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  1. Mithral_Demon

    Has anyone turned Classic Doom into Doom 2016?

    In Classic Doom slopes are impossible because the engine was coded for such. In ZDoom and it's variants added such code to enable it, much akin to the Quake Engines. The game runs in a 3D environment while the sprites are the 2.5D aspect of the game. Witness our favorite tomato, the Cacodemon. Despite having such an oafish demeanor, he has access to all of the dimensions. He can Fly vertically (Z), Left Right (X) and Forwards and Backwards (Y). Hell, Lost souls, they charge at you from those, and if shot with a non-killing blow, often have them drifting with in said environment, diagonal of its original trajectory. If one were to makes 2016 Demake of the game, the creators would have a better chance with ZDoom as it has Slopes, 3D Floors (2floors 1 sector), and other variables that would make it possible. I believe Knee Deep in ZDoom would be a great example of what could be done as far as "remaking" under more "modern" aesthetics.
  2. Mithral_Demon

    Blood Oven

    Not a bad map. While there is some texture oddities, it's overall a nice looking map. Secrets, decent. While some should have been marked Secret because of how they are (Invul sphere), they are nicely placed. Monsters, early on they are a bit rough(lots of massing), along with ammo, but slowly eases into getting better, specifically after the Red key, the closets felt good. For texturing:: The alot of the tech textures feel out of place, mostly because as far as the map is, Tech tends to stop roughly after 18. If replaced with more wood/hell textures, it'd feel alittle better. Skin textures need a little more "support" to it, feels alittle off with out it (like metal/brick grafting to it?).
  3. Mithral_Demon

    Mithral's Level Dump

    Here I'll post my maps I create, updating as I go. My second level created, but under means of more to play, Infiltration. Infiltration.zip By no means perfect, but I like the feel of "Classic" but with extra hints of detail, nothing too crazy. I attempted to balance it out with pistol start and without using Secret #1, it's alittle rough on harder difficulties, with Secret 1 it's much easier. Can be played on lower difficulties (slight difference in monster count). PrBoom and Zdoom was used to test.
  4. Mithral_Demon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Yeah. I just didnt want to run it through Gyazo due to its dumb limits. Its useful for alot but not for this.
  5. Mithral_Demon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My second level I plan on releasing at some point. A Map01 replacement. DB shot: https://gyazo.com/1ead17e6afb72e9aa5aadd7f0aeaa1b3 https://imgur.com/D2DhrJ5 https://imgur.com/9con6Hc https://imgur.com/izfnLFP https://imgur.com/U8zEOfG https://imgur.com/7Eq3kDQ https://imgur.com/RHWJRN0 Edit: Didn't feeling like spending the time spoilering it, so it's a link. Supposed to be a more "classic" vibe. Not too in your face about detail. but enough to not look plain. Lul.
  6. Mithral_Demon

    First released Doom64 EX level

    Sorry if people tried to download it and it didnt work, I forget to set the settings right. So you should be able to download it via the link
  7. Mithral_Demon

    First released Doom64 EX level

    I called it Blood Chasm Castle, dunno why I named it that other then all the blood through out. This has been a project I've been working on since... 2013, around the time I discovered Kaiser had ported 64 into EX. It may not be the prettiest to look at, it was a experiment on making a level and using some of the macro's the game has to offer. To boot this is my first ever released Doom level. Has a Custom level message if you use Map04's secret to original Map29. Was an act of continuing the story of Doomguy keeping hell in check. Level can be complete able from Pistol start. Intended on higher difficulties. Ingame: https://gyazo.com/9f32ed1375fd75cc7a32d9b54e3af0bc https://gyazo.com/8c3f40811d4e1bba505cc889864d580e https://gyazo.com/2ed8e6635e24e0613a17ffd22cbd39da Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zhOc3-RkQByliDw_JLDzWaUfAoHUE7cn/view?usp=sharing If you wish to add my level to a megawad, pm me. :D Spoiler for Easter Egg/Bug spoke of in txt:
  8. Mithral_Demon

    Post your Doom 64 picture

    Doom Builder Shot of my map 29 replacement. I called it Blood Chasm Castle, dunno why I named it that other then all the blood through out. https://gyazo.com/d5c8135d5d5715131b6b4ad1b37b72d7 Ingame: https://gyazo.com/9f32ed1375fd75cc7a32d9b54e3af0bc https://gyazo.com/8c3f40811d4e1bba505cc889864d580e https://gyazo.com/2ed8e6635e24e0613a17ffd22cbd39da
  9. Mithral_Demon

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    My Doom 64 EX map I'm making when I stream it. But its not apart of the CP in Wads. https://gyazo.com/946d11b3974d63ab5913d1955bb84110 Oh, scripts. Yeah. https://gyazo.com/1238859318afa8751f281606d3c73c86
  10. IF allowed 2, I got the Baron of Hell in sights as a choice. Big bruiser, fairly smart (or competant enough to read) due to their excess libraries, great to spar with in all honesty if it's following the no-kill. But the other would be Spider Mastermind. Huge, yes, but if there's one thing that would scare everything, it'd be that. Allow me to ponder it's knowledge, progress into demon-tech and eventually make a near no-fuel required movement (jetpack, floating and speed in general). That an it'd be nice for it to create a few arachnotrons along the way for guarding.
  11. ^ Where's NeedHealth to answer for similar problems like this one. One of mine a bit was forgetting to slaughter a Pain Elemental (after killing, 2?)... It got in an argument with a few imps and all I saw were lost souls.. suffice to say, no plasma or chaingun ammo weren't available to slowly pick them off..
  12. Mithral_Demon

    What are you playing now?

    Slowly getting back into Doom, and decided to try my hand on Zdoom Wars (1). Havent played with other players yet, but I can really see why it is so different and fun for a DM setup. although I wish the bots actually were randomized to different classes and actually used the different summons.
  13. Mithral_Demon

    Expansion Packs: Your best, okay, and worst

    No need for me to mention the obviously listed... But aren't we forgetting Heroes of Might and Magic 2 and 3 having expansions? ;P I never understood much of Heroes 2's expansion, only because I had it, and the game still fun otherwise. Heroes 3 on the other hand I understand. Base game you have solid experience, being able to choose a few classes, expansive maps (and player created included), and a great continuation of Heroes 2's Roland campaign.-- Then Armageddon's Blade comes out, adding quite a bit of content of a new playable class the Nearly-Broken-All-Hell Conflux which utilizes the base games Elementals and brings Phoenix's and Pixies back, several more campaigns, and some artifacts. Shadow's of Death comes out and now we're packing new artifacts, new campaign, and Artifact Combinations. ^^^^ -- Artifact combinations if done fast enough early game turns most fights one sided, and with Conflux, thats adding the final kindling to a fire that screws everything. Doesn't help Conflux's grail monuments is one of the absolute best; Every. Spell. In. The. Game. Including ones your "town" shouldn't have like Death Ripple. But. Here's my meh/worst, more meh because I have't scrambled up too many "expansions" on this level. Black and White 2's expansion. While the battles were more menacing, it was just a few maps and another God Pet to abuse. The base game could have done with an update to enable more pets (without mods), but alas.
  14. My main one for being hardwired is Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Knowing the mechanics of boss patterns, where everything is to even partially route my "casual" speedrun of 100%. I'm no Xelna, but 2:43:35 imho is decent time for 100% run. But I also play the Randomizer version, and it takes all that you know to the test. Still learning on how to route better, maybe I'll hit sub 2:20:00 sometime. Otherwise, Super Mario World and Star Fox I know all too well, play them fairly often. Minecraft next, but for Modded, knowing how to create complex structures or even get to a high tier somethingorother with out bug abuse; "If it gives me the keys, I will sure as hell unlock the doors. If it keeps the keys away from me, why not fabricate it 3 fold."
  15. Mithral_Demon

    Favorite RPG/JRPG?

    I play more jRPG section then I do of regular (but have both none the same). A series that I love is the Disgaea series. While playing similar to FF Tactics, it makes it's own with it's gameplay and (further and bettering of mechanics) funny stories. The characters follow cliche/trope types but to varying degrees, "always have that one seductress type female party member" or "Deep dark story" "Ditzzy clumsy female" and make fun of the tropes (and other games/media) all the same. Most of the games have a "super boss" who is nearly the same except in 3 of the games where 1 he's nearly impossible, or have to play really smart.