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Saturn - after 18 years officially released ! - medium wad


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Hello everybody!


I made this wad in 2000 (v1.0) and finally after 18 years - here it is !!! Saturn is officially released (v2.0) ! Quick Q&A and some screenshots.


Q: So if You made Saturn in 2000 and released now (2018), the for who You've made it back then?

A: For me and thow of my friends (yeah it sounds crazy, but our joy from creating new stuff for our beloved game was amazing)


Q: What is Saturn about?

A: Well it's medium sized wad for Doom2 including 7 (MAP01-MAP07) levels.


Q: What about wad difficulty and size of levels?

A: There is only one difficulty and it's rather medium imo. Honestly I never was fan of hardcore difficulty. Levels are from medium to large. It takes about 2-3 hours to finish Saturn.


Q: Why it's called Saturn.

A: It's my fav planet, nothing more! And mus say that this wad has nothing to do with other "saturn" themed wads. Hey ! After all it was created in 2000! :)


Q: If it was made in 2000 so probably works with everything ?

A: Probably yes ! But even if Saturn was made for vanilla Doom2, after all those modern fixes, it is a little buggy in vanilla (many tahnks to HAK3180 for find it out) so I recommend to play it with gzdoom port plus Brutal or especially Project Brutality mod.


Q: On which editor Saturn was created?

A: An obsolete DCK (Dooom Construction Kit)-f.e. without 3D view (fixing textures was a nightmare!) and runs only in DOS mode. No idea how I manage and finished Saturn but nobody complain about DCK back then!


Q: It is the same version as in 2000?

A: Yes and no! For past 3-4 weeks, thankfully to Doom Builder I made tons of bug fixes, gameplay changes, etc, etc, even added few new areas ! But mainly Saturn is the same as it was 2000 (version 1.0) but with general facelifting (that's why is called version 2.0).


Q: So after all those fixes, Saturn 2.0 is for sure 100% bug free?

A: Probably not, but wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (trust me!) better than v1.0


Q: Is there any gameplay theme of Saturn?

A: Each map has different theme. Focuesd mainly on discovering and exploration. From modern factories to creepy tombs! Everyone will find something for himself.


Q: I love secrets ! Are they in Saturn?

A: I love them too! And Saturn is full of them! Just examine surroundings. There is always a hint!


Q: ... but 7th map is a total mayhem!

A: It's final boss fight map. It must be mayhem!


Q: Can I jump, crouch or free look ?

A: Even if it was made in 2000, You can crouch or free look. But jumping is NOT allowed ! Or You break balance.


Q: What about co-op or deathmatch?

A: Saturn is heavy and only focused on single player. I think that co-op may work somehow but deathmatch doesn't.


Q: Any new graphic, music or sound.

A: Really few: Pistol sound (imo original one sucks), Demon alert sound, help, intermission screen and sky texture (its from D1E1 imo best one). Music is mix of imo best songs from D1/D2


Q: Why so late ? Man, after 18 years ? Are You serious ?

A: Better late than never :) .... and honestly maybe Saturn isn't as good as Your modern wads (for sure it isn't) but after tons of changes that I've made recently and few playthroughs must admit that it isn't as bad either.


Q: Your english sucks man!

A: Correct! But as long as You understand me it's ok ;)


Q: This wad sucks man!

A: Please don't kick this old dog! :)


Q: Can I share or edit Your wad ?

A: Yes!


Q: Can I play finally ?

A: Download and play! Rip and tear!


PS - One plea, if You can upload this wad in other Doom wad/mod servers it will be very nice.














Edited by MarcinT

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1 minute ago, riderr3 said:

Most people here use Mediafire for file uploading, you also can use it =)

Or use something that's not infected with potential virus ads, like dropbox.

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Welcome to Doomworld!


7 hours ago, MarcinT said:

finally after 18 years

If you happened to have announced that in some way those many years ago (usenet post, BBS, etc.), then you may definitely be in the running for a Mordeth award.


Regardless, congratulations on getting it done and finished and released, no matter how long it took.

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Congratulations as well and although I haven't played it yet, the screenshots look very fine indeed.

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