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  1. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    That's a superbly crafted door. Like it a lot!
  2. elend

    What was the lowest point in your mapping career?

    My lowest point seems to be right now, since I am not mapping at all. Have all sorts of other shit to do and can't really find the will to get back into mapping. Gotta fix some life stuff first and then hopefully the joy of mapping will come back. :(
  3. I hope this will encourage people to write more, I always enjoy reading about Doom! Great work Endless, you are really a driving force in the community right now. :D
  4. elend

    The Dean of Doom series

    I enjoyed these as well, although I find his rating system more confusing than anything else. :p
  5. elend

    Why You Chose The Username You Did

    I chose this after seeing it on the cover art of a french band, whose music is listed as... *checks* "Dark Ambient / Neo Classical". Uh.. yeah. It was a weird phase of mine. Also it's german for "misery", so that's fitting.
  6. elend

    Can we make more angled sprites?

    I prefer my paper sprites over "oh no, the imp fell down and can't get up" kind of feeling, when I look down on them.
  7. elend

    I am addicted to Crazy taxi

    Oh yeah, it's a true classic and a really nice arcade experience. Very easy to get addicted to this, especially with the original soundtrack. Great game, imho.
  8. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    Please keep us posted, if you are successful, otherweise I will try it. I want this texture, too. :D
  9. Yeah, brown for mud, definitely. I had something similar I think and if you had some popping bubbles, it might go for mud.
  10. elend

    I got this cool WAD idea.

    Don't give up, this actually sounds very nice! You can do it!
  11. elend

    Share pictures of your city!

    Tetzlaff: Nice! Next time stop by and I'll invite you to a beer.
  12. Oh man, this is awesome. I do still believe! Good job and kudos on continuing working on it.
  13. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    Very nice, love these versions. They could gradually change throughout an episode. Very nice.
  14. elend

    Why has Blake Stone not been rebooted?

    xvertigox: Well, of course I would love to try it. But since it's quite some work and might take a while, well... I still have a ton of other stuff to do so I probably won't get to this in the near future... Found some textures here, at least. https://www.textures-resource.com/pc_computer/blakestonealiensofgold/ (Not sure if they are made by AFA). Seeing that the wall textures are 64 x 64, I would like to re-create / upres them, if I'd go for a imaginary Blake Stone follow-up in the Doom engine.