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  1. elend

    Under a Freezing Sea

    Oohhh, indeed. I could swear I saw this already, though?!
  2. elend

    Under a Freezing Sea

    Man, no comments yet? It looks great and is on my backlog. I want to try this one out still. Hope, others have not forgotten about it.
  3. elend

    Freedoom video reviews

    First of all: I do like the production quality of your video. The editing seems nice and the narration is actually quite good. Other than that, I do agree with many things, but also think the criticism is too harsh. Especially considering the topic of "art being subjective". Many of the Freedoom sprites could use some improvement imho and I am not a big fan of the zombies as well. But I have no doubt, that over time there will be improvements, upon improvements to the sprites (as well as the levels, etc.). And generally I think it is already quite an achievement in and of itself. I was checking the rest of your videos and actually did like the "Roguelike Doom" series, where you try to play through random Oblige Levels. Keep it up, I'd watch this thing from time to time.
  4. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Oh yeah, I guess I will remove them completely. I really, really, really like that effect, especially on blood or glossy marble, but I guess it's just not worth it. :D But yeah, gotta focus more on interesting encounters anyway. Must... not... get... carried... away... by... detailing!
  5. elend

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Finally started my next map and wanted to explore some hell, but have a hard time finding good texture combinations.
  6. elend

    How does one make high quality sprites

    I also recommend Graphics Gale, which has built in animation features (onion skin, etc.) that help quite a bit when animating. Also, it's now free since a couple of years. https://graphicsgale.com/us/
  7. elend

    What do you love most about Doom?

    Its community.
  8. elend

    ZokumBSP development

    So, I don‘t understand much of what you are writing, but I just quickly wanted to express my gratitude of the work you are doing. Even though I am not sure I can benefit from it, if I map in UDMF, I really enjoy people still trying to improve Doom things, after all these years.
  9. elend

    Has PBR for Doom been a disappointment so far?

    I for one would also love to see PBR Materials for the original, lowres id textures. While PBR certainly looks great on highres textures as well, it's always those highres textures which distract me too much from the "Doom feeling". Especially when the original low-res sprites are still in play. Adding those fancy modern effects to retro pixelart has kind of its own charm. Similar to some modern games like Octopath Traveller.
  10. Oh, I just forgot that. I did convert it to Doom format, since I went through all the effort to palletize it beforehand anyway. Yeah, I guess GzDoom Builder does something weird when exporting it to playtest it. Strange. Thanks a bunch for your help, though! Much appreciated.
  11. Wow, okay?! Now this is weird. Something wrong with my Chocolate Doom or the Chocolate Doom game config within GzDoom Builder?!
  12. Yeah, I might have forgotten stuff and I am sorry about that. Not intentional. But my workflow so far was: - Started Map in GzDoom Builder via "Doom Format (doom.wad)" (Ultimate Doom doom.wad that is) - Added a quick room and Player start - Opened my Ceiling with F_SKY1 - Opened my WAD in Slade3 - Added my custom sky by dragging and dropping it into Slade3 - Renamed it SKY1 (since, I checked doom.wad and the skies are named SKY1, SKY2, SKY3, SKY4) - Sky appeared in GzDoom Builder (and GzDoom when playing) but not Chocolate Doom Do you need additional information maybe? Here's my Wad, where I wanted to test out the custom sky: http://www.vidgames.de/images/temp/doom_wad/TEST.wad
  13. That's exactly what I did actually, albeit with SKY1 since I used doom.wad as a resource. It still doesn't work in ChocolateDoom, only in GzDoom and GzDoom Builder. I was wondering if I have to further define the image, or put them between PP_START and P_END markers (even though this didn't work as well). I guess I give up on vanilla mapping and just use UDMF again. Too much hassle. :Q
  14. So, I wanted a custom sky in my vanilla compatible WAD. When I add it to the WAD via Slade3 it shows up in GzDoomBuilder Visual Mode, in GzDoom as well, but not in Chocolate Doom. Do I need to add more entries to my WAD? I checked DW for a tutorial but only found "adding custom textures" threads which explain a lot of things, but not skies. ;/ I already regret trying to stay within vanilla limits.
  15. elend

    Post your Doom textures!

    I was starting my next map and needed a kind of "hellish" sky. While I love the original Doom skies, I was kind of fed up with them, so I tried to create my own custom sky. On the left you can see the Alps (switzerland side) burning and the right one is actually "Huang Shan" or "Mount Huang" in China, not very far from where I live actually. It reminded me of the original Doom sky and I wanted to at least try and recreate something similar. I really love how "otherworldly" those chinese mountains look. They are already Doom paletted, tile well and of course you can use them as well, if you think they look okay. Just credit me at least. :p