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  1. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    I find this picture so intriguing. It genuinely makes me wonder about it.
  2. Another DOOM movie being made?

    Some of the most entertaining movies I've seen, particularly in the action and adventure genres, have been panned by critics.
  3. Another DOOM movie being made?

    I have seen a number of "bad" movies in my time, ranging from those that are just bad to those that are so bad they're campy and it makes you wonder if they're doing it on purpose. A number of those "bad" movies were quite enjoyable, but that's not the point here. And I didn't think the 2005 Doom movie was that bad. It could've been a lot better, but it wasn't that bad. Believe me, it would be easy to make a Doom movie that was worse than the first one.
  4. Another DOOM movie being made?

    While a Doom movie centering around Doomguy would be awesome, these are the problems that people would have with it: Doomguy would have a name. Doomguy would have dialogue. Doomguy wouldn't sound right. There would be other people, and Doomguy is supposed to be alone against the entirety of Hell. If there were no other people, then Doomguy's dialogue would be one liners directed at his enemies or he would spend the whole movie talking to himself. I would think it more likely that a Doom movie would center around a team, possibly like the team in ROTT, that fights against demons from Hell. And that wouldn't even be so wrong canonically. Doom can be played in co-op mode, and there are 4 player starts on every iwad map. So why not have a four person team, possibly with remote support? Done right, that could make for an entertaining movie.
  5. I'm glad this situation seems to have been defused. I was afraid the thread was going to head down a dark rabbit hole.
  6. 4800 Hell Knights resurrection! Absolute deadline: April 1st

    Cool. The more, the merrier, in my opinion. The mapset currently has 16 maps; with your map, the total would be 17. Out of curiosity, @94's the best style, was there anyone that showed a WIP, but didn't end up submitting a final map? There were 8 people (who hadn't yet submitted a map) that had X's next to their names on the first page, indicating that those people were still interested in creating a map. (9 if you count @therektafire, but I assume he'll get his in when he finishes the hub.) I wonder if any of them have unfinished work?
  7. Doom II Gunshot Detection and Lights

    That is awesome! I liked the red and green chasing effect from the rockets and the blue from the plasma gun, too. While I was watching the chaingun make the room glow faintly, I was reminded of a friend who used to call the chaingun his "flashlight." I wonder what he would think of the guns actually lighting up the room now. Overall, very nice! I'm interested to see where you take the project from here. And welcome to Doomworld!
  8. 4800 Hell Knights resurrection! Absolute deadline: April 1st

    @94's the best style would have the final say in this, but, in my opinion, if @therektafire is still working on the hub map, and you could get your map in before therekta was finished, then I would say it could be included. But, like I said, the project lead has the final say.
  9. Level comparison

    Fair enough. Although you could argue that Thy Flesh Consumed was more or less thrown together while iD was focused on other things, so less attention was paid to matters like progression. And 4 or 5 different people worked on it, as opposed to 2 or so on any one of the first 3 episodes, which probably wouldn't help matters.
  10. Level comparison

    Interesting concept. Very South Park-esque approach to Hell (since the Deimos Base floated above Hell). Doomguy: "But Cyberdemon, you were killed." Cyberdemon: "I'm already in Hell. Where else would I go?" Of course, making "Warrens" E3M1 would make the opening level harder than the second level, which would go against the general style of progression in the game.
  11. Do you mean, the days before non-id folks started writing editing programs, i.e., DoomEd? Or do you mean the methods that were used to make levels like ORIGWAD.WAD and CROSS.WAD, namely working in hex editors and/or writing C++ programs to generate the data structures necessary to make the levels, including building BSP trees by hand?
  12. I'm rather impressed that you could make a map on your phone, EDMAP or not. I would be interested to see what people would say about it with that backstory.
  13. zekhmet community project - let's map!

    Thank you. I thought of this while walking my dog. It's a bit more of a light-hearted approach. ********** Doomguy McDoomperson V, or "Quinn," as he liked to be called, was the great-great-grandson of the legendary Marine who defeated the scourge of the demonic invasion. He had heard all the stories and even seen the picture from his great-great-grandfather's funeral of the man in his coffin, a rocket launcher at his side. But Quin was not his great-great-grandfather. He was not a Marine. What he was, was a man in search of enlightenment. To that end, he joined a group and took an experimental compound. Upon taking the compound, he began experiencing visions of a distant world, where it appeared to be autumn, the planet empty save for what appeared the ruins of an ancient civilization as yet unknown to mankind. During his last vision, he saw two things: a grain of salt and a statue of an elephant that appeared to be living its best life. Quinn thought he could learn something from that elephant, so he volunteered to be transported to that distant world, where he could explore, learn, and return home a changed man. ********** I have to also credit @Grain of Salt and "End of Sight" for the inspiration behind parts of this.
  14. what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    I would suggest that you submit something to the forums here. If you've spent the last three years mapping and still feel that your work is unsatisfactory, it would probably benefit you from getting some insight from other people. I suspect that either you are extremely hard on yourself (in which case, the feedback will reflect that your maps are not as bad as you thought) or you are missing something (in which case, the feedback will point out the ways you could improve). Either way, you stand to learn something. So, I highly recommend that you submit some of your work and let others (who aren't close to it) see it and comment on it. Hopefully, you would find their insights helpful.
  15. what's the worst WAD you've ever played?

    That sounds like WOW.WAD by Paul Thrussel (see also https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YrEGbjBp0Xs). Some might say it isn't bad so much as misunderstood. Some people might just say it's bad.