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  1. Alter

    [WIP] Doom 32x: Delta Version

    Keep up the good work! People deserve to play this hack that sorta unfucks the 32X version :D
  2. Alter

    [Mod] Doom 3 subtle improvements

    Can you make the Cyberdemon not die to the Soulcube lol. So it can be a real fight.
  3. Alter

    Doom 2 under 18 minutes!

    So now it's going to be a race for sub 17:30? :P
  4. Trailer: Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/761920/Zenodeath/ Itch: https://itch.io/s/34545/zenodeath-launch-sale Hello! So Super XYX isn't the only thing we are releasing this year in terms of shmups. We've been cooking this one up (personally designed/mostly drawn by me with assistance from Krimzon Kitzune, as with every Zeno game) for a while as well..... anyway! Zenodeath is the fourth and final game in the Zeno series, not only it marks the end of the series but our journey as a team, as we are going on a long vacation period (bugfixing aside!). So yes, in this explosive, definitive conclusion.... you have: * Gameplay divided into traditional shmup stages, and run and gun levels. * 3 completely different Mechas in terms of gameplay to pilot. * 9 Stages packed with multi-phase bosses and plenty of aliens to blow up. * A first, non-chiptune soundtrack by HeavyViper that goes through multiple genres. * Adjustable options to suit your game, bullet colors, scanlines and many more. * No cliffhangers, teases, just the conclusion at the end * Online leaderboards! (On Steam ver. only) I hope you enjoy or at least, wishlist our final release for a while to come. The end of the Grybanser Fox era is here. Maybe someday, there will be a new era.
  5. Not the same game @scalliano But it is based on the same original XYX game, the deal with NGdev was that they would let us finish the original game and sell it on our own (with the original dev in our team) provided we would use completely new art assets, music and sound effects.
  6. Yes please! The original raven midi pack was a godsend and this one will be even more so.
  7. You should release that Into Sandy's City remix, it's probably the best remix i've ever heard of that tune :D
  8. Alter

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    If I ever get enough time and willpower after i'm free of my gamedev duties for the year (soon), I could try making a map for it and see how well it goes. Maybe even expand it to a small mapset over time.
  9. Well it's because Rozyrg aka Perry Sessions who also did Fire Arrow has years of experience drawing pixel art (he also programmed most of Super XYX, I only helped him with a bunch of things in that regard, outside of co-designing it, publishing it, getting a composer for him among other things), you can see his art in some NGDev games like Gunlord for example. He's also our logo guy, every of our games has a logo from him. My projects (Zenohell, Zenodyne R, Jet Buster, upcoming Zenodeath which is getting a store refresh before it's release soon) are mostly drawn and coded by me, with help from Krimzon Kitzune who draws things that I can't (because i'm not an experienced artist) to draw like characters for example. So essentially, we work in a two-team dynamic. I do my projects, Perry does his projects, we publish stuff together under one banner, and we help each other.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/654500/Super_XYX/ It took us a while to release something new. But here we are, with our latest attempt at an early 90s shmup experience mostly influenced by likes of Toaplan games. Have fun! Features: - 6 Stages - A full on YM2151 soundtrack by Carina - 2 Playable Ships (+3 Unlockable ones), each with unique weaponry and screen clearing bomb attacks - Optional True Final Boss - Unlockable Boss Rush and Checkpoint Mode for true arcade masochists, among other hidden bonus modes. You can find extra options in > pad/keyboard rebind > extra options. - Gamepad support - Fully rebindable keys - TATE and YOKO (bordered with separate HUD) screen orientations (note: to access those extra options go into options > key/pad config > more options)
  11. Alter

    Tempered Arms for Hexen v0.8.0

    I started playing Dark Citadel with this mod and I gotta say, it makes Hexen a lot more enjoyable. From smoother animations to weapons being more interesting. Highlights for me: - Quietus acting like an enchanted sword, with the old attack being delegated to altfire. - Hammer of Retribution's altfire dealing with those always annoying, shielded enemies! - Firestorm having an actual Fire, storm as altfire, this was fun as hell to use. Good job Lippeth! I do think what you can improve is: - Make Bloodscourge's altfire more interesting besides just being a single shot rapidfire of the old fire. That's it for now, this is fun. Also protip to slackers in here, by providing feedback you will help make the mod better.
  12. Alter

    Tales from the Doomworld

    Hey guess what, i'm doing it now. At least, i'll try to get more highlights (on part 8 out of 64 atm in maximum doom, that's where I stopped years ago in highlights) in between doing gamedev and other things.
  13. Alter

    Tales from the Doomworld

    God it's been so long since I made highlights of Tarnsman's Maximum Doom extragavanza, I need to return to it and do more of them. There's a lot more gold there that need to be preserved for the ages.
  14. Alter

    TNT Forever (formerly Convilution) development thread

    What has DNF to do with this or doom?