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  1. @The Mysterious Moustachio With cannonball withdrawing, that leaves 5 open slots. Do you have a plan in mind for dealing with these gaps?
  2. @94's the best style @therektafire What is the status of this project? As of last month, there was word that a hub map was in some advanced stage of near-completion and that a final portal had been added that could open to an area that utilized Spie182's HK IoS. We even had a mapper ask to come back and submit his map, which was was possible months after the deadline because It seemed as though things might be jump-started and we could move forward, but then the project stalled again. Whether the project stalled because of difficulties in compiling the pk3 or difficulties in completing the hub map (due to Quake or real life or something else) is immaterial. This project needs to be finished and not just stuck in the quagmire of development hell. May I suggest that if compiling the pk3 is difficult, then, as Dexiaz suggested, let others help with it? @DeXiaZ, @MegaBlast, and @Bauul all seem capable of compiling these packages. Whether they would be willing is a different story, but I would imagine there are others who could help as well. If finishing the hub map is proving difficult, may I suggest submitting what is already finished and letting others in this CP finish the hub map? It sounds as if the hub map already has a substantial amount of work done, so this community effort would be to bring it over the finish line. Thoughts?
  3. Congratulations! Enjoy time with your new mini family member. Doom will still be here--the community's not going anywhere. Your little one is only little for a short time.
  4. Ouch. Not even a mention of good ol' Suitepee. Maybe John is just setting everyone up, lulling you into a false sense of security, in order to run the table for the rest of the year and claim the Britbowl.
  5. Pegleg

    Post Your Epic Moments

    Doom, E3M8. I had been firing rockets at the SMM and she had been pelting me with bullets when I was exposed and moving too slowly. I switched to the BFG 9000 and fired off what turned out to be the kill shot. As she collapsed into a bloody pile, I looked at the HUD and saw that my health was at 1%.
  6. Pegleg

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    I just watched the video yesterday, so these are my initial thoughts (and I haven't read through pages 4 - 11 of this thread to see if any of these have been said). They made the Doom Slayer a jacked, overpowered-looking, near cartoon version of the idea behind the character. At least they acknowledged this by saying that you just want to kick ass as a bad ass demon slayer. id evidently does not want you to feel trifled by being just a slightly stronger version of a normal space marine. That archvile is also jacked. So much for the skeletal healer with a nasty flame attack of games past. The music wasn't that engaging to me. At least, compared with the music they laid over the short E3 clip. "Here at id, we're all about lore." I chuckled at that. I wonder if John Carmack is sitting somewhere shaking his head. The Doomslayer is kind of a dick. Or has less personality than a turnip. He just drags the guy over by the keycard around his neck. He just stares at the guard and takes his gun. I know he's the Doomslayer, but he could at least say something like, "I need that." or "Thank you." Shooting grappling hooks into cacodemons and using them as an anchor to swing around seems like a potentially interesting dynamic. I wonder if it gets taken advantage of at some point without being cartoon-y. I wonder how you end up with the Crucible, since Hayden had it at the end of the previous game. I don't know if the pictures were concept art of in-game graphics, but the shots of what some of the different levels looked like--they looked nice. My first impression of the way they described Invasion seemed like you could just enter some other random person's campaign (provided they were online) while they were playing and proceed to try to kill them. Which would be a really dick thing to do, if you think about it. Setting things up with a few friends to come and try to hunt you would be more reasonable. Will they have the Snapmap editor again? I don't recall seeing anything about that. What's the origin of all the demon-friendly slogans and voiceovers? ("Some find the word demon offensive." or "Please be aware that the environment may have changed.") They just seemed odd, almost like they were trying to add a bit of levity to the game to relieve the tension momentarily.
  7. Pegleg

    More light from one side

    I agree that the difference in apparent lighting level is due to fake contrast and is completely normal (outside of ZDoom: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Fake_contrast). The simple explanation of fake contrast is that it if your wall is oriented exactly along the north-south axis, it will appear brighter and if your wall is oriented along the east-west axis exactly along the east-west axis, it will appear darker. The purpose of this is to provide the illusion of depth in a room. To avoid the fake contrast and have the same brightness applied to your walls equally, there are two ways: Move your angles off 90 degrees (for example, move one of your vertices by 1 or 2 units). Rotate your entire sector by some amount between 1 and 89 degrees.
  8. Pegleg

    Terra Firma [My first DooM mod].

    The screenshots look nice. Was this meant to be just a status update? Because there wasn't anything to download.
  9. Pegleg

    Levity In Doom Games

    That sounds like it would be a perfect candidate for the Dumbest Death thread. It's even written in fitting fashion.
  10. Pegleg

    Levity In Doom Games

    Then you must love the beginning of E1M8. Similar, but when facing an enemy that's dead state is just bloody and on its back (like sergeants or imps, for example), shooting that enemy on a ledge and having it die and fall off the ledge. But since there's only one dead state, the monster kind of looks like it flops down in mid-air.
  11. You're entitled to your opinion. I appreciate that, regardless of taking it to seriously, this particular approach is what makes Doom fun for you. And that's fine. But the question is, do you look down on people who play on lower difficulty levels or who decrease the difficulty if they keep dying? Do you essentially demand that others play like you? That your approach is the RIGHT way to play Doom and everyone else who doesn't adhere to your philosophy is somehow a lesser individual who should go do something else and stop sullying your Doom experience? If so, then you're part of the group propagating the "stigma" against non-UV play. If not, then you're just an individual who takes Doom seriously (perhaps too seriously, by your own admission) and prefers to play the way you like to play that gives you the most fun.
  12. Pegleg

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Here is version 4 of my map Pathways of the Tortured Dead. Yes, that's still the title, although it will probably change to make it more vanilla-compatible once the ordering gets set. (I updated my July 14, July 21, and August 5 posts.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/02kvcl1b5uuyojb/pathtord_v4.wad?dl=1 Thanks to @FrancisT18, @rdwpa, and @mArt1And00m3r11339 for the feedback. I tried to address your concerns with the changes I made, which are noted here. Changes to various textures and flats. Misalignments fixed, especially on either side of doors, as much as possible. Ammo reduced. Orientation of player starts rotated. Monster counts changed. I attempted to reduce the opportunities for camping. Monsters in hallways reduced. Path to the rocket launcher secret changed. Some of the secrets have been changed around or replaced (there are now 6 secrets). Added a means to get the weapons in the final blood winding bridge trap room (although it is not necessarily obvious). Changed around some trigger lines to make sure that there is more than 1 way to play an encounter. Monster count: ITYTD and HNTR: 88 HMP: 123 UV and NM: 158 Total build time to get to this point: ~250-300 hours over the course of 6 weeks. Let me know what you think.
  13. Pegleg


    It seems like it would be a rather short book, even if you're including different versions of monsters from the different games or "lore" about the monsters (which wouldn't necessarily be "authentic"). By the way, nice picture. Although, you're missing the Baron of Hell and I don't see the Specter (heh, badum-tshh). But seriously, the Specter isn't there.
  14. Pegleg

    Annoying bug in all of my doomgames

    Yes, that is so true. The magic mouse has some nice features, but if I'm playing games, I switch to a regular mouse. I don't need to worry about accidentally initiating a different command (such as switching to the pistol in the middle of a firefight) because my finger was a few millimeters to the right of where it should've been. @Doom4Ever I agree with the contentions of other. If you're not picking up a new weapon in the middle of the fight (which you should have a rough idea about), then it's probably the mouse binding and you're inadvertently pressing something you didn't intend to.
  15. Pegleg

    Infernew, a Community Project

    Thanks for the playthrough. I hope you enjoyed the level. I saw a few things that I hadn't expected (such as camping in the red switch room), so I'll work on fixing them. Incidentally, although you had no way to know this, the version you beat (version 3) will be replaced by version 4 here in the next few days (hopefully, if life doesn't intervene). Some of the parts have been reworked, the secrets are changed up some, and there's less ammo. I've also tried to fix the various misaligned textures. Oh, and I've been kicking around a shorter name for a week or so, because I think the current name may be too long for vanilla. Thanks again.