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John E Death 4 (DOOM2)

   (6 reviews)
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About This File

Another fine addition to the JDEATH series... Not too big, not too difficult, just fun! This one has about 30 hours into it, I spent a lot of time on textures and alignment, and playtesting, of course! Send me mail if you give a darn... Most of you don't... Have fun anyway!

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This was too easy to pass, the only time he died was where the bad Wolfensteins were  (I couldn't think in a funny nickname)


I honestly prefer 3 over 4 but hey, that's ok

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Walter confetti


Texturing is a little bit amateurish, but overall the map is fun to play! The crusher hallway is the only low point.

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Not too shabby for a 1995 level. Disregarding that fact, it's average at most, but still fun to play.

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Good for what it is - no frills, basic doom

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Wow, yet another 1995 level. Thankfully not like most recently uploaded 1995 levels, however. This is a fairly small, reasonably polished level, sort of like an Icarus or Memento Mori level with stock textures.

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A really frantic and fun DM map with pretty neat stuff like invisible pillar in the middle of the arena, doesn't have anything to do with the title but the level can become a BFG spamming fest soon, especially with bots. Less fun in SP but the arch-ville+bunch of nazi combo is a nice feat.
    • By Fireseth · Posted
      Only six enemies (played on UV) and no working exit. Other than that, it is a pretty detailed map for 1995. I enjoyed the general design and the poisonous vats of acid. Very cool, but not practical for good gameplay.
    • By CravenCoyote · Posted
      Lots of traps and monster closets. Some switches are activated by shooting but there's nothing to really tell you about this because they look the same as other switches.   Texturing is good and enemy placement proved rather difficult at times. There aren't may health pickups on UV so it was a fight to get through.
    • By costadevale · Posted
      It's pretty good for 1994. If you don't mind having no health items at all (except in a few maps) and the outrageous amounts of cyberdemons per map, you should give it a try. It's pretty challenging and I like it. E2M3 is a bit 'eh...' though.
    • By entropy122 · Posted
      What the actual f*ck is this map. I love having 4 rockets, a shit ton of bullets and like 10 shotgun shells to take out a revenant, and whatever was in that cage. Doesn't look too bad, maybe this negativity is cus im no expert, also rather unskilled at the game?