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  1. Mithral_Demon

    Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock

    That was the first thing rid of on after Reset 1. Then the other 2 was Windows Update screwing it up.
  2. Mithral_Demon

    Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock

    Aight. So I have figured out the issue. Windows Update. One of the Quality updates in 21H2 will break it. I have reset my computer 3 times to figure this out, which sucks, but honestly no work was lost. So if someone ends up having this issue later down the line, this maybe for you. Reset in the Control Panel, keep files, it kept the 21H2 main update, but not the optional stuff, safe to download .net Framework for other stuff. Pause for however long, then go into Services and disable Windows Update.
  3. Mithral_Demon

    Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock

    And now its returned and had done nothing to optimizations and such. I really don't understand how mouse lock breaks. :x
  4. Mithral_Demon

    Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock

    One method I know works but kind of drastic, is reinstalling windows from Reset, but keeping -most- of my files. But it's not exactly a "good" answer... :x
  5. Mithral_Demon

    Doom Builder Visual Mode Mouse Lock

    So, I'm having an issue of keeping my mouse locked in Visual Mode, I run multiple monitors (3), but it escapes DB's visual mode. Currently using Ultimate Doom Builder. This effects all versions of DB I have. But unlike some previous asked of this question, it seems that it's a Windows issue, as I ran an optimizer that helped reduce unnecessary usage, but with in the optimization screwed with the Screen Locking for Doom Builder. I use Kingsoft PC Doctor, and it's optimizer is what did it, and I undid the optimizations, but doesn't fix the grab. But it only happens on left and right, not upwards (where 3rd is), like some other games in fullscreen borderless window. I have deleted the cfg file for it and did not work. So instead of downloading a screen locking program, maybe someone knows so Windows magic that I've completely missed?
  6. Mithral_Demon

    [SWITCH] Doom64 beginner tips?

    To go along with the Pain Elemental: Unlike the Doom 2 variety, standing near them when they spawn souls and on Death is a no no. For secret hunting, roughly the same concept .The slight misaligned texture/offset texture trick is harder to notice. Unlike og doom where only certain maps and linedefs would work (Dead Simple), this games system allows for more complex things like scripts to do more. So some Secrets could be hidden behind killing a horde (subtly lowers a wall) for you to find again, or a special script that after all barrels on the map are destroyed unlocks a secret exit.
  7. Mithral_Demon

    How would you rate Doom 64 mapset against vanilla ones?

    I agree that 64's aged real well. The Tech levels were great, although a little lacking in UD's department, but much better then Doom 2's. Doom 2's only great because of its versatility via monsters, but original maps don't "look" great compared to the fanmade. But 64 really shines with the Castle and Hell levels. Both beautiful to look at, to play through. They imo out do Ultimate Doom's hell levels, which yes a bit controversial, but it just has the shine, the flow, chaos and design. Where it takes a map or 3 to really feel what the episode is about where 64 just punches you straight in.
  8. Problem with heat seeking or homing rockets; They only work if you can physically see the target or some pathing. The hole from that the rocket enters is above said target, not able to register a hitbox strike. Thats the whole gimmick of Icon is to just let the splash damage do its thing.
  9. Mithral_Demon

    Looking for this hud.

    The words in the Center are from Multiplayer. If you are moused over a player (while alive) it will say PlayerXName with Ally or Enemy below. Or in this case Player Cam (because you died) it goes to your Allies camera view.
  10. Mithral_Demon

    Looking for this hud.

    Looks like ZDoom's. ZDoom, GZDoom, SkullTag and Zandronum would have this natively/as a choice in the settings.
  11. Mithral_Demon

    Mithral's Level Dump

    Glad it was enjoyable for the most part. ^_^ Yeah, still learning the ropes of the using the colors. And yeah, I should have made the upper area alittle darker. Balancing features (ammo monster ratio) not exactly my strongest but learning that too, atleast the ambush worked as intended. It's like a 25% chance of monster clumping on each other but it's not guaranteed for all. But atleast I made sure in some way that ammo was not an issue. For map making in general. I like 64's aesthetically. Although I hope the guy working on the missing 64 monsters can make them possible for EX atleast when he gets to that point.
  12. Mithral_Demon

    Mithral's Level Dump

    Added in a new map for Doom 64 EX. Replaces Map01. https://imgur.com/oduos2M , https://imgur.com/tuvxaCg , https://imgur.com/OkSTdXE , https://imgur.com/k0WUtdC
  13. Mithral_Demon

    Should Doom 64 get its own category in the forums?

    Console Doom is the best spot for talks about it. As Fraggle said, not enough threads being made/spoken to designate a content separation. Wads and Mods is open for EX levels, not just for Doom 1 and 2. While you could put them here in Console Doom, the attention would quickly dissipate.
  14. Mithral_Demon

    How do I create buttons in DoomBuilder2?

    http://www.doombuilder.com/index.php?p=tutorials But as Egg said. Linedef defined with "S1" or "SR" refers to Switch. 1 is once and R is Repeatable. Linedef once enacted, like "SR Door Open Wait Close", it (while textured with a Switch Texture) will now need a LineDef Tag, Tag refers to the Sector it affects. Leaving it as 0 will either do nothing or move the entire level, dont want that. Follow through the tutorials there and switch to either Ultimate Doom Builder or Doom Builder X as most other variants of DB is discontinued/not supported.
  15. Mithral_Demon

    Doom II Updated

    Anything being a copy paste of an already made map is a no no. Practically piracy or copy infringement. If you followed the map as a guide but remade everything by scratch and no copy paste, you should be good. The iwad maps are a guide, means of inspiration, not to be carbon copied and said it is your own.