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  1. Alter

    [Freedoom2] Freedom on Earth

    Screenshots please? :)
  2. Hey Guardsoul, I finished the map with the secret exit and I thought it was a faithful, excellent remake of E1M3 but I got two issues with it, minor issues but here we go: 1. In the blue keycard room, make it so the light comes back online after 10 seconds, even to 64/96 brightness, navigating in full dark is not fun :P 2. Why are there radsuits in a secret that you need to go back, in one secret part of the map, with the sewer system. This is the kind of a E1M3 remake I wanted to see in KDIZD instead of what we go back then. Also, nominated it for Cacowards just FYI
  3. Alter

    Cacowards 2019 Mentionation Thread

    Nominating Guardsoul's E1M3 remake, it's fantastic! It's a modern, faithful recreation of E1M3 that expands upon the original concepts without taking away anything we loved about the original map, also unlike KDIZD's E1M3, this one's details do not get in your way :)
  4. Alter


    It's secretly COCAINUM
  5. No KDIZD has nothing on this. For one this is still extremely detailed but the visuals are clean, and unlike KDIZD this doesn't seem to suffer from the problem where detail gets in the way of the player's movement. So I look forward to playing this :>
  6. Alter

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Can you smell!? What @Linguica is cooking?
  7. Alter

    Unpopular Modern Opinions

    That makes your opinion invalid. Eternal might be similiar to 2016 but i'm 100% sure there's gonna be a demo for the game, 2016 had one. Come back when you play the demo.
  8. Alter

    Kill Sector - Ridiculous Doomlike Tabletop RPG

    Hey, don't be a massive cunt that randomly shits on someone's work, especially when you aren't even offering to provide feedback because you are swinging your dick around about the fact that you don't like table tops just because which is also irrelevant to this topic. Also, shilling for your own modding skills while this is a table top game topic!? That's an another thing you should'nt do especially since it would'nt help the author of this topic to begin with. Just, think twice before posting next time, now where's my LAAAAAAAAMB sauce? Anyway back on topic, I love the art! It's extremely KMFDM :D so you weren't kidding when you mentioned it as one of your inspirations. If I was into table tops (or more specifically friends who were into them, my board game friends aren't into table top RPGs unfortunately) I would definitely have tried it. Good luck to you guys!
  9. Alter

    Tell Me This is A Joke...

    But considering you are a Doomworld meme, does this mean you are not a fan of yourself? Do you have some inner hatred for yourself we don't know about?
  10. Alter

    Site and/or forum bugs or things not working

    Beta /idgames doesn't refresh the latest files list, hasn't for a while.
  11. Alter

    ZeniMax shutdown Doom Remake 4

    That guy would get a big F in school for not crediting the sources in his essay. This dumpster fire of a mod needs to just, die.
  12. Alter

    Reliving the End (/idgames release!)

    Thanks to everyone who helped test this, it has officially made it to /idgames. https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/a-c/alt-end Now I can not map for a while, I am burned out, hopefully when I come back to it, i'll come up with something new, about time I start doing something else than boom maps heh.
  13. I'm gonna have to drop out, I haven't been able to get my map going at all, but i'm gonna give you guys a solid idea of what I had in mind: - A map that starts with a void hub with gateways - Each gateway leads to a different theme I don't want to force myself to map heh, after I finally release Reliving the End on /idgames this coming week, i'm gonna retire temporarily from mapping. I think what it comes down to is, i've been making the same style of maps for a long time where no matter what I try to do, I end up making the same style of the map. I need time to just, not think about touching any sort of doom editors, someday i'll be ready to make a comeback with something seriously fresh.
  14. Just a heads up that i've started work on my map, i'll be showing off screenshots later this month but let's say I have a solid concept for it in my head. And I want to make a good first impression.
  15. Alter

    Reliving the End (/idgames release!)

    Thanks for the playthrough John @Suitepee! That was a fun experience, I was surprised you weren't mad at some of the nastier setups but seeing you were able to handle them without a problem, means they are fairly balanced. Don't forget to play Evershrine someday hahaha. Leo's playthrough was just as entertaining, i've already disclosed my thoughs on that one, on discord to him :P. So, i'm gonna look into seeing what else I can still tweak, then it's off to /idgames soon.