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About This File

Howdy! Today is my birthday, and I cannot think of a more fitting way to celebrate than with than with the release of my second map, Schism. This'll be a limit-removing Doom 2 map01 replacement. The ramp up in difficulty is pretty steep near the end, so be prepared. Otherwise, this a pretty standard vanilla gameplay map with a tech/ancient ruins theme going on. Two drastically different themes clashing, but with the ever-present Doomguy being the constant as always. Was mainly tested on Crispy Doom, with a few helpers testing it on PRBoom+. All known issues have been corrected as of this date, so if you see anything off about this, shoot it my way so I can properly deal with it before it goes up on /idgames. Tools used were GZDoom Builder for the map editing and Slade. Mainly tested on UV, but difficulty flags are in effect. Co-op starts are in as well. Build time was about a month. None of that three years BS this time around :P

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Very fun map! I really liked the music. Happy Birthday!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      A really boring "slaughtermap" sort of map with a not very good layout and broken teleports. Played it on vanilla doom and doom+ exes on dosbox, it plays fine. Also, is E2M2 have an exit? I didn't want to know because i've get bored while playing at it, sorry.
    • By Phobus · Posted
      Despite working alongside Billy for a few years now, and being a big fan of what he does, I hadn't gotten around to checking this out. Turns out I was doing myself a disservice! This is a lot of fun to explore, with many twists and turns, and some pretty intricate secrets. A very strong start for him, but I can see where he's grown since. In particular, the progression and distribution of weapons can lead first-time players to be quite underpowered for a long time, depending on where they go first, and my initial playing experience suffered as a result. Likewise, the way secrets are woven through the map and partially limited based on progression makes for a great story telling device, but does rather impede your chance to experience everything if you don't know when things are available and what will stop them being so.   Saying all of that, the game play is generally solid, the additional textures, artwork and music choices are all on point and the level looks very nice, so I'm more knocking a star off because of the open-ended progression not working out perfectly for me on my play through, than anything else. Well, that and I know he's gone on to bigger and better things, of course! Great stuff, highly recommended.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      Some large trapping maps and some tricky small ones. I didn't find Eye 1 the episode replacement with that creepy green imp. My favourite its the first one. Awesome classic original midis.
    • By Argenteo · Posted
      95' old castle with cool midi. Like the prison and dinning room.
    • By KrisToast · Posted
      Love it or hate it, you have to admit that this mod has easily one of the best atmospheres ever made for a Doom mod. The idea for your home being a hub where you can access levels is really cool! When you open new areas and collect keys it gives a great feeling of progression.   Even though I gave it 5/5 stars doesn't mean it doesn't have flaws. The problems I had were getting a little lost while trying to memorize the doors and areas that require specific keys to unlock. Also later the game becomes a little bit slaughtery with the absurd amount of enemies that you have to fight against. Fighting against tons of enemies in tight corridors and small rooms were not really fun at all and the final boss was kind of lame.   Lastly, a really solid, fun and creepy mod to play. I played this mod on October and it boosted the atmosphere by a ton. It was also cool to see new monsters that have been also seen in some of Tormentor667's levels.