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  1. Pegleg

    gurgle.wad - My first WAD

    Welcome to mapping and congratulations on completing your first set of maps. One question: what level of compatibility were you targeting? When you say "it should work on all other ports" are you saying that you were targeting vanilla compatibility? Because something that works in GZDoom may not run (or run fully) in vanilla or Chocolate Doom. If you're going to make the claim that the level works in other ports, you need to try it in those ports. I haven't played the levels, but from all the screenshots here, they don't look so heavily detailed or complicated, that you would expect there to be visplane or drawseg overflow errors (which are the harshest requirements of vanilla compatibility, in my opinion). So, it probably would be vanilla compatible, but if you need to say what compatibility level were you designing for. Also, in the tall room, the platform texture repeating like that on the wall looks a bit odd. If that is a lift, you may want to think about replacing it with a different texture that will look less obviously repetitive when tiled vertically.
  2. Pegleg

    Data Center [First-time wad]

    @Darox Based on the HOM issue in the final room and the potential visplane issue that mgr_inz_rafal highlighted, if it were me, I would just designate this map as limit-removing and not try to sacrifice the detail. I think the details are one of the best parts of the level. I'm actually surprised you didn't have any issues with visplanes in the self-building stair room. So, if it were me, I'd add "limit-removing" somewhere in the thread's title (to let everyone know the level of compatibility), and continue on.
  3. Pegleg

    [New Map] Murky Bile of the Satan

    I stand corrected. And I'd even read Linguica's Doom Movement Bible and didn't remember it, largely because it had never happened to me in action. Now that I understand better the issue, I agree that doubling trigger lines that will break your map if not activated is a good idea. Is there a good rule of thumb for how far apart these redundant trigger lines should be placed? Are we talking about 16 units apart for orthogonal lines and 24 units apart for diagonal lines? Or am I thinking too deeply about this?
  4. Pegleg

    [New Map] Murky Bile of the Satan

    I'm not familiar with a bug where the engine doesn't register that a player crossed a walkover line. I even checked the list of known bugs in the Wiki and found nothing like that. The only reason I know that a walkover line would not be triggered would be for it to be situated so that the center point of the player could not actually cross it. I know of the behavior where a W1/WR line less than 16 units away from a S1/SR line will prevent the switch from being triggered, but not something about walkover lines not being triggered. So, as long as the player can actually cross the line, the engine should detect it. No need for a redundant walkover line. If I am mistaken, and there is some sort of behavior like this with walkover lines, I would be interested to know this.
  5. Pegleg

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    There he was, hanging out with his family and dozens of his closest demonic friends, relaxing at the Caribbean resort. Baron was ready to go out and take some pictures of the pristine beaches and local wildlife when suddenly Doomguy showed up, shattering the peace and tranquility.
  6. Pegleg

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    Thank you for your thoughts. I appreciate them. I'm glad you found the main area interesting. I can appreciate that it can be hard to get in at first, but after you get through the door (which ended up being more of an issue than I anticipated), I figured people would essentially run out and keep running. I added more health at lower skill levels, but I wasn't sure if I left them in whether more skilled players (as I said, I'm not included in that group) would find the map too easy if I had more health than there ultimately was. That's also why I took the invulnerability out of the last big area--because it essentially makes the end of the map trivial. From what I've seen of Megablast and Martiandoomer playing it, getting through the main area is the bulk of the trouble--the two sides areas are comparatively easy. When I was testing my map I kept dying. That was not a shock to me--this map is way above my skill as a player. However, I figured there would be people who would be able to handle it. I tested the ammo balance by putting on god mode and playing. There is enough ammo to get through without the BFG. It took me about 40 minutes to kill all the HKs in the level without getting the BFG. So, it's possible, but I can see how it could be on the exhausting side. I'm not sure how to avoid that without taking the teeth out of the "swarms." I think there's actually only a few areas where you actually have to fight the HKs, other than just to clear space for yourself. I'm not sure what you mean by "teleport fog." My map was Boom format, so if fog is a UDMF thing, then I couldn't do it. I also thought about marking it in some way, but that seemed to defeat the purpose of it being a "secret" or at least leading to the secret. That being said, I didn't want to make the BFG secret too hard to find because I figured players would want the BFG.
  7. @Catpho I agree with Roofi. I understand your hesitance, especially being early in your mapping career and putting yourself under the presence of being in a community project that will receive scrutiny. I get it. That being said, I don't think you should give up just yet. This CP has been in existence for less than 1 month. The E1 replacement took 11 months, so there's a lot of time left. If you're unhappy with what you've got so far, delete it and start with a fresh, blank screen. (I know, I know, the tyranny of the blank page.) Take your time, get some ideas, then sit down and start working in whatever way works best for you. Take it slow, this isn't a speedmapping content, you've got time. The good news is that you are not alone. @riderr3 has agreed to collaborate with you, and he/she has made a number of maps, both as standalone maps or as part of community projects. So use that experience. PM riderr3 with WIP and get feedback. Go back and forth with ideas. I think you can post WIP on this thread and get feedback the rest of us, too. This CP is not a contest to see who can make the best, most epic Ultimate Doom Episode 2 map ever. So, use the expertise and thoughts of those around you. Another thing you have going for you is that your map is the secret map, so the percentage of players who will see it is lower than if you had, say, the E2M1 slot. You don't have as many restrictions on secret maps, so you can feel a little less inhibited. You really are free to make just about anything you want. If you still want to drop out as the primary author, I encourage you to remain involved as a collaborator with riderr3 (if that would be OK with him/her) on the E2M9 map. Also, if you want experience without too much stress, I also encourage you to participate in the Doomworld Mega Project and Doomworld Omega Project. Both of those CPs allow entry by anyone without judgement, so you can get feedback on your work without fear of someone saying, "Oh, that mapset was great, except for THAT map." All levels of mappers are welcome in either project, provided you work within the rules of the projects (which aren't terribly restrictive).
  8. This is the download link, to simplify matters. There was confusion in that thread, too. The issue of terrywads came up as well. In that thread, you stated that the mega-project was incomplete. Have you completed it? Regardless, it's probably a good idea to put a download link in the actual thread instead of in the question. And given the responses you've gotten in this thread, you may have wanted to include a question, "Have you played the megawad Miasmic Realms?" From the screenshots you showed in the original thread, some of them look interesting, some look ... odd. For instance, I'm not sure what's going on in the map shown in the link description above. If you made a terry wad, you probably wouldn't announce it as a terry wad. That's just my opinion. As for your other questions, I can understand why you would ask, although the particular way you've decided to go about it probably won't get many responses. You released the maps 6 months ago and none of the people who responded in that thread have yet responded in this one (and there were only 3 or 4 in that one). 50 maps of varying styles (slaughtermaps, some of them Doom 64, with varying multiplayer styles hardcoded in) may be a big ask. You may try to releasing them in smaller chunks (the Doom 64 maps, the CTF maps, the LMS maps, the maps with no multiplayer element, etc.) And include all the information about the different sets you release (updated screenshots, target port, what ports you've tested it in, which maps are replaced, etc.). That may get you a better reception.
  9. Pegleg

    4800 Hell Knights. We dumb, MegaBlast smart. Alpha 3

    @DeXiaZ I have no problem with your map, but the one issue I have with the screenshot is that it has the Boss health meter in the screenshot. That might lead some to believe that your map is the final boss map for the whole mapset. Perhaps that might be useful to catch people off-guard if they think that's it and then they come upon the actual "boss" of the mapset. @94's the best style @therektafire Granted, we haven't determined what that "final boss" will be.
  10. Pegleg

    Data Center [First-time wad]

    Congratulations on getting self-building stairs to work on your first try. You'd be amazed how easy it is to mess up that feature and how many people avoid it rather than risk that happening. Then just call the map "limit-removing" (Romero did it with Tech Gone Bad) and you don't have to sacrifice any part of the final room or the final fight and you won't have to worry about the HOM in that room being a distraction.
  11. Pegleg

    The NEW Icon of Sin (2018 Edition!)

    OK. We've established two things: the map was designed for Boom but won't work in that format and ShermanfromDeath is apparently the type of guy who responds to the question, "Blondes, brunettes, or redheads?" by replying "Yes." (If you would prefer you could substitute "Vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry" in and it works just as well.) Once the screenshots get posted, we can get back to the business of reviewing the map.
  12. Pegleg

    The NEW Icon of Sin (2018 Edition!)

    I checked your 2016 thread for comparison. There you stated that the map was tested in GZDoom. I assume that the same is true for this map. Unfortunately, that's about all you said in the 2016 thread. So, a request for additional information in this current thread: Screenshots What compatibility were you targeting (yes, it was tested in GZDoom, but was it supposed to be Boom, vanilla, etc.)?
  13. Pegleg

    Eureka 1.21 Released

    While I appreciate how quickly and smoothly the 3D view in 1.21 works compared to 1.11, I would personally accept the performance hit if I didn't have to worry about the 3D view crashing periodically. Awesome!
  14. Pegleg

    Data Center [First-time wad]

    Assuming that you're not just missing textures (I don't think that's your issue), since you're getting HOM in the final room, but Chocolate Doom isn't crashing, it's likely you're experiencing drawseg overflow. In that event, you have two options: You can just say that your level is "limit-removing" and call it a day. You can get a copy of Visplane Explorer or Chocorenderlimits and try to figure out what is causing you to exceed the 256 drawseg limit and fix it. I haven't had a chance to play the level, but from the screenshots, it looks like a reasonable effort. The textures all seem to aligned and there's some nice detailing and lighting differences. There's a mish-mash of textures, but they seem to be somewhat separated from each other, so it doesn't look odd. One more thing--I liked the look of the fixture holding the plasma gun.
  15. Pegleg

    zekhmet community project - let's map!

    It just occurred to me that, even if DMP 2018 picks up steam by the end of the year, as has been suggested by more than one person, there is an advantage to you taking your map out of the DMP this year. You identified a mistake that slipped through the cracks and ToD has forbidden you from fixing it within the context of the DMP. If you were to move your map from that project to this one, you could fix the error you found. I'm not suggesting you do it. I'm just saying that would be one advantage to doing so.