor... Lynels and Guardians are still my bane... and the so called "Rare" spawns of Silver variety enemies ain't so rare to me, EVERY GODDAMN CORNER HAS ONE, I hate the sight of them because the only drop I care for with them are Diamonds, and I'd rather fight a Silver Lynel then any other Silver assclown of anything else..

  12. Mithral_Demon

    April Fools is the most evil day of the year.

    All depends on when and where. For my end, I do not have to worry as friends are practical zilch and also not at work.
  13. Mithral_Demon

    How should a first map ever released by someone look like?

    Save often. Reduces potential loss, it's just like any RPG, save save save so nothing is lost. Pretty much to sum: Shit happens, just fight it on. It is disappointing for it to crash though.
  14. Mithral_Demon

    How should a first map ever released by someone look like?

    Imo: For starters, think of E1 of Doom/Ultimate Doom, that'd be what starting would look like, and then going to E4 for the more advanced stuff. A map that I would recommend for flow and looks is Map 01 of Scythe.wad , for a starting map it is beautiful. It's got level design, flow, and progressive difficulty towards the end, and not over detailed. They recommend Boom support as it's one of the universal supports for SourcePorts, but you can do (G)ZDoom format, just remember those formats have a lot more that can be done then Boom format involving 3D floors and scripting.
  15. >_>
    This will be different. I do miss Post Hell, but eh, not like it was the main reason of coming to the forums anyway.

    1. Gerardo194


      Post Hell will be in our hearts, I took a screenshot of my favorite post in Post Hell when I realized about the forum change.

    2. Mithral_Demon


      Quite honestly for comedy gold, that was the place to just let it out. xD

      There were too many to count that was hilarious. I think some of the oldest topics made for the best ones.

    3. Gerardo194


      Mu favorite one was: 100th post! by Deathz0r. I couldn't stop laughing at it. Hehe