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  1. I'm gonna probably receive a lot of hate over the art style, the genre and theme but it doesn't hurt to try to post it here. Here's a little game i've been working on that's coming this month, I put aside all my doom time for it. ^ Store page, screenshots and trailer included. Jet Buster is a 90s anthro shmup tribute that's also a tribute to the less appreciated cute-em'up subgenre, featuring a YM2151 soundtrack by HeavyViper and lots, lots of cute things to blow up. It's also a lot more accessible compared to Zenohell and Zenodyne R, our casual testers had no problems beating normal mode in a couple of days with little practice. Here's the thing list: - 5 Characters with completely different playstyles. - The game is balanced around Normal mode, however there's an expert mode if you seek the extra challenge. - 7 stages full of hyper cute-em'up action. - Multiform bosses that don't go down that easily! - A rocking positive YM2151 Soundtrack made by HeavyViper! - Wallpapers! Yep they are part of the game, and the game's trading cards on Steam. - Not just TATE but also aspect ratio support! * Note: We currently support 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and 3:4 (NATIVE) - Will the game get an release? Absolutely, although there may be a slight delay compared to the Steam release because the release day will be extremely busy for us. Oh and if you enjoy the soundtrack? You can check it out here:
  2. Yep because you need to watch the rest of the movie to understand the ending FULLY and the entire context behind it, which is the rest of the movie.
  3. Too kiddy and power rangers for me tbh, in comparison to the first one.
  4. Can those skyboxes be put up on something more sane like dropbox? Mediafire's shady ads can bug off.
  5. Commander Keen did, then he realised, he did a horrible thing, he cloned himself 3 times then he commited suicide in map32
  6. Running from Evil, more like, Evil running from you (so does the music)
  8. Thanks for the awesome review Leo, I think small but focused mapsets are the way to go for me in the future. I'm terrible at anything bigger to say at least, Freudian Slipgate doesn't count as it was an even joint collaboration between me and friends in the community (hi Pinchy ;-;).
  9. Except you will have to pay to play it in early access by buying a supporter pack, until it goes F2P at a later date.
  10. If it's the case (and proven again), feel free to remove the link if I don't earlier.
  11. Yep! I think we got a new neighbor in our version neighborhood. Lazy Game Reviews (a known retro PC enthusiast youtube guy) has recently received Doom II V1.066 Mac Beta Floppies from someone who claimed they were saved from being recycled at a recycling part. LGR dumped those mac floppies and posted them on Link: Original Video: 8:45 is where it happens.
  12. Or, turn the big defeat into a victory, because you had the balls to say stop and release what you had, in the name of people having fun with it. I did the same earlier this year with Ever Shrine, which was actually 3 best maps from a 32-map megawad I scrapped. Anywho i'll give this a shot when I have time because I loved Curse of D'sparil :D
  13. I actually can provide with an example, Ever Shrine's map02 was made when I was severely depressed and I thought it was actually a good idea to make a map in that state to see what comes out. What came out is probably the best map i've ever made, the depression since has gone away (for god knows how long), what also helped was the melancholic Jimmy midi called "Cyanide Downpour", that in itself kickstarted the idea. Link to the wad here:
  14. Or maybe time it's to grow up and forget Post Hell, it's all fun and games but it had to happen eventually. As much as it gave us entertaintment, some idiots just wanted to get on there for sake of getting on there, filling up PH with intentional shitposts.
  15. Thanks Fonze, there will be more bite-sized maps from me as I don't plan anything bigger for a long while, got bored of doing big "epic" projects that ultimately have to be scaled down. There will be an another quickie soon but first, I need to find time and I need to get inspired (been playing a bit of scythe and scythe 2, the early maps specifically). I'm gonna attempt to go at Alfonzo's challenge to make the next map even tighter and make it feel less like a michael bay setpiece gallery Heh.