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  1. Pegleg

    map im making

    @sykw420 I like the aesthetics. From the screenshots, it looks like you've got a decent corrupted techbase theme going.These specific rooms you've shown aren't very big, but they're a good size for the enemies you've got in them--you've resisted the urge (at least from these screenshots) of throwing large numbers of strong monsters at the player without giving them adequate space or armament, and that's a good thing. I don't know how much more you have than what you've shown, but I agree that it's a good start. Keep going!
  2. Category: 2 Dead on: Map 01 Kills: 30/70 Time of death: 1:58 dwi_pegleg_aaliens_cat2.zip I've played a bit of Ancient Aliens before, so call this submission Category 2. I like the setup of Map 01, and the way it's structured (at least, the way I look at it) around managing the separate encounters. In a twist, running around wildly saves the day prior to ending it, instead of just ending it prematurely like it usually does. There is a reason Ancient Aliens is rated very highly--the encounters are set up well, the aesthetics are top notch, and the ammo, health, and armor distributions are well thought out. I prefer it on a lower difficulty level, but the same could be said for anything else. This mapset is fun, and it was a good choice.
  3. Pegleg

    '95 Never Dies CP [Full!]

    I tried addressing the light levels, so hopefully they're a bit less soft. I also confirmed that the doors on the way to the blue key open as intended (which is not on the first pass). Everything else is the same; I considered tweaking the ammo, but I remember being happy with the health and ammo distribution on all difficulties. I checked the map in Chocolate Doom and it's 100% maxable. Title: Process Annex Alpha (or Central Processing, if you're keeping the names the same) Version: 2 Author: Pegleg Map slot: E1M6 Tested with: Chocolate Doom 3.0.0 Changelog: Tweaked light levels up and down throughout the map. 95nde1m6_v2.zip I also edited the previous post to remove version 1 of the map.
  4. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 68: Cold Front

    Category: 2 Difficulty: HNTR Dead on: Map 02 Kills: 56/114 Time: 11:45 Time entered Map 02: 6:35 Port used: PrBoom v. ie_pegleg_cldfrnt.zip
  5. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 68: Cold Front

    @Egg Boy Are you going to join us? Authors are always welcome to submit a run.
  6. Welcome to another month of the IronEagle competition, the ironman challenge where everyone is welcome, regardless of your level of experience or skill (or, in my case, lack of skill, but I digress). As long as you enjoy playing Doom, come and join us! This month, participants will challenge themselves against Cold Front, a 4-map limit-removing mapset for Doom 2 made by @Egg Boy and released in October 2020. Back in December 2019, I selected Whitemare, which was winter-themed. It seemed appropriate, given that December was the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere. With Cold Front, I'm returning the favor for my friends and compatriots in the Southern Hemisphere, where winter is in full swing. Cold Front showcases Egyptian-style architecture, but in a snowy, icy setting complete with snow-covered fir trees. Other than that, the mission is quintessential Doom--stop the demons. Participants must play these maps on complevel 2 or Doom(strict). Download Cold Front here. Post starts at Map 01. Survival is finishing Map 04. There are no secret maps, and Map 05 is a credits map. Enjoy! Rules: The rules are basically the same as they have been. Either demos or streams are permissible. If you are creating a demo, post the demo. If you are streaming, post a video of the stream. Even if streaming, you can still submit a demo, if you want to. The basic rule is that you submit a demo/stream played at a particular difficulty level (HNTR, HMP, or UV) and you play without saving and reloading, ending your run when you die (or survive). The following are allowed (but not required): Freelook Crosshair Mods that are COSMETIC ONLY The following are NOT allowed: Crouching Jumping Mods that change ANY aspect of base gameplay, including (but not limited to) enemy behavior, enemy speed, player abilities, player speed, weapon damage, ammo, and enemy drops. Further, more specific, rules are listed below: Any port is accepted provided it will actually run the mapset. There is no preference. Category System: Category 1: Blind run. This explains itself. You have no knowledge of the wad and have not played/seen it before. I'm willing to be somewhat lenient with this Category. For example, if you die early in Map 01, and then decide to play again for your run, you can still call it Category 1. Category 2: Non-blind. If you have played the wad before and/or possess significant foreknowledge, your run is non-blind. Basically, anything that is not Category 1 is Category 2. If you're unhappy with your blind run, feel free to record a new run, and submit that run instead. (Just don't submit your first run.) If you want to submit your first run, no matter how you perform, by all means, go ahead and do it. You shouldn't feel that you HAVE to submit a run you're dissatisfied with, just to preserve a "Category 1" status. If you want to go back and submit a second run, you're welcome to do so, but, at this time, it won't be counted. Difficulty System: You may submit a demo/stream for only one of HNTR, HMP, or UV. Choose only one, because subsequent submissions will be rejected (i.e., if you submit a HMP demo, the HNTR demo you then submit will be rejected). We're not using the 1CC rule set here. Your first submission is what counts. Only runs from the same difficulty will be pitted against each other. Each difficulty will be graded separately. Submission: When you submit your run, please the include the following information: The category (1 or 2) The difficulty If you survived, your time If you didn't survive, the map where you died The time it took you to reach the map where you died Kill count upon death The port you used (if you included a demo) A link to the stream/video (if you did a stream) You may include a commentary about the maps or details about them, if you want to. If you do include specific information about the map (e.g., "The demon trap in Map 08 is rough"), please put it in a spoiler, so that people that want a completely blind experience won't be tipped off. If you're just putting in a general comment (e.g., "Pro tip: don't get hit"), then no need for a spoiler. Attempting to max the maps is not necessary to win. Ranking for this mapset will be determined by: Survival Time for survival Map of Death (in descending order: Map 04, Map 03, Map 02, Map 01) Time to reach map of death Kill count in the map of death If you die, please wait a few seconds before quitting. Breaks: Everyone gets tired. Sometimes people survive longer than they expected. Nature calls. Every now and then, there are family emergencies. Needing to take a break shouldn't necessarily end a promising run. While you should try to complete the run in a single setting, this isn't always possible. If you have to take a break, try to make it quick. Happy Dooming! Previous IronEagle Competitions
  7. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 67: Post

    Did you ever do your run? If you did and just forgot to post it, please do so. Otherwise, you can come back in July when we do this all over again with a new mapset.
  8. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 67: Post

    If you just accidentally pressed it, noticed that you did so, and immediately turned it off (or turned it off before you were in a position to take damage), I would have allowed it. However, since you did play the map with God mode enabled, I have to call the run over in Map 03. The God mode may have had no effect on the run, but that’s just the policy. I’m not going to cut out the whole run. Your run will end at Map 03 (finished Map 02 at 44:02).
  9. Category: 1 Dead on: E4M1 Kills: 5/90 Time: 1:10 dwi_pegleg_dt3_cat1.zip There's a positive side to not being very good. When you don't have a lot of time, you can still usually fit in an ironman run. Anyway, I handled the first fight poorly and took a lot of damage that I shouldn't have, and the way I handled future encounters wasn't any better. For those of you keeping track at home, that's the recipe for a very short ironman run. Unfortunately, I didn't find much health (or ammo) in the very little of the first map that I saw, so I can't comment on that. However, as usual when it comes to pcorf, Nebula, and company is that their aesthetic design is top notch and, from what I saw, the combat setups are good and the ambushes (even if they're not really meant as such) are solid and will catch the unwary/hasty. I had kicked around the idea of this for IronEagle, but I hadn't gotten around to playing it (and it shows). Good choice, though. @Horus, as you can see, you have a companion in the "post runs no matter how short or bad they are" group. Personally, I like this group.
  10. Pegleg

    Why is my teleport Not working

    Don't beat yourself up. I think everyone has probably made that mistake. I remember finishing making a map, having exhaustively checked every little detail in the editor--and found out that I'd forgotten a teleport destination once I tried playing the map to test it. I've also forgotten teleport destinations for teleport monster closets, and wondered "Why are those closets never emptying?"
  11. Pegleg

    How to Use DOS Doom Editors in 2024

    Eureka is cross-platform and very easy on hardware. I use it on a late 2014 Mac mini desktop as well as a 16-year old Windows laptop. I really liked DCK, too. I started mapping in very late 1994/very early 1995, and I vaguely remember my very first attempts at mapping being a combination of DEU and DCK. I would draw the map in DEU (like you said, draw the vertices and then connect them with lines), save the map, and then switch to DCK and do all the texturing, thing placement, etc. I fairly quickly switched to DCK full time, and I used it until it switched from freeware to shareware. At that point, I switched to DEU, and kept using it from 1996 to 2000. I think I used DETH (or maybe DeeP) once in 1996, but I don't remember much about it. @InfinitePossiblities Sorry for the brief derail. If I had to recommend a DOS-based editor, it would be DCK. I would recommend version 2.2, which was freeware and, from what I remember, could do everything you could do in the later shareware versions. It even had an auto-align feature, which was unique in the mid-90's.
  12. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 67: Post

    joe-ilya posted a run to the Ironman discord. Here are the details (and demo), for those who have not joined the Ironman Discord server. Category: 1 Difficulty: UV Dead on: Map 06 Time of death: 58:35 Kills: 104/130 Time entering Map 06: 48:30 Port: DSDA-Doom 0.27.5 postIRONEAGLEjoe.zip
  13. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 67: Post

    @ClumsyCryptid posted a run to the Ironman discord. Here are the details (and demo), for those who have not joined the Ironman Discord server. Category: 1 Difficulty: HMP Dead on: Map 06 Time of death: 1:00:43 Kills: 55/108 Time entering Map 06: 56:06 Port: DSDA This set is too good to be a 1996 levelset. IEClumsyPOST.zip
  14. Pegleg

    IronEagle Competition 67: Post

    Category: 2 Difficulty: HNTR Dead on: Map 06 Time of death: 1:24:05 Time entering Map 06: 1:21:06 Kills: 28/75 Port: PrBoom+ ie_pegleg_post.lmp.zip
  15. Pegleg

    Q: wad recommendations

    @woitotennin Here are some other mapsets that are from that era but that didn't make it onto the list in the thread posted above (listed in order of release date): Doom 2 NJ Doom 2 (1994, vanilla, 30 maps) Post (1996, vanilla, 11 maps) The Talosian Incident (1997, vanilla, 20 maps) Realm of Shades (1998, vanilla, 7 maps) Operation: BIOWAR (1999, vanilla, 19 maps) Scientist 2 (2005, vanilla, 20 maps) Scimitar (2006, Boom, 21 maps) Elegy (2009, vanilla, 11 maps) Doom Inferno (1998, vanilla, 9 maps)