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  1. @AnonKaiju Consider checking out Demonfear. It's split into 6 5-map "episodes." Made back in the mid-90's, some of the themes are similar, with the stock textures being combined to make a variety of city, base, castle/fortress, and various types of Hell.
  2. Pegleg

    Single level wad recommendations

    @bb2731 I'll return Nightmare's favor. If you enjoyed Nightmare's suggestion of Brigandine, also look at Breach, which was an unrelated single map made by the same author. There are some other single maps that I forgot about, but that I also enjoyed when I played them. Blinded by Fear Sprawlbase Siteline (Doom 1) Drip Feed (by the author of Songs of the Damned--personally, I liked Songs of the Damned better, but Drip Feed is good, too) The Wailing Horde (Doom 1)
  3. Pegleg

    I need some recommended GZDoom mods and/or TCs

    I didn't see it listed on the site that m8f linked, so my only addition for your consideration is Supercharge. While the full mod includes monsters and weapons, Tango has made monsters-only and weapons-only versions, and there are links to all three in the link I provided. EDIT: Supercharge is mentioned on the ZDoom Forum link from m8f (tied for #74), but my other comments (and my recommendation) still stand.
  4. Pegleg

    Single level wad recommendations

    @bb2731 Here are some single maps that I have played and enjoyed. They're listed in no particular order, and all of them are for Doom 2 unless otherwise specified. Jade Earth Warlock's Hearth Criticality Viscous Realms Songs of the Damned Brood of Hatred Outpost 21 (Doom 1 version and Doom 2 version) Wicked be the Ways of Men Crossing Acheron (Doom 1) The Vrack Trilogy (Vrack 1, Vrack 2, and Vrack 3 are all single maps that are independent and unconnected, except for having similar themes and being made by the same author)
  5. Pegleg

    Any Community Projects out There?

    @EPICALLL In addition to the three mentioned by Biodegradable, there's also these projects that I'm aware of (in no particular order): Doomworld Mega Project 2022 (no assigned map slots or number of entries; Deadline: December 31, 2022) Cleanout (for Ultimate Doom; assigned map slots; deadline to volunteer: October 31, 2022; deadline to submit maps: December 31, 2022) Darkzone (for Doom 2; not sure how many slots are left; has a project Discord server; no deadline yet) 2 Enemy Community Project (it looks like this Doom 2 project is full, but you can always see if one of the mappers drops before the September 30 deadline) Try to Recreate TNT from Memory (the project is nominally full, but there are some mappers who haven't completed their work, so you can see if one of them drops out) Ultimate Doom: By the Map (slots open; no deadline) There are various other community projects that were never officially closed/canceled/abandoned, but there hasn't been any work on them in years. I can think of three off-hand (Iconography, Obligatory, Plain Ol' Doom 2 Community Mapping Project), and you could try contacting the project leads to see if those projects are still alive/going anywhere. The project leads for Iconography (@Novaseer) and Plain Ol' Doom 2 Community Mapping Project (@Seidolon) both seem to come around fairly often, while the lead for Obligatory (@Quantum Dranger) hasn't signed in for over a year. Incidentally, for your future consideration: The PUSS projects (Hell Yeah being the most recent) come out every month or two, and the themes vary. They are open to the public. If I remember correctly, there will be one in October and then another one in December, so keep watching for those to be announced. There is an open project called Mayhem that happens every May (or at least it has happened every year since 2012, so I figure there will be one next year, too).
  6. Pegleg

    Need help with linedef actions

    @Peaved T-40 G1 and GR actions can also be activated by the fist and chainsaw. ZDoom also does this by default, which is why you'll occasionally see older maps that were nominally vanilla but that were only tested in ZDoom, and ended up broken somewhere because they forgot to tag a sector.
  7. Pegleg

    Need some Doom 1 Wad suggestions.

    @TheSlipgateStudios Double Impact The Classic Episode Back to Basics Fava Beans
  8. Pegleg

    Abyssal Speedmapping Session 69 - RIP ASS

    Fifth time's the charm! (Hopefully.) This is the fifth time I've tried to submit a map to ASS, so here it is. I didn't really start until about an hour late due to issues on my end. Hopefully, it still gets thrown into the mix. ass69peg_v1.zip Name: The Demon's Blood Reactor Themes: 45 and 90 degree angles only, Romero's Head on a Stick, JimmyExit Midi: "I Sawed the Demons" by Bobby Prince Build time: 2.5 hours Difficulties: Yes Co-op: Yes DM: No Tested with: GZDoom 4.7.1 I didn't have time to incorporate the textures into the wad, so you'll have to load the resource file to test it.
  9. Great pieces of advice Roofi (and @WH-Wilou84)! These are definitely things that new mappers should remember. The only thing I saw missing was an extension of these two points (from No. 9 and No. 10), which is: as a new mapper, don't compare yourself to other mappers. Everyone has been there: you see something incredible and it makes you want to make a map, but when you try, your result generally doesn't look as good as the map that inspired you. As a result, you may get discouraged, and you may lament that you'll never be that good. What you need to remember about these mappers that churn out these incredible creations is: They generally have loads of experience. They may not have released many maps, but they almost always have years of mapping experience. They generally put a lot of effort into their maps. If you can find a stream of one of your favorite mappers making one of those incredible maps, you will find that they didn't just start a new map and then, a few hours later, saved out their masterpiece. They spent a lot of time making those maps. Are they faster than you? Probably, but that is due to their greater experience. They were once just like you. Every great mapper started out in the same place that you are now, trying to figure out how to make something in the editor. With effort, and patience, they built up their abilities into what they have today. There is no shortcut to be taken that will get you from novice to mapping master quickly. It takes time and effort. As a result, you shouldn't look at your work and negatively compare it to the latest creation from another mapper. If you look at the work of someone who has spent years at their craft and become dejected when you put it besides your own work, stop, and consider the three points above.
  10. Category: 2 Difficulty: HNTR Besieged (Episode 1) Survived 1:19:16 Anomaly (Episode 2) Survived 0:49:25 ie_pegleg_pd1anom.zip Another complete survival for me. Yay! There were a couple mis-steps along the way, and a few near mis-steps, so I'm quite pleased that I was able to pull it out in the end. @Andromeda Another member for the zero kills club! Welcome. Don't worry, our parties are a lot of fun.
  11. Oh, so that's what you're supposed to do! Looks back at last month, when I picked the set, and finished 38th of 40. Just kidding, Bdubzzz. Well done, as usual.
  12. Sucker Punch 1 Category: 1 Dead on: Map 01 Kills: 51/56 Time of death: 6:36 dwi_pegleg_suckerpunch1.zip Once again, I didn't see much of the mapset, but what I did see, I liked. The encounters were set up well. The aesthetics were efficiently detailed, and they looked good. The layout was good. Health was sparse, but it was still there, and it was placed in optimal spots. And I liked the music in the first map, too. If the rest of the maps are like the first, then this was a great selection for the month.
  13. Pegleg

    Vanilla maps pushing the size limit?

    I can fix the title, then, naturally I mean any limit that can be reached first. If that's the case, then Speedtraps for the Bee Kingdom definitely runs up against the blockmap limit, as indicated on its wiki page: "This map runs into blockmap limits and required special optimizations to remain compatible with the vanilla Doom engine."
  14. Pegleg

    Vanilla maps pushing the size limit?

    First, let's assume you're excluding the requirement that such maps also don't cause a savegame buffer overflow. In theory, I suppose it would be possible to have a large map that pushed the sidedef limit without triggering an overflow, but I would think that such a map wouldn't have many things in it. It might make a nice walking simulator, of course, but I assume you're talking about maps with other gameplay. So, I'm going to answer with maps that satisfy the other vanilla static limits. This may not be exactly what you were asking for, but according to the wiki: Misri Halek by @Mutator (AV Map 20) has a 24,458 sidedefs Unstable Journey by @Mechadon (BTSX-E2 Map 25) has 18,383 sidedefs Mutabor by @tourniquet (Mutabor Map 01) has 18,115 sidedefs Netherworld Citadel by @NaturalTvventy (NEIS E3M7) has 16,188 sidedefs Speedtraps for the Bee Kingdom by @Tarnsman and @esselfortium (BTSX-E2 Map 20) has 15,835 sidedefs There's a nice picture of the layouts of Misri Halek, Unstable Journey, and Speedtraps of the Bee Kingdom in this post. Also, it's not on the wiki, but Temple of the Unholy Trinity by @MAN_WITH_GUN (TMMC2 Map 30) has over 15,000 linedefs, and I think the number of sidedefs is somewhere around 18,000. These are the 6 largest vanilla maps that I can think of.
  15. Pegleg

    Coffee break wads

    @Zaratul Elegy is a set of 11 maps for Doom 2. They're all quite short and fairly straightforward. Scimitar is 20 maps for Doom 2, and the maps are all able to be finished in a few minutes. Even if relatively short, I wouldn't call them easy, though. And if you're looking for old school, you could look at the Wasteland Series by Alberto Barsella (Doom E2M1-E2M3).