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  1. Somewhat harsh. You may just be being influenced by the recent discussion: There's nothing to say that @RonLivingston didn't add the TNT to the church. Why he would've done it is a different story, but there's nothing to say he couldn't have done so.
  2. I'd always kicked around the idea of having an actual tower in the Tower of Babel level and I, in fact, started putting together such a level recently, before I knew you were continuing your Knee Deep in the Dead 2.0. I was even going to call the level "Tower of Babel Redux." Now I need to figure out how to proceed without seeming like I'm trying to plagiarize your ideas or horn in on your "territory."
  3. The idea once got kicked around here about getting the old masters (or those that are still alive) to put together a megawad with each of them contributing 1 or 2 maps. Perhaps the 25th anniversary would be the time to try to make this idea a reality.
  4. 20,000 imps in a map with two dozen BFGs, not too hard. 4 arch-viles in a 256 x 256 room with a shotgun, I think that would be quite hard.
  5. John Romero said that was the date of the release party, and he has claimed to have a photographic memory (I think it was during either the video of him playing Doom with IGN or him playing Doom with JP Lebreton). Assuming that's true (why would he lie about that?), he would be the authority.
  6. And someone, somewhere, is considering starting one of the following threads: 1. Does a higher monster count mean a more difficult map? Discuss. 2. If you don't like a map because of the high monster count, does that mean you have other perfectly reasonable tastes or that you just suck at Doom? Discuss.
  7. Because that's exactly what this forum needs...
  8. That one is Tech Gone Bad, his E1M8 replacement (and the first one her released in 2016). Or did you mean Phobos Mission Control, his E1M4 replacement?
  9. I was sitting here and I got to thinking about the Icon of Sin (original Doom 2 version). It's much more pronounced if you look at the sculpture made of it, but if you look at Icon of Sin, it almost looks tortured. As though there were some giant demon that was imprisoned behind this tech wall, with all sorts of cables and tubes and things providing sustenance and keeping it alive, and having had its skull torn open to expose its demon-generating brain. And so, it had little choice in the matter. Of course, this would imply that there is a more powerful denizen of Hell than the Icon of Sin. Or maybe it was just old and tired and is being kept alive to do this one thing that it's good at--spawn demons from the darkest recesses of its own twisted mind.
  10. Wow. This is perhaps some of the deepest thinking about the motivations of any monster in Doom. Now we just need to have the Icon of Sin lay down on a giant couch--which would, of course, be much easier with the Real Icon of Sin from Brutal Doom.
  11. 1. Yay hitscanners! You can things at a ridiculous distance with absolutely no decrease in damage, as far as I can tell. Which would obviously not be the case with a real shotgun. 2. Quake 2 hadn't come around yet. Only then could you turn a dead body to meat and attract flies. 3. Wasn't there something about the Icon of Sin's job was to generate demons, which it did by projecting them from its brain? Therefore, it had an opening in its skull to allow the spawned demons to exit.
  12. I started writing my response and got distracted with other things and by the time I'd finished, these had both been submitted. Admittedly, I didn't think about 1,000,000 lost souls. But, based on RjY's comment, the 1,000,000 monsters in a 64,000 unit-wide area would work, barely.
  13. Let's just say you put 1,000,000 enemies in a map. Where would you put them? What would the size of the rooms be? Here are the radii of each of the enemies that I would think you would want to populate such a map: Imp: 40 Demon: 60 Chaingunner: 40 Cacodemon: 62 Baron of Hell: 48 Arachnotron: 128 Revenant: 40 Mancubus: 96 Archvile: 40 Let's say you just line up the monsters next to each other as close as you can get. So, you just end up with a rectangular array of 1,000 monsters x 1,000 monsters. Let's say you have equal numbers of each type of monster, which would give an average size of 62 units. Add a 2 unit border all around and you end up with each monster taking up 64 units. Therefore, for every 1,000,000 monsters, you would need a minimum of 64,000 x 64,000 units to house them. Add in room for weapons, ammo, megaspheres, armor, health, etc. and your level just expands in size. If you take out Arachnotrons, it gets a little better (average size + plus = 56 units), but that's still a HUGE level. Even if you split the monsters up into smaller chunks and put 10,000 in a room, you're still dealing with 6,400 x 6,400 units of area taken up by monsters, which is more manageable, but still a rather large room. The ultimate point is, there's no way to avoid this becoming a gigantic, sprawling level filled with shoulder-to-shoulder monsters that may or may not be fighting amongst each other, with the level possibly slowing to a crawl with everything going on. Add on to that that it would probably be a pain to texture such a massive level in such a way that it actually looked somewhat intriguing. And that's just for a 1,000,000 monsters. Not 100,000,000 or more.
  14. That is one of the truest statements ever. In fact, go look at the ratings on idgames for Cacoward winners and you'll see that even those maps have their detractors.