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12 files

  1. Chex Quest - Assault on Chextropolis

    A single level for Chex Quest 3. This requires ZDoom/GZDoom in order to run, as well as Chex Quest 3(CHEX3.WAD), both of which are free. All voice acting by Stormwalker.


       (0 reviews)


  2. Snot Station

    This is a map I scrapped from a 2-episode wad I'm working on for Chex Quest. It is my first attempt working with the set of features ZDoom has to offer. This level simply doesn't fit with what I'm currently doing with the rest of the mapset both plot-wise and gameplay-wise. There's also the fact that due to some screwing around in SLADE 3, this wad is now somehow permanently corrupted when loaded in Doom Builder 2. Don't ask why. Anyway, It was inspired by E3M1 of Chex Quest 3 and is designed to be quite difficult. Watch out for that ending!

    Criticism and other comments are welcome!


       (1 review)


  3. Chex(R) Quest 20th Anniversary: Galactic Conflict

    The most comprehensive expansion to Chex(R) Quest in years (if not ever), this megawad adds a fourth, nine-level episode to the original campaign, three hidden bonus levels, and seven multiplayer maps with support for a variety of game modes as well as various updates to make Chex(R) Quest 3 compatible with the latest versions of ZDoom and GZDoom.


       (13 reviews)


  4. Chex rescue

    A custom chex quest episode! You rarely see those.

    You're sent to a certain planet to rescue some people from a gigantic horde of terrible flemoids.


       (11 reviews)


  5. a level for Chex Quest

    One level of moderate difficulty for vanilla chex quest.


       (8 reviews)


  6. Nitro's Chex Quest

    This is the final version of Nitro's Chex Quest. This is designed for the DOS version of Chex Quest which can be found online as freeware.


       (1 review)


  7. Sunder Quest

    I took the first 5 levels of Sunder and ported them to Chex Quest 3.

    I had permission from Insane_Gazebo to release on to /idgames, but I did NOT create the original maps. I only wish I had that amount of skill.


       (9 reviews)


  8. The Oozing Affair

    Nine maps using Chex Quest resources for E1 of Ultimate Doom.


       (15 reviews)


  9. Chex Quest Advanced

    Chex Quest Advanced is a project to improve the original Chex Quest series, but keep the old classic feel. This has been tested to work with the original CHEX.EXE so any Doom port will work.


       (11 reviews)


  10. chex.exe dehacked patch

    This is a dehacked patch designed to emulate the chex.exe executable included with Chex Quest. It is generated from a comparison of chex.exe with Final Doom's doom2.exe.


       (20 reviews)


  11. Newmaps: A Chex Quest Mod

    This is the final version of Newmaps. Newmaps is a Chex Quest mod (*cough*) based on The Ultimate Chex Quest.

    In May 2005 I came across The Ultimate Chex Quest. Then I saw some of the fanmade maps and thought: "Hey! Why don't I try my hand at making Chex Quest levels?" And so Newmaps was started. In June of 2005 I released the first beta which only had the first two maps complete. Back then, I only planned to make five or so levels, but then I started making more and more and it became this big thing. I don't even want to think of how many hours I put into it. I hope you have as much fun playing it as I had making it for you. (Man, how many times has this been said before?)

    (NOTE: If you just play the first few levels and decide it's too boring and stop playing, don't. Remember, I had just learned to map when I made those. The later ones are much cooler!)

    (ANOTHER NOTE: This game was designed with OpenGL in mind. While the game will run in software mode, some things will not work properly. So I strongly suggest using OpenGL mode AT ANY COST!!! If you can't use OpenGL mode, oh well.)

    (YET ANOTHER NOTE: If you shut the game off, load a game, start a new game, etc. during a cutscene, specifically while the screen is black, it will be black when you start the other game! Wait until it's over, (Or just skip it, see THE LUCKY SEVENTH NOTE) then do your other stuff. If, for some reason, you do this, play the cutscene again. (And finish it this time!))

    (NOTES - VOLUME IV: The fade to black effects are done by changing the fog settings. Since I have no way of knowing your fog settings, they are reset to the defaults. (Color: 000000, Density: 100) So if you had settings other than the defaults, they will be defaulted. Sorry, but this was the only way I could do it.)

    (PENTANOTE: The sniper scope. One of the coolest things in the game is the sniper scope. While you have the large zorcher equipped, press 'z' to activate sniper mode, and press 'x' or switch to a different weapon to deactivate it.)

    (THE SIXTH NOTE: If you do any of the stuff described in 'YET ANOTHER NOTE' while in sniper mode, you will not be able to see your weapons. If you do that, Don't Panic! Just turn sniper mode on and off. They'll be back.)

    (THE LUCKY SEVENTH NOTE: Starting with beta 10.5, all cutscenes are skippable. Just press the spacebar during one to skip it.)

    (ONE MORE, FOR GOOD MEASURE: This is Newmaps episodes 1-3. Episode IV is not included in this WAD. You can check for progress on that at my website: http://xbolt.knowledgehouse.info)


       (26 reviews)



    Bloodless Doom. Gotta see it. Can be described as being tongue-in-cheek.


       (36 reviews)


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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A really frantic and fun DM map with pretty neat stuff like invisible pillar in the middle of the arena, doesn't have anything to do with the title but the level can become a BFG spamming fest soon, especially with bots. Less fun in SP but the arch-ville+bunch of nazi combo is a nice feat.
    • By Fireseth · Posted
      Only six enemies (played on UV) and no working exit. Other than that, it is a pretty detailed map for 1995. I enjoyed the general design and the poisonous vats of acid. Very cool, but not practical for good gameplay.   EDIT: Just discovered this is a DM wad… haha, for that purpose, it seems good. My original rating was 2/5, will change it now.
    • By CravenCoyote · Posted
      Lots of traps and monster closets. Some switches are activated by shooting but there's nothing to really tell you about this because they look the same as other switches.   Texturing is good and enemy placement proved rather difficult at times. There aren't may health pickups on UV so it was a fight to get through.
    • By costadevale · Posted
      It's pretty good for 1994. If you don't mind having no health items at all (except in a few maps) and the outrageous amounts of cyberdemons per map, you should give it a try. It's pretty challenging and I like it. E2M3 is a bit 'eh...' though.
    • By entropy122 · Posted
      What the actual f*ck is this map. I love having 4 rockets, a shit ton of bullets and like 10 shotgun shells to take out a revenant, and whatever was in that cage. Doesn't look too bad, maybe this negativity is cus im no expert, also rather unskilled at the game?