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  1. McGee
  2. Hot damn Pinchy, I thought I was burned out after playing PSX Doom TC Lost Levels but noooooo you just gave me a remedy, more maps! I'll let you know what I think once I play through a decent lot of it.
  3. Meh, it's best to ignore all popcorn movies and just move on. I only watch movies that I KNOW I will have fun watching (like I did with Blade Runner 2049)
  4. Try something like 1.9.1 or 2.4.0.
  5. This link should last a while (I would suggest that someone backs it up), the latest version I found was the one with uncut map29 (Don't recommend it on UV, it's twice as long) and map30. Before cuts had to be made, for artistic reasons. Note: I'm reconsidering re-adding the weapon sprites from the older beta, I pinged Nmn about finally releasing this thing, hoping he'll say yes.
  6. I would recommend 1408, it's a bottle movie....... a horror bottle movie, taking place most of the time in this one darn room, you'll have fun. It's not gory, profanity-filled and has no nudity.
  7. Technically fourth game on Steam and (though one of them I only published). On I always sell up to 25 copies before it goes completely dry, why do I put up my games on then? So I can preserve DRM-free copies of my games, since Steam won't be around forever. And usually the people who get it on tend to be the most positive customers.
  8. Celebratory Bump! It's already out, on both Steam and, it's $6.99 until November 1.
  9. Jet Buster is easier than the other two games (three actually), it's been designed that way. There's no grind involved either.
  10. I'm gonna probably receive a lot of hate over the art style, the genre and theme but it doesn't hurt to try to post it here. Here's a little game i've been working on that's coming this month, I put aside all my doom time for it. Steam: Jet Buster is a 90s anthro shmup tribute that's also a tribute to the less appreciated cute-em'up subgenre, featuring a YM2151 soundtrack by HeavyViper and lots, lots of cute things to blow up. It's also a lot more accessible compared to Zenohell and Zenodyne R, our casual testers had no problems beating normal mode in a couple of days with little practice. Here's the thing list: - 5 Characters with completely different playstyles. - The game is balanced around Normal mode, however there's an expert mode if you seek the extra challenge. - 7 stages full of hyper cute-em'up action. - Multiform bosses that don't go down that easily! - A rocking positive YM2151 Soundtrack made by HeavyViper! - Wallpapers! Yep they are part of the game, and the game's trading cards on Steam. - Not just TATE but also aspect ratio support! * Note: We currently support 4:3, 16:9, 16:10 and 3:4 (NATIVE) Oh and if you enjoy the soundtrack? You can check it out here:
  11. Yep because you need to watch the rest of the movie to understand the ending FULLY and the entire context behind it, which is the rest of the movie.
  12. Too kiddy and power rangers for me tbh, in comparison to the first one.
  13. Can those skyboxes be put up on something more sane like dropbox? Mediafire's shady ads can bug off.
  14. Commander Keen did, then he realised, he did a horrible thing, he cloned himself 3 times then he commited suicide in map32
  15. Running from Evil, more like, Evil running from you (so does the music)