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  1. They do everything EA wants them to and almost nothing else. EA makes and cuts the content plans down to things like multiplayer options and how long the game will be supported. Simply put it, DICE is EA's bitch, has been for years and they will go down like Visceral, Maxis and other companies EA murdered with cold, fucking, blood the moment a BF game doesn't do as well as investors wanted.
  2. I can patiently await the rest of the Evershrine FDAs, i'm sure they'll be quality.
  3. I loved the FDA and the video! I am hyped for the rest, glad you enjoyed the first map :>. And yeah, I love using revenants hahaha, I need to make fun encounters with other monster types.
  4. Evershrine. A 3-map set for Boom (-cl 9), i'm specifically looking for pointers if I ever go around doing a sequel, so I can improve my style.
  5. 30's release must include the best version of joe's map featuring that one damn midi that was included.
  6. I am even confused what map format you are using, in doom2/boom it's 9, in zdoom ports it's 1024
  7. Hi you need to right click a sector (marked or not) and set the special type to 9 (Secret)
  8. Ultimately I think timed secrets can exist just fine as long as the player is given an option to open them up later on, incase he messes up.
  9. Hot damn Pinchy, I thought I was burned out after playing PSX Doom TC Lost Levels but noooooo you just gave me a remedy, more maps! I'll let you know what I think once I play through a decent lot of it.
  10. Meh, it's best to ignore all popcorn movies and just move on. I only watch movies that I KNOW I will have fun watching (like I did with Blade Runner 2049)
  11. Try something like 1.9.1 or 2.4.0.
  12. This link should last a while (I would suggest that someone backs it up), the latest version I found was the one with uncut map29 (Don't recommend it on UV, it's twice as long) and map30. Before cuts had to be made, for artistic reasons. Note: I'm reconsidering re-adding the weapon sprites from the older beta, I pinged Nmn about finally releasing this thing, hoping he'll say yes.
  13. I would recommend 1408, it's a bottle movie....... a horror bottle movie, taking place most of the time in this one darn room, you'll have fun. It's not gory, profanity-filled and has no nudity.