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  1. I like the idea of a vanilla Doom 2 megawad (as I've said before). Given that, I have a few thoughts: In point 6, you state that you would like the levels to be vanilla style, but in point 4 you allow GZDoom features and in point 10 you allow for scripting. In point 7, you state that it's OK for the level to be virtually impossible to beat from a pistol start. If that's the case, then it would be helpful to know what kind of minimum starting weaponry you need to give someone a reasonable chance of finishing it, if for no other reason than playtesting purposes. Also, what happens if the player dies on the level and then has to restart the level? They're essentially screwed. I suggest April 30 for the deadline. That doesn't seem unreasonable, based on some of the other CP's here. Is your idea to have a random assortment of 32 maps or do you want to maintain some sort of thematic progression (for example, Doom 2's progression was essentially Star Base -> City -> Hell)?
  2. Have there been any additional updates for this project? Is the deadline still in January?
  3. I was hoping this CP would eventually get made and was actually somewhat surprised it took as long as it did to get going. I'd like to contribute a map. I don't have a theme yet, but I have an idea. Also, I'll take map slot 16. If that's not available, Map 23 or 24.
  4. Considering @Death-Destiny last visited in February, 2009, it seems unlikely your curiosity will be satisfied. Unless someone wanted to go all Brandon Sanderson and Wheel of Time saga and finish the last six maps of Dark Plutonia, like Brandon Sanderson finished the last three books of the Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan died before he could finish the series.
  5. Personally, from a design standpoint, I like the switch in a crevice (8 or 16 units deep), particularly when it's on one wall of a tall room. Depending on the room, though, I would probably use a 64 or 48 unit wide crevice, though. I suppose you could just make a little alcove off to the side of the room, too, which would, I guess, make it easier to press while running. That being said, I generally don't design maps around being more amenable for speedrunning. Not that there's anything wrong with speedrunning, I just don't design around that particular playing style.
  6. I don't know if the plot synopsis was for both books or just one, but they don't sound so bad, more or less what you'd expect out of something written to take advantage of a craze for anything with the name Doom on it, but with an author who still wanted to have some pang of originality with what he was doing. If you're looking for deep introspection about life while knights play chess with Death, you'll likely be disappointed. That being said ... There's something awesome about that. The Doom movie had that first person sequence which reminded me very much of Doom 3, so there was that, and it was set on Mars. If you were going to the movies expecting to see demons from Hell, you were probably setting yourself up to be disappointed, because that sort of movie would probably never be made. I only read the first book (back in the 90's); I didn't even know there were another three until recently. I didn't think it was that bad. Will it be read in high school English classes in 100 years? No, but I thought it was entertaining enough (actually, probably more entertaining than some of the books I did read in English class). I don't remember a lot of it now, except that they referred to the Cyberdemon as a Steam Demon, the guy (whose name I forgot) described the imps as throwing flaming snot (I think I remember that), and when he and the girl (whose name I forgot) met in Deimos, they were both naked and covered in blood, but she blinked, so he didn't shoot her.
  7. Demons in heaven? Hmm. Interesting concept. I wonder what the back story would be, aside from a standard "war in Heaven." Unless you're proposing to play as the monsters, in which case the war in Heaven still works. And the Heaven in Deus Vult 2 looks more like a stereotypical heaven than does Map 32 of Bloodstain, which looks more or less like a demon-infested castle made of white stones. The background is even red, which doesn't scream Heaven to me. Not that I didn't like how the level looked, just that it could be any white castle.
  8. There's LOTS of wads you COULD play. Go to and click on the Random File link on the top of the page. You will get one of the heaps of wads that have been submitted to the archive over the years. Otherwise, if you're looking for recommendations from the Doomworld community, then refer to @Myst.Haruko's post or @Doomkid's post or check out any or all of the following discussions (there's probably some overlap between them, obviously):
  9. I completely agree that if the person overseeing the project (whether it's the originator or someone else who took the reins of the project) is still around and can be reached, then absolutely that person should be consulted first. My response was driven by @BeeWen's statement that @FractalXX (I assume he/she was still the curator) was "gone for good," implying that person had left the Doomworld community for whatever reason and was not returning, at least not in a reasonable time. I'm not advocating for users commandeering other people's projects just because they think they're taking too long or they don't like the direction they're headed.
  10. Why not just have someone new take over the final compilation of the project? Is there a Doomworld rule (written or unwritten) that I'm unaware of where projects can only be handed off if the original/current curator agrees to do so?
  11. I remember reading somewhere that the palette used in the original Doom and Doom 2 were purposely muted, so the colors were supposed to look somewhat darker and weren't supposed to appear vibrant.
  12. I agree with that. Yes, it may not be as sharp as you remember it. But I think that's normal when you go without playing something for a long period of time. I remember the first time I saw the first Rainbow Six at a friend's house, I thought it looked amazing. A few years later, at that same friend's house, when he loaded Rainbow Six after playing one of the later Rainbow Six games, I thought to myself that it didn't look as good as I remembered it looking.
  13. @Yokai got this off to a great start back in 2013, but there still are no manual or tutorials. This is understandable, as Eureka is a free product that @andrewj developed and maintains (and @printz ports it to Mac) to support the Doom community for free. Even with it being freeware, it's a great program, IMHO. Since those comments back in July, 2013, there's been three major releases that have added a number of features and improved functionality to the editor. Would there be any interest in the community that uses Eureka writing a manual/tutorials? If Andrew is opposed to it, then this idea dies on the vine. But I thought I would put the idea out there.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if they really didn't care that much at all. Remember, id was a rather small company with relatively young employees that were making money hand over fist from a game (games if you include Doom 2) that was (were) designed around being able to use free, user-generated content. And they were giving away the episode 1 as completely unfettered shareware. I'm trying to remember the last time I saw a release of any game as shareware that wasn't just a limited trial.
  15. Sounds like the foundation for a community project focusing on underused themes.