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  1. Pegleg

    Spram's Metroid Doom

    Paging @MetroidJunkie. @Spram Welcome to Doomworld! This looks nice. The TNT.wad is an unfortunate choice--perhaps you can fix it somehow. Nevertheless, good work. Since the map apparently ends with Mother Brain, are you thinking of expanding on this to make other Metroid levels?
  2. About a month ago, I wrote a post that described what I saw as the major components of the projects and the status of each. Given the latest update from Dexiaz and 94's the best, I think it's useful to revisit where we stand (I assume @therektafire is in a similar situation, since he hasn't chimed in differently, but maybe not). Unless we want this project to remain stagnant for several months, this may be time for the rest of us to work on some parts of it to get the project moving again, at least until the leads return. Compiling the final pk3 Dexiaz had done this, with some correction from @MegaBlast. @Bauul offered assistance (that's how I interpreted this post about did 94 need a hand managing the pk3). Would either of you (or any of the other contributors) be willing to help on compiling the pk3? I would offer assistance, but I don't know anything about compiling pk3's, so I wouldn't be of any help. Status of levels Several contributors responded that their levels were complete and there would be no further updates. Since then, there's been a secret level and talk of a new map from DerFurer's Face. So, Dexiaz, 94's the best, @Big Ol Billy @Plusw @Empyre @DerFurer'sFace @Bushpig2dope @Rolpa @DanielAlexander and @DMPhobos: are your levels all in a final state that you want incorporated into the beta release? Or are there changes that need to be made? DerFurer's Face, this question applies doubly to you, since you announced that you had changes for your zeppelin map and then you were also making a Powerslave/Egypt map. Hub map Dexiaz has put in a lot of work on the hub map and might want to "take it to the mountain," as it were. If so, then we wait. If not, someone else could step in and finish the map, which would include the HK IoS boss fight. Since I don't do UDMF or ACS scripting, I doubt I would be much help, but I can try to take a look at it, if no one with more substantial skills in these areas doesn't volunteer. Personally, while I'd like to have all the barracks room be unique and the headstones in the graveyard be "right," I don't want to hold up the project for either of those items. Intermission screens Are these done? Map order Dexiaz had the suggestion to start the mapset at Doomguy's Initiation and have that lead into the hub, instead of just starting at the hub and having Doomguy's Initiation be one of the maps. We never reached an agreement on this. Personally, I prefer starting from the hub, but someone needs to make a decision. As far as map order goes, do we want to change the order of the maps as they would be referenced in the hub (i.e., which map is accessible from button 1, which map from button 2, and so on), or just stick with the order from the latest alpha? Secret map Is the secret map in its final state, @94's the best style? Are we all on the same page to hide the secret map somewhere in the hub? Knightmare! difficulty Should the way to access this difficulty be hidden inside the hub, a la Quake's hidden Nightmare difficulty? 94's the best has done the coding--would it be difficult to incorporate a different difficulty from within the hub? This option would also suggest that the mapset should start with the hub and not with Doomguy's initiation. MAPINFO There were issues that need to be fixed with the MAPINFO. Someone (perhaps whoever is handling compiling) could fix these problems. Again, I would be little help in this area, given my meager knowledge on the subject matter. The last alpha compilation for this CP came out a few months ago (at least) and this project has been essentially stagnant for the better part of the last month (publicly, at least). I know that it's getting toward the end of the year, and we are all busy, but I just want to get this project moving and (hopefully) done. Thank you.
  3. Without knowing which format you're mapping for or what options you're using (e.g., jumping), it's a bit difficult to provide definitive suggestions. A screenshot of this part of your map, either in-game or in-editor, might also be helpful. If you don't want the players to circumvent the W1 trigger line by avoiding the bridge and traversing the lava, here are some suggestions: Put a small 25-32 unit high edge on the bridge, sort of like a handrail. This would prevent players from walking off the side of the bridge. If you're concerned about jumping, put the same W1 trigger line on the linedefs that define the outer edge of the "handrail." You could ways just put a W1 trigger on the outer edges of the bridge itself. No need to have a handrail. Put railings (midtextures) on the sides of the bridge and mark them impassible. Put the railings between posts so you can't see the edge of the texture (this is just a personal thing I like to do, it's not necessary). Make the lava pit about 64+ units deep so if the player jumps in (to try and avoid walking across the bridge), they'll be stuck. The 64+ depth is just to make it deep enough that you can't jump out. If there's no jumping, it could be more shallow. If you don't want to be heartless and have an inescapable death pit, add some steps that will lead you out of the pit and back up to the side of the pit where the player jumped off. It should be apparent to the player that they HAVE to cross the bridge (and activate the W1 trigger line in the process). Make the lava pit deep enough the player can't get out of it once they jump in and have steps on the other side, but put the same W1 trigger line on the steps. The severity of that would depend entirely on the setup and what is being trigger, you're right. W1 raise floor? That could be problematic. W1 light to 255? Probably not as much of an issue. If you're mapping in Boom, you could always try this: Put a voodoo doll on a conveyor belt in front of a W1 line that triggers whatever you had in mind. Use type 253 on the conveyor belt and hold the voodoo doll back using a door that is set at 48 units off the ground (just enough to block the voodoo doll). Put a W1 trigger on every conceivable linedef the player could cross (middle of the bridge, edge of the bridge, line in the middle of the lava pit, etc.). Have those W1 trigger lines open the door on the conveyor belt, allowing the voodoo doll to cross the W1 linedef on the conveyor belt. Since the voodoo doll will already have passed the W1 trigger for the action on the map, it won't matter how many times the player crosses one of those W1 multiple lines.
  4. Pegleg

    Doom Nightmare fuel

    Whether you meant this thread as a joke or not: I can envision mappers reading that and cackling as they decide to try it in their next map. I remember seeing a comment on a thread about how with proper maneuvering, a revenant could be made essentially harmless, since they will always try their melee attack if you're within a certain distance and if you move fluidly enough, you can land hits on them while avoiding their punches. So, in that context, 1 revenant in this elevator would probably be less dangerous than 2 spectres (I'm assuming the elevator is dim) to a player of that skill level.
  5. @Obsidian Can you post the link to the Discord server again? I'm planning on joining for the second session, but the link you posted says the invite expired.
  6. Pegleg

    Level design tropes you use

    Building a level around a gimmick is a trope, and you can argue that it's one that should be avoided unless you can pull it off well. I suppose you could say this about just about everything, though. Overall, though, gimmicks for the sake of gimmicks are sort of what this thread was meant to be about (a level built around infighting [E2M8], haven't I been here before? [E3M8], oh look a different type of non-boss monster you'll only see in this one level [Maps 31 and 32], etc.). Given that, whether you call it a gimmick, I would not necessarily call giving the player a choice in how to proceed a bad thing. Especially when there are different consequences to whichever way the player chooses to go. You could, in fact, set up the player by teaching them that the switches activate crushers and then springing the Nightmare Spectre ambush on them when they try to avoid fighting the visible cacodemons by activating the crushers.
  7. This is a tempting idea. Even more so since you relaxed the "full megawad" requirement. (By the way, I remember seeing a thread discussing how many maps did you have to have before your mapset was a megawad. I remember there being no clear consensus.) I guess what I'm saying is, I'm interested. Count me in.
  8. Pegleg

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Actually, I don't think it's become that toxic. Threads about the slaughter genre become more toxic than this one has. I think this thread has been fairly reasoned. Also the upside-down cross is just the Cross of Saint Peter. The thing is, many of the "evil" symbols and the symbols representing Hell are just what has come to be popularized. I have a friend who was Catholic and now considers himself a druid and he will fight you if you call his pentacle "evil." (Actually, a pentacle or pentagram pointing up is a symbol of life and white magic while the pentagram pointing down, the inverted pentagram is the symbol of death and black magic.) The "sign of the horns" was popularized by Ronnie James Dio, but it's actually a protection against the Evil Eye that his grandmother used to make. The Cross of Saint Peter has been co-opted as "evil," but it's actually representative of Saint Peter's belief that he was inferior to Christ, so he did not deserve to be executed in the same manner (hence the being crucified upside down). This is actually the key to the whole argument as to why Christians might have a problem with Doom. It's a sentiment expressed in the movie Dogma, but I think it's quite apt. As you pointed out, Hell is the furthest place from light of God and it was actually created to punish those who had actually been in the presence of God by depriving them of that. The Hell represented in Doom isn't about punishing sinners by depriving them of the light and love of God, but is just about killing evil demons. So, the Hell in Doom kind of misrepresents the whole point. By the way, from what I have heard, according to the Greek Orthodox Church, in the fullness of time, everyone will be redeemed and will end up in heaven with God, even Satan, at the end of time. Your point is well-taken, but isn't the image that has become popular. Back in the mid-90's, I was volunteering at an education conference and heard a professor discussing a published paper proving that Heaven was hotter than Hell. I looked into this again for the purposes of this thread and I came across the explanation: According to Isaiah 30:28, "Moreover the light of the moon shall be as the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall be sevenfold, as the light of seven days". With the Stefan-Boltzmann law, you can work out that such a temperature would equate to ~798 K. Furthermore, according to Revelations 21:8, "shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone," which means that the temperature of Hell must be less than the boiling point of sulfur (brimstone), which is ~717 K. Therefore, Heaven is hotter than Hell. This publication was later refuted by someone pointing out that the boiling point of sulfur would be different, depending on what the pressure was in Hell, but that is a different story for another time. If you want to read more about this argument, check here.
  9. I've been kicking this idea around for a while. At one point, in the early days of DMP 2018, a comment was made that not allowing a map to be fixed if errors were found ensured that only those mappers with their own network of playtesters would be able to release a polished map and not have to correct problems. (By the way, @TimeOfDeath666, your CP was only the impetus for this idea--I do not mean this thread as a way to circumvent the rules for your project.) Whether that statement is true is not the point. I have seen a number of mapsets and megawads released that credit individual playtesters for testing the pre-release maps. This all got me to thinking about the world of peer-reviewed journals (e.g., Proceedings of the IEEE, Zhurnal Eksperimental'noi i Teoreticheskoi Fiziki, Nature, Japanese Journal of Physics). When you submit a paper to the journal, the editor is first to review it. If he or she determines that it meets the criteria for consideration in the journal, the editorial team contacts one or more people unaffiliated with the journal to review the paper. Where do they find these reviewers? Typically, they have a database of reviewers complete with contact information, affiliation, areas of knowledge, etc. This way, the editor has a list available of people who 1) would be willing to review the paper for content and 2) would have the knowledge and interest to review the paper. You may be asking yourself, how does this relate to Doom? The way I see it, there are individuals with rather mature networks of playtesters. There also individuals who, I think, would be interested in having people playtest their maps and provide feedback without having to release the maps to the public. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to put together some sort of list of players who would be willing to perform private playtesting if asked by another player/mapper. Therefore, I propose, if you would be interested in offering your services for private playtesting, please answer a few basic questions here. Adding your name to this list would not obligate you to anything. If a journal editor were to contact you about reviewing a paper and you were too busy or not interested or had some sort of conflict, you could say no without it being a problem. Similarly, if you put your name on this list and someone contacts you and you're too busy or not interested, you can say no. There is no obligation. Doomworld Handle: <Obviously, this is where you enter what you go by here.> Skill level: <This will be somewhat subjective, but if you can beat Chillax on Nightmare playing with your toes or if you stumble through KDITD, this would be the place to mention how skilled you are.> Preferred difficulty level(s): <If you will only play UV or you prefer to play on ITYTD, this is the place to list what difficulty level or levels you are comfortable playtesting.> Maximum number of maps in a set: <This is where you would list whatever is the most maps you will playtest at one time. If you prefer 1 map at a time, enter it here. If you can play up to 32 map megawads, this is where to mention that.> Minimum number of maps in a set: <If, for some reason, you refuse to playtest anything less than a certain number of maps, put that number here.> Preferred genres: <If there are certain types of maps you like to play and would be willing to playtest, list them here.> Genres you don't like: <If there are certain types of maps you would not like to playtest, list them here.> Preferred source ports: <If there are ports that you prefer to play, list them here.> Source ports refused: <If there are ports that you refuse to use, list them here.> Demos or written comments: <If you have a preference for recording demos, FDAs, written comments, or any or all of them, note that here.> Notes: <Anything else that you want to add would be listed here.> An example: Doomworld Handle: ThisIsNeitherARealNameNorWhatIThinkOfMyself Skill Level: I can beat Doom 2 without saving while wearing an eyepatch. Preferred Difficulty Level(s): HNTR or NM Maximum Number of Maps in a Set: 16 Minimum Number of Maps in a Set: 3 Preferred Genres: Puzzle maps, slaughterwads, and maps that are like E2 in Doom. Genres you don't like: Platforming, techbases, and vanilla maps with 3D bridges. Preferred Source Ports: Chocolate, GZDoom, PrBoom+, Zandronum Source Ports Refused: Crispy, Odamex Demos or written comments: I can record a demo, but will have to provide written commentary for the playtest. Notes: I'll play just about anything, even the genres I don't like, but don't expect good reviews for genres I don't like. Moderators, if this proposal violates some sort of rule on Doomworld (written or unwritten), please let me know. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing what everyone has to say. Happy playtesting!
  10. Pegleg

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    I'm Roman Catholic and I like Doom. I have several friends who are Christians of various denominations who like Doom. My wife doesn't like Doom, but not because she grew up Baptist and converted to Catholicism, but because it's not her kind of game. She doesn't mind me playing Doom so long as it doesn't take away from other things that she thinks are more important (family, house, and work). My parents are both Catholic and the biggest problem they ever had with Doom was back when I was in high school and I was playing it instead of coming to bed on a school night. So, are there Christians that hate Doom? Sure. But I'm sure there are also plenty of Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, etc. that hate Doom. Just like there's plenty of people of all religious stripes that hate heavy metal, Dungeons & Dragons, and Halloween. But there are plenty of people of all religious stripes that like these things, including Christians that like Doom.
  11. Pegleg

    Doom in Pictionary

    @El Franko Welcome to Doomworld! It would be beyond my skills as an artist, but how about the Marine being surrounded by Barons, a la the cover illustration? A Pain Elemental spitting out lost souls? That would probably work, unless you had a D&D fan there who chose to shout, "Astral Dreadnaught!" Can you have letters and numbers? Even if you can't, that's a good suggestion, since the layout and the face would be good.
  12. Saad356 was at least on the mark in one respect: Winter's Fury did win a Cacoward in 2012.
  13. Pegleg

    Nova III - mapping deadline 31st October!

    The post listing the latest alpha build was updated back at the end of May. Has the maplist been updated since then, so that an updated list can be added to the post?
  14. Pegleg

    Level design tropes you use

    Why not have pain elementals teleport in sometime after you've started your attack on the turreted cyberdemon from the comfort of cover? You obviously wouldn't do it every time, but I would think that when it did happen (especially if there was a delay), it would catch the player offguard (and possibly be rather cruel).
  15. Pegleg

    Level design tropes you use

    I agree with Marcaek, Capellan, and SteveD's take on automap cleaning. When I mentioned cleaning the automap, what I was talking about cleaning up were details that don't really add anything to the understanding of the map and just serve to clutter it. The immediate thing that comes to mind are details of fixtures on the ceiling. You could make a highly detailed ceiling fixture and all those sectors would just add visual clutter to that section of map. I like a map that conveys the information that you need without a lot of extra information that is, essentially, just noise. I was not implying that I think you should remove features like steps or windows or even missing bricks or crates on the floor. @Deadwing, I would personally be very irritated if someone decided to remove the detail from cliffs that I was expected to navigate. Although, if you have a feature like in E1M5 where the nukage runs under the wall and then wraps around out of view, I think you should make part of that invisible. That way, in the event that you do get a computer map, you don't just see the end of the short tunnel that wrapped around out of view, which might "ruin" the immersion. I remember playing a map 20ish years ago that had all the secrets marked as invisible. The author described that as one of the features that added difficulty to the map and encouraged you to really explore it.