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  1. elend

    Share a random fact about yourself

    Random fact about me: I am currently living and working in China. I followed my wife over here and try myself as a "teacher" now while occasionally and remotely helping out the family business at home. Since google products are blocked in China and even VPNs don't always work as they should, I really have some trouble downloading some of the maps for doom, when they are hosted on things like google drive or dropbox even. :_( Other than that, currently are summer holidays for the students and thus I have a ton of free time, where I severely got into Doom for reasons unknown to me. Around October I'll most probably be working again from monday to sunday and thus have almost no time for anything related to Doom (or "fun" for that matter)... ;Q
  2. elend

    Random Image Thread

  3. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    I like those doors very much actually. Not knowing if you *really* shouldn't open it or if it's a mislead away from the good stuff is the fun of it!
  4. I've seen this the first time now and glancing at the first post... jesus, amazing.
  5. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    @Guardsoul Dear lord, that looks absolutely fabulous!
  6. elend

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    Yet, I do like that dark line under his chin, it's kind of a good contrast to indicate "where is face ends". At least it looks good on the forum's background color. Other than that, great work.
  7. elend

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    Well, of course I remember vividly when I first saw Doom. A friend of ours brought a magazine with a floppy disk attached to it. On it was Doom and when my brother and I installed it, we were instantly blown away... by how choppy it ran! We still had a 286! xD We resized the viewing field as well as turned on that weird 2x1 pixelmode. Was that a thing or am I remembering that incorrectly? Whatever happend to that mode in modern Source Ports? :p Anway, just a couple of months (!) later we finally got a 386 and I was able to play Doom. With keyboard only. Ahhh, the memories...
  8. elend

    Tweaking Freedoom guy's face

    It looks a bit like he has a very light shaded beard. Does he have a beard? Whatever it is, it looks very nice indeed, but I almost prefer the previous overhauls of the face.
  9. elend

    The Music of REKKR

    I haven't played through Rekkr yet, but I am planning on do so very soon. Once this is done I will check out your post again. Just take note, that I do acknowledge your work that went into this post (and the music of course).
  10. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    @Gabenslair Oh yes! That looks indeed very nice. Really, a little bit of manual touch up and in most cases dithering really helps a lot. It's a pity that most sky textures are just resized photos crammed into Doom's Palette. Hmm... maybe I should try some on my own.
  11. elend

    Random Image Thread

    Seeing that this has been retweeted by id software themselves, most of you probably saw it already... yet, it's too awesome to not share again: Source: http://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/106623.htm
  12. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    @Gabenslair I like that city background as a sky, because its pixels seem well sorted. Especially the gradient in the sky using dithering, etc. Well done, any ingame screenshots of that?
  13. elend

    REKKR - V1.11

    Yeah, it seems weird to call this "just a Doom" mod, where most games these days are "just an Unity mod" or "just an Unreal Engine mod".
  14. elend

    REKKR - V1.11

    Aaand some RockPaperShotgun love as well: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2018/07/11/doom-mod-rekkr-goes-fully-1996-style/
  15. elend

    Your Guilty Doom Pleasure

    Yeah, although you have to manually add a snippet of code to the gzdoom.pk3, which is easy enough. I found that snippet on the first page here. The most recent version of retro shader (with ingame option menu!) is on the thread‘s last page.